Chapter Nine

    Chapter Nine

    I woke up the next morning feeling a lot better than I had in months and as I looked over at Chase I saw the dark circles under his eyes and I sighed, I'd really been putting him through a lot lately and I felt terrible, what kind of fiancé was I?

    He woke up and looked over at me and sighed

    "Should we get this fight over with?" he asked and I shook my head

    "No fighting, I'll stay home." I reluctantly said and he his eyes widened in shock before he looked at me skeptically

    "What's the catch?" he asked

    "My brother better not ** everything up again." I sighed

    "What else?" he asked and I looked away from him

    "Nothing, I'll stay home." I said again and he held me tight to him

    "Thank you." he kissed my temple and I sighed

    "I guess I have another condition." I said and he groaned

    "I know it, what?" he asked and I frowned at him

    "Hey it wasn't my intention; it's just an idea since we're going to be together all day." I sat up and crossed my arms defensively and he ran his hand over my arms and pulled them apart

    "What baby?" he asked kinder this time

    "We need to make some decisions for the wedding, we have to confirm things and start making deposits." I said and he groaned

    "Fine. Only because we're getting married in oh about six months."

    "Yeah, we need a place to start with." I said and he nodded and brought out his computer and I grabbed mine so we could start looking up places and after we had a couple we liked he called and we could see the three we wanted today so we got dressed and went from venue to venue and I totally fell in love with the last one.

    It was a beautiful place with an outside garden which would be more colorful in the spring and there was an inside garden with trees and fountains that we could have the reception in since it would be cold still in April and thankfully they had our day open. Chase paid in full and we discussed venders and the fine details but I was happy we finally had a place.

    When we got home we could finally start with everything else. I had all the dresses picked out and we looked at flower arrangements and different kinds of cakes and that was his limit for the day and I didn't blame him.

    "Time to eat." He got up and stretched

    "I'm not hungry." I protested

    "Brylee, you haven't eaten all day." He said getting frustrated

    "If you promise we can figure out save the dates and invitations later, we need to get those because they take a while to get back and then they need to be sent out so we know how many people, we need a guest count to know all the details like food an tables and flowers and"

    "Fine. But you have to eat first." He compromised

    "Thank you. And you better order something, I don't want to cook and you better stay out of my kitchen."  pointed at him

    "Our kitchen."

    "You can't cook, it's my kitchen." I told him, I know the place was now ours but I would be damned if I let him burn down my kitchen! I actually liked it.

    "How about we do invitations and like that tonight and tomorrow we take a day off from everything and we can go to the apartment." He suggested and I sighed, another day off from work.

    "We can't leave Riley alone again."

    "Fine, I'll go in to the office early in the morning and you can sleep in and relax or finish invitations, I'll come home at lunch and we can have the rest of the day."

    "Okay." I agreed because that was fair, I wanted to work but I was really trying to see things from his side and I understood he just wanted what was best for me and he wanted to keep me healthy and safe.

    It was kind of annoying but I loved him for it.

    "How are you feeling though?" he asked concerned

    "Much better." I said confidently

    "The dark circles are going away, I'm glad you're sleeping. Now we just need to get some weight back on you." he ran his hand over my very thin stomach, sure thin wasn't bad but I was too thin for my own comfort.

    "You trying to make me fat?" I asked

    "Absolutely." He smiled warmly at me and I stuck my tongue out at him.

    "But are you feeling stronger?" he asked

    "Yeah; sleep, food and water helps. I feel a lot better you can stop worrying." I tried to reassure him

    "I'll never stop worrying about you, ever." He said like my last comment was amusing

    "Good. I don't want you to." I told him and he kissed me gently before ordering Chinese food and pulling me down into the bed to curl up with me for a little bit, it was nice. We needed to plan but these moments reminded me of why I fell in love with him to begin with.

    Since we were younger if I needed someone to just lay in silence with me Chase was that guy. Rochelle and Riley talked too much and always wanted to know every thought that passed through my head but Chase, Chase was good at just laying with me.

    The difference was when we were younger we didn't cuddle, we just laid side by side and he would play with my hair but now I was pressed into his side and my head was resting on his chest.

    I know we keep promising to make more time for us but we hadn't, it's actually gotten worse and I didn't want that. I was tired of this being a rare moment between us, I was tired of feeling distant from him, I was tired of us not talking.

    I looked up at him and I really wanted to make it better this time.
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