Chapter Eleven

    Chapter Eleven

    After our shower I pulled on some underwear and one of his shirts and went into the kitchen to make dinner and I couldn't keep the smile off my face. It's been so long since I've done this, we've been ordering in or Monica brings food over and now I get to cook some spaghetti! I love spaghetti and was finally getting my appetite back. I hummed as I cooked and I could feel his eyes on me.

    "I've missed this." He told me and I looked over at him

    "Me too." I told him as I continued to stir the sauce and when I dished it up we sat down at the table and this time we let conversation flow freely, we talked a little about work but not much, some about the wedding and I had to bare a lot of sexual comments from him which made me roll my eyes.

    I rested my feet up in his lap and he ran his hand up and down my legs, which thankfully were nice and shaved. When we finished dinner he did the dishes and I sat there with my legs tucked under my chin and watched him, I felt the need to right now.

    "Do you want anything for desert baby?" he asked me and I kept a smirk off my face

    "I do." I said in the most normal voice I could and he cocked an eye brow as he crossed his arms and stared at me, oh how amazing those arms looked right now, I just wanted to dig my nails into those as he hovered over me while

    "And?" he asked and I looked up at him

    "What?" I asked and he rolled his eyes

    "You're such a perv Brylee, what do you want for desert?" he asked and I smiled

    "Chocolate covered you."  I smirked when his eyes widened

    "Brylee." He said as I walked past him and to the fridge to get a bottle of chocolate syrup

    "You don't want chocolate covered me?" I asked as I pulled my shirt off and tossed it at him and I walked back towards the bedroom before turning and I put some extra sway in my hips as I walked into the room and flopped down on the bed and not even ten seconds later he was pulling his shirt off as he walked into the room

    "You're such a bad girl." He smirked as he crawled over my body and I licked my lips before I pushed him onto his back and straddled him.

    "I am, now sit still or you're going to make a mess." I said before I opened the bottle and drizzled it over his abs. "Even yummier." I smirked as I bent down and licked the chocolate off, but have you ever actually tried to lick chocolate off someone's body? It's not like whipped cream, it's sticky and smears which I'm okay as I sucked at his skin to make sure to get of all off.

    I felt his erection press against me but I ignored it as I put more on him and I ran my tongue over his nicely defined body but when I went to put more on he flipped me on my back and pinned me down

    "Tease." He kissed me hard and I wrapped my legs around him and he licked my breasts before pulling back and drizzling chocolate over them before he attacked them, licking and sucking it off relentlessly and I moaned as he did it and when he pulled back his face was covered in chocolate which made me laugh and he smirked evily before drizzling chocolate over my sides and stomach

    "No, no, no, no, no!" I yelled at him and he pinned my wrists at me sides while he sucked that off too making me squirm and erupt in a fit of laughter

    "That's what you get for spraying me with cold water." He said and moved to the other side and by the time he took mercy on me and stopped I was gasping for air

    "Jackass." I smacked his arm

    "I think chocolate covered Brylee is my new favorite desert." He smirked at me before pulling my panties off. I rolled him back on his back and pulled his shorts and boxers off and rubbed against his hardened member

    "Well that's perfect because chocolate covered Chase is my favorite and I think I need it a couple times a week I like it so much." I teased and he put me right back under him

    "And a screaming Brylee is my favorite treat; I think I need that every night." He said before he pushed into me and I wrapped my legs around him as I moaned.

    "Gladly." I moved my hips up to meet his thrusts and he pinned my wrists down and he kept is slow still, damn him!

    "So sexy." He whispered in my ear, his lips brushing against my lobe making me shiver

    "I'm not a piece of glass Chase, don't ** me like I am." I pushed my hips against his harder making him half growl half groan before he pulled back and slammed back into me harder this time and I pushed him on his back and I took the lead as I rode him faster

    "When did you become such a bitch?" I asked him and he did not look impressed by my words as flipped me to my back and pushed hard inside me before he stilled.

    "Excuse me." he looked annoyed

    "Where did my aggressive and dominate fiancé go?" I asked him trying to move my hips to create friction but he wasn't having that as he pushed my hips down.

    "He took a vacation until his fiancé gets better. Don't ** with me Brylee, I have a lot more patience and control over myself than you give me credit for." He said

    "Now if you don't mind, I'm trying to gently make love to you." he said and couldn't be mad at him for that, though I was fine and ready for him to be rough with me, if he didn't feel comfortable doing it yet I wasn't going to push him, too hard.

    "I love you." I couldn't help but say, I loved how he cared about me.

    "I love you too sweetheart." He said as he moved back and he took his time to fill my whole body with pleasure, I craved his touch as he gently ran his hands over my body and looked at me like I was the most beautiful person in the world.

    That's one thing I loved so much about him, he was so loyal and caring, he loved me so much and he wasn't ever afraid to show that, he didn't care what anyone else thought, he was amazing and sweet and as my body tingled from his touch I couldn't help but add very, very attentive.

    His mouth and hands wondered enough that I didn't get bored with him doing the same thing over and over again but stayed long enough to add an intense pleasure that coursed through my body and I felt like he set my blood on fire as I burned for him.

    I felt hot and cold as I shivered at his touch and under his gaze until I found myself crying out for more and begging him not to stop before I screamed out his name when he obliged and kept going. I wrapped my legs tighter around him to hold him deep inside my pulsing channel as I rocked my hips against him and he came deep inside me before he rolled to his back to hold me close to him.

    "I've missed that too." I told him and he nodded

    "I've thought about some things." he said and I looked up at him

    "Such as?" I asked

    "After the wedding do you want to try again for a baby?" he asked and I froze and he looked at me worried

    "Baby?" I whispered

    "I'm sorry, it's too soon, I shouldn't"

    "No, it's fine, I just, yes." I said and he looked at me carefully

    "Are you sure?" he asked me and I smiled while I nodded

    "You want to have a baby with me?" I asked and he nodded too

    "Yeah, when things calm down a little after Rochelle's wedding, we can start trying, I want a little boy." He said and I rolled my eyes

    "Got something against girls?" I asked him amused

    "Yes, they have to grow up and like, date, which is never going to be allowed by the way. If we have a girl she must stay my little girl forever, no boys, ever, none." He said and I burst out laughing at him, he was so cute and protective.

    But he would make an amazing father and in only about six months or so we were going to start trying for a baby, our baby.

    "Ugh you're so perfect it's frustrating." I pulled the blankets over us and he slid out of bed to shut the lights off.

    "I'm far from perfect sweetheart, I'm just glad you gave us a chance and you love me almost as much as I love you." he had to add that almost.

    "Oh please," I scoffed "I totally love you more." I said and he chuckle as he ran his hands through my hair and I rested my head on his chest

    "Not possible." He said and we spent the next god knows how long arguing about who loved the other more until I couldn't argue anymore and let sleep claim me, but I would make sure to revisit this argument again sometime.
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