Chapter Twelve

    Chapter Twelve

    The next weekend I decided the outside world didn't exist and it would just be him and I all weekend. He didn't know about my plans but I was excited. I got out of bed early and went to the bakery we went to as kids to get muffins and different pastries, Chase and Riley would do anything for these things.

    I snuck into my brother's apartment and left a small box of things there before going back to my place with my arms full of that, coffee, and groceries for the weekend.

    I got everything put up and went to go wake him up with coffee, I set them on the bedside tables and started jumping on the bed.

    "Wake up baby!" I yelled and nearly as soon as I started jumping he grabbed my legs and yanked me back down into bed and nearly smothered me as he cuddled up to me.

    "Too early." He groaned and I rolled my eyes

    "It's eleven Chase, time to get up." I whispered huskily in his ear and he groaned and he finally cracked an eye open to look at me

    "You're killing me." he nearly moaned as he looked over my now naked body. I was starting to feel a lot more like me lately and I was really missing the intimacy between us, his eyes were glues to all different parts of my body.

    I pulled the blankets from him and swung one knee over his waist.

    "I have a surprise for you." I whispered in his ear and he gripped my waist.

    "This is a nice surprise." He said and I felt him strain against his boxers.

    "This isn't the surprise." I said and he rolled me under him making me squeal in surprise as he tangled us up in the blankets.

    "You sure know how to get a man all hot and bothered." He kissed my neck and I let out a shaky breath. I know we used to have sex a lot before but recently it's very rare and it's still taking a little bit of time to get used to.

    I kicked the blankets off and pushed his boxers down and was very glad that's all he slept in, not that he would even be sleeping in that much all weekend. I wasn't expecting how things used to be I just wanted to feel like we were a couple again.

    I bit my lip in what I was hoping to be a seductive way and raised up enough so he pressed at my entrance and I slowly slid back down taking him in one slow motion.

    "I love watching you on top." He licked his lips as he pulled my chest closer to his mouth. I hissed in pleasure as he licked frustratingly slow and light, I wanted him to grab me, pin me down and suck on them hard while he bit them too. I missed it.

    I rocked against him and he groaned in pleasure as he let me take the lead on this one. The long strokes were driving me insane as I sped up making his head drop back as he groaned, the pleasure spiking through both our bodies.

    As he opened his eyes I knew he was fighting with himself, I wanted control, I could see that. He wanted to do all the dirty things that I've been fantasizing about him doing to me. He wanted it rough and fast and hard but he would never do that with me yet, not until he knew I was okay.

    It was so frustrating and sweet at the same time.

    I rode him as hard and fast as he would allow until I felt the burning need for a release building, he rolled me onto my back and he thrust hard inside me making me call out his name making his hips jerk back up again.

    "Chase, harder." I begged and I bit down hard onto his shoulder as he thrust even harder inside me, making me dig my nails down his back.

    "Brylee." He grunted as he sped up and his mouth latched onto one sensitive nipple until a tidal wave of pleasure flooded my body and my walls clutched down hard around him and his hips jerked wildly as he came to his release as well.

    He laid panting beside me as I rested my head on him.

    "That was a nice bonus." I smiled up at him and he looked down at me and played with my hair

    "Well if you aren't my surprise, what is?" he asked and I hopped up from bed and handed him first his coffee. I grabbed a shirt of his and ran to the kitchen to grab the box and came back in the room with a huge smile on my face and his eyes lit up seeing the box.

    "Oh I love you." he said and he licked his lips and if he was a dog he would be slobbering everywhere.

    "And what's the magic words?" I asked, I didn't make Riley say it for his sine he as asleep but I would make sure to get him to say it on Monday at work.

    "Oh come on." He complained

    "Say it or all these will be mine." I loved this; I've been making them say it since we were still in the age of single digits.

    "Oh dearest and most beautiful princess Brylee, I love you so much and you are the greatest person who ever lived" he said and I handed over the box and he grabbed a muffin and nearly ate half of it in one bite.

    "Classy." I said as I grabbed mine and took a much smaller bite with my coffee. He pretty much inhaled his and I swatted his hand when he reached for the box again.

    "Later mister." I teased and he groaned

    "But they're so good." He looked lovingly at the box.

    "The other part of your surprise." I grabbed both out phones and shut them off. "I'm locking us in for the weekend." I declared and he smiled and pulled me down for a kiss.

    "Even better than muffins." He kissed me again and I smiled against his lips

    "Good answer." I said as I curled up in bed with him and we spent the whole day just playing around in bed until we were hungry and we got up to take a shower and for me to make food.

    "So what is my beautiful fiancé making for diner?" he asked me since was skipped lunch.

    "Food." I teased and he glared playfully, the whole atmosphere was playful today. I loved it; it's been awhile since things were like this with us.

    I made dinner and he took every chance he got to distract me as I did it, little touches and kisses, sexual and playful comments.

    I had to swat his hand away more times than I could count when he went for either the box or for food while I was cooking it, he was such a pain.

    "Stop it." I smacked his hand with a spatula and he glared at me.

    "That was rude." He babied his hand and I smirked

    "I told you to stop, dinner's almost ready." I told him and he suddenly smiled and wrapped his arms around me.

    "You're going to be a great mom." He told me and my heart rate increased, in less than a year we would hopefully be expecting our baby and then I would be a mom, I couldn't want to be a mother as long as he was the father of my kids.

    He watched while I cooked this time without distractions.

    "Maybe you should teach me to cook sometime, I mean, what if our kids hungry and they starve because I can't feed them?" he asked

    "I'd rather they go with cereal than be dead because you burned the house down trying to cook." I said and he frowned at me. Hey, truth hurts sometimes. The man seriously cannot cook, he burns water. I'm surprised he hasn't set a bowl of cereal on fire somehow.

    I loved him but I also knew him very well.

    "That was rude." He shoved me playfully and I rolled my eyes

    "Set the table." I said and he went to grab placemats and silverware while I dished up dinner and like that muffin earlier, he nearly inhaled it.

    I quirked an eyebrow amused and he shrugged

    "This time next year and this is going to be you." he stuck his tongue out at me childishly and I smiled.

    "I'll be way wore, what are you talking about?" I asked him and the topic of another baby got easier and easier, I freaked out about it a little when he first suggested it but now I was happy with the idea and excited, I would love to start now but I didn't want to be pregnant on my wedding day and that dress I ordered allowed no room for baby weight or any other extra weight really.

    "What's next?" he asked when we finished eating

    "You doing dishes while I get everything set up to watch a movie." I told him and he nodded, hey he may not be able to cook but he was a spectacular dish cleaner! His mom and mine always made who didn't cook, clean; which means he cleaned a lot.

    I missed his mom; her and Chase's dad moved back west and were not going to be adopting another child. Another little boy they hoped, he was only about four.

    It was a little strange to think, their adoptive child will be younger than Lina and Mia. But there were enough children out there without families and I was supportive of their decision, maybe we may do that later on in life.

    I set up a little fort for us, one that was only enclosed on three sides so we could watch TV and I made popcorn and brought out all the other junk food you eat when watching movies.

    "What are we watching?" He asked as I set up the mattress on the floor and tossed pillows and blankets on it.

    "We are watching stupid girl movies and having a Marvel marathon tomorrow." I told him and he nodded accepting his fate for tonight, which is why I compromised and we were watching action packed movies all day tomorrow.

    "Sounds good." He lay on the bed and I leaned against him as I pressed play on 'Letters To Juliette.'

    "Comfortable?" I asked as it played and he nodded before wrapping an arm around me. He actually watched the movie with me and I put in 'The Lucky One' next and he didn't complain once. He just held me as we watched them and we just fell asleep out there.

    The next morning I was up first and I went to make breakfast and some coffee before he woke up, he slept like a rock. I wasn't normally a morning person but for some reason I've been up early and very energetic as well.

    I guess not being depressed anymore had its perks.

    When he got up we ate a nice breakfast and cleaned up before we got dressed in comfortable clothes for the day and I put on the electronic fire place to give some heat to the chilly room.

    I loved fall and this year I would have someone to curl up with to fight out the cold together and we could cuddle up. I loved wearing hats and coats and boots, I loved the snow and drinking hot chocolate or coffee to stay warm.

    For the first time in a while I was truly excited for the holidays, to celebrate Thanksgiving with my new fiancé, to spend time with his family for the first time in years, it was something to look forward too and Monica would be due soon after that, I wished I was too but a new baby was an amazing thing and I couldn't wait to meet my nephew.

    I was finally getting one of those, I loved Lina and Mia but I think Riley would have gone insane with yet another daughter, it would be a nice change to have a little boy.

    I first put on Iron man; we were going to watch all the super hero movies individually before watching the avengers.

    We were completely lazy as we laid there only getting up for bathroom breaks or food as we watched through them all and it was getting late as I finally put on the Avengers, which was like the icing on the cake. I loved this movie so much.

    "I think we should do this more often." He kissed my temple and I leaned farther into him

    "It reminds me of high school, maybe we should all do a movie night together sometime." I said and he nodded

    "Scott's going out of town next month for some conference, we could do it when he left so it would really feel like high school again." he said to me and I nodded

    "I can't believe we only graduated five years ago, I feel like I'm thirty five." I complained and he nodded this time.

    "I know, we've been running this huge company since we were just nineteen, I can't believe we actually got through college and were able to keep it running." I still couldn't believe it either; when my parents died there was only two options.

    Work our asses off learning the fine details of what they did and go to college or we sold it and let it go. We all decided to fight and it paid off. Sure it was beyond stressful but it's what we all wanted, we just had to do it all sooner than expected.

    "I guess it's a good thing we all did running start." if we didn't I'm sure we all would have been screwed, the four of us did, Monica never wanted to. Riley tried to drop it to spend more time with his family but Monica absolutely wouldn't allow it.

    She's an amazing mother and wife and I'm so glad Riley found a girl like her, she's so strong and I love her for how she takes care of my brother and has always wanted what was best for him and their future together even if it wasn't the easiest thing.

    Even at a young age they were always the perfect couple, and by perfect I didn't mean that they didn't do stupid things or fight, I mean that they never gave up. They fought and made up, they gave as much as they took and I have a new respect for Monica after learning about his drinking problem.

    They each put a hundred percent of themselves into their marriage and I was jealous of that before I met Chase and they were a huge reason I wanted to be better.

    I wanted to be a good wife to him, I was always so selfish because I could be, I didn't really date and only had to worry about myself and that was what I was doing, I wasn't thinking about him as much as I should have and I felt bad because he always had my best interests in mind, he was always thinking of me and it was like he was giving me all of him and I was only giving him half and that wasn't fair.

    "Chase." I said

    "Hmm?" he looked over at me

    "I'm sorry." I told him and he looked at me confused

    "For what baby?" he asked

    "For being a bad girlfriend; I know you're going to say I wasn't, but I was and I'm sorry, that isn't a good way to build a relationship or a marriage and I'm sorry. I love you." I told him and his face softened as he looked at me.

    "You were always the one Brylee, always. You're difficult sometimes but I expected that. I knew you weren't as ready for this as I was and I was trying to be patient with you until you figured out your undying love for me." he smirked and I rolled my eyes

    "Yeah well sorry it took me so long." I said and he chuckled

    "You were pretty damn stubborn but it's okay, I knew you couldn't resist my charm." He sighed dramatically.

    "Nah, it was just good sex." I said and he frowned at me and I tried to keep a straight face before I smiled and he had me on my back in one swift movement and I cried out with laughter as he attacked my sides and I squirmed around trying to get away.

    "Tell me you love me." he said

    "Okay, I love you." I yelled

    "Tell me I'm the sexiest man alive." He said next and I shook my head and he tickled me more

    "Okay, okay, you're the sexiest man alive!" I declared.

    "Now say I'm a sex god!" he said louder and I pursed my lips.

    "Oh god, please don't say that." My brother looked horrified as he stood in my door way "I need to knock now, this is so ugh." He said looking at us. My head was falling off the mattress, Chase was on top of me and I couldn't stop grinning.

    "Oh sexy fiancé of mine, you are totally a sex god." I said winking at him which caused Chase to laugh and my twins face to scrunch in disgust.

    "Ugh, so gross, my baby sister."

    "I'm older." I corrected and he ignored me.

    "My baby sister's banging my best friend. Yeah, that's never going to stop being disgusting. Now if he brings up anything sexual or a dirty comment I'm going to cringe because he's with you and ew." He said and I burst out laughing so hard I was nearly in tears.

    "Did you need something?" I asked him and he smiled

    "I just wanted to say thanks for the box of deliciousness, I didn't realize." He looked between us.

    "Hey, you're lucky, in five minutes we could have been naked." Chase said and my brother cried out and covered his ears.

    "Oh my ears, I need to bleach my brain." He was so dramatic

    "Oh he was kidding you idiot." Well, maybe. That could totally have been a possibility. I looked at Chase who just sent me a wink, I could tell my his face that he in fact, was not kidding.

    "Ugh." He said and I smiled

    "And now the magic words." I gave him the look and he crossed his arms and shook his head.

    "No fair, he got them without having to say it." Chase pouted like a child

    "And if he ever wants any again and wants to live he will say it now, or I'm telling Monica." I threatened and he groaned.

    "Oh dearest and most beautiful princess Brylee, I love you so much and you are the greatest person who ever lived. There, I said it." he also pouted, boys were such babies.

    "I am satisfied." I nodded

    "Not yet, give me a few hours and I'll make sure you are though." Chase said and my brother once again gave a face of disgust.

    "I hate you both." He said and he just shook his head

    "Nope, you love me." I got out of bed and ran to him and he backed away.

    "Ew, no you have his cooties." He said pointing accusingly at Chase and I just gave him the look that said 'really' and I jumped on him anyway

    "Tell me you love me!" I yelled and he shook his head

    "Never." He said and we tumbled to the ground as he broke my fall and I started ticking him now, this really was an effective form of torture.

    "Say it!" I yelled and he shook his head

    "Now." I said and he laughed harder

    "Okay, I love you!" he yelled and I stopped satisfied with his answer

    "Good. Now off with you, we're on the last of out marvel marathon." I held a hand and helped him up.

    "Monica wanted to know if you wanted you wanted to come over for dinner but the answer is obvious and since your phones off, I had to walk all the way over here and ask." I put on my best sympathetic face and patted his chest

    "Poor baby, and now you have to walk all the way back on your own, in the cold." I said and he nodded sadly

    "I do." he pretended to get choked up

    "Don't let the monsters get you." I said cheerfully and he laughed and gave me a hug.

    "See you tomorrow." He said and went back home, poor him, he had to walk all the way to the other side of the house.

    "So, the avengers?" Chase asked and I nodded as we jumped back onto the mattress and got curled up before I pressed play.
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