Chapter Fourteen

    Chapter Fourteen

    The whole week and Chase hadn't even hinted at our conversation. He doesn't touch me or look at me like he used to and I'm having an internal battle. I feel like he's not interested anymore but I'm trying to remember that he's trying to be good with me and that's why.

    At least I hoped that was why.

    I knew he wasn't great with self-control. He was very demanding and controlling sexually and as a fiancé in general, I knew that as soon as we stepped back to that then there would be no ore going back to the soft and gentle every time.

    He was trying to be good and I didn't want good.

    I was tired of waiting around for it and I was going to go after what we both wanted, I just needed to wait until the weekend.

    His words played in my mind again of how he would need days to punish me right and it sent a shiver of excitement through my body and straight to my core.

    I was waiting patiently throughout the week trying to figure out what I was going to do, there were so many different thoughts on how I wanted to do it.

    I could just yank him into the bedroom and rip his clothes off like the sexually frustrated woman I was.

    I could try something more seductive with lingerie and strip as soon as we got home.

    I could lock the doors at lunch and have him in the office but I didn't really want to be quiet. It was so hard to stay quiet when we did it in the office. Though I did have to admit I loved it when he got all dominating with me there. It was pretty bad but it always felt so damn good.

    I could go out of my way to go against him in hopes it would be like throwing a bolder on a twig, snapping his self-control. If I had as much effect on him that he said I did, it hopefully won't be hard to get him where I want him.

    I though it all through and when Friday came around and the day was slow I decided I was going to leave early. I told the boys that I wanted to have a nice date with Chase tonight and I had to go shopping so I could make dinner.

    It wasn't a full lie, I was just going to go straight home and set a few things up. I gave them hugs goodbye and told Riley I would see him Monday before I went home.

    I stood in the doorway and thought about what I wanted to do before I went around the room to grab all the things that I wanted. I set rope and hand cuffs on the bed side table. I unlocked the toy box and left it open on the dresser in case he wanted anything from there. I grabbed any things he may want and placed them out in the open before I went into the closet and stripped out of my work clothes and looked through my lingerie.

    I didn't know what kind of look I wanted to go through but as my hand felt the purple material I remembered the last time I wore this, the time I had been handcuffed under his desk and was hoping he would remember it too and maybe it would be a little push as well.

    I looked at the time and I fixed my hair and make-up. I hurriedly threw on a robe when I heard the door open and close, before he could come in here I went to the living room to met him.

    "Hey baby." He smiled at me

    "Hey." I said and he looked at my robe

    "Are we going out or something?" he asked and I shook my head

    "No, I made lasagna and it just needs to be put in the over later." I didn't want an excuse on me needed to eat so I had that covered.

    "What's with the robe then?" he asked confused as he pulled his jacket off and hung it up. I went over to him and I reached up to loosen his tie and as my fingers touched his neck while I undid the top button, I felt his pulse jump.

    "I was getting comfortable." I said and he licked his lips, so far so good. I reached down and untucked his shirt from his slacks and his hands gripped my wrists.

    "Brylee please." he closed his eyes and sighed

    "I just want you to be more comfortable too." I leaned up to whisper in his ear and he knew it was more than that, he just didn't say anything as he opened his eyes to look at me

    "You're making this so hard." He sighed and I pressed my body up against his

    "You're making things difficult, but there is one thing I would love to make hard." I said suggestively and he took a deep breath before holding me out at arms-length.

    "Brylee, I just, I don't want to hurt you." he said and I took a step back and untied my robe, letting it drop off my shoulders and to the ground, I heard a sharp intake of breath as I looked up at him through my lashes and his eyes roamed down my body and back up.

    "Stop worrying about that and trust me. I can take it; I just need you to take me to that bed so I can show you that." He's in there, and not deep down. The real him is boiling right under the surface and I want all that to over flow.

    He stepped to me and tugged on my hair so I was looking up at him, he was uncertain but he wasn't running away because he wanted it as bad as I did.

    "Are you sure?" he asked and I nodded as much as his grip would allow.

    "Stop overthinking it; it's sex it's not like I'm asking you to marry me." I said, successfully making him crack a smile.

    "Funny." He poked my nose

    I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the bedroom. I let go of his hand and backed up slowly towards the bed and his eyes stayed trained to my movements, like he couldn't look anywhere else.

    "This lingerie brings back memories." He said to me and I nodded

    "Come here." I said and he kicked off his shoes and stepped forward towards me like he was almost in a trance, he didn't question it or try to resist. Once he was close I pulled him down on the bed and I leaned back so he could hover over me. "Now kiss me." I told him and I wrapped my hands around the back of his neck to pull his lips to mine.

    He groaned lowly and his he didn't hesitate to run his hand up my thigh and I pushed at his shoulder and rolled him onto his back so I could straddle him. I felt him straining at his slacks and I lightly grinded against him making him moan.

    "You are so **ing sexy." He said as he ran his hands up my hips and under the lingerie slightly as I unbuttoned his shirt.

    "Am I now?" I asked teasingly and I squealed a little as he flipped me back on my back.

    "Beyond sexy." He kissed my neck and I moaned as I pushed his shirt off, desperate to have him as naked as I am and he backed up so I could get it all the way off and pull his undershirt over his head too.

    "Well don't tell my fiancé, but you're beyond sexy too." I whispered like it was a secret and he gasped in fake shock.

    "You're engaged?" he asked and I nodded

    "Mhm." I confirmed

    "Well I'm lucky I'm him." he said and leaned in closer "Because I would be insanely jealous if any other man got to see you like this." he whispered at the shell of my ear knowing it drove me insane, it didn't matter what he said just feeling his breath fan against my neck and his lips graze my ear.

    "Chase." I said and he chuckled and kissed my neck

    "Sexy as that sounds, that's the last time I want to hear you address me that way tonight baby girl." I felt goose bumps coat my skin, the excitement for what's next coursing through my body.

    "Yes, Sir." I told him and just like that, his self-control was gone and he wasn't going to hold himself back from this anymore. This was a part of who we were together, as a couple. I never wanted to shy away from that again.

    And now they're back! next few chapters are going to have a lot of sex in them, just to warn you all. i'm sure you guys don't mind though if you've gotten this far ;P
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