Chapter Fifteen

    Chapter Fifteen

    "Do you want me to punish you?" he asked me and I nodded and then remembered none verbal communication wasn't allowed right now.

    "Yes." I answered

    "Why?" he asked me

    "Because I deserve it and it's always going to be there between us until you do, Sir." I told him and he looked into my eyes for a minute for something, maybe a sign of hesitation? But he wouldn't find it.

    "It's going to hurt." He said

    "I know. Do it. Please." I added and he looked in thought for a minute before he stood up and held out his hand for me. I stood up and he brought me over to the door

    "I've been wanting to try these." He said and I watched him go into the closet and he came back with a box. I watched him hook them over the doors before shutting it.

    "Those are new." I said and he smirked.

    "They can be used for just hands or I can clip on a second set for the bottom too. Face me." he said and gently pushed me back against the door.

    I let him take one hand and then the other to cuff them in place. He pressed his body hard against mine and kissed me then suddenly pulled back and spun me around so I was face to face with the door. The cuffs spun together which twisted the restraints so they were above my head instead of to the side.

    "Spread your legs." He ordered and I parted them. He hooked two more things around my ankles and I looked down to see a spreader bar I ordered online with Rochelle what felt like another life ago. We haven't actually used it yet though. He tightened the straps so that my wrists were held firmly and I couldn't move them in the slightest.

    "Look at me." he said and I turned my head over my shoulder and he snapped another picture. I left the camera out for him but I usually kept it locked in my safe, one no one else knew the combination too. I may be paranoid but I didn't want anyone seeing those, ever. "Are you okay like that?" he asked me

    "Yes, Sir." I responded, it wasn't any more uncomfortable then the other ways he's had me tied up.

    "I'm going to spank you with this." I heard something smack what I'm assuming to be his hand before it came into my line of sight and my mouth went dry.

    "No hand?" I asked and he shook his head

    "You love it when I bring my hand across your ass, punishment isn't supposed to be pleasurable." He told me and I licked my lips trying to get some moisture back.

    "How many?" I asked him and he frowned

    'I'd love to say one for every day you pulled that bull** but that would be too severe. Twelve, one for every day you didn't come home." I nodded accepting that number. "I won't hit you too hard, I know you aren't used to it but it will hurt." He told me and I nodded again

    "I understand." I was keeping calm because the more you tensed and the move you worried the more it hurt. If I just told myself to relax and enjoy it, then I usually did.

    "This will be light so you know what to expect." I felt it across my skin and I jumped because of the contact but it didn't hurt. "It will get harder, now I want you to count." He told me

    "Yes, Sir." I said and this time he hit me twice as hard "One" I told him and he hit me again. He moved the riding crop from one place to another and each one was harder, I counted out loud as I felt the sting of the leather across my flesh.

    I cried out in pain as I told him eleven. Shit, it was really starting to hurt.

    "Twelve." I nearly cursed as he put it down.

    "That was just the beginning baby, I warned you." he said lowly in my ear and then I cried out when he spanked me with his bare hand this time, hard.

    "Six more, and then tomorrow we do it again until it is one for each one of the thirty-six days you shut me out." And I felt the sting from his hand on my flesh

    "One." I told him

    "Good girl." His hand smacked between my thighs and my knees gave out momentarily, the restraints being the only thing to hold me up

    "Two." I moaned and he moved his hand away.

    "Naughty, it's not supposed to feel good." So he kept his hand on my ass for the next four. He undid my ankles and spun me around to face him, twisting the wrist restraints even more and making them tighter and he was breathing hard. He pushed his slacks down and picked me up so my legs wrapped around him.

    He shortened them again so I still couldn't move and he gripped onto my sore flesh making me moan in pain and pleasure.

    "Shit." I cursed

    "And now I'm going to ** you my little slut." He whispered in my ear and I bit his neck making him nearly growl as he moved me enough to thrust up into me and he stilled "How bad do you want me to ** you?" He asked me

    "You can feel how wet I am for you, I need you to ** me until I can't take it anymore. Please Sir, I know I don't deserve it but ** me and make me come anyway. I need you." I pleaded with him. My walls kept clutching onto him hoping for movement, I needed it.

    "Good slut." He praised before he pulled back and slammed back into me making me moan quite loudly and he didn't stop there.

    My wrists being tied up high perked my breasts up so he could bite them hard, probably hard enough to leave bruises there too and I didn't mind in the least.

    I loved the way he marked my body, he was possessive and territorial with me and I loved that too. It was so **ing hot. He moved his long rod in and out of me in fast long strokes. I could feel his fingers digging into my bruising skin and the door hitting my back as I moaned for more.

    I could feel each thump of my boy smacking against the door as he **ed me hard and rough and the sound kind of turned me on in the same way a headboard hitting a wall would, it gives a shoot of pleasure knowing that he was going so hard that it pushed me back into the door.

    "Fuck." I yelled as I got closer

    "You love screaming for me don't you slut!" he said

    "Yes Sir, yes." I said and he smirked as he sucked my hardened nipple into his warm mouth, I could feel his tongue flicking over them and I wanted to hold his face to my chest or dig my nails into his back but I couldn't.

    It was a form of punishment all on its own, not being able to grip onto him.

    "Well scream for me to ** you and do it good baby, you know I love when you do that. Come so I can tie you up and make you come all night long." His hand lightly spanked me making my walls cling to him each time, wanting him to do it again.

    "Yes, yes, yes! Yes, ** me harder Sir, please don't stop!" he pushed harder

    "Come on my cock." He told me and I screamed his name, which probably wasn't allowed, as I came tied up against the door and he let go and I felt him still deep and pulse as he released himself deep inside of me.

    "Shit." I said and he put me down and let my wrists go, there were angry looking marks forming but not too bad.

    "Would you like to know your next punishment?" he asked me and I nodded

    "Yes, Sir." I said and he pushed me back and I fell onto the bed suddenly, making my heart race as he grabbed the ropes.

    "Hand." He said as he tied my wrists and ankles to each corner of our bed. He reached around for things and settled between my parted thighs and I said nothing, just watched him "No more watching for you." he told me and put a blindfold over my eyes

    "Sir." I said weakly and I heard a sound before I felt him press it against my c lit. I felt him move off the bed but the thing stayed where it was making me squirm around. I didn't know what he was doing but I felt it get stronger as the large, rounded, vibrating thing was pressed firmly against my c lit again.

    "Now I'm going to punish you for all those nights I couldn't have you. The hitachi will stay where it is, always." He told me and I squirmed some more

    "How long?" I asked and I'm sure he smirked as he pushed one of my glass toys inside of me.

    "Until you're crying for it to stop and then you're going to suck on my dick and swallow before we eat." He informed me "Do you understand?" he asked me

    "Yes, Sir." I remember to address him.

    "Good." He said and I felt him touch my breasts and I cried out in pain when he clamped something on my nipples, I was being heavily stimulated everywhere and it all made me want to explode already. He then started moving both the hitachi and the toy that was inside of me and I came in a matter of minutes but he didn't stop and I continued to squirm uncomfortably at the stimulation.

    I moaned as he kept moving it and pumping the toy in and slamming it back in like i wanted a certain member of his to do right now and as i came a second time he increased the vibrations it was sending through me.

    It was a little uncomfortable but i was still moaning heavily for him and He kept it moving as I came again, and again, and again. I lost count on the number of orgasms he gave me as I kept screaming for it to stop and for him to keep going.

    It was a painful pleasure that i wasn't sure i wanted more of or not. I wanted him to stop but i couldn't get the words out of my mouth becasue i wanted him to keep going all night long at the same time.

    My wrists burned as i pulled forward and my body arched off the bed. The ropes pulled at the skin of my ankles as i tried to move my legs to close them but they were so tight it was no use, i could barley move and i was at his mercy.

    I came for what felt like the tenth time and I was now just begging for him to take it away, begging for it to stop, begging for the painful stimulation to never exist.

    "Please, please I can't, just please stop." And I was in tears as I begged

    "Last one." He said and he smacked my thighs with the riding crop making me jerk forward and he put his hand over my mouth as I started screaming my release and then finally, it all stopped and I could catch a breath again.

    Slowly he moved the toy out, the hitachi away and undid the rope.

    My muscles were sore and he rubbed them and I felt the painful throbbing between my thighs. I was still in the lingerie and he handed me a robe as he pushed his pants off and was left standing naked in front of me.

    "Hands and knees." He demanded and I scrambled to comply as he stroked himself keeping himself hard for me as I sucked him into my wet mouth. He yanked on my hair as he **ed my throat this time and I concentrated on breathing as he shoved his thick and smooth co ck against the back of my throat.

    He wasn't gentle as he did it and I moaned as I took it, I loved him punishing me. I took it and he pushed my head forward hard, unexpectedly and he came down my throat as I swallowed.

    He grunted in pleasure and his jaw clentched as he found his own bliss, his hips slowly pumped on their own accord as he prolonged his pleasure.

    "Good girl." He ran his hands through my hair and I let him go with a pop

    "I like being good for you, Sir." I told him and he groaned and stepped back.

    "I'll put the lasagna in and I'll let you have a break." He told me and I nodded as I got myself cleaned up.

    He told me it would be intense and just half a night into it and I'm wondering how I'm going to survive the weekend. Already my skin was probably bruising, I rubbed my wrists raw and I had bite marks and hickies all over my body.

    "You alright?" he asked when I came in and I nodded

    "Yeah, just sore." I said and he smirked

    "I warned you baby, at the end of this weekend you're always going to be remembering the feeling of my dick inside of your tight little pu ssy, I'll give you Monday off but I'm going to ** you on my desk Tuesday, count on that." He said and I nodded.

    I just needed to be good, he had a lot of punishment to deal out and I didn't need to add to it.

    We curled up on the couch waiting for the lasagna to cook and my body was finally calming down and through dinner I was sore sitting but it sent a new wave of heat to my core.

    "I'm not done with you." he said to me and I nearly groaned

    "What else are you going to do to me?" I asked seductively and he leaned closer to me over the table.

    "So many dirty things, but most will wait until tomorrow. I have a plan baby doll and you'll find out after I tie you up." Was all he gave away as we settled for our meal and then waited a little bit for it to settle again, it was after eleven and though I should be exhausted, I wasn't, I just for some strange reason, wanted more, even after what he just did to me.

    I needed to feel him inside of me again and I hoped he was right, that I wouldn't ever be able to get the feel of him inside me out of my mind, it turned me on and made me want to jump him and I probably would as soon as I wasn't on thin ice anymore.

    He sent me a wicked smirk and I was left wondering what was next.
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