Chapter Sixteen

    Chapter Sixteen

    Dinner and sleep would be the only break from him I would get all weekend, by the time this is all over I swear I'm not going to be able to walk or move, he pulled me back into the bedroom and I stood there silently as I watched him move around the bedroom gathering more things and putting some others away.

    "Bed." Was all he said and I immediately went to sit on it and wait until he was finished before he finally turned to me. "I hope you enjoyed earlier because the rest of your punishment begins tonight."

    "Okay." I said carefully not quite understanding where he was going with this he came over to me and removed my clothes again and gazed at my body.

    "Lay sideways on the bed, face down." He told me and I did so a little nervously. "Get comfortable, love." he whispered and I nodded as I wiggled around to get in a position where I could be comfortable and breathe at the same time and then again when Chase put a pillow under my lower stomach.

    I tensed as he pushed my legs up so they were under me and tie them that way, he wrapped rope around my ankles and up my legs so I wouldn't be able to move before he tied my hands so I could barely move them as well.

    "Relax." He said with a hand coming down on my ass before he rubbed the flesh and I groaned.

    "Yes, sir." I told him lightly as I tried to calm my nerves.

    "I'm going to use your sweet body tonight and you will not come a single time, do you understand me?" he asked and I nearly groaned, I was already so turned on and this was going to be horrible. "I asked if you understood." He pulled my hair and I cried out

    "Yes, I understand, Sir." I said and he let go

    "Good." I heard him removing his clothes but I couldn't see him until he moved our mirror and positioned it so I could see exactly what he was about to do to me. his hands trailed up my legs and without warning he shoved two fingers deep inside of me and I moaned and panicked as he moved his fingers back and used my dripping juices to get me wet somewhere else.

    "Chase." I said nervously

    "Excuse me." he spanked me hard

    "What are you doing?" I asked him and he smirked

    "What I've been dying to do, behave." He said and I nodded, I know we've done this before but only a couple times and it made me very nervous each time.

    I liked it, I liked it a lot but that fact never seemed to be able to ease the nervousness I felt. I tensed as he slowly slid one finger inside and he spanked me again

    "Do you want to hurt yourself? Relax." He told me and I nodded

    "Yes, Sir." I said and he moved the finger in and out to ease into it before he pressed a very wet object inside me next. It was beaded and the farther he pushed it into me the bigger it got and as I felt myself getting even wetter I began to really relax.

    "You like that?" he asked and I nodded and then moaned as he pulled it out and then pushed it back in again, only this time a little farther.

    "Yes Sir." I moaned again. It felt so good to feel the stimulation and the next time he ripped the object from my body I nearly came from that it felt so good.

    "Are you ready?" he asked me and I made eye contact with him in the mirror. He had grabbed a lube we bought and it was everywhere and I nodded, trusting him like I always have.

    "Yes." I whispered

    "Tell me to do it." he told me

    "I want you inside of me." I said and he tisked

    "No, I want my little sl ut to beg for it and tell me just what she wants, I don't want polite or carefully worded, I want dirty things to come out of that mouth." he said and I bit my lip nervously, sure I've that too but in the heat of things.

    "Fu ck me." I told him and he smirked as he applied light pressure and I tried to push back to him but I couldn't.

    "You can do better than that." He spanked me again

    "I want you to shove your di ck inside me and f uck me." I tried again and he spanked me harder

    "Where do you want it?" he challenged, it was still such a taboo thing and it made me a little awkward to talk about. He teased me by applying more pressure until the tip slipped in and then he pulled back causing me to make a sound of displeasure.

    "Please fu ck my ass." I told him and his smirk grew as my face turned red.

    "So polite, what a good girl." He said and I moaned as he pressed the tip back inside me and slowly pushed past the tight muscles he had loosed up until he was all the way inside of me.

    "You want me to fu ck you?" he asked and I nodded

    "Yes Sir." I told him and he pulled back and pressed in slowly until I had loosened up more and then he slammed back into me making me go forward

    "I told you that you wouldn't be able to forget the feeling of me inside you and I'm going to fu ck this ass all night long and by Monday all you'll be able to feel when you walk or sit or in general is my co ck inside of you." **, all night? Well it was already almost morning and I just hoped it wouldn't be too long, I don't know how much I can take but at the same time I wanted it so bad, I wanted to feel him spank me as he fuc ked me.

    "Please Sir." I made eye contact through the mirror again and he pulled back and slammed back in again.

    "If you come one **ing time I'm going to ** you as much I can for two **ing weeks and make you wait until that's up before I let you come. Do you understand me?" he asked and I nodded

    "Yes." I would rather just have to get through the whole night instead of two weeks, and after I responded he pulled back and pummeled into me making me cry out more times than I could count. I could feel his rock hard co ck slowing himself into my ass and I nearly lost it as he spanked me.

    "God I love your ass." He said as he gripped onto my thighs and I was dripping down my leg as I watched him. it was so hot seeing myself tied up while he did this to me, I was nervous but now I was loving every second of it, well I would be if he would let me finish.

    He kept **ing me until he shot himself deep into me and I breathed a sigh of relief that I had gotten through it.

    "I'm far from done." He told me and he only pulled out long enough to clean himself up and reposition me so I could feel something clamp down onto my cl it.

    "Shit." I moaned

    "Let's see how well you do this time." he was loving this; he loved tormenting me in this way and I felt kind of pissed about it but so damn horny. He did far less easing this time as he more thrust right into me again.

    I dug me nails into the bed as I tried to breathe through it, I wanted to come, I was so close and it sucked having to hold back like this.

    I had gotten used to his typical forms of punishment and this was bring it to a whole new level , he usually caved and let me finish but not this time, this time he was following through with it and I would be going to bed very horny tonight.

    I knew it was going to be bad when he pulled out of me to give me some kind of break only to ** me from behind a third time and I was near tears at this point as he continued his assault, by the time he was finished I could only feel the throbbing of what he had just done to me, what he had done to me all day and I don't know when that throbbing will ever go away.

    "Do you still feel my di ck in that ass?" he asked as he spanked me lightly

    "Yes Sir." I answer and I saw him smirk in the mirror

    "Good." Was all he said for now as he untied me. "Tomorrow I'm going to ** you all different ways again and you really won't ever forget." Oh dear god. More tomorrow? I was going to die, he was going to just freaking kill me.

    "Now let's get cleaned up and I'll make sure to take care of those muscles." They were cramping and a little sore. Well that was an understatement, they were very sore.

    He brought me in the shower and washed me down and them himself before bringing me back to bed and once I laid down he started his full body massage on me to relax my muscles from the cramping they were experiencing because of him tying me up. It felt wonderful but every touch kept my body on fire until he finishing and pulled me into his arms

    "Are you alright?" he asked and I nodded sleepily. It was well past three in the morning and I was exhausted.

    "I'm fine." I yawned

    "I didn't hurt you or make you feel bad or hurt you or-"

    "I promise I would have told you if you did, I'm fine, just horny but you said you would fix that tomorrow and I'll wait. I love you Chase." I kissed him lightly, I know he was struggling with this, it was an internal battle for him and I understood that, I just wished that he would trust me. He did just fine during but after, he was questioning himself and I didn't want him too, as soon as I find more stable ground with him I'm going to make sure he knows for damn sure that I am okay and we are okay and this is okay too.

    He finally let me get some sleep, not that I slept well. I was acting everywhere from all the sex and the need that I felt to be satisfied, I would press my thighs together and I felt a spike of pleasure and no matter what position I was in I couldn't get comfortable to sleep, I think it was around six when I finally passed out only to be woken at eleven, at least he let me sleep in.

    "Morning." He smiled at me and I groaned

    "None of that, up." He smacked my ass and I moaned, damn it and damn him and damn everything to hell.

    "You suck." I complained

    "Breakfast and then back to bed." He grinned wickedly and I reluctantly pulled myself out of bed and I was sore as I walked into the kitchen, I was sore absolutely everywhere and I sat a bit uncomfortably as Chase made breakfast and we ate in near silence.

    We were both anticipating what was coming next and I just hoped it would be good and that he would hold up his end of the deal since I held up mine.

    "Come on." He grabbed my hand and led me back to our bed to finish what we started and I followed wordlessly, I don't know what kind of mood he was in and I was ready to do anything he wanted at this point so I would finally get to be satisfied. "Sit." He said and I sat on the edge of the bed.

    "What now?" I asked

    "Now you get your reward for being such a good girl." He said and I wanted to cheer right now, he removed my clothes and I prepared for another exhausting day spent naked and rolling around with him in bed.

    "How do you want me?" I asked

    "Hands and knees, I'm going to tie you up like last night." He told me and wrapped rope around my again until I was bound sideways in bed, on my knees again as he eased into be again from behind.

    "Yes." I moaned as he slid deep into my slick channel and we were both ready for him to fu ck me and fu ck me hard. He slammed into my sensitive and aching walls and I squeezed around him as he pummeled into me relentlessly.

    "Careful what you ask for." He whispered into my ear and I cried out as he pinched my nipples and he had me coming in a matter of three minutes but he didn't stop now. I called out again as he yanked on my hair and he pulled out and eased into such a taboo area again and smacked my ass hard and my eyes rolled back and I came again as he shoved a vibrator deep into my pu ssy to replace his rock hard co ck.

    "Yes, yes, yes." I called out louder each time

    "Say my name slut." He said as he fuc ked my ass roughly.

    "Chase." I chanted like it was the only word in the world that mattered, and right now it was.

    I was caught off guard by the intense pleasure shooting through my body and as I came yet again he **ed my ass harder and I was screaming or more as he continued to spank me.

    I didn't expect him to do this sudden of a change, a few hours ago he was thrusting into me with no end in sight and no satisfaction for me either and now, suddenly I just couldn't stop coming as he changed his tactics and this time made me come so many times I couldn't even speak or see or breath right.

    I was tied up tight and I couldn't make him stop as I begged or him to, or at least I think I did. I was so lost and lightheaded from one org asm after another that I didn't even know what was going on anymore, I was so focused on screaming his name and trying to remember how to breathe.

    I shut my eyes tight as another wave washed over me and then finally it all stopped making me happy and disappointed at the same time.

    I laid there covered and sweat and panting as I felt him coming deep inside me and I tried opening my eyes only to clutch them shut again when the room started spinning.

    "Bry?" he said and I mumbled something as I laid there "You alright?" he asked and I nodded slowly

    "Oh my god." Was all I could manage to say and he chuckled as he pulled out of me and untied me again. He helped me stand and I nearly collapsed as we went back into the shower.

    "You okay?" he asked again.

    "I don't even know." That whole time was a blur of pleasure and I couldn't feel or think anything else except he was **ing amazing and I could still feel his co ck inside me right now, **ing me senseless.

    He slowly washed me and slowly everything came back to me and I leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. I've never had as amazing sex as with Chase but that was just, there was on way to describe it, it was literally so good I almost passed out and couldn't even remember my name.

    "I still feel you inside me." I groaned, I wanted it to be real, I was so horny or him still

    "Good." He chuckled and I smiled in a daze and that's how I stayed or the rest of the day, dazed and very satisfied.

    Chase got to punish me and as we curled up on the couch things felt better between us, or it could be because I was out of it still, but I felt like there was this huge wall that wasn't between us anymore and I just couldn't help but think how he could punish me like that an damn day he wanted.
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