Chapter Eighteen

    Chapter Eighteen

    "So how did it go?" Chase asked as soon as I got home and I smiled.

    "He's hard headed at first but it went really well. I think you two need to talk though. I can make amends all he wants but you need to fix things with him too." I said and he sighed, like he always did when this topic came up.

    "He hurt you." he wrapped his arms around me and I shrugged

    "He didn't mean to hurt me and we need to just get past this Chase because I can't live like this anymore. We need to move on and we're going to be getting married, I need my brother and your best friend there and happy. I don't want to start a married life and a family with this controlling our lives." I was over it, it happened and it hurt but we need to move on.

    "I just never want to see my baby hurt again."

    "And haven't I proved to you after this last weekend that I'm fine." I asked and he smirked

    "This weekend was very informational now tell me, do you still feel me inside of you?" he asked as he pushed my shirt up and lightly ran his hands across my stomach. I pressed my thighs together and felt the spike of pleasure.

    "Yes." I said a little breathless as he kissed my neck.

    "I love you." he told me as he pulled my shirt up slowly, and his fingers tickled the inside of my arms as he pulled it up and over my head successfully distracting me from this conversation, like he always did.

    "I love you too." His fingers gently brushed over my chest and down my body and I shivered in delight at the feel of his hands on my body.

    "I told you I would give you today." his lips ran up my neck and he whispered in my ear.

    "Be gentle with me then." I tilted my head back and his hands tightened on my body, I felt the heat coursing through my body, the desire for him. it didn't matter if I had just spent all weekend in bed with him, I needed him, I craved him.

    His fingers swiftly undid my jeans and his hand slid down into my panties. I parted my thighs so he could have better access and feel just how much I needed him.

    "Always so ready." His lips touched the shell of my ear and I groaned, his breath against my skin heightened every touch.

    I turned and he pulled his hands out of my jeans and I wrapped my arms around him pressing my chest firmly to his and his arms wrapped around my waist as his tongue plunged into my mouth.

    "Bed." He mumbled and I shook my head

    "Here, now." I couldn't wait but he picked me up and brought me to the room anyway.

    "You deserve more than horny sex on a hardwood floor." He said as he laid me down on the bed. I raised my hips so he could pull my jeans and panties off which left me laying there in nothing but my bra and I shivered as the cool air hit my skin.

    "You're so beautiful." His thumb stroked my cheek and I leaned into his hand.

    "Chase, please." I bit my lower lip and he licked his lips as he looked over my nearly bare body.

    "I spent all weekend tormenting you nearly and I'm going to spend tomorrow **ing you on my desk, tonight's going to be different." He told me as he pulled his shirt over his head and I licked my lips as he stripped out of his pants and stood gloriously naked in front of me.

    "Take it off." I sat up and put my arms behind me. He crawled onto the bed and his fingers were so painfully gentle as he unclipped my bra and his fingers tickled my skin as he slid the straps down my arms just as slow.

    "Much better." he whispered before I pulled his body against mine. We leaned back on the bed and he pushed his hips against mine and swallowed my moan. I was used to frenzied and hurried kisses but this one was so slow and gentle.

    He hadn't started pawing at me but rather started caressing my skin starting with my legs. His palm felt my calf, knee and hip and he just ran his hand up and down before moving up my sides.

    "I need you inside me." I said desperately and he smiled at me, not smirk, but a genuine smile.

    "All in good time my love." He pulled back and I missed the weight of his body on top of mine, like a heavy and safe blanket.

    I didn't question what he was doing as he ran his lips over my chest and breasts, his tongue ran a train down the center of my body to my naval and his tongue dipped inside before his tongue ran from one hip to the other.

    After that he made sure to kiss painfully slow every inch of skin on my stomach and to my core, the way he touched me had me panting until I was lightheaded and I gripped desperately to his short hair as his mouth bypassed where I needed him to be.

    He sucked on the flesh at the inside of my thigh and I whimpered in need, a sound that sounded so desperate and needy I couldn't believe it came from me.

    He hadn't even touched my nipples or my cl it and I was already one light touch from giving it up for him, I don't know how he  did it, how he knew me as well as he did and how he brought me to much pleasure from only a couple little touches.

    "A woman deserves to be worshipped and pleasured." He told me and I gripped onto his hair even tighter as his breath fanned across my wet core.

    "Please." I begged

    "I'm not trying to torture you love, I just want to make you feel as good as I do when I'm buried deep inside of you." his tongue darted out and licked my cl it and I cried out. His fingers parted my folds and he sucked this time making my eyes roll back.

    His tongue made a circular pattern over me before he moved down and licked my entrance, I felt my body burning with pleasure as his tongue entered me and touched the nerve endings right inside and then his tongue was inside me before he licked and sucked my cl it again.

    I was in heaven right now as he drove me to an intense orgasm in minutes and then slowly pressed his co ck inside of me in the midst of it.

    My body protested the intrusion with my walls still clamped down and he stilled inside of me as my body kept convulsing around him and he moaned as he felt what he had done to my body, then he started to move and a low scream was torn from my throat.

    "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes." I kept chanting as he moved back, pulling his whole co ck out of me before reentering me time and time again and what I felt was so intense I felt like my orgasm never stopped and then as another one shot through my body I couldn't believe that he could make it feel this good.

    We've had sex a lot but not recently and I know he was pretty much a **ing god in bed but my memory never does him justice, not that I would ever tell him that.

    "You like that baby?" he nuzzled my neck and I moaned

    "Please don't stop." I clung to him, I griped his firm ass in my hands and dug my nails in as I pulled him into me again and he sucked in a sharp breath.

    "How good does it feel?" he asked as he pulled out and pushed back into me again

    "Better than anything I've ever felt before." I dug my nails into his sides next and he hissed in pain.

    "Oh Brylee." He moaned my name and it sent a jolt through my body.

    "Chase, yes Chase." I yelled and he gripped onto my thigh hard,

    "You know what moaning my name does to me." his control was giving way and he was trying to hard to keep this up.

    "I know and I love it." I tasted myself as I kissed him

    "Again." he told me and he went from pulling all the way out and pushing back into me extremely slow to a pretty normal pace, never removing his amazing co ck from inside of me. I wrapped my legs around him as he made me come once more and I screamed his name even louder and it was like he couldn't help himself.

    His speed increased again and I could hear the headboard hitting the wall mixed in with the labored breathing, his grunts and my moans.

    "Oh my god don't stop." I couldn't have him stop, he could never stop I just wanted his co ck inside me all the time, I wanted him to pleasure me until I passed out, which I might. I couldn't get enough. His hard body was covered with sweat as was mine and I could feel the near crushing pressure of him on top of me and that's how I liked it.

    "Yes baby girl take it." he thrust harder

    "Oh my god, oh my, yes. Chas- **." I pulled on my hair in frustration. He's gotten me off so many times I feared he wouldn't be able to again and I would be stuck frustrated.

    "Don't worry love, you're going to come on my di ck again." he pushed harder but this was nothing compared to how hard he got this weekend.

    I closed my eyes tight and held tight to him feeling like I would fall off the edge of my, I don't know if I didn't. the room was spinning and there were spots in my vision when they were opened and I just knew that it was the best feeling in the **ing world, I knew it was **ing amazing sex when I was breathing so hard I almost pass out.

    I chanted his name as he drove me closer

    "Let me hear you baby." He pinched my nipples lightly and I just felt like in exploded

    "Oh my god, you're a **ing god" those words actually fell from my lips as I continue to chant his name like it was my last prayer and I felt his come spill into my body as his co ck pulsed with his release too, I don't know how he lasted this **ing long, it was a miracle.

    I still can't figure out how he is that fantastic in bed but I don't know if I cared as long as I was the girl he was inside of, that was in his bed, that he drove absolutely mad in bliss.

    He flopped to the side and I laid there with my eyes closed to damn tight as I gasped for air.

    "Are you okay?" I could hear the concern in his voice

    "You're **ing amazing." I told him and he smirked this time

    "A **ing god I believe." He said and I actually blushed and I couldn't meet his gaze

    "I don't know what you're talking about." I mumbled

    "I heard you and now that I know what you think, you can be damn sure I'm going to make you scream it next time." I groaned as I tried to roll away from him mortified that I actually said that and he laughed as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck.

    "I love you angel." He said and I shook my head

    "Angel?" I asked

    "If I'm your god then you're my sexy little angel." He said and I smacked him

    "Shut up!" I can't believe I said that he just grabbed my hand and he kissed my palm

    "What do you want to do tomorrow angel, anything you want that's not in this house." He asked me and I shrugged and thought about it before smiling.

    "I don't know about tomorrow but Saturday can we pick out our wedding cake and then you have to go with the boys to get their tux's fitted and I have to go with my girls to pick out dresses." He sighed

    "I think I'm just going to take Riley tux shopping for now, if Scott went he would analyze everything and then maybe him and I could talk." I wasn't going to question it so I just went with it.

    "And so as for tonight and every other night until then." I trailed my hand down his chest, stomach and under the blankets and he grabbed my hand

    "No more tonight, you're sore and we need food. Come on." I pouted but he wouldn't budge as he brought me to the shower and then we went out for dinner and made me wait for tomorrow.

    Damn him.

    ... They're baaccckkkk!
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