Chapter Nineteen

    Chapter Nineteen

    If there was one thing you could count on with Chase, it was that he was a man of his word. When he told you he would do something he did it. I got dressed that morning in a pencil skirt, blouse and a jacket, my normal attire when heading to work.

    Chase and I got in the car ready to go to work and he didn't waist anytime, his hand gripped onto my thigh and I squeezed them shut.

    "Open them." he told me and I looked at him but he kept his eyes on the road.

    We probably shouldn't have had sex last night with what he planned on doing today but I couldn't help it, I was incredibly sore, painfully even but I didn't want to ever stop.

    I parted my thighs and he slid his hand up my thigh and it disappeared under my skirt.

    "Chase." I groaned and I could tell he smirked, asshole. I reached over and I put my hand on him and as I gripped him his erection grew. If he was going to do this to me, I would make sure to return the favor.

    "If you don't remove your hand now I'm going to pull over and ** you now, on a busy road." He said and I admit there was a thrill to his threat.

    "I will when you do." I said and he shoved a finger inside of me before pulling his hand back. I watched as he sucked that finger into his mouth and I pulled my hand off of him.

    "I can't wait for what I'm going to do to you later." He said and he pulled a box out of his pocket and handed it to me.

    "What's this?" I asked and he looked at me briefly

    "Open it." he told me and I pulled the lid off to see a pair of balls sitting there, I knew what they were.

    "Chase." I said, I wasn't sure about this.

    "I want you to put them in." he didn't even have to look at me for me to know that it wasn't a request.

    "I don't think so." I mean, Riley was there!

    "I said I want them in Brylee, now." My heart leapt as he didn't give me a choice. I slid down in my seat and he watched me out of the corner of his eye as I slid them inside of me and sat back up. I squirmed uncomfortably at the feel of them.

    Damn him. Why couldn't I have gone for an average guy with average sex.

    Because average is boring the annoying voice in my head nagged

    I did like the thrill of this, how demanding and forceful he was but if I was really uncomfortable I knew he would never push it. He pushed enough to make me try things I secretly always wanted to try but would never admit.

    "Fuck." I screamed in surprise as there was a strong vibration originating inside of me and Chase laughed. He had a little remote in his hands and I cursed him to hell.

    We stopped at a red light and he reached over and he cuffed one wrist and put the medal through the little hole handle thing in the door and then cuffed my other wrist.

    "And now you can't touch." I just looked over at him in surprise.

    "Are you **ing kidding me?" I asked annoyed at this.

    "Nope." He ran his hand up under my skirt again and pressed a finger against my cl it and he changed the vibrations to a pulsing rhythm and I moaned loudly.

    "Chase stop." I complained

    "You're going to come for me in the car before we get to work and later I'm going to bend you over my desk and you're going to suck my co ck." He told me and I moaned because I wanted it so **ing bad. I hated that I loved this.

    He was relentless on my body and when he parked at work he looked over at me and pinched my cl it and my walls clutched painfully to the balls and I shamelessly parted my thighs more for him to have better access to my core.

    "Come Brylee." He said and my back bowed away from the seat and my hips rose off the seat as I came in the parking garage, thank god for tinted windows.

    He used a key to unlock the cuffs and put them in his pocket.

    "Time to go in angel." He said and I groaned as he adjusted himself, thank god there was a bathroom right inside that I could stop at to clean myself up, not that it did much good with these damn things inside of me keeping me hot and horny and I was ready to rip his clothes off and demand that he **ed me now.

    But I knew he wouldn't, sexual torture was part of his game. He loved watching me squirm and beg and he loved denying me the pleasure I was desperate for, asshole.

    But at the same time it felt too good to not want.

    Chase grabbed my hand as we got in the elevator and he was good as we went up to our floor and he kissed me before we headed to our separate offices to get some work done. I was in the middle of some paperwork when I jumped.

    I held onto the desk to try to find some control as he turned those **ing balls on and I glared at the door separating our offices and I was hoping he would just turn it on to get a reaction and stop but he didn't, he just kept changing the vibrations.

    I groaned and rocked my hips giving into the sensations of it, I let myself relax back in my chair after I made sure the doors were all closed and I was co close.

    "Brylee." Chase called from his office and on shaky legs I got up to go into his office ready to tell him off when Riley was standing right there with him.

    "Yes?" I asked as normally as I could and Chase smirked while Riley looked at me

    "Friday?" he asked me

    "What?" I asked

    "Cake and dresses and **." Riley clarified

    "Saturday." I corrected and he nodded.

    "Thanks baby." Chase said and I left letting them get back to talking, he knew damn well it was Saturday, he just wanted to **ing torture me.

    I want you to text me when you're getting close, now play with your pussy and think of me angel and I'm trusting you'll do as I ask, no coming until I let you know.

    I looked at the text from Chase and I locked my doors before leaning back in the chair and doing what he asked of me.

    I'm touching myself.

    I texted him

    Good girl

    I moaned lowly and bit my lip to muffle them as he changed the vibrations again

    That one!

    I text him as i felt the tension in my lower belly build quickly and he turned up the intensity and I was about to **ing lose it.

    I'm close

    It was incredibly hard to text and do this at the same time

    Close to what love, tell me.

    Of course

    I'm so close to coming, I need to Chase please let me and then come here and ** me.

    I needed his di ck inside me, I just needed it. These toys weren't enough I needed the real thing, I needed him to ** me as he said dirty and explicit things to me to fuel my desire.

    You want to come hard with your brother and I on the other side of the door? You're such a dirty slut.

    Damn it I was so close and I knew he wouldn't know if I did but I wanted to wait for him to tell me when.

    Yes I do and I am! please Chase.

    I waited for his text and I was desperate and my door swung open making me jump in panic until I saw him standing there.

    "Come now." He told me as he shut the door and locked it and he came over and covered my mouth with his as I tried not to yell loud enough for the whole office to hear us and as soon as I started coming he was undoing his pants before yanking the balls out of me and replacing them with his thick co ck.

    He picked up and wasn't so gentle as he put me on the desk prying my legs apart to pound relentlessly into me and he kept my orgasm going before he put the cuffs on my wrists again and turned me onto my stomach. He held me down as he **ed me and my walls protested all the friction but I pushed back on him for more anyway.

    "Brylee." Riley knocked on the door and Chase kept **ing me though I panicked and he spanked me.

    Chase pulled out suddenly and he pulled me into his office and locked that door and he bent me over his desk this time. He pulled on my hair that was in a neat pony tail.

    I bit my hand when he reached around and smacked me between my thighs.

    "I love that you're such a **ing dirty girl, your brother is in the next room right now while I ** you over my desk Brylee, he's right **ing there not knowing that his best friend has his di ck inside his sister, and you're going to come on my di ck with him right there." he said and pinched my breasts.

    I could hear him over there on his phone, mine ringing. He was looking for me and as I came for Chase while he called me so many **ing dirty names I felt a thrill at being caught.

    Chase came and I was reminded again that I just came all over his di ck and Chase's come was coming out in spirts deep inside my pu ssy and my **ing brother was right in the other room.

    Chase pulled back and he looked at me.

    "He'll be in here next." He told me and I stood there catching my breath and sure enough there was a knock on Chase's door.

    "Under my desk." He sent me a wink and I scrambled under there as the lock turned and Chase sat at his desk

    "Yeah?" Chase said turning away from his computer.

    "Hey, where's Brylee?" Chase asked

    "Your guess is as good as mine, I'm her fiancé not her keeper." Chase said and then he reached under the desk and I didn't hesitate like the last time we were in this situation, I took his co ck coated with me into my mouth and he gripped my hair.

    He was slowly rising again and he kept up a conversation with Riley as I sucked him off under his desk.

    Jesus I really was like a horny slut but I think there are worse things, so **ing what if I wanted to jump my fiancé every five minutes, at least we're attracted to each other.

    "So about this shopping thing." Riley said

    "I think it would be best for the two of us to talk." Chase said and he gripped harder as I sucked on the head

    "I think Scott should be there too." Riley said

    "I don't like that we're so uncomfortable around each other Riley, you're my best friend and us fighting is killing Brylee." I stopped at the mention of my name before he pushed on my head

    "I know, it's not like I like hurting her." I could hear him take a seat in front of the desk and Chase coughed to hide the sounds he really wanted to make.

    I was going easy on him at least.

    "Then don't." Chase said "You know I'm still pissed at what you did to her but she's the one that wants me to make up with you and she's right. Brylee and I are going to start trying for a family soon and I don't want this to be an issue with her pregnant and with our baby."

    "She told me, I am happy for you." Riley's voice got softer

    "I love her Riley." Chase said

    "I know. I'm going to go call Monica alright." Riley got up suddenly and I heard the door shut and Chase pulled my head down

    "I'm going to come." He said before I felt him hitting the back of my throat and I swallowed and looked up at him as I did.

    "So sexy." He brushed the hair that had fallen from my face and I let go of him with a pop.

    "Done for the day?" I asked him and he winked

    "Not even close." I'll clean those balls and I want them back in. I need to make sure you continue to feel me angel and I can't get enough of you." I stood up and shimmied out of my panties before putting them in his pocket.

    "Bring it on." I said and he smirked.

    Chase went and cleaned them and I put them in again and when I couldn't stand it anymore I barged inti his office, yanked his pants open and **ed him before going back to work only to end up doing it again but this time he was ready for me and bent me over his desk again.

    By the time we got home I had never been so damn sore in my life and I don't think he listened when I said no more sex for a week at least, he just shook his head.

    He really wanted me to be sore from him, he wanted me to always feel that and I don't know if he'll be able to keep his hands to himself for more than a night, not that I'm sure I wanted him too.
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