Chapter Twenty-Two

    Chapter Twenty-Two

    I felt a wave of relief when the boys got to the hotel and we saw all three boys joking around, not just Scott with one of them, but all three of them. Chase came up and kissed me hello as did the other boys and I looked at the girls who just shrugged

    Must have been one hell of a night to get them to act not just civilized to each other but like friends again, it was refreshing and I just kept thinking

    "About **ing time guys!" Rochelle took the words right out of my head and literally yelled them, making people stop and look at us; my best friend ladies and gentleman, ever the loudmouth.

    "Agreed." Monica said and they just shrugged before following us up to the room that we were sharing, yes six adults were sharing one hotel room for a night.

    No sex was going to be going on tonight and we were letting Monica and Rochelle take the bed for sure and the rest of us would just crash wherever; though we did get two queen's so girls could share as well as the boys so there's no risk of people getting touchy with their significant other.

    We had poker and cards against humanity and we weren't even twenty-five years old, it was time to have some none x rated adult fun together; no kids, no fighting, no drinking, just a genuinely good time.

    But first was the pool to really kick back and relax and then dinner.

    This was one of those times when it felt like high school again.

    We did some stupid and crazy ** in high school and it was all completely worth it.

    We all changed and headed down to the lobby to hit the indoor pool, it was freaking November and freezing outside, though one of the perks of being the only girl not pregnant was I got to except to the hot tub with Chase while the guys had to stay with their ladies.

    Chase wrapped his arms around me and I leaned into him.

    "So I take it things went well?" I asked and he nodded

    "Yeah, we're okay now. He said he would be my best man." Now to outsiders that may not be a big deal, I mean they grew up together and it seems there would be no other alternative but to us it meant his full support in this wedding, he was choosing to stand up beside him and accept it.

    "That's awesome." I looked over at Riley and he smiled at me 'I love you' he mouthed and I said it back. He seemed better and he looked much better. There was more life to him now and it was a sign that he was in fact getting past his problems.

    There weren't heavy dark circles under his eyes and Monica seemed more relaxed around him instead of just tired.

    "I'm glad you guys came up." And I'm glad we decided that we all needed a weekend away, it was easy to get away with only Lina and Mia to ask Monica's mom to watch but with four kids it's going to be a lot harder and we won't get to do anything like this very often, we didn't do it often anyway.

    We hung out in the pool until we were tired of it and headed back upstairs, this was the part where Riley got frustrated and went to book another room so we could all shower and get ready. We were still sticking to the original plans but with one bathroom and six people, three of those girls and two of them pregnant, we needed more than one bathroom.

    The boys headed to the other room to get ready and we let Monica jump in the shower first while we started gathering everything and then Rochelle and I jumped in the shower together while Monica started blow drying her hair.

    You would think three girls sharing one bathroom would be a disaster but it wasn't we got ready just fine and one was doing make up while the other did hair and then we would switch so we could just get everyone ready.

    The boys were very surprised that we were ready and dressed by the time they got back. The girls were wearing flats and flowing dresses but mine was tight and I had heels. I was going to enjoy the boy I had while I had it. Chase and I drove one car while the other four went in another and Chase couldn't keep his hand off my leg.

    "You look great." He told me and I smiled

    "Thank you, you look pretty great yourself." He had slacks and a button up shirt that was rolled up to his elbows and the top button undone, he looked good enough to eat.

    We were driving along when suddenly Chase had stopped and I didn't know where the hell we were

    "What are you doing?" I asked him

    "We're two miles from the restaurant and we got lost." He said before he pushed his chair back and pulled me into his lap and I unbuttoned his slacks instantly.

    "Five minutes." I said quickly before kissing him again and I moaned as he slid into me.

    "Not a problem." He told me and I rocked against him quickly, this wasn't a take your time kind of thing, this was be hard rough or whatever in order for both people to get off quickly and four minutes later I was settling back into my seat and Chase drove us the rest of the way to the restaurant where everyone was waiting.

    "What took you so long?" Monica asked

    "We got in the wrong lane and ended up going right instead of left at the last light and we got a little turned around." I lied and they just accepted it. I mean, we were barley ten minutes late.

    Though dinner Chase kept teasing me under the table until conversation really started flowing and then he got into that and left me alone much to my relief and disappointment.

    The six of us talked like we never stopped, there were jokes both good and bad flying around the table and minimal wedding talk, no talk about work, no talk about alcoholics and no talk about what went on with Chase and Riley, it was the best dinner I've had in a long time and the last time we all went out to eat together was when Chase proposed.

    I grabbed his hand under the table and he squeezed it and then leaned over to kiss me which earned the taunts of the group, assholes.

    But that was what friends were for, but they were more than friends, we were all family and just because Rochelle isn't blood or related by marriage doesn't mean that I don't honest and truly think of her as a sister. I thought that growing up that what we were to each other, siblings. I guess with Chase I missed the mark on that one.

    Big time.

    When we went back to the hotel we had the same riding plans but this time we actually went straight to the hotel and went up to the room we were going to be sharing, the boys pushed the beds together to make a freaking huge one and we all sat in a circle before grabbing for cards against humanity, no on protesting that we were dropping poker all together.

    This game was so damn twisted but even more amusing in my opinion and the more people you had the better. it's typically more fun while intoxicated but obviously with one recovering alcoholic and two pregnant women, that wasn't going to happen.

    We played sober and the combinations people were coming up were absolutely terrible.

    And the academy award for not giving a ** about the third word goes to God

    We never did find grandpa's ashes but along the way we learned a lot about Auschwitz

    For my next trick I will pull mom out of rehab

    In his new self-produced album, Kanye West raps over the sounds of Kanye West

    I went from stranger danger to friends with benefits all thanks to an ether-soaked rag.

    Spectacular abs + self-loathing = another goddamn vampire movie

    What's fun until it gets weird? A bunch of idiots playing a card game instead of interacting like normal human beings

    And those are the tame ones! Let's not even get into the incest, daddy issues, grandparents and date rape ones.

    This game was **ing horrible and we were all such bad, terrible people for enjoying this game. We had so much fun we were going to try to get together every couple weeks to play; the six of us haven't had this good of a time and laughed this much together in years.

    We decided on a pizza run before we did another round of the game and Chase and I offered to go while the girls relaxed with their guys.

    We walked out of the hotel and Chase grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall to the other room, can we just not ever get enough of each other? No, no we can't.

    "But we need to get pizza." Chase smirked and dialed a number

    "Hello, we would like to order for pick up." He told the guy on the phone and I smiled and stripped out of my clothes and started on his while he ordered the pizza

    "Twenty minutes." He told me before he took the rest of his off and had me on my back on the bed. Personally I'm wondering how I'm not pregnant again even with the birth control pills with how much we have sex.

    They're not the most reliable method and Chase and I absolutely never use condoms.

    I loved feeling him moving inside me and hasn't given me a break all week, my walls are still sore and skin bruised in places from last weekend. Okay, part of that was I wasn't about to give him one, I've jumped him a couple times.

    "I want it rough." I told him and he shook his head

    "Not tonight, tomorrow I'll tie you up though angel." I pushed my hips up into his at the idea of that and then pushed him onto his back to take what I wanted. He cupper my swinging breasts and took the tips between his fingers as I worked even harder to get us both off and then like earlier, we continued on like nothing happened.

    We got cleaned up and dressed and went to go get the pizza, which we still had to wait for. Riley called and we stopped to get drinks and junk food before round two of Card Against Humanity was started and like earlier they suspected nothing.

    You got to love the ability to call in orders.

    At the end of the night we all just crashed on the beds and in the morning we were headed back home, all of us a lot more bonded than we were when we first came over here  but I was glad to be home and able to cook instead of having junk food.

    We drove back girls In on car and guys in the other to finish off the weekend, we dropped Rochelle and Scott off first and then switched cars and we went grocery shopping while they went to get the twins and I got a pan of dinner together so we would only have to put it in the over and set a times.

    Tonight was going to be good, a lot like last weekend but instead of punishing blows and me having to watch my mouth and what I called him, I was going to be more demanding on just what it was I wanted him to do with me tonight, I've been thinking about all the dirty things he could do to me and tonight they were going to happen.
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