Chapter Twenty-Three

    Chapter Twenty-Three

    Chase and I had talked about not sleeping together until the wedding after the end of the year and after that coupled with how we'd been distant from each other for months, we shamelessly had no self-control, I didn't care what anyone thought about our sexual relationship because it wasn't anyone's **ing business.

    We were happy anyone who had an opinion on the way he treated me behind closed doors in private or thought we were too attracted to each other could ** off.

    That night Chase made me eat first when I was dying to have sausage instead of pasta in my mouth, Chase didn't budge at that comment, damn him.

    We sat and ate and I was eager to have him naked In our bed, damn him and his patience.

    I ran my foot up and down his thigh and he groaned but took another bite of food, damn him and his patience and his **ing self-control. We ate slowly until I couldn't do it anymore. I stripped in the dining room and I had his attention now as I lowered myself to my knees and crawled over to him.

    He pushed his chair back and his eyes wordlessly followed my movements, I wasn't about to take no for an answer. I pulled his pants open and I took the head into my mouth before dragging my tongue down his shaft and he let out a tortured groan.

    "Take me to bed now or I'm going to ** you in that seat." I said to him slowly and I wasn't kidding, if he didn't get me out of here I would straddle him and ride him and he would like it, as would I.

    "Oh Angel the things you do to me." he stood up and kicked his pants off and I pulled his shirt off.

    "I'd like to do lots of things to you." I looked down at his throbbing erection.

    "Like what?" he asked and I smirked as I walked backward towards the bedroom impressed with my grace. I usually would have tripped or fallen over something but I kept going until I want past the door and he followed me like he was in a trance, as soon as he got close to me and the bed I pushed him down onto it and got comfortable.

    "I want you tie you up this time." I told him and his eyes widened in alarm

    "I don't know about that." He said

    "Just your wrists." I crawled between his legs and then straddled his lower stomach and he reached for two sets of cuffs and handed them to me. I linked them around the top corners of the headboard and he let me clasp them around his wrists, now I know why he liked this so much, the power you feel. I went to the closet and I spotted his ties and came back to put it on.

    "Brylee." He complained and I smirked again before tying it around his eyes.

    I looked at him and I just had to decide what to do with him, so many choices and I decided to start with kissing his neck and teasing him like he always did to me, gentle touches as he kissed the sensitive parts of my body.

    His erection was throbbing as I took it into my hand and squeezed the base causing him to let out a groan. He never let me do this kind of thing so I was going to enjoy it while I could and then enjoy what he did to me after.

    I took his length into my warm mouth slowly starting with the head, sucking and swirling my tongue, he pulled at the restraints and begged me to let him go but I just pushed forward. I moaned around him and he hissed through his teeth as he hit the back of my throat.

    "Oh **." He pushed his hips up and I pushed the back down and sucked harder until he was ready to burst and begging me to keep going, then I stopped. "What the ** are you doing?" he was panting and there was desperation written all over his face. I got onto the bed and I lowered my core over his hard co ck and I gripped it making him hiss again.

    I ran the head over my folds and he groaned as I continued to tease him

    "Feel good?" I asked and he nodded

    "Come on baby, ** me." he told me and I smiled as I slipped the head in and then pulled back and he make a sound if displeasure once I did. I rocked against him and he tried to push his hips up but I pulled back.

    "None of that." I teased him

    "Damn it Brylee, take these **ing things off now." He was getting angry

    "Payback's a bitch." I told him and I could tell by his face he was glaring at me. I kept **ing just the head and stroking him until he got close again.  I pulled away to lick the shaft and let him calm back down.

    "Are you **ing kidding me?" His jaw was tense and ihe struggled more as i licked and after I gave enough time for it to pass I slowly lowered myself onto him.

    "Patients." i half teased half taunted. He always did this ** to me and now he would get a taste of what it was like.

    "Yes, yes, yes." He kept repeating as I rocked gently against him and he struggled to try to thrust up. I kept going until once again he was right there and I stilled.

    "Beg for it." I told him

    "God damn it!" he yelled and I was a little startled by the outburst. "Let me go now damn it, get off." he told me and I just raised an eyebrow at him though he couldn't see.

    "Remember this next time you decide you enjoy toying with me." I told him and his hands fisted, is it wrong of me to like it when he's angry? To be turned on and to be excited at what he would do to me for this?

    i didn't think so.

    "Do I cause you any pain?" he asked me

    "Sometimes." I rocked again and he bit his lip as I decided I would give him what he wanted. I rode him a little faster and his grunts of pleasure fueled my desire to make him come, to bring him that pleasure, until he spoke.

    "Don't you dare **ing stop this time do you **ing hear me?" he asked and well that made me stop and he yanked at the cuffs In irritation. he kept yanking at them and i heard them clang against the bed and i was a little afraid he would actually rip the cuffs from the bed."God **ing damn it." he was furious so I dug my nails into his chest and he squirmed

    "I wasn't going to until you said that." I got off him and he looked physically deflated, I was just going to have my little fun and then let him have his and I was surprised by his anger when he's done this to me many times. I yanked the blindfold off and he looked up at me.

    "Don't be a bitch." He said and I smirked

    "I thought that was how you liked me in bed." I said and he pulled at the cuffs again and I reached for his co ck.

    "Don't touch me." the look on his face was that he was nearly in pain and I would satisfy that if he just stopped being a dick, I learned from experience with him not to piss off the person who has you restrained.

    I straddled him again but this time with my back to him and I looked into his eyes as I took him inside me again. I moaned as he hit the right spot inside me, I **ing loved this angle and his eyes went to my ass as he watched me ride him again.

    "Do you want me to stop?" I asked him and his eyes widened in desperation as he shook his head

    "No, please don't stop." He pleaded with me and I had absolutely no intentions of doing that. I liked having the control a little but it was far more exciting for me when I was the one tied up and I knew he would make it good tonight.

    I grinded against him harder and I cried out as I kept going

    "Oh god." I moaned

    "I know you're the one in control but I don't want you to come yet, let me be the one to make you." he said and It didn't matter if it was his di ck that would be the reason I came, to him there was a difference. Like this I was going to get myself off but if he were in control he would be the one to do it.

    "Promise me that you won't torment me too much." I said, I know I was to him but hey, it really was a little taste of his own medicine.

    "Promise." He told me and so I massaged his balls while I rode him and he came violently inside of me and he pushed his hips up and I pushed mine down harder

    "Yes baby, oh god angel yes. Brylee!" he called my name as his pulsed and it took a lot not to give into what my body wanted, trusting that what he had planned for me would be better. I slowly pulled up and let him go and he tackled me underneath him and kissed me furiously.

    "That wasn't nice." He said in-between kisses and I smiled

    "Then what are you going to do about it?" I asked him and he gave me that slightly evil smile.

    "I have my ideas." He told me and I wiggled underneath him.

    "Tie me up and use the rope." I told him and he licked his lips as he looked down my body.

    "If you insist." He got out of bed and rummaged through the chest we kept everything in and I settled onto my back on the bed when he pulled out the rope. He looked like a kid in a candy store; he loved doing this to me as much as I loved having it done.

    "How do you want me?" I asked him.

    "On your knees and just be patient with me." he said and I got on my hands and knees for him to tie my ankles apart and to each side of the footboard and then around my thighs to keep me on my knees. He arranged some pillows to get me comfortable and then instructed me to put my hands between my legs.

    The position was a little strange for me but not overly uncomfortable as he tied my wrists together and then tied the end of the rope to the footboard and then put a blindfold over my eyes.

    His hands pinched my nipples and I moaned as he ran his fingers next between my thighs. His fingers ran back farther and I squirmed a little but they didn't stay long but the tip of something else pressed against the opening of my ass and I moaned as the slippery object was very carefully pressed in farther.

    "Do you like that?" he asked and I nodded

    "Yes." I was becoming more comfortable with this each time we did it, his patience and care was what made me allow it and the fact that it meant a hot soapy shower afterwards.

    It wasn't even all the way in when he slipped the head of his co ck inside me and my eyes rolled back at the stimulation, he pushed into me from both sides and as soon as the plug was all the way in he turned it on and slammed the rest of himself into me making my body instantly come undone and I screamed at the sudden orgasm that ripped through me.

    He gripped onto the globes of my ass as he moved inside me and the rope bit into my wrists and ankles and I was desperate to watch what he was doing from me and another scream tore from my throat as he pulled the plug back and pushed it back in, in a sense **ing me from both sides and the feeling was incredibly indescribable.

    I never would have known this would bring me so much god damn pleasure if Chase left that night and he's rocked my **ing world ever since and in the process turned it and everything I knew or thought about sex upside down.

    His hand came down on one cheek and I moaned his name and asked for more. I loved the way the rope hurt, I loved the way I felt stretched from both sides and I loved the way he made me feel so damn satisfied and needy for more at the same time.

    "Told you that you would like it." he pulled the plug out and pushed it back in again.

    "Fuck me." I whimpered as he pulled it back again

    "What do you want me to do to you baby?" he asked me

    "Take the damn plug out and stick your co ck in me." I told him more boldly than I ever would normally, but being sexually desperate made the most dirty things come out of my mouth sometimes.

    "As you wish." His throbbing member was removed from my inner walls only for my new toy to be pushed back inside me, Chase had bought the new We Vibe that can be controlled by remote or cell phone app.

    It went right against your g-spot and wrapped around to rest on your c lit too and then he also pushed the balls inside me and pulled at both the balls and the plug while that and the we vibe vibrated making my body feel so stimulated I thought I may explode.

    "Tell me when you're going to come." He continued to  use the toys to play with me but what I really wanted was him inside me but as I pulled at the ropes around my wrists I was reminded that I had no **ing say in that.

    "I'm going to come." I dug my nails into my palms and as the beginning of my or gasm started he pulled the balls so they bounced inside me as my walls clamped onto him and pulled the back In repeatedly and when I thought It couldn't feel any better he ripped the plug out and shoved his co ck in my ass and I came again and screamed his name so **ing loud I would be surprised if Riley didn't hear it as well as the whole neighborhood and he didn't let up.

    I was crying for more as he **ed my ass and I begged him to ** it harder.

    "My dirty slut like this doesn't she?" he asked

    "Yes, yes, yes." I chanted nearly everything he said like he would suddenly stop if I didn't and he called me one dirty and vulgar name after another and it made me even wetter, if that was even possible since I felt it dripping down my legs but I wouldn't be fully satisfied until I felt him finish.

    "Oh ** bry." He groaned as he kept going

    "Just like that." I was panting, I was so close now but I didn't want to finish until he did, as if I had a choice in that. I would come when he wanted me to, we both knew that. He was that **ing great in bed though I didn't need to tell him that.

    "Do you want to come Angel?" he asked me

    "Yes, please." I was suddenly switching, desperately wanting to finish knowing he would soon after.

    "Then I want you to tell me just what I am in bed." He taunted, **ing asshole.

    "No." I said and he slowed down making me make a very desperate noise in protest.

    "Say it." he told me

    "Fuck me harder first." I told him and he did

    "Now **ing say it." he was getting harsher and rougher with me.

    "Fucking make me." I yelled him and he turned the balls on this time making me scream in surprise and he changed both devices to the setting that drove me **ing crazy, him being very observant was very inconvenient at times.

    I was so damn close and i was turned on beyond belief, if i were just laying on the bed it would feel good but i was totally restrained, my legs were not going anywhere and the burn in my wrists, my vision black only amplified the feeling of him and all he was doing to me.

    "Say it or I'm stopping right now Brylee, I swear I will." I knew that he would, he would stop and tease me all night, keep me unbearably horny and never even give me the chance to get myself off, I knew he would because that's what he did last time I told him I wouldn't say it.

    I knew it made his ego soar but it left me blushing at those words, he spanked me again and pinched my nipples and I couldn't help it and it would kill me is he stopped when I was about ten seconds from my release.

    "Fuck okay, you're a god damn it, you're a **ing sex god and the only man to ever be able to satisfy me, ** don't stop." I yelled

    "Louder Angel, I want you to **ing scream it as i make you come." He told me and he pinched them harder and I was going to lose it.

    "You **ing suck." I told him and he bit my neck

    "Scream it." the way he said that made me want to, I would say anything he wanted at this point and he knew it.

    "You're a **ing sex god damn it Chase, the best **ing, ah!" I screamed as he pinched my nipples harder.  "You're a **ing incredible sex god and I love the way you ** me." I screamed "Now come, come in my ass." I yelled as I gave into the suffocating feeling that was drowning me from the inside out. My body squeezed around him hard and I felt his rhythm change and I could feel the hot come spill deep in my ass and my body was ready to turn to nothing as he yelled my name but the feeling was even more intense with one sense being taken away and hearing or forming sentences felt very difficult, I just wanted to flop down and lay there and never let this incredible feeling go.

    But I was tied up and it was a little oncomfortable.

    He cleaned himself up real quick before he untied my wrists first and then my legs and my wrists had never been so raw looking, I noticed them as soon as I pulled the blindfold off.

    "Come on Angel." He picked me up and the hot water was running as he quickly showered us off before bringing me into the tub. He sat down first and I leaned back against his chest and curled up into him more content and happy than I've felt in a long time.

    Every time we do something like this I feel even more close to him and that was a priceless feeling and well worth the raw skin and slightly cramped muscles.

    "I love you." I told him, I know he was more careful about my feelings on this lately and I needed him to know that I was fine, happy.

    "I love you too." His fingers ran through my hair and I was glad that he didn't have to ask if what we had done was alright because he already knew.
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