Chapter Twenty-Five

    Chapter Twenty-Five

    I felt like I got no sleep and I wasn't even the one with a newborn.

    Riley was on leave from work to spend time with Monica which meant Chase and I worked every single day and that I had to try to do Riley's stuff which made no sense to me, you would think after knowing him my whole life I would be able to read his damn handwriting, but no.

    Then there was the wedding and Rochelle had thought she was going into labor but it was a false alarm which I'm glad she had because Scott was a **ing wreck. For being the one who was always calm and collected he completely panicked when she thought she was going into labor, hopefully that didn't happen again.

    Miguel was barley three weeks old when I got a call at two in the morning from Rochelle, which I groggily answered

    "It's time!" she screamed and I cringed as I pulled the phone from my ear

    "Are you sure this time?" I yawned not really thinking much of it since they told her she wasn't going into labor only four days ago.

    "Yes, I'm at the hospital and I'm dilating and the doctor said yes, it's real this time. Oh god Brylee please come." She went from frantic to terrified tears and now I was awake, damn, I couldn't even have a month in-between my Nephews coming? They were both early.

    "I'll be there, do you need anything?" I asked her and I heard a choked sob.

    "Riley, I need Riley." She told me and I felt for her, her parents weren't going to be there and Scott didn't know what he was doing.

    "I'll get him okay honey, just take some deep breaths." I told her trying to sound as soothing as I could for her, she didn't need me freaking out to add to what she was feeling.

    "Okay." I listened to her take them and I woke Chase up when I stumbled out of bed. I was going in sweats and a t-shirt and I didn't care what anyone thought.

    "What's going on?" Chase groaned

    "Monica's having the baby but she's not close to delivering, I'll call you later when she gets closer, she's just scared right now." I gave him a kiss and she wouldn't let me off the phone so I had to go next door and just go into Riley's house.

    I was quiet as I went up to his room but he wasn't there and so I went to Miguel's room and he was putting him back in his crib, I stepped back and waited for him to be done and shut the door before I spoke.

    "Hey." I whispered and he jumped

    "What are you doing here?" he asked in a hushed whisper, he wasn't mad just curious.

    "Rochelle's having the baby." I told him

    "Oh damn." He told me and I gave him a weak smile

    "She needs you. Her mom's in Europe and her dad's in South Africa and she keeps saying Scotts useless. So she needs someone who knows what they're doing and I'm afraid that Scott's going to end up in tears with her yelling at him." I'd been listening to her on the phone and she was an absolute mess.

    "He shouldn't take it to heart, Monica told me that she hated me and would rather kill herself than marry me when She was in labor with the twins." Riley said with a smile, dad had told him the same thing, don't take anything she says to heart, she doesn't mean it and she loves you.

    "Will you come with me?" I asked and he nodded. I heard him tell Monica he was leaving and he came out in sweats and a t-shirt too and I drove us to the hospital, when we walked into her room something was just flying against the wall.

    "You're useless right now! Damn it Scott I'm about to push your **ing kid out!" she screamed at him and he looked beyond terrified of her. If more couples had to go through this first I bet less people would get married.

    "I'm trying." He said and he was about to cry right now.

    "You look like you need coffee and you." I pointed at Rochelle "Look like you need some niceness beat into you." I told her and her face fell and she looked at Scott and broke down into tears, she held her arms out for him and he walked over to her and hugged her, kissed her forehead.

    "I'm so sorry." She cried into his shirt and Riley was just silently laughing. At least Monica didn't throw things when she went through this.

    "Come on." I grabbed Scotts hand and brought him to the coffee stand in the hospital. Hospital food has come a long way in the last ten or so years.

    "Thanks." He said when I handed him a cup.

    "If you think you're scared, she's ten times worse. Don't take it personally just let it roll right off you and get back in there and be there for her. Riley had no idea what he was doing the first time but our dad was there to tell him what I'm telling you. He'll get her to calm down, she's just."

    "Scared." He finished for me and I nodded, he looked exhausted.

    "I have never been so out of my element before. I'm always In control and know what to do but Rochelle." He stopped there and he smiled "She's not what I anticipated when I thought of my wife. She's not typical and she's not safe." He told me and we sat at the table.

    "She's insane." I said and he laughed

    "Yeah she is but I love her so much, my friends took me to the club and I planned on bailing as soon as I could but then she sat beside me and it's not like I hadn't had sex before but I didn't do one night stands until that night and in the morning I didn't want her to leave. I practically forced her to stay for breakfast and to my luck she stayed for lunch and dinner too." I knew this but it seemed like he needed to get this out.

    "I kept thinking that it had to be a joke for someone like her to want to be around someone like me, I'm not fun or exciting and she loved me anyway. She liked my stupid jokes and the way I treated her with the respect no one ever showed her. I still can't believe that in only a few hours I'm going to be a father, that she's going to be the mother, that she's going to be my wife." It was sweet.

    Rochelle had told me all these things and she was quite smitten with him after that first breakfast and I've never seen someone catch her interest so fast and I was constantly surprised at how he held it, how she didn't care about going out and sleeping around or flirting with multiple guys anymore.

    He was right, he wasn't a terribly exciting person but Rochelle was exciting enough for the both of them and brought him out of his shell where he tamed her down just enough.

    "Well then get back in there and let's get this baby here." I told him and he took one last drink of his coffee and we went back into the room where she was a lot calmer. Riley had that effect on people. He was lying beside her on the bed and her head was resting on his shoulder.

    She got a contraction and he coached her on breathing through it.

    Scott went over to her and she grabbed his hand and riley slid out of bed and he slid into the other side.

    "I love you." he told her

    "I love you too, I'm so sorry." She leaned into him and I grabbed a cloth to wipe her forehead before I ran my fingers through her hair for hours to keep her in the calm state Riley had gotten her into.

    Riley talked Scott through what to do and kept him calm and it was closing in on seven in the morning when I called Monica and Chase to come in and then hurried back into the room because it was time for my beautiful and strong best friend to push and bring this little one into the world.

    Damn them and how they were screwing with my emotions. Riley and I both stayed in there with her and scott was growing more confident and feeling more at ease with Riley here to help and he kept reminded her to breathe.

    I felt very emotional as I looked down at her, she was sweaty and her hair was a mess, she was crying and gripping my hand for dear life but she looked beautiful to me, strong. She never thought she would have kids; she was just so wild and so seeing her now was just incredible.

    It was a long battle but eventually that calm came when we all looked to the doctor and I cried with her as the doctor held him in his arms. Riley and I watched Rochelle and Scott cry as he kissed her

    "You did so great baby." He told her and the doctor put the little squirming baby on her chest and she touched his face not caring about the mess that he was. Childbirth wasn't what they made it out to look like on tv, it was gross and messy and your baby doesn't come out all clean but as a parent or an aunt, you don't care.

    They took him away to clean him and test him and Rochelle clung to me and I kissed her forehead.

    "I couldn't have done this without you." she cried and I pushed the hair back from her face. I think I was more emotional about this than when Monica had Miguel I mean, she was my best friend, the woman who was like my sister.

    I went through the boys have cooties stage, elementary school, junior high and high school with her. we drank together for the first time, snuck cigarettes and even tried a little bit of pot together, she was my shoulder to cry on and my biggest fan, I hated and loved her at times, she infuriated me and made me question why we were even friends but she would drop anything to be there if I needed her just like I would for her, like I was right now.

    It's hard to believe that we were here now, that we were almost four months out from her wedding, two from mine. She was once the new girl who came in half way through the school year, she saw a little girl bullying me at recess and she pushed her down and Sally Carson never bothered me again and Rochelle and I had been best friends ever since.

    Our friendship wasn't always easy but it was always worth it and when you're like sisters, it was expected.

    "You did great." I told her and she opened her arms for Riley too.

    "Love you kid." He told her and she frowned at him before she cracked a smile, he hasn't called her that in the longest time and she always hated it.

    "Love you too." She told him and she sighed as she sat back against her pillows, exhausted.

    "We'll give you two sometime." Riley offered

    "I'm good. Tell Monica and Chase to get in here." Rochelle said and I text Chase, a couple minutes later they came in with Balloons and flowers to greet the new parents for a little bit, we passed the baby around once before we all left them to be alone together and then Chase and I went home to shower and headed to work.

    We were already a few hours late and couldn't afford not to go so Chase and I suffered through the day and even ended up staying late and ordering take out before actually being able to go home.

    They have no idea the things I do for them and when we have our honeymoon and eventually have our own baby Riley's going to be the one picking up the slack and he can just deal with it because he's going to be taking two weeks off and then working from home for another two where Chase will probably get no time off.

    I lazily pulled my clothes off not even bothering to find pajamas and crawled into bed, Chase was with me on this one.

    "If anyone dares to call me today, I'm going to kill them." I told him, no one else was pregnant and the only reason I was getting out of this bed was is someone way dying.

    "If it's this bad with them having kids, what's it going to be like when we do?" Chase asked and I cuddled against his side.

    "I'm hoping it will be worth it when it's our own."

    "I hope so." He kissed my forehead

    "So tired." I groaned and he laughed

    "Get some sleep then Angel because tomorrow is going to suck." I pinched his side lightly and he jerked away from me before settling again.

    "Don't bring up tomorrow, let me enjoy my sleep." I yawned, why couldn't she have gone into labor on a Saturday morning? We only had to get through tomorrow and I think Chase and I would sleep all weekend.

    Now the babies are all born :)

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