Chapter Twenty-Eight

    Chapter Twenty-Eight

    "Brylee, come on get up." Someone shook my lightly and I groaned and rolled away

    "No." I complained

    "Woman get your ass up so we can get you ready so you can get married." And with that my blankets were ripped off and I shot up to glare at Rochelle, I liked Monica better.

    "Bitch." I mumbled

    "You already knew that though, shower time, you're the last one who needs one and we waited until we all took one to wake you up. You're mimosa and breakfast will be ready for you when you get out." Rochelle pushed me into the shower and I took a quick one because I was hungry.

    They knew how to motivate me to move, food!

    Such a change from when I dropped all the weight and avoided food at all costs, now my appetite is well back and the best part about when I do get pregnant is that I can really eat whatever I want and Chase won't say ** about it. I'm going to be a beached whale pretty much.

    I scrubbed myself, we had all gotten waxed at the spa, which was so **ing painful and he better appreciate it, damn it. When I was all clean I got out and put a robe on before heading out into the living area, we had a little kitchenette and Rochelle was mixing up my drink over there.

    There was food on the table and as I sat down to eat she brought over the drink. There was a lightness about today, it felt like a good day and I smiled suddenly because I was about to get married. No more waiting months or weeks or even days, tonight when I went to sleep I would be a wife, though I'm not sure there will be any actual sleeping going on tonight.

    It sent a shiver of excitement through me but I pushed it away, this was so not the time or place for that kind of feeling.

    There was a knock at the door and Monica went to answer it.

    "Aunt Brylee, do we get to have our hair done too?" Lina asked me and Mia was waiting expectantly beside her

    "Of course you do and you get to wear a pretty dress and I have a special surprise for all of you too." None of them knew about the necklaces yet.

    "Awesome." Lina was the more outspoken one where Mia was more shy yet girly, she loved when Monica sat and braided her hair and paints her nails and she loved dresses where Lina liked soccer and all her friends were boys, the loved wrestling around and the mud.

    They were completely opposite.

    But there was the side of Lina that loved getting dressed up and this is one of those times.

    We hung out until the lady doing our make-up and the guy doing or hair showed up and then it was time for the very long yet fun process of getting ready.

    I wanted the girls to go first so Monica sat down for her make-up with Lizzie while Jake started on Rochelle. I wanted to wait as long as I could to get Lina and Mia ready so there was less time for them to ruin their hair.

    The girls were all getting their hair braided like a headband with a set of fake pearls adjoining it and curled before being pulled back away from their faces with clips in their hair. I was putting extensions in mine and he was styling it to be curled and pinned to the side. There would be a slight poof with my bangs so the veil could stay in and I wore the headband my mother wore to her wedding.

    Something Old.

    I would also have a set of fake pearls twisting through my hair and he was a genius with hair as he pulled it all together and they looked beautiful and I absolutely loved my hair. Next Lizzie was working on our make-up while Jake took on Lina and Mia.

    I needed something that would stay well so it was going to be pinned like crazy and their hair would be up with flowers and pearls going through their hair and as I watched him pull it all together and get the girls to sit still, I thought they were the most adorable thing.

    Out photographer was in taking pictures of everything and we were told to ignore her for the most part so she could get better pictures so we just took her advice.

    Everything felt great about today and when there was another knock on the door Rochelle went to get it.

    "Hey." She said happily and I looked over to see Linda coming in with a huge thing of flowers.

    "A gift from a man who's going insane without you." she said and I smiled as she brought them over to me and I just stared at them, there had to be three dozen red roses arranged in there.

    I finally stood up and I picked up the card as I took in the scent of them.

    "What does it say?" Trista asked and I was glad that Lizzie hadn't gotten to my make up yet because I was already crying, how am I going to get through this day with my make-up intact?

    "I've been dreaming about this day for almost ten years but my dreams could never do you justice. I know the moment you say 'I Do' will be the moment all my dreams come true. I love you Angel.

    P.s Yes, I know that was cheesy, but true. "

    I read the last part and couldn't help but laugh. I loved him so much.

    "A couple more thing before you get your make-up done, per Chasen and Riley's request." She told me as she pulled out her phone and showed me a picture of the venue.

    "On your side two empty chairs are sitting there with flowers and a candle for each of your parents." She said and I took a deep breath and nodded.

    "Alright." I was crying and I felt a pang of sadness but I knew it would be okay.

    "Second is I know you wanted to borrow this for the wedding, I wore it on my wedding day and didn't know if you had anything borrowed" She handed me a beautiful pearl and diamond bracelet

    "I don't, thank you." I gave her a hug and she put it on my wrist.

    "You're welcome baby."

    "Anything else that's going to make me cry?" I asked her and she nodded

    "Yeah. I'll be right back." she told me and left before coming back in with the flowers.

    "These are for you, I talked to Chasen and he asked me to change the flowers a little bit." She opened my box and pulled it out gently.

    "What?" I asked

    "There are two fake candles in the bouquet that we can turn on, we would have gone with real but things catching on fire probably wouldn't be a great thing and since they were changed last minute you have two, you can throw the other one at the wedding and keep this one intact for a memory and." She turned the flowers around and my eyes filled with tears again.

    There was a blue bow tied around it and it had been obviously cleaned but it was a part of the blue shirt my mom had been wearing the last time I saw her.

    "How?" I asked as I reached out to touch it.

    I had given them both a hug that night as I insisted they kept their plans to see the lights since they would be gone soon and I would help Riley with the kids and Monica being sick. Blue was my mom's favorite color.

    "Riley." She told me and this was all just so much and Monica wrapped her arms around my waist and I leaned my head on her shoulder.

    "And from me." she said as she grabbed my hand and brought my over to my dress and turned it.

    "What did you do to my dress?" I joked and she shrugged.

    "I had Riley look for something blue of your dad's and he gave me an old tie he said that your dad wore to out graduation and." I looked to see a little blue heart sewed onto my dress and I hugged her tight.

    They were doing absolutely everything they could so to make me feel closer to them today because they knew without me saying I was hurting and I loved them so much for it.

    "And so you're not ambushed, I made a power point of pictures with your dad in them and we'll play it with the song you would have danced with him too." She said and I was trying to get the stupid tears to stop because my face was probably all puffy.

    "Thank you." I said softly and then I laughed as I became the middle of a group hug and when Linda tried to leave I grabbed her hand

    "You need hair and make-up too." I said

    "Oh baby I can do my own." She laughed

    "I insist." I brought her to Jake and she kissed my hand as she sat down and told Jake how she wanted her hair and I text Chase's dad and he said he would bring over her dress so she could stay with us. He was a kind man but I didn't see him much, out of the two he traveled the most and it was hard to catch him when he was here.

    There was a knock at the door and I got up to get it because I wanted to talk to him, he had been gone the last nine weeks.

    "Hello Brylee." He smiled at me. I hugged him and he didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around me too.

    "David." I pulled away slowly and he kissed my forehead

    "It only took him almost ten years to man up." He told me and I laughed lightly.

    "Yeah, so I've heard." I was so clueless for years.

    "Here's Linda's dress." He handed it to me and I took it.

    "I wanted to ask you something." I said a little shy about it

    "Yes?" he asked

    "Rochelle made this thing for my dad for what would have been my father daughter dance but I was wondering if you would do a dance with me after that." I said mumbled a little at the last part, I probably shouldn't have just sprung it on him.

    He tilted my chin up to look at him and his eyes looked kind and soft.

    "If that's what you want than of course I will." He told me and I hugged him again glad he didn't say no.

    I didn't think my dad would be insulted by it in anyway, I think he would be glad that I was moving past their death and that I would give him this. He didn't have a daughter and I would be the closest thing he would get to one.

    He's known me nearly my whole life and he's already told me saw me as a daughter and I wanted him to have that.

    "Now get ready, you still have a lot to do." he wiped his face as discreetly as he could.

    "Don't tell Chase or anyone, I want it to be a surprise." He did the my lips are sealed thing and tossed away the key before going to get ready with his son and I brought the dress in for Linda.

    "Thank you." Linda said as I put her dress down and took another drink of mimosa.

    "Can I get my make-up down now?" I asked them or were they going to surprise me some more, good surprises but emotional ones.

    "Yes." Rochelle sat me down for Lizzie and she put it all on as we discussed and I was glad  I liked it since we didn't do a make-up run through like I had done with all our hair but the little girls, there wasn't enough time but everyone looked great.

    After mine was done Monica let Lizzie put very light make-up on the girls since it was special day and they had been begging all morning and the girls got dressed while I went to grab their gifts, they looked beautiful when they came out and I zipped them up then Monica helped me with getting Lina and Mia in their dresses as well, I tried to get the most comfortable ones I could, nothing itchy and they were so freaking cute.

    The photographer kept taking pictures of them to keep them occupied while I went into the other room with Monica and Rochelle.

    "Something new from us." They said and handed me a bag, I opened the white and pale blue lingerie and laughed.

    "Thanks, I actually didn't even think about this."

    "Hey, taking that damn dress off is going to Chase's favorite thing about tonight, got to give him a show once it's off."

    They had a point, I put it on and the girls all helped me into my huge dress. I stepped into it and Monica laced it up for me and Rochelle made sure the extra skirt was secured. I saw the little heart of blue over my hip and I touched it and I felt more connected to him.

    "You look beautiful." Linda appeared behind me and I thought she looked fantastic in her dress

    "So do you." I told her

    "And for the something new from me" She handed me a box and I turned a shade of red as I picked up the garter.

    "I got this." Rochelle said and she grabbed it and I laughed as Trista and Monica held the dress up so Rochelle's hair didn't get ruined as she put it in place, I don't think there was anything she wouldn't do for me and I knew that it would be my job for her wedding.

    And the photographer took pictures of that too, dear god.

    "And my gift to you guys," I said as I pulled out all the boxes and handed them to everyone, I wanted something a little different for Linda so I went with a very slightly different color. "And go." I said once they all had them out and they all opened them and I saw eyes widen which was a good reaction.

    "My wedding gift to all of you for everything you've done for me." I told them

    "Brylee, you bought our dresses and accessories and the spa, you didn't have to." Rochelle started and I cut her off.

    "I wanted too, now you can match me." I had the one I bought and I also had the one my parents gave me for graduation layered in with it.

    I took a chance and looked in the mirror and I felt nervous for the first time, would he like my dress or think I looked alright? I wasn't having second thoughts about him just hoping that I would be everything he hoped for today.

    He's said he's been dreaming about this and i want it to be everything he's wanted. i don't want to disappoint.

    "You look so pretty Auntie Brylee." Lina came over to me

    "Super pretty." Mia added and they hugged me and I bent as much as I could in this dress to hug them back.

    "Thank you sweethearts, you two look like little princesses." I told them and they had the strand of pearls on and I was happy with everything right now.

    "Alright, outside for pictures." Stephanie said and we followed her outside and posed for an hour and a half in any kind of positions she could imagine, her husband was doing the boys photos outside as well but they were careful to keep us apart still.

    This would save time later and give us more time with our guests, all we would have to do is group pictures since Linda and David were bouncing between groups to get some of those done as well.

    I would not feel sad about these, today was a happy day and I was marrying the man I loved and that was what mattered, no dwelling on what could have been only be happy for what I have. I told myself that as I smiled for another photo and I let any sad thoughts go
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