Chapter Thirty-One

    Chapter Thirty-One

    The door closed on our hotel room and my mouth went dry as I looked at him.

    "Be gentle with me tonight." I pleaded. I wanted gentle on my wedding night and emotionally I was vulnerable, more vulnerable than I think I've ever been in my life. The songs and the feelings have left my emotionally drained and exposed and my body wouldn't be the only thing naked tonight.

    My soul would be bared to him in a way that it hadn't been before and in a way that I couldn't describe, it just was.

    "Of course Angel." He held his hand out to me and I reached forward and as I took a step towards him he took one away from me and closer to the room, once we were inside it he stopped and he took my hand and gently pulled me to him.

    "I love you." I told him, I needed him to know, though I already knew he did.

    "I love you too." He turned me and pulled my back against his chest, I shivered as his hot breath fanned across my neck and his lips were like a whisper against my skin as he placed soft kisses down to my exposed shoulder. His hands tightened around me and even through this dress I could feel his erection already.

    It's been months since we've been together and I missed him as much as he missed me; it was like torture sleeping next to him, not being able to give into my wants, needs and desires with him so close but the pleasure out of reach.

    His hands gently ran up both my arms and he sucked on my neck as he undid my dress and pulled it down my body. The white material gathered around me legs and he turned me around to face him and he groaned as his eyes skimmed my body.

    "So beautiful." He ran his hand down my arm again and up my side, under the lingerie and touching bare skin, the simple contact was killing me and I wanted more.

    I worked on his tie, pushing his jacket off and then getting to work on the vest he was wearing and right as I got his shirt untucked, he picked me up and kissed me as he took the last steps to the bed and lowered me on it. He was standing but leaning over it and my fingers quickly undid the buttons and that soon joined everything else on the ground, next was his pants.

    It was far from our first time but it was the first time in what felt like years. I scooted up the bed and he lowered himself over me, I could feel the hard muscle pressing against my body that I had been missing, the way that his body fit with mine, the way I felt when we were intimate.

    "I need to feel you." his large hand covered my thigh and pushed higher and I groaned as I pushed my body against his.

    "I need you." I said sounding very needy.

    "Patience." He said and he looked at me "So perfect." he whispered as he slowly undid the lingerie and pulled it from my body, his hands started at my legs and his palm was like fire as he slowly touched my body and his lips were like ice as they followed the path of his hands.

    It was tearing me apart inside but I didn't want it to ever stop, his tongue trailed behind my knees and his fingers moved dangerously close to my core before his mouth did and then went up my hip making me squirm in attempt to get him where I wanted.

    He sucked on my hip bone making me laugh before his fingers dug in slightly to my sides and I could feel his fingers going over each of my rips before his mouth followed until he was right below my breasts, I tried to move down but he was smarter than falling for that.

    He kissed my breasts and sucked on the outer part but wouldn't run his tongue over my nip ples like I so desperately needed him too and he pinned both my hands in one of his so I couldn't touch him as he tormented me. As he sucked on my neck I thought that finally it was over but I was wrong.

    He flipped me so I was laying on my stomach and the tips of his fingers gently ran down my spine making me shiver, I didn't realize this would turn me on like this until his mouth and tongue went down my back and I dug my nails into the sheets.

    His teeth nipped at each cheek making me jerk away before his mouth went down the back of my thighs and calves. I was dizzy from what had had been doing, I was so tuned on that I felt like I couldn't think straight. I moaned as he went back up and was about to beg for him when his tongue made a long lick at my core from behind.

    "I don't need foreplay, I need you." I complained

    "If you want me to be gentle you can't fight me and a woman always deserves foreplay." He sucked on my flesh and his tongue darted out and swirled around my entrance before he went back to focusing his attention on my cl it.

    It wasn't fast or rough or anything like that, he was being gentle but firm and taking his time to get me off; we were in no hurry though we'll probably crash hard afterwards, it's been a long night and it was almost two in the morning.

    I dug my nails into the sheets and I called out his name in my release, months without him sucked and I felt like I would explode at any touch from him.

    Our honeymoon was going to be fun. Two weeks together with no distractions, the sun and relaxing in the Caribbean, I couldn't wait though it didn't feel like we were actually leaving in only a few days.

    He turned me gently and his eyes scanned my bare body and his eyes looked into my bared soul.

    "I love you Mrs. Rodriguez." He said and I smiled, I was no longer an Acosta. I looked at the rings on my finger and the one on his and I felt beyond words. I still can't believe we were married.

    "Looks like you need to get over here and make love to your wife." I told him and his tongue wet his lips and he nodded

    "I think that's a good idea." He told me and then his body was against mine, chest to chest he kissed me like he needed me to breathe as his hands gently touched my flesh and I felt his erection between my thighs and I moaned at the thought of what was about to come.

    I don't want this feeling to ever go away and when he called me his wife it was a new way of foreplay because it made me so hot for him and I don't know why and I wonder if it's just us or if it's like that for everyone.

    I gripped his erection and he moaned lowly as I guided it to my slick entrance but I ran the head over my folds and he cursed under his breath and then I finally put him where we both wanted. As soon as I moved my hand away he started to sink into me.

    This was as connect as two people could get and it felt like as he pressed all the way inside of me that we were trying to become one person. His body was tight to mine, he was inside of me, his tongue swallowed my moans as he moved gently and I was in heaven right now.

    I pulled the blankets over us, creating a little bubble that was our own and all the sounds were more prominent.

    The heavy breathing, every grunt or groan as my walls clutched to him, my moans and gasps, the sounds of his skin against mine. The sweat coated our bodies as they moved in sync. He looked down at me as I moved my hips to grind my body against his, intensifying the feeling of his co ck inside me.

    I clutched my muscles every now and then and he groaned louder.

    He dug his nails into my upper thigh and mine gripped his sides as I started feeling like I would lose control. His tongue ran over my now exposed breasts as I arched my chest so he could have all the access he wanted.

    "I love you." I moaned and he gently bit one ni pple and then the other making me cry out with the light pain.

    "I love you too, my beautiful wife." He said and I wrapped my legs around him and held tighter and he had to push my legs apart and so damn slowly he pulled out all the way and pressed all the way back in again and again and I screamed in something.

    I was so close, my body was clutching hard to him when he was inside me and my nails had officially drawn blood from him skin and the next time he pressed deep inside me I got my legs around him again and my hips jerked up and down against him.

    "Brylee." He moaned my name.

    "Chase." I gasped as his tongue took possession of my mouth once more and he made me dizzy.

    He pulled his mouth from mine and watched me, something I've gotten used to with him, he loved to watch every look of pleasure on my face, he said it turned him on to watch what he was doing to me.

    "Oh god." I moaned and he chuckled which made me dig my nails in harder and I felt tears run down the side of my face as he drove me to an all-consuming orgasm that only he would be able to do and I dug my nails even deeper and he groaned in pain but I couldn't let go as my vision went somewhat blurry and he let go and came inside me.

    I loved the feeling when he did, I could feel him fill me in all the ways that his co ck wasn't and this time it set off a second orgasm as I felt him so deep inside of me, as his fingers rubbed my ni pples, as his body touched mine.

    After Rochelle's wedding I was going off the pill and we would see where that took us and I couldn't wait to try again and again and again for a family with him.

    He pushed the blanket from over our heads and we both gasped in the fresh air and he rolled to the side but took me with him and I rested my head on his chest, his arms tightly around me and him still inside of me.

    "I love you." I whispered

    "I love you too Angel."

    He started to harded again and I kissed his chest and he groaned as he began to swell again I raised up off his chest and rocked until I could feel him completely hard inside me. His hands rested gently on my hips as I moved slowly and he couldn't find a place for his eyes to settle as he took the site of on top of him in.

    "Beautiful." He looked up at my face and I braced my hands on his chest which made my breasts appear larger and his hand came up to touch them and my hips jerked forward again when he could them more sensitive than I anticipated and I clutched hard to him making him groan.

    His hands went back to my thighs and his grip tightened as he tried so hard not to take over, usually this ended with me underneath him but he was being good and It felt good, the whole area between my thighs was being stimulated and I was the one in control of both our pleasure.

    "Brylee, you're getting me close Angel." He warned and I kept going because I was too.

    I know that finishing first was absolutely unacceptable for him and so when I came undone on top of him he let himself go and I collapsed back onto his chest panting for air.

    "Shit." I said, my knees were hurting now after spending the last hour on top of him and so I moved and he slid out of me and I straightened my knees and just laid on top of him, he ran his fingers through my hair and I closed my eyes.

    This was the best part of falling asleep with him.

    "Get some sleep and I'll make sure you have a happy awakening tomorrow." He said and I smiled and he yawned, I'm not sure which of us fell asleep first but weddings were exhausting.

    True to his word I woke up the next morning with his co ck inside of me and an orgasm jolting me awake, I could definitely get used to this.

    Honeymoon's coming up ;)
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