Chapter Thirty-Two

    Chapter Thirty-Two

    Chase and I were boarding the boat and the phones were officially turned off and our two weeks of isolation from the real world had officially begun.

    I was excited as we got to outr room, our home for two weeks, I couldn't get over the fact that after pulling ten to twelve hour days for weeks, we were finally going to get to leave it all behind, Chases friend from college was going to step in and help while we were gone.

    In my mind I was hoping we could get him to stay. If he did well when we were gone, I for one was willing to make it worth his while to stay; I would pay his moving expenses if it got him to move here.

    "No thinking about work." He wrapped his arms around me from behind

    "How do you know I'm thinking about work?" I asked him.

    "Because you worry too much, now." He said as he untied the straps of my dress and let it fall to the ground.

    "Already?" I asked and he nodded

    "Are you complaining?" he asked me

    "Not at all." I pulled his t-shirt over his head and took a couple steps back, taking off my bra and wiggling out of my panties before bouncing back onto the bed.

    His pants came off and he kicked his boxers off as he joined me on the bed. This ship hadn't even been fully loaded and he was already inside me. I let him pin my hands by my head as he thrust himself so hard inside me I felt a stab of pain before I moaned because of it.

    I loved it when it hurt a little.

    There was no foreplay I just needed his co ck inside me or I would go crazy. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him as close as I could get him and he groaned as he got lost in me and like he always did, he got me off first.

    I bucked against his hips as I came, squeezing around him and he watched me, the emotions and looks of pure bliss on my face as he made me come. I pushed him on his back suddenly and I gripped the headboard and used it to help move my hips faster.

    "Fu ck me just like that Angel." He pushed my hair from my face and sucked my ni pple into his mouth and I clutched around him as he aroused me farther. I moved up and slammed back down on him and he gripped my hips and it made it easier to go faster, harder.

    "Shit." I moaned as I got closer and he flipped me suddenly onto my back making me squeal in surprise and he pinned my wrists by the bed as he fuc ked me hard enough to hurt and I came undone underneath him, just how he liked it and I felt him spill inside me.

    Out breathing was labored and we were chest to chest, our breaths labored as we laid there.

    "I love you." he broke the silence and a wide smile spread across my face.

    "I love you too." We got dressed and had to all head down for their safety thing on what to do in case of an accident and we all had to bring our life vests with us to a designated deck, it was annoying but I understood that ** happens and safety first.

    We don't want to end up like those people in that ship that tipped in Italy a few years ago.

    As soon as we were done we went to the eighth floor where there was a huge deck area with all the food you could ask for and a bar. There was a formal area for dinner but this was where we would et the majority of our food which was all included in the price of the cruise.

    I wanted a wrap and he got some pizza for us to eat real quick and then we escaped back to the room until dinner and we had sex until I was too sore to let him touch me anymore but that didn't stop us from one more round after dinner.

    We were getting back to our room and I couldn't help it.

    "Again." I whispered in his ear

    "You're going to make my di ck fall off or something but fu ck I can't get enough of you." I was sore, he was sore but I wanted him to make my body sore all over.

    "Tie me up." I bit my lip as I sat on the bed, wincing slightly as the pain throbbed between my thighs.

    "Baby, you're too sore." He tried to protest as his erection started to grow.

    "Then fu ck me from behind, I need you inside me and I want to feel you like I did for a week after you punished me." it was probably more than a week. I was so sore that every time I sat or walked or moved I could feel my pu ssy getting wet, my ass bruised from him spanking me, my thighs bruised from the biting and the paddle.

    My wrists had welts and my breasts were bruised too from both his sucking and the pinching and

    "You liked that, you're such a fu cking dirty girl." He cut off my dirty thoughts

    "You like it." i smirked

    "I do." he agreed and he eyed me carefully.

    "Now Chase." I demanded and his eyes darkened, he never did like when I was bossy with him it usually meant a good fuc king and some bruises from something later and I shivered in anticipation.

    We had booked a suite on here instead of a regular room because it gave us a little more privacy.

    "What did we bring my sexy wife?" he asked me and we had packed a suitcase for this reason with some particularly fun things in them, rope and handcuffs were a must as well as the paddle he had bought; he loved to bring that down on my ass and it hurt like a bi tch but I liked it more each time he used it.

    We hadn't used any of this stuff in months and I was like a kid in a candy shop as he pulled it all out, I couldn't wait for him to tie me up and ** me again.

    "I want you to wear these to dinner every damn night we're here." He pulled out the vibrating balls and I pressed my thighs together, the thought of doing something like that making me hornier. I was like a damn teenage boy.

    "Anything you want."

    "Anything?" he asked and I nodded

    "I want you to wear these to Rochelle's wedding, all night and I want to f uck you at it too." My mouth went dry and I licked my lips trying to get some moisture back to my mouth, a movement his eyes followed.

    "As long as they're not on during the vows or when I say my speech." I compromised

    "Deal." He easily agreed, there was mischief clearly in his eyes when he looked at the suitcase.

    "Up." He said and I stood up for him to pull my dress over my body and he groaned seeing that I wasn't wearing panties.

    "Like what you see?" I asked and he pulled my bra off

    "I do, hands and knees on the bed. Tomorrow I'm going to handcuff you to that railing and eat you and fu ck you." our railing was private as were most of the ships but it didn't mean that someone wasn't on the other side of there.

    "Someone could hear." I protested and he stopped me from moving to the bed

    "When has that ever stopped you before, would my co ck in your mouth be enough to keep you quiet?" He pulled on my hair and I nodded.

    "Yes." I looked at his straining erection and he forced me down to my knees, heels were the only thing I was still wearing as I pulled him from his shorts and his hands gripped my hair so hard it hurt as he shoved his cock in my mouth violently and I gagged and my eyes watered as he pulled back and yanked my mouth down on him again.

    I sucked him and he shoved himself inside my mouth once more, stilling as he hit the back of my throat and I choked and gagged but he kept me there until he finally pulled me off and let me take a deep breath of air.

    "Bed." I scrambled there like a powerless wh ore and got on my hands and knees for him, I couldn't wait to feel what he was going to do to me and I hoped it hurt a little.

    He loved the rope and he tied my ankles to the bed so my thighs were completely spread apart and a blindfold went around my eyes but I didn't protest.

    "Please Chase." I begged as I felt his hand on my thighs.

    "Sir." He corrected and I creamed more, I was practically dripping down my thigh and he's barley touched me.

    He tied me up so my face was pressed into the bed and my as s was near the other side so he could stand as he shoved himself inside of me.

    I cried out when he spanked me hard with the paddle and I cringed slightly when he thrust his co ck inside my slick walls only to scream when he inserted the vibrating plug into me. It's been months and I wasn't used to this so I came instantly when he turned it on and began fu cking me with it as his throbbing rod moved inside me as well.

    "Bad girl." He teased and this time it was his hand that came down leaving a lasting sting as he rained them down.

    "I'm sorry." I whimpered as he pulled both himself and the plug out of me.

    "You wanted pain, you'll get it." he wasn't so gently as he slipped the head into my ass and I moaned only to feel the immense pain as he slammed into me in one hard thrust.

    "Fuck." I cried, I was actual close to tears as he stilled inside me and then he wasn't so gentle as he inserted the balls and turned them on.

    "Now tell me what you want." His hard and thick co ck was all the way inside my ass and he wouldn't **ing move.

    "F uck me Sir, fuc k my ass and make it hurt." I told him I don't know why I wanted to pain so damn bad but I liked it, it was a reminded of what he does to my body, that he's been there, that he satisfies me so fuc king bad.

    He pushed my face into the bed and I turned so I could breathe and he pulled back and pushed back in, there was no easing and this was a straight fu cking he was giving me as he braced his weight on me and used it pound into my ass even harder.

    It hurt but it felt so damn good as the vibrations continued and I screamed but it was muffled in the blankets.

    "Do you want to come?" he asked and I nodded the best I could and he let up so I could gasp in some air and move my head up.

    "Tell me what I want to hear then, Angel." He never let that go, damn him. One fuc king slip up and now he torments me with it.

    "You're a **ing god." I said and he grunted as he reached around to pinch my cl it, I couldn't close my legs and I could feel my slickness running down my thighs as he did it and I screamed for him to do it again and this time he moved up and pinched my ni pples

    "Keep going." He demanded.

    "You're amazing Sir, you're a **ing sex god and I need you to allow me to come, please I need it." I dug my nails into my own flesh and he slapped my ass again and then he yanked on my hair

    "Then come slu t." The name calling had started again and It set me over the edge as I felt the sting from the places he's spanked me and he surprised me when he slapped hard between my thighs and I screamed his name again as I came and my muscles tightened hard around him, milking his co ck as he spilled himself into my tight ass and he groaned.

    "So good." He sighed and I collapsed as much as I could and he gently ran his hand down my back but he didn't remove the balls from me.

    "Please take them out." I complained

    "Nope, they're staying in as we shower and I'll take them out as soon as we're clean. We're not ending the night like this, Making love to you will be the last thing I do every night we're here and for countless nights as soon as we're back home."

    He untied me and we moved to the shower which was a tight fit and he kept touching me and making me squirm as these damn things vibrated inside of me and as soon we were out, bodies not even dry, he laid me down, pulled them out and slid inside me gently.

    His eyes locked with mine, his hands and mouth were soft and slow on my body as he rocked inside of me until I felt the tears in my eyes and the fireworks behind them as he gave me an earth shattering cli max before he wrapped his strong arms around my body and cuddled me, running his hands over my body gently until I fell asleep.
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