Chapter Thirty-Three

    Chapter Thirty-Three

    After our first night on the boat we were sore for two days to where we only were able to make love at night before we went to bed, he was very insistent on that.

    We were I our first port and it was our first opportunity to get off the ship and explore the Caribbean, it was beautiful here and this was the last cruise running here for a while, with hurricane season coming up they took a break for cruises going out of Florida.

    "What do you want to do first?" Chase asked me and I thought about that

    "Food." I settled on, I wanted to try the food here. We had hours to explore here and we were going to take advantage of all of it. We found a nice place on the beach and we decided to try some of the seafood here, it was supposed to be amazing and then I got a papaya cocktail while Chase stuck with a beer.

    It wasn't too early to start drinking on vacation.

    The fresh food was amazing and it made all other seafood I've had dull in comparison, they had a different way of doing things here. Everything was so vibrant and the flavors were so different and so amazing.

    After we ate we went down to the water and sat in the sand.

    It was a perfect moment in my opinion. I was on my honeymoon and I leaned back against Chase as we looked into the incredibly blue waters of the Caribbean. It was hot and sunny and comfortable. His arms were wrapped around me and there was no work to worry about, phones weren't ringing, no one was distracting us.

    This was something for just the two of us, something we weren't doing as a group or having to discuss details of us, it felt nice to be able to do something with just the two of us and not have to feel guilty about it because Riley was fine with it and we were married.

    I don't think I can get over saying that, Married. I looked behind me and Chase's lips met mine. I don't ever want to lost this feeling, the giddy happiness of being with him of knowing he's my husband and knowing that I married the person that was perfect for me.

    And it meant the world to me knowing that my father would have approved.

    I was the biggest daddy's girl growing up and it was so hard not knowing if he would have supported this or been angry like Riley was about it at first, if he would be happy for us or ashamed at what we did but I know now, and Riley's told me too that he would be happy for us.

    Mom and Dad loved Chase.

    "Want to do some shopping?" Chase asked me and I nodded. He held out and hand for me to take and we dusted the sand off out clothes before heading to the shops, his fingers were entwined with mine as he pulled me close to his side and kissed the top of my head.

    We walked from one place to the next and we found some things for his family and mine to bring home and I had fun picking out some colorful clothing that I could wear again when it got warm in a couple months.

    I knew I was going to miss the heat here, it was nice and some people thought I was crazy but I loved when it broke a hundred and while others were dying from it, I relished in it.

    Chase and I took a break to get some lunch and we went back to the ship to drop things off before going out and doing some site seeing, we had two more hours at this point and wanted to soak in as much as we could.

    I don't know when we would be back here but I wanted to know we took every opportunity to experience this vacation and Chase had a great time photographing everything, including me much to my annoyance.

    Okay, It was only mildly annoying, every time I turned around he seemed to be taking a picture, he made sure to get the ocean and the trees, the beautiful flowers and some of the other people, capturing the best he could the culture there.

    There was something so attractive to me about that, the way he photographed things, the thought and patience that went into it, the angles he used to get the most amazing images. It was creative and a certain type of genius.

    His photos were always beautiful and I know that he loved working where he was but it was a hard decision for him to choose between the business and photography and I always worry that he only chose it for us, that if mom and dad hadn't have died then he would have chosen something else.

    "Do you ever wish you would have picked this instead, traveling and taking pictures?" I asked; it was bothering me.

    "I love this but when It came down to a decision I was good at both and I did love this more but I realized that I didn't want to make a career out of it, I wanted it to remain something I loved more not make it a  job." We were headed back to the ship now and I couldn't have asked for a better day.

    It was amazing here and I hoped that we would be able to come back, I'd really like to take a family vacation but that wasn't possible, we couldn't just all leave for a week or two.

    It would be hard enough with us gone, but it would be nice.

    "No thinking about work." He said as I was sitting there worrying if they could do it while we were gone.

    "I'm not." Was my instant response.

    "Lying already Mrs. Rodriguez?" he asked me and I groaned

    "I can't help it." we had gotten back to the boat and were heading up to our room.

    "Well I know several ways that will keep your mind off it." he pushed the door open, put his camera down and picked me up, lowering us both on our bed.

    My pulled my shorts down and I pulled his shirt off before removing mine myself while he kicked his shorts off and then I felt his weight on top of me, undergarments being the only thing between us now.

    "I think we need a goal, sex in every port we go to, and since we haven't sailed off I vote this counts." His lips were running over my stomach as he spoke

    "We sail off in seventeen minutes, better make it quick." He pulled my underwear down and I removed my bra, no time for foreplay this time but that didn't stop him from sucking on my thigh and moving his tongue over my core but there was no need for that, I was ready for him; I was always ready for him.

    This damn man turned me on entirely too much.

    "Nine minutes." We weren't leaving at exactly seven but we were supposed to and I didn't want to wait, I wanted him.

    "After dinner, that balcony." He said before he crashed his lips to mine and thrust into me and I almost screamed, I was still sore but I wasn't going to let that stop me in the least. I raised my hips to meet his thrusts which caused him to enter me harder and faster.

    My walls clung to him and I wrapped my arms around him holding his head to my chest as he licked and sucked my breasts, his teeth sending me over the edge so easily It was almost embarrassing.

    He could get me off so damn fast It was hard to believe there was a time I was ever wondering if there was something wrong with me, if it was my fault that the guys I was with couldn't make me finish. It was definitely not me.

    "Three minutes to spare." Chase said after he had filled me and I just kissed him wanting to feel him, just wanting to be close to him. He pulled out of me and held me close to him as he kissed me back. my hands were crushed between our chests and his one arm was wrapped around me while his other hand gently touched the side of my face until the horn sounded that we were leaving, fifteen minutes late.

    "Food?" he asked and I nodded

    "First shower." We didn't have sex again in the shower, just simply took one before we went to go and get dinner opting out of the formal setting before heading back into the room.

    We laid down and cuddled as we watched a movie together and I got to just relax and lay my head on his chest while he played with my hair.

    "Tired Angel?" he asked me

    "No, just happy." He had asked as the credits rolled, I was completely relaxed and I could lie here all day night with him.

    "Let's get you into something comfortable, you should get some sleep." He kissed my forehead and I shook my head before moving to straddle him.

    "I'm not tired." I pressed my hips down, rubbing against him and he groaned lowly.

    "Are you sure?" He asked and I nodded

    "I believe you've been mentioning a balcony and handcuffs for a couple days now." And I've been waiting for him to follow through with it.

    "Who am I to deny my wife what she wants then?" he asked

    "I don't know but you've been keeping her waiting on it for days." He suddenly rolled us over making me scream in surprise while he laughed at my reaction and was suddenly on top of me.

    "Jerk." I smacked his chest and he just laughed harder.

    "You like it though." I did, damn it.

    "Shut up." I pulled him down and kissed him so he was less likely to talk and slowly we made our way off the bed and his mouth made his way down my neck.

    "Close your eyes." I told him suddenly pulling away from him.

    "What?" he asked

    "Turn around." I insisted and he stared at me for a few seconds before turning around. I dug though my clothes until I found a piece of lingerie I've wanted to wear and changed into it. It was a baby doll in baby blue. The top did little to hold my breast in but that was the point and if I were to bend over it would ride up which was also the goal.

    "Okay." I said and he turned to face me, licking his lips as his eyes ran from my head, lingering over my chest before moving down, then returning to my face.

    I took a few steps back out onto the balcony and he followed.

    "You look delicious." I shivered slightly, maybe because of what his words implied he would do to me, maybe because of the slight breeze outside.

    "Do what you want to me." I wanted everything he wanted to give.

    He finally met up with me as my back met the railing and he pushed me against it slightly.

    "Don't move." He kissed me once before going In and coming back out with rope.

    "What do you need me to do?" I asked him getting excited at the site of it.

    "Grip to the rail." I grabbed onto it and he moved my arms out until they couldn't stretch anymore and tied my wrists to the railing so I wouldn't be able to move before he tied my ankles as they were, my legs spread apart.

    "Chase." I moaned as his fingers ran over the flimsy material barley holding in my breasts.

    "Shh." He said softly and he put tape over my mouth; that was something he hasn't done before. He left briefly and came back with his camera and I didn't even tense.

    His camera was set aside and he kneeled in front of me and my legs bucked slightly as his mouth went to my core, no teasing no tormenting me, his tongue plunged straight inside of me and I couldn't say anything and then he pulled back.

    I'm not sure what he grabbed but soon it covered my eyes and I couldn't see or speak and then he inserted something into my ears and soon I couldn't hear speak or see, only feel what he was doing to me.

    This time he didn't go straight back to what he was doing, his hands caressed my skin and I trembled as he kissed the inside of my thigh.

    I felt like I was in a bubble right now, nothing else existed but what he was doing.  I could feel his tongue from my knee to my hip, I could feel his breath fan across my skin, I could feel when he groaned against my flesh.

    I felt exposed but I wasn't afraid.

    He took away my senses and it amplified every touch, I could smell the fresh air and feel the breeze and that was the only give away what we were outside and not the privacy of our room.

    The tape across my mouth muffled the sound of my screams as he gripped to my bare ass and his tongue ran over my folds, his fingers parted them so my cl it was exposed and he blew gently before his licking only to suck before licking again and I felt like I could die happy right now.

    I could only hear the sounds I was making like they were echoing in my head; I could hear in myself how he was making me feel and that too turned me on. He didn't need anything but his mouth as he built my org asm up painfully slow, torturing me with every touch until I screamed against the tape, not caring if anyone heard, the sound ringing in my head as I came onto his tongue and he wasn't shy about licking me clean.

    He didn't remove anything but the rope before he turned me around. He tied my wrists back to the bar but closer this time so I was leaning over it and what I knew to be the spreader bar was attached to each ankle before being extended.

    His hand ran across my bare flesh since a thong did nothing to cover anything, which was why these things were made and his hands slowly slid down my arms, pulling the straps down and completely exposing my breasts. I could feel the cool air and my nip ples hardened.

    His finger gently touched my lips telling me to be quiet before he entered me in one slow and painful thrust, the sensations were incredible with the senses being taken away and he pulled all the way out and **ed me just using the head and I whimpered, trying to beg for it all.

    He bit down on my neck and rolled my ni pples between his fingers and my walls clamped down in need, in need for him to push himself inside me once more but he just wouldn't. I tried to move to take more of him but i couldn't move and he pinched harder and I whimpered.

    He had so much **ing self-control when it came to these things it drove me nuts. I was trembling in his hands and as he pushed inside me again he pinched even harder and I screamed, the sound again muffled by the tape and my body caved as the or gasm washed over me and I screamed again as he suddenly inserted the plug inside me and turned it on.

    I was stretched and filled from both sides as he pulled out and pushed back into my pu ssy and I wanted more, needed more. My body was still on a high from the intense feeling as he pulled back and slammed into me hard, the force getting rougher and harder, it felt punishing and delicious.

    I was helpless to do anything about it as he started **ing me harder and my breasts dangled down, the railing digging into my ribs and the force pushing me harder against it each time, I came again and he **ed me even harder.

    I felt his hard and throbbing co ck hitting inside me, the pain radiating in my body as he hit that spot every time but in felt the evidence of my releases on my thighs, I was so unbelievable wet as his hand slapped hard between my thighs, the blows raining down until I came once again and I screamed when he started moving the plug, silently crying for it to stop.

    I didn't know if he was saying anything, I don't know what the rest of the world could hear but I came one last time, his co ck felt like it was almost tearing me apart from the inside as I came down hard, my inner walls were gripped so tight to him from one or gasm after another that I whimpered in pain when he pulled out and I was disappointed that I wouldn't get to feel him come inside me, I loved it when he filled me completely.

    He undid the rope from my wrists but nothing else as he turned me around. I didn't know what he was doing but I stayed still. I could hear my gasping breaths and feel the way my lungs burned from needing more air than what I could breathe from my nose.

    He helped me to my knees and he adjusted the bar so my legs could be closer together before he grabbed my wrists. There was another loop for the cuffs in the middle of the bar and he attached those to my wrists and he put his hand on the tape and I knew what was next.

    He ripped it from my mouth and I cursed

    "I'm okay." I said before he could pull the ear plugs out to ask and suddenly my head was being guided forward until I could feel the tip of his co ck, still wet from being inside of me at my lips. I instantly parted them for it and he pushed my head down onto him.

    By the angle he had to be sitting in a chair or something but I didn't care. he gripped my hair and **ed my mouth next, the plug still vibrating inside of me keeping me so **ing horny and close but so far away from it at the same time.

    I gagged as he hit the back of my throat again and like the first night here he wasn't gentle with me as he did it, I gasped for air as I took all of him and I felt so damn dirty as we did this but in the best possible way. I loved it when he was like this.

    It reminded me of the first night we were together, me making him catch me and how he left bruises on my thighs as he held them apart and **ed me so hard I had bruises there too; painful pleasure, just how I liked it.

    I was glad it happened because I always thought enjoying it was wrong, that there was something  wrong with wanting it but Chase showed me that people are just different, we have different needs and wants and desires and there's nothing about mine that make me a freak.

    He ripped my mouth from him and I felt the wetness on me as he came, his come splashed on my face, my neck, my chest and it was sticky as it ran down my body and I was surprised by it to say the least.

    I sat there for a good minute before I felt shuffling and I bit my lip hard enough to feel slight blood as his tongue attacked my core once more. He was laying beneath me, licking and sucking my dripping pu ssy and I couldn't get enough, I was thankful he wasn't inside me though because I was sore again.

    I thought of how this must look, tied up on the balcony, blind folded, ear plugs, covered in my husband's come as I kneeled helplessly, not even able to grind against him as he ate me out. It was reckless and dirty and so **ing hot and those thoughts made me come again, my body was sore and I was glad when it stopped, for the most part.

    He didn't turn the plug off and it continued to vibrate inside me but he took the cuffs and blind fold off me and I pulled the ear plugs out.

    I was overwhelmed with having all my senses back again and I was panting as I looked up at him. he groaned as he looked down at me.

    "You have no idea how sexy you looked when I did that to you." he ran his finger over the sticky liquid on my chest and I sucked it from his finger.

    "Do it again before we leave." He helped me from the ground and he laid me down on the bed and grabbed the balls

    "Please no." I begged him, my body was past being done, I don't think I could physically handle more.

    He pried my thighs apart anyway and inserted them, turning them on and then he took me to the bathroom, bending me over the counter and he pulled the plug out to replace it with his co ck, gently easing into me and his hands touched the remains of him that still all over my skin and he couldn't control himself, as soon as he was sure I was eased into it he pulled my hips back and ** ed my ass as hard as he f ucked my pu ssy on that balcony, stealing the millionth or gasm from me before dragging me into the shower, thoroughly cleaning me  before we went back to bed.

    "Touch yourself, I want to watch you come." He pushed me down on the bed and sat in the chair to watch me. I hesitated but my hands went to my parted thighs and I rubbed my cl it and fought the urge to stop when it hurt as much as it felt incredible.

    He was good at pushing boundaries.

    I watched his hand grip his di ck and his hand moved up and down the shaft as he watched me and as soon as I came he pulled the balls out and pushed into me in the midst of it.

    "I love you." he whispered and like he promised that first night, he treated me like glass as he made love to me before I nearly passed out from exhaustion, glad tomorrow was a day at sea and we could sleep in as long as we wanted.
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