Chapter Thirty-Four

    Chapter Thirty-Four

    Since that night where he tied me up on the balcony we were always thinking of how to go about our goal of sex in every port, the next port we were a little cautious about it and I was very nervous, I've never really done anything like this before and I was terrified that we would get caught, but that added to the thrill of it.

    The second port we went out to get some food and I admit I needed a couple drinks in me but at the end of dinner, I excused myself to the restroom while Chase paid and I let him know when everything was clear for him to slip in and into a stall with me.

    My heart had been pounding against my chest and I felt like everyone outside of here would be able to hear it but when his lips went to mine I felt a new wave of desires.

    Sure we'd slept together in the office but we knew everyone around us and maybe that was worse but it was a more controlled situation, we could lock doors or send people away, here we had no control over who came in here.

    But I couldn't find it in myself to care as soon as he kissed my neck and pulled the straps of my dress down, untying my bikini and letting my breasts loose. His tongue still felt cool and it took a lot not to moan as his mouth took one of my ni pples in and I felt his mouth warm around it.

    I struggled to get his shorts undone fast enough and he picked me up, untying the sides of my bikini bottoms so that I was bare to him.

    I wrapped my legs tightly to him and he pinned my wrists by the wall, his way of showing me he was in control of the situation as he pushed up into me and I moved my pu ssy over him for more friction.

    When the door opened my heart started beating louder and I almost told him to stop but he pinched my ni pples one after the other as he covered my mouth and started **ing me faster and the fear of getting caught amplified every touch and feeling that was coursing through me.

    I heard two more people enter; one leave and he slowly and quietly lowered me to the ground before bending me over and sliding back into me. My palms were flat against the tile of the wall and as soon as I was bent over I had a hard time not screaming as he **ed me from behind, hitting my g-spot every time and quickly building me to my release.

    He could go so much harder like this and he took that opportunity, **ing me as hard and fast as he could without the sound of our skin slapping together being able to be heard.

    As soon as the other two left he pulled out only long enough to check they were gone before he started **ing me again, only this time he didn't care if the sound of his skin on mine was echoing in the room. I let out a strangled moan as I got closer

    "Chase, I'm right there." I whimpered and then the door opened again and he immediately slowed back down so there would be no noise again.

    "Shh." He whispered in my ear and covered my mouth as he pinched my ni pples again, successfully sending me over the edge with now two other voices in here and it turned me on that they were as he stole another or gasm from me as his come filled me.

    We took a minute to get ourselves put together again and as soon as the bathroom was empty, I grabbed his hand and we went to go leave. I opened the door and there was another woman coming in and she just stopped in the doorway and looked at us.

    "Excuse us." I said and we slid past her and she stared at us a little awkwardly, there really wasn't any way to justify that and so we just left and as soon as we were outside I started laughing and so did Chase.

    Well we were in a foreign country and would never see any of these people again and I was grateful for that otherwise that could have been embarrassing.

    "Where too next?" Chase asked

    "Beach." It wasn't far away and I loved being able to spend my time there, to relax and my skin had gotten so dark already as did Chase's. I rarely ever burned, just got darker. It was a perk to being half Cuban.

    I tormented him a little as I pulled my dress slowly over my head and lay down in the sand and I watched him pull his shirt off, damn my husband was sexy. I watched his muscles flex as he laid down beside me and got comfortable.

    I reached out to grab his hand and enjoy the weather. It was extremely hot, the sun was beating down on us and the sand was nearly burning my skin, the wind carried warmth that was almost suffocating but that's what I liked about it here.

    I turned to my back and had to set alarms so that I didn't burn myself to hell, that was the best part of the do not disturb mode on your phone, you still can take pictures and set alarms and know the time but nothing else comes in, no phone calls.

    It's been four days and it's so weird that I haven't had to answer phone calls and I would miss that when I went back, I wish we never had to go back.

    "This is perfect." I had rolled back over and propped myself up to look out at the ocean.

    "Want to go in?" he asked and I nodded. We didn't go too far in because he wanted to take pictures, I'm going to probably be creeped out by the amount of photos he's taken of me already, let alone in another week and a half.

    "I love it here." I leaned against his side and he wrapped an arm around me, we were knee deep in the water, his camera was hanging around his neck and I made sure to keep an eye on our stuff on the beach.

    "We're going to have to come back, maybe stay at a resort on the beach."

    "I'd love that." Having a vacation here was like heaven, the weather, beaches, sun. I loved the laid back feel of this place and people were friendly. They had great restaurants and so many things to do between zip lining, snorkeling, swimming, tours, and so many more things.

    "We could come back for our anniversary every year." That was a pretty great idea

    "Perfect." I wrapped my arms around him and he kissed my forehead.

    "Except if things go according to plan, you'll be pregnant next year and not able to fly." I felt a little disappointed that we wouldn't be able to come back next year but it was gone in a flash at the thought of having a baby, of starting a family.

    "I think I'll be okay with that."

    "Yeah, me too. What do you want?" he asked me

    "I want a girl, I think." I hadn't thought too much about it, I'd love a son or a daughter.

    "I want a boy, but if we had a girl I'd want her to be just like you. Kind and sweet but feisty and independent."

    "I'd be happy either way; I just want a healthy baby." Healthy was the most important thing, way more important than gender.

    My phone starting ringing letting us know it was time to get back to the ship so we picked up our stuff and put our clothes back on before walking the short distance back, we started farther out and made our way back for this reason.

    Once we were back we showered off the sand and salt water before heading up for dinner and even though we were exhausted he made love to me before we went to bed. He was dead serious about ending every night like that.

    Our next port we had a quickie in the dressing room when we were looking for clothes, which wasn't easy.

    I was trying on clothes and had to wait very carefully for no one to be looking while I pulled him through the clothe curtain and we had maybe five minutes before it became suspicious and there was basically no room, we could both barley fit in there.

    We had gotten a little more public with this one, there wasn't even a door separating us and you could hear all the noise on the other side of the curtain.

    Chase was thrusting up into me and sucking on my chest to make my release come that much quicker when the lady that was helped me tried to talk to me.

    "Are you okay in there?" she asked me

    "Yeah, just trying to figure out which dress is my favorite." I hadn't even tried them on yet.

    "Let me know if you need help."

    "Thank you." I was impressed I could keep my voice steady since he pinched my ni pples and bit my neck to torment me while I tried to have a normal conversation, asshole.

    When we were done I ended up buying both of them and bolting out of there just in case someone knew something was up.

    At the fourth we snuck to this secluded part of the beach where no one was and had sex there, and let me tell you that sex on the beach is not as romantic as people would like to make it out to be.

    There's a lot of sand and even though sex in every port, which meant more public, was the goal, if you're doing it on a beach you're **ing terrified that someone's going to catch you but that didn't stop us, it made it feel so much better. Was that wrong? I don't know.

    He laid a blanket down and I pulled my bikini bottoms off and put them in the small bag we brought, I un-buttoned his shorts and he pulled himself free before climbing onto his lap.

    I slowly lowered myself until I felt the top of his co ck at my entrance and I pushed down hard on him wanting him inside me so **ing bad. My dress technically hid what we were doing but it wouldn't take a genius to figure out we were doing a whole lot more than making out if they saw us.

    I moaned as he pulled me up and pushed my hips back down and I looked around, confirming no one else was around before I bounced up and down on his smooth and slick co ck, my juices coated him as I pushed back and forth, up and down and I let my head fall back and I moaned as he let me take the control and bob up and down on him.

    I was trying to be cautious as to what was around us but it felt so damn good, my cl it rubbed against his skin and it made me want to scream as I rode him.

    "That's is Angel, ride my di ck, I want youu to come on my co ck. Harder." He whispered dirty things in my ear and I wrapped my arms around him, my face buried in the crook of his neck as he kept talking. I felt it, so **ing close to I pushed my body as close to his as I could and as soon as I came he ripped my dress off not giving a ** where we were and pushed me onto my back.

    I pushed his shorts down with my feet and he wrapped my legs around him as he pummeled into me, **ing me so god damn good. He pushed the cups away from my breasts

    "Chase, someone could see." But I moaned as his mouth drew one into his mouth

    "I don't **ing care. Hope you can run if that happens." He pushed my wrists down into the hot sand above the small blanket we brought and I raised my hips to his.

    "Yes, yes, ** yes." I was ready for him to get me off again

    "Say it Angel." He slowed down making me groan for two reasons.

    "I will if you make me come, promise or you can torture me for the rest of our vacation." It felt less embarrassing for me if I said it as I came, like the first time, god damn it.

    "I'll hold you to that." The sand rubbed at my flesh and it burned a little but I wanted more.

    "Harder, ** me harder." I loved the feeling of his co ck sliding out of me and slamming back in, how it felt every time the head rubbed at my entrance.

    "As you wish Mrs. Rodriguez." I was so damn close and as he got me right there he leaned down closer

    "Chases, ** yes." I tried to move my arms to wrap them around him and his grip tightened, keeping there and he bit lightly onto my ni pples and then harder

    "Say it." his voice sound muffled since my breasts were in his mouth.

    "Oh god." I moaned as that feeling came over me, the feeling that let you know that your world would shatter in about five seconds, that feeling of your control slipping from your body.

    "Say it." he demanded and I let out a high pitch moan as my or gasm took over me

    "You're a **ing god Chase, so **ing amazing, Come, come inside me." and I opened my eyes just long enough to look at him and see the look of pure bliss on his face as he grunted and did as I wanted and finished inside me.

    I don't think getting pregnant is going to be an issue as soon as I stop taking the pill.

    As soon as we were done he kissed me and we made quick work on getting dressed again, rushing from the scene of the incident in case someone heard me screaming that my husband was a sex god, I was bad at quiet.

    At our next port we rented let skis and went driving around and found some cluster of rocks so we had sex against the rock wall there and at our fifth we went to this waterfall that was recommended by locals, it wasn't very popular because it was hard to get to and when we found it empty we couldn't resist.

    We couldn't resist doing it against the wall and we couldn't resist having sex against one of the trees on our way back through the woods and we ended up doing it in the shower again when we got back.

    Sex was starting to get painful with how often we were doing it but it was worth it.

    At our last port we had sex at the beach again and it was fun, we almost got caught that time though and did end up having to run out of there before they could actually get down there.

    "You're so loud." He laughed once we were back in public and ditched into a restaurant just in case.

    "I thought you liked me loud, doesn't that mean you're doing it right?" I teased

    "I love you loud, I love hearing you scream and I love watching your face when I drive you to that release, it's so sexy." My body was still burning from the aftermath of that last climax and then running and I wanted him again.

    I was good through lunch, but we did end up back in the bathroom after it and this time it wasn't as big of a deal, once you've almost got caught having sex on a beach, sneaking into the bathroom wasn't as risky.

    Though as we got back to the ship I was like a reality check that this was all ending and we would have to go home and back to work.

    "I'll miss this." I said after our shower

    "We have two more days at sea before we have to leave, let's make them count." He said suggestively and that's exactly what we were going to do.
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