Chapter Thirty-Five

    Chapter Thirty-Five

    It was now our last at sea, in the morning we would be getting off the ship and then headed home and with all the risky places we had sex on the way here, Chase and I were thinking that joining the mile high club would be the perfect way to end our honeymoon.

    I had worn the balls to dinner every night as promised to Chase and tonight was no different. Tonight though the serves sang a farewell song to the dining room and it was cute and it made me sad that we would be leaving, I wished that this would never end.

    I even got a little emotional at it, we had the same wait staff the whole time and it was cool getting to know them as individuals and where they were from, it would be like leaving a new friend behind, but that wasn't going to stop Chase and I from having a good night after dinner.

    I wanted everything we did that first night and more, I wanted him to make me beg for it to stop, for him to call me every dirty name known to man, I wanted him to spank me and ** me and tie me up in one positon after another all night, I wasn't too concerned about sleeping tonight.

    We were working with limited things, only what we had really brought and as soon as we got home I wanted him to do it again, damn it being married does weird thing to your hormones, I feel like a damn sex addict, but I'm pretty sure that Chase doesn't care and I know that I don't; there was nothing wrong with a healthy sexual appetite.

    We were getting some dessert when he turned the balls up higher and I gripped the table and tried not to moan.

    "Stop." I complained, he's been tormenting me all night and I have soaked through my panties.

    His hand slid up my thigh, up my dress and I gasped as his fingers made contact with my cl it.

    "You're going to come for me here." His hand dipped into my panties and he pulled at the cord that was attached to the balls and I quickly shut my legs but he pushed them apart.

    "Stop." I was looking around and thankfully we hadn't caught any attention.

    "You're going to come here and then we're going to go back to the room and I'm going to come all over you before I ** you, taste you, tie you up." He said as his fingers kept moving and I gripped his thigh, digging my nails in and he pulled at the balls again.

    "Are you feeling okay, miss?" our waiter asked

    "Yeah, just a little seasick, you would think this would have hit on day one." I easily lied

    "Oh well we sell motion sickness pills in the shop." I smiled at him

    "Thank you." he set out dessert down

    "Eat." He told me and my hands were shaking slightly as I reached for my fork to take a bite of the chocolate lava cake but he grabbed the fork from me and cut a piece himself before offering it to me and I took a bite as he pushed his fingers inside me and I moaned lowly around the fork that was in my mouth and I sucked on the warming metal to get all the chocolate off.

    "Don't you want any?" I asked after he gave me another bite, doing the same thing as before, pushing his fingers inside me.

    "I'm looking at my dessert right now." His gaze was heated and I moved my hand up and found him incredibly hard.

    "Shit." I wanted him so damn bad right now.

    "This is what you do to me." his other hand covered mine and pressed my palm against his erection.

    "Take me to the room."

    "Not until you come like a dirty slut in a room full of people." his smirk was definitely wicked and I groaned as he pulled at the balls and let them go, my walls clamping to them and pulling them back inside me, **ing me with them until I felt my face flush with what he was about to do to me.

    He leaned forward and kissed me and his lips swallowed my moans and I tried to sit still as I came in my seat, in the dining room with hundreds of people in here, he kept my legs apart which amplified the feeling. He pulled back and fed me another bite of cake and my chest was heaving as I gasped for air as discreetly as possible, much to his amusement.

    "Please can we go to our room?" I asked him, the need to have him inside me was consuming me.

    "Alright." He adjusted himself and we had to wait for him to calm down and then he grabbed my hand and pulled me through the room, up the stairs and into our room, finally taking some mercy on me and my poor hyped up libido.

    As soon as we were through the door his tongue was down my throat and he nearly ripped my dress taking it off, I was in my bra and panties on my back and on the bed before I knew what was happening.

    "Fuck me." I told him

    "Turn over." I rolled onto my stomach waiting to see what he would do "Now get on your hands and knees." Was my next instruction

    "Please." It was the last night of our honeymoon and I wanted to make it count

    "These are the last of any toys." He yanked the balls out and I moaned with the friction and I watched him put them in the sink in the bathroom "You're going to suck my co ck and I'm going to come all over those amazing breasts before I ** your ass and when I'm done with you you're going to be so **ing dirty." I pressed my thighs together trying to get the throbbing to go away but he pulled my legs apart.

    I remember being so damn terrified to do these things and now my ass was throbbing in excitement for his co ck to be inside me there, I wanted him to come inside it and I wanted his come all over me again, What was it about this damn cruise that was making me feel so much more like a dirty whore? In a good way.

    "What else are you doing to do to me?" I asked

    "What do you want me to do?" he asked and I licked my lips as I watched him start to remove his clothes.

    "Tie me up." My eyes wondered as he unzipped his slacks and I waited to see his amazing di ck but sadly there was one pesky article in the way.

    "What else?" he asked me as he toyed with the waist band.

    "Spank me and ** me, make me feel you." I wanted him to get as rough as he could with me.

    "Why?" he asked as he pushed his boxer briefs down.

    "I want you to hurt me, call me a bitch and a slut, make me beg for you knowing you're going to do whatever you want with me anyway." I raised my hips so he could pull my panties down

    "Get on your knees and suck my co ck." I slid off the bed and pulled my bra off and before I could slide to my knees he turned me around and I was expecting handcuffs but he used rope, wrapping it around my stomach and arms so they were both crossed behind my back.

    "This is new." I commented

    "I've been looking up new ways to tie you up so you don't get bored." He winked and helped me down to my knees.

    "I'd never get bored." Were my last words before he shoved his co ck into my mouth and I choked but I couldn't pull away with his sudden grip on my hair right at the scalp and was forced to take all of him, I relaxed my throat a little more each time he pulled back only to push forward again and my eyes watered as I struggled to take him.

    I didn't have my arms to hold onto his thighs to stop him, I was at his mercy; just how I always liked it. It didn't matter if this was the first or the fiftieth time doing this to me, I couldn't ever get bored of it he turned my world upside down and inside out when we slept together that first night.

    He accepted me. He accepted that what I liked was maybe a little unconventional because he was the same way, I knew that what he called me and what he did to me didn't make him love me any less, who **ing cares if he like to call me a whore in bed, I certainly didn't.

    He accepted that I wanted him to tie me up and ** me and tell me what to do but that when I was in a mood, he was mine. I would pull him in and ** him and he would let me. He understood there were times for it and times for him to just hold me and make love to me.

    We were a little all over the place but that's what I liked about it, the way he made me feel. He made me feel loved and protected and trusting and there was a bond that couldn't be broken between the two of us that started when we were five years old and I'm so glad that when I looked up at my husband, he was the one there.

    And I was more than glad, I was so god damn turned on.

    His body tensed as I sucked his co ck and he looked in a way that made me feel so beautiful and incredibly desired.

    "Yes." He said and I felt him start to come in my mouth, I tasted the salty liquid before he pulled out, I closed my eyes as it splashed across my face suddenly and he moved down and his come shot down my chest, sliding down my stomach. I could feel it all over me and I pressed my thighs together, I knew I would be dripping.

    He lifted me up and put me on the bed, my arms still tied behind my back and I screamed as his mouth covered my wet pu ssy, his tongue was shoved inside and he held my thighs apart as he bit on my clit and I couldn't jerk away, I had to take the pain as he bit me repeatedly the pain increasing each time.

    He bit my thighs and my cl it, he pinched my nipples and he sucked and bit on the skin around my entrance like he never has before and I felt a couple stray tears slide down my face and I wasn't sure why they were there; it felt so damn good but it hurt and It was getting me so close.

    I could feel his come drying to my skin and the intense feelings I was having but none of it was what I wanted; sex. Damn it and his control.

    "Please." I begged him

    "I love when you beg, it's like music to my ears." He looked at me as his tongue made a long lick from my entrance and all the way up and I groaned

    "Fuck me, please. I need you inside of me." I was almost wining now and I was pathetic for it.

    "Like this?" he asked as he tongue **ed me again and it felt fantastic but I wanted more.

    "I want you to slam your co ck inside me and ** me, damn it."

    "Soon enough, you're going to come all over my tongue first, you taste so damn good." I remember there was a time when I would me mortified by that but not anymore, just another turn on.

    I tried to raise my hips to him but there was no give, he did press his face closer though and as he sucked and licked I tried pulling at the ropes to try to get free, I couldn't handle them anymore.

    "Untie me." he pulled away and looked down at me

    "Do they hurt? Are your arms alright?" he asked me concerned as he went to help me up.

    "They're fine, I just want it off." and he stopped and let me fall back the inch of so back onto the bed,

    "So you're physically fine?" he asked with his stupid smirk

    "Take them off." I demanded

    "I don't think you're in any place to demand anything, tied up and dripping, grinding your face against me like some kind of desperate slut." My face flushed and my back bowed as he went straight back to my cl it, he knew that perfect spot to lick and it drove me **ing insane and I was wishing I had kept my mouth shut because when he stopped I was already close to tears and this was just the beginning of the night.

    "You will do as I please if you want to be pleased bitch, do you understand me? Don't **ing question me like that again unless it's hurting you." I nodded

    "I understand, I'm sorry." I told him not to listen, to do what he wanted and it shouldn't be a surprise when he does. I wanted him to torment me and make it hurt and I was beyond horny right now.

    He picked me up and bent me over the dresser area.

    He wet his co ck with my juices that were dripping down my thighs and he wet his fingers before sliding them into my ass to get it ready and then his thick throbbing member replaced them, he eased into my ass the first time but as soon as he was in he pulled out and thrust hard back in and I winced.

    "I love that ass, do you love when my di ck **s it?" he spanked me and I cried out.

    "Yes, ** my ass harder." He didn't disappoint, one of these times he was going to make me bleed and I didn't **ing care. I winced every now and then as his co ck hit deep inside and I struggled against the rope but he didn't stop. He spanked me and pulled my hair before he climaxed in my ass and pulled out, his come dripping from me.

    "Stay." He told me and I watched in the mirror as he cleaned himself up before coming back and untying me then bringing me to the balcony.

    "Sit." I sat down in the chair and my ass hurt but I said nothing and he tied my legs apart

    "I want to watch you play with yourself." He gripped his co ck and he tied my left hand to the chair too and I reached between my thighs.

    "Chase." I moaned

    "Rub your cl it." he instructed "Faster." He got hard as he watched me and started stroking himself as he told me what to do, when to slid my fingers inside, to go faster, when he thought I was enjoying it too much he had my rub my cl it again and he stroked himself faster.

    "Stop." He has said suddenly and I moved my hand away instantly as his jaw tightened and he made himself come, shooting it all over my exposed pu ssy and there were a lot of firsts for us this honeymoon because I was surprised by it. "Now rub your pu ssy and ** yourself with your fingers." He demanded and I was a little stunned still, he pulled my hair up to look at him. "Suck me clean and do it." I sucked the remaining come from him and I moved my hand back between my thighs and I felt his semen all over me and I rubbed my cl it again before I slid my fingers inside me.

    He watched as I used the mess he made on my to pleasure myself and it was oddly arousing, I moaned lowly as I got close and my thighs started shaking.

    "Stop." I made a sound of protest and I was desperate to come so I didn't stop so he yanked my hand to the side and tied it to the other arm of the chair.

    "Please don't." I was so horny, I was sticky and messy and needy.

    "You're going to sit there until I get hard again." he didn't touch me and I couldn't even press my thighs together for some kind of pressure, the throbbing was unbearable and he rubbed himself as he leaned against the balcony naked.

    "Stop torturing me." I don't know why I always did this to myself. Why I always wanted him to do what he pleased and then I regret it half way through only to have my damn mind blown and want him to do it all over again and again and damn it again after that.

    "You like it you dirty slut and I'm going to ** you in the ass again and you're not going to come this time either." I closed my eyes because I loved it so much when he **ed my ass and I wanted to come with him in it and I wasn't going to be able to.

    "I want to come with you deep inside." the desperation in my voice and I'm sure written across my face and he got that smirk that said he knew, he knew just how bad I wanted it and he loved it. He got turned on by toying with me, by denying me my climax, by making me impossibly horny for him.

    "You will, later." He promised. I sat there until he got hard again and then he untied me. He was dried all over my skin and I was breathing heavy when he linked the cuffs on my wrists behind my back and gently pushed me onto the bed. He propped my hips up with a pillow and his co ck ran over my folds before he pushed into me from behind again.

    I moaned as I felt him slide into me, how he stretched me and when he was balls deep inside me only to pull out slowly and then ease back in.

    "Is this how you want it?" he asked me and I shook my head

    "It doesn't matter how I want it, I'll take it however you'll give it to me." when all I wanted to say was god damn it ** me harder and ** me faster and take no damn mercy on me as you spank me and call me a slut and pull my hair and use me for your pleasure so you can tie me up after and do more dirty things to me and make me come until I pass the ** out.

    But I didn't and he liked my answer because he gripped my hips and used that to shove himself into me harder.

    He reached around and played with my cl it and i struggled against the handcuffs trying to feel more but he would keep pulling back.

    "Please, I need to come it's too much I need a release." I was so damn sexually frustrated right now.

    "Not yet." His voice as strained as he got closer to his and he gripped my hair hard as his hips jerked on their own accord as he spilled his load into me again.

    "Please." I whimpered as he pulled out of me about to break down into tears, I knew that he would take care of me but right now it felt like it wasn't going to end.

    "Come here." He helped me up and he wet a wash cloth and ran it between my thighs, cleaning me up a little bit and himself. "Pick what you want to wear." He told me and I was confused

    "Wear?" I asked and he touched my face gently.

    "If you want it to be like the night I brought you to the balcony, pick something and it's the last night of our honeymoon, I want to take something off of my beautiful and incredibly sexy wife." He gave me a lingering kiss before I grabbed another set of lingerie and grabbed my hand and led me out to the balcony.

    He sat down in the seat and pulled me onto his lap, he had put boxers back on and I was sitting sideways on his lap as he kissed me, nothing else yet.

    He could have kissed me for hours or minutes, I always lost my sense of time when I was with him and because his damn sex drive was so high an erection was no indication of time really.

    "Do you want me baby?" he asked me and I nodded

    "Okay, stand up." I stood there waiting for him to come back with the rope and my skin was already a little raw but I didn't mind. He put his hands on my waist and I walked backwards until I felt the cold metal on my back and he turned me around before placing his hands on my arms and sliding them out.

    Each of his movements were so slow it almost hurt to have to wait.

    I watched as he tied the rope around a bar that went down to hold up the railing and then around my wrist, snaking it around the rail and my arm so the inside of my arm was flat to it and then he repeated that on the other side.

    I was leaning over the balcony because of It and he pulled my hips back so there would be no give in my arms and tied the rope to a solid place before wrapping it around one ankle, again repeating the process until I was tied up bent over and I pulled at the rope and he tied more rope around my ankle.

    Before I was able to move my legs out but not in but with him doing it from the other side, I couldn't move them at all.

    "So sexy." I looked over when I saw a flash and he took a picture. "I want to take a picture of you when you're coming for me. You look so beautiful, like you've never felt anything so pleasurable or amazing in your life, like you're in heaven."

    "All true." His eyes were locked onto my lips.

    "How do you want me to make you come?" he asked and I shivered in anticipation for that.

    "With you coming inside me." I licked my lips seeing the noticeable erection he had

    "The next time I come is going to be with you down on your knees sucking my co ck and its going to be all over you." he was already dried all over me.

    "Surprise me." he'd already made all the decisions this far, why change now.

    "Okay if I'm making all the calls then you don't need to speak." I watched him tear off a large piece of tape and cover my mouth with it. I felt the stickiness of it and the slight pull against my skin "Or see." Everything went dark as he covered my eyes and I couldn't protest, not that I wanted too. "Or hear anything but the irresistible sounds you make as I make that sweet pu ssy come for me." he put a plug in one ear and I shivered again as he leaned into the other ear. "I love you and you're my beautiful wife but right now you're my dirty little whore and I'm going to love doing what I do next." Were the last words I heard him say and he put the other ear plug in.

    Now all I could hear was my erratic breathing and my heart pounding.

    I sat there waiting for him to do something and I felt so vulnerable as the time ticked by and then I felt his tongue. It ran up my thigh and his hands held me as my knees buckled slighting in surprise he sucked on my thigh before running his tongue down my other thigh. His hands touched me lightly and it was making me dizzy.

    I was panting as he pushed the lingerie up to expose my ass and I cried out when he hit me and he hit me **ing hard. My ass stung as he slapped me again in the same spot and I cried out again.

    He hitd by the tape. He did the same thing to the other side and then felt between my thighs.

    He didn't need to explain anything to me or ask my permission and he knew that. I was surprised and it hurt so damn good when he clamped something onto each of my nip ples, causing a constant pinch and allowing his hands to go elsewhere.

    His fingers went inside me and I nearly rejoiced but he pulled them back out. His hands were gone from me and I wanted to reach down and touch myself but I couldn't. I stood there tied up, I couldn't move a damn inch and my breasts were dangling over the railing which made more weight for the things clamped onto them.

    I screamed again when his mouth covered my dripping pu ssy. He was kneeling or sitting behind me and his mouth was like the answer to my prayers as he kept a relentless pace, I felt like this orgasm could actually make me pass out.

    My eyes rolled back and I felt like I was in heaven and then it all turned to hell when he pulled away right as I was about to come.

    I felt everything so much more, my other senses were taken away and all I could do was feel thing things he was doing and when he stopped I cried, I was in pain from needing it so bad and he wiped the few that escaped away

    I wanted to scream at him to stop **ing touching me but I was pathetic when he slid his co ck inside me and I whimpered for it, I was needy and desperate for it and I cried again, rejoicing as he slowly slid in and out and as he **ed me and I felt the sting each time he thrust inside me, the skin probably red from his hard hits and then he picked up the pace from slow to holy **ing ** as he pounded into me hard.

    I couldn't move a damn inch as I took it, as I stood there and had no option but to accept all that he wanted to give to me, he hit my g-spot more times than I could count and I screamed over and over again and I don't think the tape was even enough to muffle what we were doing out here and I didn't **ing care. We were leaving tomorrow and I didn't want to hold back. I wanted him to take the tape off so I could scream freely but there was something so hot about not being able to, about having tape over my mouth.

    I don't know what he was saying but all I could hear was my panting and screaming ringing in my ears. I was so over stimulated already and then he pulled my hair and tugged on the chain connecting the clamps on my ni pples and I came harder than I could ever remember. Lost in euphoria I was always amazed at how he always seemed to top what I always thought was the bed sex of my damn life.

    I screamed and I didn't care if anyone heard me, I screamed as he gave me multiple orga sms, like every orga asm he stopped before had appeared at the same time and also one after another, I didn't even know what to do with myself as it kept going and going and I was coming so hard I felt myself slip forward and I blacked out and when I came too it was still dark but the ear plugs were pulled out

    "Oh god, are you okay?" he asked and I felt a little out of it but I knew that I was definitely okay.

    "I'm fine, promise." I told him and I wasn't sure exactly what happened because that's never happened to me before, I've never blacked out and I felt kind of embarrassed and I'm sure my face was bright red.

    "Let me untie you." he moved to do just that.

    "Only if you're planning on tying me up some other way." He ripped the blindfold off and now I could see, hear and speak again.

    "Brylee, are you crazy?" he asked

    "No. I'm fine, I guess you're just that incredible." I joked, sort of and he smirked, his ego was too large.

    "You're never going to hear the end of this." my face flushed in embarrassment, stupid sex, it made me do and say the worst things.

    "Shut up." He untied me and I turned to face him as he pulled one of the clamps off and he sucked on my ni pple and licked and I held his face to my chest letting go only for him to take the other one off.

    He untied the lingerie and forced me onto my knees. Like that night he got the spreader bar and cuffed my legs in before cuffing my arms in too. The tape went back on but nothing else.

    "Are you sure this is okay?" he asked me concerned as he stroked his glorious co ck and my face with his other hand.

    "I want your amazing co ck in my mouth, let me suck it please." I looked up at him in what I hoped was a seductive way and he groaned as he continued to run his hand up and down the shaft and I licked my lips, there was nothing I could do right now.

    "I want you to hear and see what you do to me." he sat forward on the chair and I bent my head eagerly to suck his di ck, I wanted to taste him on my tongue and please him like he just pleasured me. I wanted to give him even a tiny bit of the satisfaction I just felt.

    I mean holy **, the sex was so amazing he made me pass out, literally. He will never let me live that down and as I was tied up on my knees, the head of his co ck hitting the back of my throat and looking up at the wonder and bliss on his face, I don't know why I was complaining about that. I mean sure it was embarrassing but I had a husband that could ** me so damn good I passed out.

    "Oh baby, I love it when you suck my co ck." He pushed my head down and I struggled to keep my balance. This was one of my favorite ways to suck him, tied up on my knees. I also loved when I could push him down on the bed and slide my hands up and down the shaft as I licked and sucked everywhere I could get my mouth on.

    I ran my tongue at the ridge and sucked gently on the tip before swallowing the entire thing, his hips jerked up as I pushed down, my eyes watering as I struggled to do it but I wanted all of him in my mouth and I would, I didn't care how hard it was in this position.

    "You like that?" he asked as he shoved my head down and I nodded as I gagged, taking him all again

    "Mhm." I mumbled the best I could around him and he groaned

    "Suck my co ck just like that you dirty little slut." My heart raced as he called me that and I looked up at him and he groaned as he caught my eyes, he liked it when I made eye contact when I did this, he didn't have to say it but I always knew. I wanted to press my thighs together again, not ready but needing more.

    I kept sucking him and licking until he yanked me off hard by my hair and sat up, his hand worked vigorously as he finished, shooting his climax all over me, I felt a little bit of it on my lips and we watched as I licked them, cleaning it off and I moaned, the taste of him got me hot.

    His come was all over me and he just continued to play with himself until he went soft as he looked at me, holding onto the feeling.

    "How sore is your pu ssy?" he asked and I felt the throbbing, pretty sore would have been the right answer

    "It's not too bad."

    "Do you want me to eat you like I did that night? If you do i don't want to hear it's too much later, I promised you would come with my co ck in your ass and that's next." I knew he was wearing down and all the sex was probably as painfully pleasurable for him as it was for me.

    "You don't have to, I'd rather you make love to me later."

    "I'll do that too even if it kills me baby." His damn di ck was going to fall off one of these times; seriously I don't know how he was still able to keep going.

    He laid down on the ground in front of me again and pulled me down onto his face and I yelled as his tongue plunged inside of me first thing, everything was so sensitive and he groaned as I wiggled around as I rode him and this man had me coming before I thought it was possible. It just snuck up on me out of nowhere and I felt like he may as well of wrapped his hands around my throat too when I lost my breath.

    "Bathroom." he said and he took this all off me and helped me stand on shaking legs, I felt like I could collapse anytime and he held me up as he brought me to the bathroom to bend me over the vanity and keep his promise.

    I looked at myself and I was glistening from the sweat and semen on my flesh he looked at me, his stare heated as I slid the lingerie off my shoulders and I stood naked in front of him and he made eye contact with me in the mirror as he pushed on my shoulders, bending me over. I watched as he gripped and positioned himself before his hips moved forward and I felt the effects of it.

    My pu ssy was glad for the break and he **ed me from behind for a third time tonight and I felt the tickle of anticipation going down my spine knowing he was going to make me come and I would squeeze and tense and come hard with him buried in my ass, damn what's gotten into me?

    I swear I'm hornier every day and since we got married all I want to do is have sex with him; I burned with need for him like I never had before.

    He sucked on my neck and he was slow as he gripped my hips to pull me back onto him.

    "Spank me and ** me harder as you do it." my voice was soft and he looked into my eyes in the mirror again, not changing his pace, just watching me and I watched the reflection of his hand coming down and then I felt the sting, I closed my eyes and moaned as he hit me again and again and when I opened them he was staring at me, watching me, relishing in my reaction as he got rough with me and impaled me on his rod and **ed me hard again.

    This would be the last time we got rough tonight and I wanted it to be good, I wanted it to hurt and I wanted to feel it for days, to get wet every time I sat down and felt the throbbing. I wanted to feel him always, for him to do it again as soon as it went away.

    He pounded into my ass faster and I pushed back so he would connect with me almost violently and he never took his eyes off my reflection as he called me horribly arousing names and made me beg for him to keep going.

    "You want to come, tell me what I am." damn it, this again? I should never have given into this because he had the rest of our lives to torture me with it.

    "You're a god Chase, a **ing sex god and I love it. I love how good you ** me and how many times you can go, how many orga sma you can give me so dam easily."

    "Keep going." His voiced was strained as I pet his ego and I found when I started talking, I didn't mind saying all this because it was all true and if he wanted to hear it he deserved it, if he can get me to call him a god, if he can get me to pass out, if he can get me like this, needy and begging as he did something that a year and a half ago I would have been disgusted by and never would have tried, then I wasn't going to deny him.

    "You're so **ing good you made me black out Chase I blacked out, you teased me and set me up and **ed me so unbelievably good I passed out. Now make me come, bent over with your co ck in my ass and covered in your come like the dirty whore I am." I always got this weird feeling when i referred to myself that way.

    He liked the things I was saying, I could tell but the look on his face and as he **ed me he clamped what I could now see to be a pair of metal nipple clamps on me and he then pinched my cl it and I came as he shoved himself violently into my ass.

    "Watch yourself come." He said harshly in my ear and I opened my eyes and he watched me, watching myself.

    I perked my ass back and my mouth was opened as I screamed, the clamps looked foreign and taboo on my body as the pinched and pulled them harshly and his eyes rolled back and he grunted as he spilled his come once more into me and I panted as I felt him throbbing inside me to a different pulse than I was throbbing myself.

    "Shit." The longer we were together the dirtier things seemed to get.

    "Now I've **ed my dirty whore, let me get my sweet wife cleaned up." He kissed my neck, an instant change from the biting and he pulled out of me and brought me into the shower.

    He washed his now soft di ck before he pulled the clamps off of me, sucking on my breasts to bring some kind of blood flow back into them then he started on my arms before moving to my chest, stomach and legs washing between my thighs and my ass and back.

    He didn't let me do anything as he washed my hair and then he cleaned himself before handing me a towel to wrap in my hair and then he dried me off.

    We took forever in that shower, time meant nothing to us even though the clock read that it was almost five in the morning.

    "I love you Brylee." He pulled the towel from my hair and I dropped the other one and he picked me up and carried me to bed, laying me gently on the bed. I could look down and see the bruises and hickies and he kissed every one of them.

    "I'm fine and I love you too." I always was reminding him that he didn't hurt me in any way I didn't want him too, the bruises meant nothing to me, they were a mark of trust between us. I knew he would never actually harm me.

    "You are the most beautiful thing in this world." He gazed at me

    "Then see the beauty in the marks like I do, I wouldn't have them if I didn't love you, if I didn't have the highest amount of trust for you. Now make love to me and tell me how much you love me." He didn't disappoint. He was incredibly gentle as he moved between my legs, as he gently made love to me.

    He told me how much he loved me, how beautiful I was, how he couldn't wait to start a family with me. it was a lot of talking but I loved how he whispered it all in my ear, how it turned me on in such a different but still amazing way.

    I just loved him and this night was exactly how I wanted to end my honeymoon, making love as the sun came up and then going to the balcony to watch it, his arms and a blanket wrapped around our naked bodies.

    "I think you've tired me out into next week." I told him and I felt his body shake against my back as he laughed

    "We'll see about that." He kissed my neck and we were already all packed up, enjoying the last few minutes of our honeymoon which was perfect in my eyes and heart.
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