Chapter Thirty-Six

    Chapter Thirty-Six

    Pretty much as soon as I stepped off that plane home it was all Rochelle all the time. My honeymoon was long gone and now we were six weeks out from hers and she was freaking out about everything and I was glad I got married first because I knew a little better now how to handle things.

    She was having a melt down because of her dress, our dresses, hair makeup, pretty much anything and everything and most of these things were things I personally knew were handled, but she was in meltdown mode.

    It took me three weeks to get her calmed down enough to pretty much function, poor thing was losing it and in this situation Scott being a therapist was just making it worse, he kept trying to understand and tell her how to calm down but it was in a way like he knew best, which he did, and it just annoyed her and made her even more hysterical.

    Once I got her to realize that the flowers were fine, the brides made dresses fit, the music was taken care of, she did indeed pay the venue, the boys tuxes were fine, the minister would be there, flights were books for out of town guests, the food was fine, cake would be there, that the makeup and hair girls would be there and she would have a photographer, I could finally get her to focus.

    She calmed down a lot and finally got to tormenting me for as many details of our honeymoon as she could, most of which I was too embarrassed to spill, it was on thing that she knew of some things we were into it was another to tell her in detail about how he would tie me up or the things he would do to me.

    I just couldn't go there, not even with her.

    Next it was time to take her for the worst of all her anxieties, her dress fitting. The wedding was three weeks out and everyone would start flying in next week including hurricane Kasey, which just stressed her out more.

    Her mother insisted that Kasey be in the wedding because they're family, Rochelle's mother and aunt are close; Kasey and Rochelle, not so much so now her older and biter cousin would be coming in four days and no one was prepared for that, I was hoping she would show up the morning of the wedding and be gone that night and that we wouldn't have to deal with her.

    She's always been bitter and jealous of Rochelle because she pretty much lived with us so she did have a privileged life because of it, we all did and Kasey couldn't stand that. She always did everything she could to make Rochelle miserable since we were kids and this would be no different and I had no problem kicking that bitches ass if I needed to, no one was messing up my best friend's wedding on my watch.

    I went with her, jus the two of us and she tried on the dress, when she pushed aside the curtain she was in tears

    "What's wrong?" I asked I looked over her and I didn't see anything wrong, she looked beautiful and the dress was even a tad bit big on her.

    "I look horrible." She broke down and I felt like my heart was being twisted looking at her like this.

    "You are so beautiful Rochelle." I pushed her hair aside and stood behind her

    "I'm fat." She put her hands on her stomach

    "You're not fat." She lost the baby weight well, sure she isn't as skinny as she was but it hasn't even been six months.

    "Your body's just different." I said as she pulled at the top. Her breasts were large, no shame in that. She put her hands on her hips, which had widened. Her body changed and I didn't like seeing the most confident person I know uncomfortable in her own skin.

    "Kasey's going to make fun of me and tell me-"

    "I don't give a ** what Kasey says I will kick her ass all the way back to **ing California if she opens her damn mouth, complete with a black eye." She hated me more than she hated her own cousin and I didn't care.

    She laughed through her tears and touched the dress

    "I can't believe I get my dream dress." She whispered and that wasn't all she was getting, there was a reason I handled certain things, I paid to break the security deposit at a place she settled for and paid for the venue she always dreamed of, I ordered her flowers and cake, I pulled from the samples she was dreaming of and made sure she would have them.

    "If you need anything, you will always be taken care of." she went out of her way to make my wedding day the most special it could be, to make the slide show, the speech every little touch she could think of to have my parents there with me and there is absolutely nothing I wouldn't do to make hers perfect, she was always the sister I never had.

    "You're the best." she leaned into my side and looked into the mirror.

    "You really are beautiful and you're marrying a great man who loves you for who you are. He doesn't care if you wear a hundred dollar dress or a million dollar one as long as you're walking down that isle to him." Scott wasn't vain or materialistic, he was laid back and down to earth compared to Rochelle being high strung.

    He loved her and her being as gorgeous as she is was just a bonus to him.

    "This is why you're my maid of honor, I don't know what I would do without you." she sighed and I wiped the tears and smeared makeup from her face.

    "I love you Ro, always will and you're going to make a beautiful bride." She seemed to relax a lot after that. We went to lunch and then stayed at a hotel in the city, I took her to get a massage done and I think that helped a lot, I did everything I could to keep the stress off of her but once Wednesday came and Kasey got here, there was nothing I could do.

    Kasey got off the plane and didn't say a word to us as she walked past us to baggage claim and then followed us to the car, the first stop was the final fitting on the three of our dresses and Monica met us there. She hasn't seen too much of Kasey but she's seen enough to know she's a grade A bitch.

    We had gotten in our dresses and stepped out, Monica and Kasey's dresses were peach and mine was blue since I was the maid of honor.

    "This dresses are an awful color, who's idea was it for two different colors? If this were my wedding we would all be in blue." She said and Rochelle took a deep breath

    "Well this isn't your wedding Kasey so shut it." I glared at her and she glared back.

    "Well I would be hostile too if I looked like that in this dress, maybe you can drop a couple pounds by the wedding. Feel lucky, at least there's hope for you, nothing's going to make her look good in this dress." She said referring to Monica and Monica looked ready to tear her hair out.

    "Jealousy isn't attractive; maybe we should have put you in green." Monica was fuming. Monica was never a small girl, she had thicker legs, a large chest and a stomach to her, always and grossly it was one reason my brother loved her; he loved athletic and solid girls.

    There was nothing wrong with skinny girls, it just wasn't his preference. Something about having something to grip onto and that made me want to gag.

    Beauty came in all shapes and sizes, like Trista, she was tiny. She worked out and she modeled and that was just fine, I loved her because of who she was.

    I had some fat to me; I would never have that thigh gap that people seem obsessed about. I wasn't over weight but I was at the top of my weight range and I was comfortable like that.

    But for Kasey to attack a new mother like that, that's uncalled for. Monica may be a confident woman but she's a bit heavier than she was a year ago because of baby weight, she didn't have time to work out with Riley's issue and weddings and three kids and that was just fine. It made me want to bash that bitches head against the wall.

    "Kasey keep your damn mouth shut." Rochelle said angrily "Go change, all of you. Monica and Brylee you look gorgeous." She said but ignored Kasey; we changed and then headed to do food, which of course she had something to say about.

    We were eating and she went on again about oh if this were my wedding and criticized every single one of her choices and I was trying so hard for Rochelle to keep quiet but I just spent weeks calming her down and Kasey was making everything worse.

    Kasey got pleasure in making others miserable.

    "You know what, time to go." I took Rochelle and Monica to the car and Kasey followed behind.

    "Where to next?" she asked

    "Well for us, we're going out shopping and your ass is walking home, it's a half mile that way." I pointed and I pushed Rochelle in the car, ignoring her. She's been nasty all day, making comments and has had Rochelle in tears already and she hasn't even been here four hours.

    Was it bitchy to make her walk? Fuck yes it was.

    Did I care? Not a single bit.

    We went lingerie shopping for Rochelle to cheer her up and point out how damn gorgeous and sexy she really was, she needed the confidence boost and she deserved it.

    We were now seven days out from the wedding and I was ready to kill her, full out hire a hit man and have her taken out. She went against every single little thing Rochelle said! She refused to have her hair like Rochelle wanted, refused to have her makeup done by this lady, made comments about the food, talked about how awful her dress was and told her is she made her wear peach she wouldn't be in the wedding, she bitched about not seeing her flowers and to top it off she tried hitting on my husband.

    Chase was disgusted by her, always has been and so when Chase came to me and told me that that whore tried seducing him and shoved her tongue down her throat, I was out for blood.

    It has been a week and a half of her making everyone miserable.

    "Rochelle could do so much better than that guy; I mean he's not even hot." We were at dinner, waiting for the rest of the family and I dug my nails into Chases hand "Never mind, I guess the matching makes sense, good thing they both have low standards." I dug my nails in harder and he winced.

    "Calm down baby, don't let her get to you." Chase wrapped his arms around me and Monica was still hurt by her comments, she was ruining everyone self-esteem with her comments and I was tired of my best friends hurting.

    "I'm going to **ing hit her." I mumbled and she just kept talking, I knew she was trying to get under my skin, I knew it and she would regret it because if I stood up, I was walking right to her and it wouldn't be pretty.

    "I just feel sorry for that poor baby, I hope something happens to him or the poor thing's going to get teased."

    "That's it." I stood up abruptly "Keep running your mouth and you will have a black **ing eye in those pictures." I would hit her. I was so angry and fed up by this point and I was ready to wrap my hands around her throat and bash her head into the ground.

    She rolled her eyes, like I was bothersome to her.

    "Whatever." She had no limits; she thought the whole **ing world belonged to her.

    "One more thing, say one more thing and I swear you will regret it." but she ignored me

    "You though, I'm surprised that you got him, I didn't really think you had too much to offer, the sex must be good." Oh hell no.

    "Oh it is." I walked around the table and yanked her up by her hair suddenly making her scream.

    "Let go you crazy bitch." She tried pushing me off her which just made me pull her hair, I was so far past furious I didn't give a damn about what I was about to do.

    "You haven't seen crazy yet." I shoved her back, made a fist and punched her in her overly caked on face and she went down hard.

    "What the hell." Rochelle was here

    "If you ever out your skanky hands on my husband again I will beat your ass and one more negative comment from you about Rochelle or her wedding and a black eye will be the least of your concern. I don't want to hear one more fat comment, one more thing about how horrible her wedding choices are, how her child is hideous or how either of them could do better you vain bitch."

    "Enough." Scott yelled, Scott never yelled. I turned to see Rochelle's parents, her aunt, and his family and I wasn't sorry about this.

    "Did you see what she did to me?" Kasey cried

    "I want you to pack your ** and go home; you're not welcome in or at my wedding." Scott wrapped his arms around Rochelle protectively.

    "And what are you going to do, be one girl down?" she laughed

    "Hillarie's already had the dress fitted for her." Rochelle told Kasey and she looked pissed.

    "I paid for it." she protested, like that was going to stop Rochelle, I would personally throw her ass on a plane, ** I would pay for one if it meant getting her away from Rochelle and Monica.

    "I'll send you a check." I told her anything to get her out of here, I admit hitting her wasn't my finest moment but I was fed up and if any bitch puts their hands on my husband I'm going to do the same damn thing.

    There was an argument between Rochelle's mom and her aunt but this wasn't her mother's call, this was Rochelle's day and Hillarie stood beside Rochelle, I think they may have met once but I know Scott was close with his cousin.

    Kasey and her mother left furious and Rochelle really didn't care, she hasn't seen her mother in forever let alone her **ing aunt.

    "Rochelle what have you done?" her mother asked

    "Finally stood up for herself, Kasey is awful."

    "I don't want to hear a word out of you." Her mother was pissed at me

    "Enough mother. You don't get to talk to her nor I like that. I spent almost every day with her and she is family, where were you! Where were you when my son was born? You weren't here and after I get married you'll leave again so just stop!" she yelled and even I was surprised about the outburst.

    "I think we should all take a step back." Rochelle's father suggested and they left, but Scott's family stayed.

    "Well it's a good thing we're not easily offended or scared off." Scotts mom said "Now who's hungry?" the air was so tense that we all laughed, there really wasn't much else to do. Scott was the black sheep, his family was very close and very laid back where Scott was more uptight and serious, so for them to see this just made them shrugged and keep going.

    They didn't love Rochelle any less because of this and they didn't see her in a bad light or even me, they just accepted what happened and moved on so I did as well and went and took my place by Chase and he got ice for my hand which **ing hurt by the way.

    Punching someone isn't painless for the one doing the punching.

    "So hot." He whispered in my ear and I squirmed a little as he put his hand on my upper thigh.

    "Stop it." I was worked up and all that energy was turning sexual making me very horny for him right now, damn it.

    "Why?" he teased and I shoved his hand away

    "If you don't cool it you're not getting any tonight." I snapped at him and he removed his hand like I burned him

    "I'm sorry baby; I didn't mean to piss you off." I sighed

    "I'm just stressed out, she really just." I didn't need to say anything because like always he understood. I didn't want to take it out on him so I held his hand and told myself I would spend the night making it up to him.

    It may seem like a little thing but I didn't want even the smallest thing between us so when we got home I switched things up on him, he was always about my pleasure and for the night it was all about him.
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