Chapter Thirty-Seven

    Chapter Thirty-Seven

    Chase's Pov

    She didn't have to do what she was about to, what she was trying to make up to me was nothing really, so what if she didn't want me pawing at her every second of every damn day, though if it were up to me she wouldn't be allowed to wear clothes again, she was gorgeous and even sexier naked.

    My wife was **ing hot and I'm not sure how I got so lucky but I'm glad I did, I'm also glad Riley didn't murder me.

    "So do you have anything in particular planned for the day?" I asked as I pulled her onto my lap so she was straddling me and I felt the instant arousal I felt every time I pretty much looked at her or touched her.

    Her dress bunched up and I gripped her hips causing her body to rub against me and I held in a groan, she affected me too easily.

    "Lots." She leaned in closer and I gripped a fist full of her hair and forcefully brought her mouth to mine. Brylee had always been a strong and independent kind of woman; she's not one to be told what to do so I get a great deal of pleasure in making a woman like her a begging and needy mess.

    I enjoy punishing her when she doesn't listen; I love making her beg, her cries of pleasure and the squeals of pain when she gets wetter as I spank her or pound my dick into her roughly and I love how **ing responsive she is to me.

    "Like?" I asked her and she smirked and she moved off of my and grabbed my hand and pulled me up and that's where things got interesting, I was use to tying her up, or easing a plug into her sweet ass and **ing her pu ssy as she begged for it I wasn't used to this.

    She pushed me against the wall and attacked my mouth with hers, yanking at my shirt to get it unbuttoned and off before pushing me back into the bedroom and down onto the bed for the moment.

    "Stay." She told me and I watched her ass as she bent over and rummaged through things until she came back with handcuffs.

    "Brylee." I never was sure about this

    "I'm your wife, don't you trust me?" she asked, she could appear deceivingly sweet though I've been between those thighs and I knew she definitely tasted sweet. She straddled me again and this time she gripped a fist of my hair and shoved her tongue in my mouth and this was a side of her I've seen maybe twice but it was kind of hot.

    I could maybe get into this depending on how the night went.

    "Up." She moved off me and I stood up. We had posts at the end of our bed and she put the cuffs around my wrists and then to those very posts, I could sit down or stand but I had to pretty much stay right here.

    "What next angel?" I asked and she sat me down and winked before turning the radio or cd or something on and turned to face me. I watched her as she moved towards me and she slowly moved her body to the music as she stood between my legs.

    She turned her back to me and sat on my lap, rolling her hips and ** I was hard, I watched with hungry eyes as she turned towards me, straddling me again and grinding against me, I'm not a choirboy, I've been to strip clubs, I've had lap dances and to me this was by far the hottest.

    She slowly took her dress off and I wanted to lean forward and take a bite He lace bra barely covered her **ing gorgeous breasts, her garter and thong matched with thigh highs and her heels were still on and I wanted to bend her over and ** that ass that she now had back on my lap.

    "You're killing me" she smiled as she turned to face me and her breasts were in my face as she danced and this time I did bite her and she squealed in pleasure, I know some people may find it weird but I loved biting her, feeling her flesh between my teeth and the little love bites I left on her skin.

    I always felt guilty for being so aroused by the marks I left on her body until she set me straight on it, it did mean she trusted me. She absolutely loved it when I bit her hard, when I spanked her with my hand or something else, when I sucked on her skin or rubbed her flesh raw with rope, I could probably get off on the thoughts of what every little mark meant on her.

    She was **ing mine and I was territorial and possessive.

    "Fuck me angel, please I need to be inside you." I wanted her dripping pu ssy to take my di ck and I wanted her to ride me good like I know she always did.

    "How about tonight you show some respect, I don't think you're in any position to be demanding things." She danced until the song was over and then stood me up before dropping to her knees, my boxers were the only thing left on me and she yanked those down too and I watched her as she teased my co ck

    "Shit." Her breath fanned against me and I tried to push forward but she placed a soft kiss on the head and nothing else.

    "And that's not the right response." She smiled up at me and I couldn't believe she was really going to turn this around on my like that.

    "Yes ma'am." I grinned at her and she took me into her mouth.

    "You look sexy on your knees baby girl, it's a good place and look for you, especially when your mouth is full of my co ck and you're covered in my come." Her eyes clouded with lust as she sucked my dic k and ** it felt so good, she's given the best head I've ever had, she was so damn perfect in every way.

    I wanted to grab that hair and shove her mouth down but I was left pulling helplessly at the cuffs she had on me. I felt her smirk around me before she hallowed her cheeks and swallowed me deep, I felt the motion of it on my head and I was ready to come down her throat.

    "I want you to come for me." she pulled me out long enough to say and she sucked me again, her small hands cupped my balls and I was ready to do as she pleased right now.

    "Yes ma'am, I'll come for you" my voice strained and I felt the warmth of it spreading in my body and I watched her as pulled her bra off and tossed it aside and her breasts spilled out and her top was naked, her breasts swung as she bobbed her head and. "Oh yeah baby, I'm right there." I grunted as I came and she pulled me from her mouth and I watched in lusted amazement as she opened her mouth and some of my come landed on her tongue but most of it missed and was on her face and down her chest.

    "You like coming all over me?" she asked and I nodded

    "You're my little whore and I love seeing you covered in my come." It may be stupid, people may say it's wrong or weird but I loved it when my semen was sticking to her skin and when she played with her pussy after I came on it; that was so **ing sexy.

    She stood and bent nice and slow to take the rest of her clothes off.

    "What do you want me to do baby? Anything you want just this once tonight."

    "I want to watch you touch yourself." She nodded and unlocked them.

    "Sit against the headboard." I did as she asked and she handcuffed me again and she relaxed on the bed and I got an amazing view as she spread her legs for me.

    I remember there was a time she wouldn't do this, she would have been embarrassed as ** but now, this woman who had me handcuffed to a bed, this was a new her, one that was just waiting for a man to let her break free.

    There was nothing she could do to make me turn away from her sexually, I would try anything for her if it was something she was into and I would never make my baby feel bad about wanting to like those pricks did.

    They didn't know what they had and it was their loss and my gain, she was so incredibly adventurous and boys shouldn't try to handle a woman, leave that to the men.

    "Oh baby shove those fingers deep inside you like I want my co ck to be, please ma'am, let me watch as you finger ** yourself" She hummed and moaned in pleasure as she let me instruct how she played with herself, allowing me some kind of control of the situation as my erection grew again.

    She straddled me backwards and I watched her ass longingly

    "You're so wet." She always was for me. She gripped me tightly and took the tip and she moved up and down, sliding it in and completely out of her and each time I re-entered her it was like heaven

    "How do you like that?" she asked

    "I want you to take all of me, take me all and ** me."

    "I'm going to use your c ock however I want, like a personal **ing toy and use it to get myself off." the idea of her doing that made me throb for her. I watched her take it a little more and then she slammed down all the way and let out a low scream as she rocked her hips and I watched her ass bounce back and I licked my lips. When she let me go I wanted to ** her ass and clean her up before licking every inch of her skin.

    "Oh yes." I tried to thrust my hips up and she dug her nails into my thighs making me his in pain.

    "None of that, you're going to sit there while I ** your co ck and then maybe I'll get you off." those words sent a sensation right to my groin, I wanted her to use me, to use my di ck to get herself off to be her personal **ing toy right now, I didn't realize this could be suck a turn on.

    "So demanding and it's so hot. Yes, Ma'am" And I was in the mood to like it, I've never once got bored of dominating her sexually but I could go for this every now and then.

    "You like it." she rode my d ick and I pulled once again at them, I wanted to spank her ass as she did and feel her clutch around me, I wanted to do so many things to her right now.

    "Oh I do." I laid there as she rode me until I felt her walls clutch down on me and she came all over my d ick that was hard as a steel pole right now and I wanted to tie her legs apart and shove my co ck in her as roughly as I could, I was getting more aggressive the longer I was tied up and unable to do anything about it.

    She pulled off me and I made a sound of protest

    "Make me come again, please. Ma'am" I added after, if she wanted to play I would play.

    She held my stare before letting me move again and this time she was the one who grabbed some rope.

    "Kneel at the end of the bed, face away from the headboard." She swatted my hand when I reached to clutch myself and I did as she demanded and she wrapped the rope around the end of the bed and my arms and then my ankles and I was glad we were doing this, it gave me a taste of what I did to her, the vulnerability and sexual frustration you feel and what I do to her is ten times worse than this.

    I was forced on my knees as she bobbed her head down on me again and I tried to thrust forward again in vain trying to get her to take me all, she toyed with me as she played with the head, as she ran her tongue up and down my shaft and as her small hands worked me so **ing incredibly good.

    "Please." I begged her desperately and rejoiced when she swallowed me, taking me so quick I almost lost it and then she let go but he didn't drop, my dick was hard and standing tall pointing straight at her.

    "Pease what?" There was a spark in her eyes, she was enjoying this.

    "Please Ma'am." I thought it would be weird to call her that but it was turning me on in a way I never felt turned on before.

    "Good." She sucked me again and when I got close she pulled out and aimed my dick at her tits and I came in spirts all over them.

    "Fucking hell." I groaned watching her.

    "Maybe you should be as dirty as I am." she bit her lip, my wrists were let go and secured to the headboard again and she crawled up the bed between my thighs and as she moved higher I got more excited.

    "What am I going to do next?" she asked seductively and I was more than ready to grab her ass and pull her pussy to my face.

    "God I hope you give me that pussy and ride my face." She groaned at the dirty words that left my lips, I liked dirty, sex wasn't **ing clean unless you're boring as **, I'd rather have her come all over my face as I tasted her, come all over her and spend the time to clean us up later with hot soapy water in the shower, touching her all over. I'd take that over missionary for the rest of my life and rush to the shower to clean up.

    I didn't give a **, she was my damn wife.

    "How about you ask nicely." She knew I got aroused by this.

    "Please ride my face ma'am, I want to taste you and I want to feel your hips jerk as I make you come hard, come here and let me please you." another thing that she would have been too shy to do before, our honeymoon really brought a lot of ** back out between us.

    She moved up and her thighs were on either side of my head and she lowered herself and I instantly went for her slick entrance, shoving my tongue inside her and thrusting it inside her, **ing her with my tongue and she cried out loudly, not expecting it yet.

    Her hips jerked and I licked and sucked at her before biting her clit making her scream as I licked the pain away. I could feel how wet she was and I drank it in, god she was so sweet. I looked up and I could see her as she bent over, the stickiness all over her body and her breasts swung back and forth as she **ed my face and I wish I had my hands so I could grip that fine ass and hold her to me tighter.

    She squirmed around on my face and I buried deeper into her cu nt and she was screaming 'yes' over and over again.

    "Mmm." I mumbled against her.

    "Fuck you're going to make me come." She moaned and she gripped my hair and rubbed herself against me harder and her thighs squeezed tight making it almost impossible to breathe and her hips jerked suddenly. I could taste her release gushing from her and I licked her all up as her hands traveled through my come on her body and she gripped her breasts and pinched her nipples.

    "Chase, Chase, Chase, Chase." She chanted my name in ecstasy until she jerked away from me with sensitivity.

    "Let me go please, I need to ** you now." I needed to ram my co ck into her and make her scream.

    "Not yet." I found myself tied back to the bed on my knees and she covered my eyes this time and I could feel her presence, I could feel her moving but I couldn't see her. I heard her groan and I wanted to see what she was doing to herself. I was kneeling, waiting and suddenly I felt her grip me, her hands were slick and covered in lube that heated on my flesh.

    "Yes, please let this be what I think it is, please." I was really hoping she would and when she pushed back and my cock slipped between the globes of her ass I nearly **ing rejoiced.

    "I'm going to use you to ** my ass, I want to **ing impale myself on your dick and if you're good, I'll let you come." She yanked the blindfold off and I licked my lips again as I watched my di ck slip in and out of her ass. She was on her hand and knees pushing back on me and I saw the base of the head appear before my whole dick disappeared inside her again.

    She pulled out slowly and shoved herself back on me and this time I didn't stop trying to break these **ing handcuffs, I would break the god damn bed if that's what it took, I wanted to thrust forward and grip her ass as I pounded into it, I wanted her to fall forward and shove her head into the blankets as I used the bed as leverage to ** her harder, I wanted and needed so badly to touch her.

    I watched and listened to her as she used me.

    "Come in my ass Chase, come." She told me and I never understood the power she told me I could hold over her pleasure when I did this to her until now, like I had just been waiting for the command.

    "Yes ma'am." I let it go and filled her again while she choked my co ck as she came too and she clung tighter to me, so **ing tight and so **ing good.

    I was spent and so was she as she panted on her hands and knees.

    "Can't pull out yet." She said as she gaped for air and she waited while I went soft before pulling out and untying me from the bed so we could go and shower off this night and I was eager to touch her body.

    "So sexy." I told her as I caught her reflection in the mirror and she did something that she didn't do often since she was usually kind of self-conscious, she smiled.

    "Not touching. No more for you tonight." She pointed sternly at me as we stepped into the shower

    "Oh come on angel, I've been dying to spread those legs apart and pound into your delectable pussy." I whispered huskily in her ear and she pushed me away

    "Nope, now you get a taste of what it's like to be told no." I admit, it was like a child being told no dessert, I may have even pouted a little tiny bit but she wouldn't give as we washed off and I ran shampoo through her hair, I loved washing her hair for some reason.

    She leaned back and a small smile graced her lips as I massaged her scalp and after I rinsed it all out, the look she gave me was priceless to me, it wasn't anything over the top, just happy and I loved when my baby was happy.

    "I'm tired." She whispered and I kissed her lightly before shutting off the water. I wrapped a towel around my waist and towel dried her hair briefly before wrapping a towel behind her and pulling her forward. Her lips met mine gently and her hands were pinned between our bodies.

    I gripped the towel with one hand so I could touch her, her cheek was soft, cool and wet against my palm and her eyes, I could never get enough of them or get tired of looking at them.

    "You're so beautiful." I still couldn't believe she was my wife, the silver band on my finger caught my eye and it made me happy, I didn't see marriage as an ending or the whole losing your freedom bull**, if you do you shouldn't get married.

    She was the woman I loved and I would love her more every day. I get to wake up with her and hold her at night; she's going to be the mother of my children, the person I spend the rest of my life with.

    I went so soft for her, emotionally at least, and I didn't mind.

    "I love you." her lips grazed mine and I pulled her to bed refusing to let her put on any clothes. she laid on her side and I wrapped my body around hers from behind, her head resting on one of my arms and I embraced her.

    "Goodnight." She said softly and we fell asleep, for now at least.

    I woke back up and looked at the clock to see twelve-twelve and I didn't want to help myself. I eased my hands down her body and ran my hand between her thighs and she moaned in her sleep as I got her wet for me.

    Next I turned her onto her back and she made some sounds of protest as I gripped my erection and guided it to her folds and in a swift movement rammed my cock violently inside her and I woke her up with a scream.

    "What the **." And then she moaned loudly, her eyes wide open

    "I told you I was going to ** you rough." I grunted and I watched as her eyes rolled back, she wasn't made about it, she was horny.

    "I said no more." She dug her nails into my flesh and I gave her a wicked grin

    "You said no more tonight, it's past midnight angel, all bets are off." she laughed lightly as she relaxed back onto the bed, her back arching and a satisfied smile was set on her lips as she left me work her body and this time when I came, it was deep inside her as she came for me.

    I pulled her to my chest after that and held her again.

    "I'll make sure to return the favor." She yawned and true to her word, I woke up the next morning handcuffed to the bed with my co ck in her mouth before she straddled me and rode me to **ing heaven, it was always like that when I was inside her though and after she let me go, kissed me good morning and made coffee and breakfast naked.

    Seriously, who could ask for a better wife? She was **ing perfection.
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