Chapter Thirty-Nine

    Chapter Thirty-Nine

    It was time for the wedding and I was ecstatic to stand by my best friend on her day. We were all waiting for everyone to get seated and oddly having a time out before the wedding started in about twenty minutes when Chase came over.

    "I need to borrow my wife for a minute." He smiled and Rochelle shooed me away.

    "As long as you both are back to walk to the alter then I don't care." I took his hand and followed him confused, did he find out about the baby? What was so important that he had to pull me away now? He pulled me into a small side room and locked the door behind us.

    "What are you doing?" I asked and he grinned

    "Things." he said vaguely and I frowned

    "Now is not a time for a **ing booty call Chase." I snapped at him and he looked taken back for a moment.

    "I didn't take you for a girl to break a promise to her new husband."

    "What in the world are you talking about?" I asked and he pulled a little bag out of his pocket and held the balls up from his finger through the loop and my lips seemed to go dry in that moment and I felt a prickle of anticipation

    "Oh." I had forgotten about that, it was a couple months ago

    "If you back out I get to punish you for it tonight." He whispered in my ear

    "I'm not backing out, I just forgot." I whispered and he backed me up and I let him guide me down to the couch.

    "I'm going to enjoy this." He pulled my panties down and his mouth covered my core and he didn't ease, but plunged his tongue into me and I wiggled around and my hips jerked up and down on their own accord.

    Once I was wet he stopped and I groaned in protest

    "Not until tonight." He inserted one and then two of the balls and I clutched around them then he pulled away from me and held a hand out for me.

    "You suck." I complained and he gave me that wicked look again

    "No baby that's going to be you tonight, my cock in your mouth as you suck on it like a desperate whore," There was something so much hotter about him whispering it in my ear. "Now let's get back." we headed back and Chase stopped at the bathroom to brush his teeth and I went one way and joined the girls while he went the other.

    As I was heading away from him he turned the damn thing on and I forgot how powerful it was. I stopped for a minute and pressed my thighs together and when I looked back he was watching me, then they were off and I took a deep breath before heading back to join them. We weren't there more than five minutes before it was time to line up

    As promised Chase didn't mess with me through the ceremony but as soon as we were walking back down he clicked it again and I dug my nails into my hand as my other one was connected with Scott's brother who was the Best Man.

    He kept them on as we broke apart and he came up behind me and pulled my ass against his groin, wrapping his arm around me and placing his hand on my stomach, if only he knew what was under his palm.

    "Such a good girl." The vibrations in my pussy were driving me insane and then they stopped.

    "Shit." I wanted so badly to drag him off to a room and have my way with him.

    "You're in for a long **ing night Brylee and I can't wait to ** that pussy raw tonight, I love it when you're so **ing desperate and horny, I love the things you do and the things I can make you do." he turned them on again

    "I love when you let me tie you up and spank your ass red, when I force you to your knees so you can suck me cock and I can come all over any **ing part of you I want.

    I love seeing my come all over you and I love watching you use it to play with your little cu nt, when you scream I'm a god and come on my cock." I was so close to exploding as he continued to talk into my ear and I felt the bulge in his pants.

    He suddenly shut the thing off and I was panting

    "Room, take me to a room or a closet or a bathroom, I don't care, just take me somewhere and ** me." I tried to turn but he wouldn't let me and I walked in front of him as we walked down a side hall and he did take me to a closet.

    It was dark and I couldn't see anything and when his hand found it's way under my dress I gripped to the shelves behind me, his fingers gently teased and rubbed my clit while he turned on a pulsing sensation and I thrust my hips against his hand.

    "You want me to ** you huh?" he asked me

    "Yes, please." I moaned as he increased the pressure, the sweet sensation was building deep inside me and I was chanting his name. I wanted so badly to do explicit and dirty things to him like a **ing bitch in heat, I wanted to rub my pussy against his face as he ate me and I didn't care there was a whole wedding outside this door.

    I wanted to come; I wanted my husband to ** me.

    "Bad girl." He pulled away

    "What the ** are you doing?" I asked annoyed

    "You will come when I want. You will be **ed when I choose. Do you understand me?" he seemed to be aware of where I was, he grabbed my chin and I nodded

    "Yes sir." He didn't have to say it, this was one of those moments and it wasn't at home or me hiding out at the office, this was public, a **ing wedding and I wanted wherever this would go.

    "Good. Go clean yourself up." I peeked out and headed to a restroom to do just that and he turned those **ing things on again and It took everything in me to fight the urge to touch myself, he would know and he would be pissed.

    They turned off and I cleaned up again before meeting him in the hall.

    He stared at me a long moment and seemed to be pleased by what he saw

    "Good, you'll be rewarded for that, tonight." Tonight wasn't coming fast enough for me. He had calmed himself down and we went to take pictures before going to the reception.

    I cried as I watched my best friend dance with her husband, god this would be so much easier if I got pregnant after her wedding but no, this baby would be like their dad and so what they wanted on their own time, pushy kid.

    I already loved the baby growing inside me and I couldn't wait to tell him.

    "It's okay." He pulled me close and he wasn't heartless, he waited for me to stabilize myself and find myself in a better mood dancing with Rochelle before he decided to hit that damn button again.

    He was making this night increasingly difficult but thankfully he kept his promise and left me alone for the speeches.

    "You're the sister that I always had Rochelle, we may have been born to different parents but you are my sister, my best friend. We're lucky, we get to share something most people don't get to since I can't think of a time when I didn't know you, you're in as many of my memories as my own twin and You know me better than anyone.

    You know all my secrets and I know yours. You held me hand through all the bad days and I never let go for all of yours and even as we grew up that didn't change, we traveled together and learned about life together from elementary school, junior high, high school and college.

    School pictures, birthdays homecoming and prom, we shared our secrets about who we hated and boys and I always hated Adam Yates,"

    She laughed, Adam was her first boyfriend in the seventh grade and he was awful.

    "You were there and never walked away when things were hard with mom and dad dying because they were parents to you too. You lost a set of parents that day and while it's tragic, it's amazing because that's how close we are. I love you just like I love my own twin and I'm glad that even as we grew up we never grew apart.

    I sat with you when you took your pregnancy test and I was there when you brought this beautiful little boy into the world and now here I am, you're maid of honor just like you were mine and I am so proud and honored to be.

    Scott, I'm here because I know that you know what you have in her, you see it as much as I do. You look past how beautiful she is on the outside and see that on the inside it's exponentially greater. You love her like she deserves and you get that same love back from her.

    You've given each other the best and the greatest adventure and I know this is only the beginning, we have a whole lifetime left and I know you'll be there, that you both will be. So I'm glad to welcome a new brother to the family today and to see you finally get the man of your dreams. I love you both."

    Even if the speech wasn't perfect she understood what I was saying because she always did.

    Scott's brother gave his and it was very touching, those two were close despite how massively different they were from one another and then it was Riley's turn.

    "Rochelle and Scott, I've spent so much time with you both and I couldn't think of a better man for my baby sister. You've been a great man for her and father to Michael and I was proud to stand by your side today. You've been an amazing friend to me when I needed one and I feel like we've gotten very close this past year and I can't thank you enough for all you've done.

    Rochelle, you've been a sister to me as long as I can remember and I remember Adam too, I also remember the black eye I gave him when he hurt you because no one was ever allowed to mess with my sisters and for the first time I don't have to worry about that. We may not have shared all our secrets or pillow fights or whatever you girls did but I was always there to protect you because I loved you and you and Brylee are killing me because now I don't have that job anymore.

    I don't have to worry about him hurting you because I know he would rather hurt himself than you, I can see that because he looks at you the same way I still look at my wife, he's crazy about you and he still will be in ten, twenty, fifty years.

    I'm happy I've had you in my life the past twenty years, I held your hand when your first boyfriend hurt you and it held your hand as you brought a child into the world and became a mother," Riley had to stop to wipe his eyes a moment. "As I said, we may not have had the relationship you and Brylee had but I love you both the same and I know I was a little over baring but it's only because I knew you deserve the best.

    Scott is a great guy, he'll stand by you and be patient when you're being annoying and not even care about cleaning the kitchen when you hit an apple with a hammer because you can't cut it right,"

    I laughed so hard at that because I forgot about it. we were probably fifteen when Rochelle went to the kitchen because she was hungry and we ran in there when we heard banging and she had attacked the apple with a hammer because she cut herself trying to cut it, she was always a little odd.

    "I love you both and welcome to the circus, I mean family Scott." He smiled, yeah life sometimes felt like a circus with Rochelle but I wouldn't have it any other way. Rochelle wiped her eyes and she stood up to hug him and then it was Chase's turn.

    "Well Riley stole pretty much everything I had planned so I'll just have to kind of wing it. The four of us always had a weird bond, I came into the family at the same time you did and we may as well have been born into it. I didn't have any other siblings and neither did you so going from an only child who spent a lot of time alone to the Acosta family, it was quite a drastic change," She nodded. Chases parents traveled a lot so he only ever really got one parent at a time.

    "But when you were in that house there wasn't any difference between the four of us, not to them. They loved us all and were more than happy to take us all in and love us. I spent a lot of days suffering with barbies and learning to braid hair with you and you spent a lot of nights playing hide and seek in the woods and wrestling with us.

    I felt as protective of you as Riley did all these years, there was nothing I wouldn't do for you because you're family, a little sister and I love you.

    I didn't know what the hell you were thinking at first when you dated Scott, I just kept thinking that it wouldn't last because well you're crazy but it didn't take long to see that a shirk was good with crazy and that he was exactly the man you needed.

    He's faithful and loving and seeing him with Michael is adorable, he doesn't look like he's going to pass out anymore when he holds him so that's a plus. Our family was always a little weird, it was never about blood or who was born to who, it was the four of us and then Monica made five and Scott makes six.

    I'm glad you found who you were meant to be with. Scott, thank you for being you I guess. You were awkward at first but you've slid into the craziness pretty well and I'm not going to even pretend that this is something it's not so welcome to the circus."

    Scott and Rochelle laughed, Chase was good at that, he let us doing the emotional and ended it on a funny note.

    I felt a lot like Riley felt when I got married, like she was leaving me in a way but I knew she wasn't. This was an ending but not a bad one and it was more than the ending to just a chapter, this was the final chapter of one book and the first of another.

    This was us finding that person we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with and starting families; this was us growing up.

    I was about to become a mother too, Rochelle and I would raise our little ones and the three of our kids would be just as close as the four of us were.

    This was a completely new adventure and I couldn't wait to tell Chase, to let him know that he's going to be a father. I got really emotional on the car ride home thinking about it because I knew he wanted it as badly as I did and I knew he would be the best father.

    "Are you alright honey?" he asked and I nodded

    "I'm fine."

    "Did I push you too hard, I'm sorry I know I shouldn't have, this is an emotional time for you." he gripped my hand and I squeezed his.

    "You didn't. I'm fine, really." I felt like throwing up each time I took a breath but you know, I was starting to bare that, I was so excited about being pregnant I was okay with the sickness, at least for now.

    "Okay." He let it go, for now but I knew he would pick it back up in about five minutes when we got home. We walked through the door and he grabbed my hand

    "Let me take care of you baby." He pulled me to him and I shook my head

    "I'm fine." I promised

    "You're not, what's wrong, you're not having any kind of second thoughts are you?" he asked and I groaned

    "No. I just, fine, I have this gift for you and I was going to wait but you can't just leave it alone, can you?" I asked, I wanted to wait, I know Rochelle was fine with announcing it at the reception but I really didn't want to try to over shadow her.

    "I'm sorry." He frowned and I sighed, I wanted it to be special, father's day was in three days and I wanted to plan something for that but he knew me too well and was too damn persistent.

    I went to the room and grabbed him a little box I made for him, I was going to take a picture for his reaction but I didn't have time, or did i.

    I looked at the safe that we kept, things in, and I grabbed the video camera we had and I quickly set it up

    "Chase." I called him in and I sat on the bed so he would face where I needed him too and handed it too him, I changed into shorts and a long sleeve shirt to get comfortable and he noticed but didn't say anything about it.

    "What's the occasion?" he asked

    "You weren't supposed to get it yet but you're going to bug me until I tell you so open it." he shook it once and I rolled me eyes while he unwrapped it and pulled the lid off the box.

    He was laughing at my reaction and as he looked at the box he looked confused. He pulled out a little pair of baby shoes and I watched his reaction. His eyes darted from me to the box and back again before looking at stomach.

    "Are you?" he asked and then he picked up the positive pregnancy test taped to the results from the doctor and I nodded

    "You're pregnant?" he asked and I nodded and his eyes filled with tears as he looked at me

    "You're going to be a daddy, we're having a baby." I told him and he listened to my words carefully like he couldn't believe that this was actually happening.

    "I love you so much." He kneeled in front of me and pressed his lips to my stomach.

    "How far, when do we get to meet him?" And I think he became obsessed with my stomach in that moment.

    "Or her, January." I told him and I he kissed my stomach again.

    "A baby?" he asked and I nodded

    "Yeah, we're having a baby." It was such a weird thing for me still and he stood up and kissed me suddenly as he lowered me back onto the bed. His mouth caressed my lips as his hands caressed my body.

    I pushed his jacket off and yanked at his shirt until I got it untucked, I needed to feel his skin against mine. I had his buttons undone in record time and then his torso was bare, god he was so attractive.

    He pushed my shirt up and over my head and he looked down at me stomach.

    "Baby." His hand slid over my still flat stomach, it didn't matter if I was showing or not, he was just mesmerized with the thought of it.

    "Yeah, kid couldn't wait a couple months because they'll be just like daddy." I told him and he smiled

    "I hope so, I want a son but if I could only have one I would hope for a little girl. She would look just like you and I would love her the way your dad loved you." Bringing up my dad was very emotional right now so he kissed my cheeks trying to kiss the tears away but that never actually worked, but it did make me feel better.

    "You're going to be a great father." I told him, his parents were just so loving and he grew up with mine too that were the same and I know the kind of man he is, our baby will never be shorted on love.

    He pulled my shorts and panties down and his hot breath created goosebumps on my skin he reached in his pocket and turned the ball on that were inside me to a low pulsing and this time when his mouth greeted the flesh between my thighs he was gentle and god it felt so good.

    "Chase." I moaned as he used his tongue to pleasure me slowly, carefully like suddenly I would break.

    "God I love you so much." He buried his face in my pussy and ate me like I was his last **ing meal. My hips bowed off the bed and I pushed his face deeper and I got what I wanted as I grinded myself shamelessly against his face until I was close to achieving what I had been chasing all night but he pulled away last minute.

    "Chase." I needed him. He unbuckled and then pulled his slacks down his legs before joining me again on the bed. He yanked the balls out and tossed them aside.

    "I love you." he said again and his cock was so hard as he slid the head in and I was surprisingly patient as I let him push torturously slow into me and he hit so deep I lost my breath a moment.

    "Yes." I whispered as I dug my nails into his back and he looked down at me as he gently rocked inside of me and pulled out before pushing himself fully but so painfully slowly back inside me.

    "You're my best friend, the love of my life, my wife and now you'll be the mother of my child. You are so precious to me Brylee and I'm- thank you for loving me and for being you." I closed my eyes and I felt a stray drop fall down my cheek but It wasn't mine.

    He teared up as he made love to me like he never has before.

    His chest was to mine, his hand gripping my upper thigh and it felt like we were trying to become one person, I felt every movement of his body as he thrust in and pulled back and It felt so good I almost forgot to breathe.

    I put his hand on my stomach and he struggled to keep the slow rhythm as he caressed my stomach where our little one was already growing.

    "Chase, please don't stop." I loved this moment and it briefly went through my head that there was a camera on right now but as he sucked on my nipples and I screamed in pleasure I forgot all about it. They were sensitive and he was careful as he flicked his tongue against them and it felt god enough to come with just that.

    "Come for me now beautiful." He looked at me, he was maybe a few inches from my face and he didn't flinch as I screamed and he watched me like I watched him as he grunted as he emptied himself into me again and we weren't worried about getting pregnant before but it was different now that I already was.

    We both panted as he looked at me and he touched my face and he had that look on his face, that one that meant he couldn't believe what was going on right now.

    "I want to see." He pulled out of me and kissed my stomach again and I smiled

    "Okay. We can go Monday. I didn't get an ultrasound, just the blood work. I wanted you there." they tried to get me to do one but it wouldn't be right, seeing my baby for the first time without Chase, It was something we had to do together, this was going to be our first baby that we get to do all this with.

    "I don't want to wait, I want to see now and know what we're going to have and I want to meet him or her tomorrow." He said and I laughed

    "Well you have to wait a couple more months to know what and another seven or so to meet her or him but you can see Monday. How do you want to tell people, do you want to wait or just tell them?" I asked

    "I'm not sure, any ideas?" he asked and I just might have one.

    "Possibly." This was the fun part, getting to know and see and share the good news and not only get to share it but do it together, he was just as excited as I was and I knew our lives would never be the same but I was ready for that, we were ready for the next adventure.

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