Chapter Forty-One

    Chapter Forty-One

    I was so excited to share the news at dinner tonight, Rochelle was pretty much bursting with this secret and not being able to talk about it or tell anyone, she was itching to tell Scott but promised me she wouldn't even do that, because then it would just go person to person until everyone knew.

    His parents were overjoyed; this was their first grandchild, well first and second. They loved Chase and I but it wasn't the relationship like my parents had with Rochelle and Chase, his parents weren't always home to have that bond so while they saw and loved Lina, Mia and Miguel it wasn't that whole oh these are my grandchildren feeling.

    Chase talked a bit with his dad, they looked like they were having a serious conversation and then he just nodded before coming back to me. We stayed a few hours and tried to get the focus back on dad by having Thomas give him the father's day card he made.

    It was always sweet seeing them with Thomas, Linda missed having kids around and I was happy they decided to adopt and you can tell that Thomas adores them.

    We left at around four to go home and get ready to go to dinner

    "Now." I said as soon as we walked into the house I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the ground. He's going to have to accept that he's not going to always be in control for the next few months because I will jump him if I have to.

    There will be no more of his whole let me torture you to make you hornier for later bull**. He will give me what I want or I'll be the one to tie his ass down and take it.

    I went for his pants because I didn't care if his shirt was on or not as long as I got what was bulging under those slacks. He kicked his shoes off and I yanked his boxers down.

    "Bed-" he started to say and I shook my head

    "Here." I pushed him down on the couch and straddled his lap. I gripped his erection and he moaned lowly before I positioned him and started taking him inch by inch.

    I took in how good it felt to feel his soft and smooth cock filling me and rubbing against my inner walls, I wanted more though. He pulled my bra off and put a hand on my upper back to force me forward, his mouth latched onto my breasts and I jerked against him creating an intense feeling between my thighs.

    A feeling that I wanted to intensify, I couldn't get enough of him as I dug my nails into his shoulders and bounced on his stiff erection. He grunted as I rode him and his nails dug into my hips as he helped me ** him faster and harder.

    I could never get enough of him, I always wanted sex since we've been together but now, I know that was nothing, I pretty much never wanted to get dressed, just stay in bed and have sex and just do nothing else. I burned to feel him touch me and to have him inside me, I wanted to ride him and have him pin me to the bed and take me again, I wanted him to keep going more times than I knew was actually possible for him.

    "Come for me baby." He whispered in my ear and he bit my neck before turning his attention back to my breasts again and I slammed down, thrusting his cock all the way inside me and my hips jerked as I squeezed around him.

    I was still panting when he stood up and took me to the bed and laid me down on it, his dick was dripping with my release and stiff as he crawled between my thighs again and **ed me again, I didn't want gentle, I wanted fast and hard and I knew he wouldn't now that I was pregnant, but I wanted the pain and the out of control roughness.

    "God yes." I screamed as he turned me around and I scrambled onto my hands and knees, he hit that spot what felt like a million times.

    "God your ass is amazing." He gave it a little bit of a tap

    "Hit me harder." I begged, if he wasn't going to ** me rough, he could be a little less gentle in other ways. He didn't need to ask if that was really okay, his hand came down again, this time with a loud smack and a harsh sting and my walls clenched around him.

    "Do it again, please do it again." I didn't want to ask for each one, I wanted him to just not stop.

    "So sexy." He hit the same spot and I hissed a bit in pain.

    "Keep going." I pushed back on him taking his cock faster, harder.

    "If you want it, you have to beg for each one." He gripped my hair and I let him have this, he was giving up a lot of the control he was used to and I liked begging for him.

    "Hit me again, please baby hit me again and do it harder." His left hand was the culprit this time as his palm rained down twice on the other cheek and I screamed for more, I begged time and time again until the pain was too much and then I begged twice more.

    "Come on you little slut, come on my cock again." his breath was harsh in my ear.

    "Come in my pussy this time, come deep inside me, please baby, give it to me." I wanted to feel him inside me; I wanted him to claim me again. I loved when he took me as his, like a possession almost; it was so god damn hot. I loved the sounds of his grunts as his body worked with mine, feeling his sweaty body against mine, hearing his harsh breaths.

    "Shit." He cursed as I spoke, the words adding to his pleasure as much as mine I felt his semen spill into me and I let go, screaming as I tightened around him and he lost his breath as I did and I spiraled down, drowning in it and welcoming it with open arms until mine gave out and I rolled to my back.

    I felt the sting as my ass brushed against the sheets and I loved that too.

    "Shit." He said and I looked at him curiously


    "Time." I would have loved to lie in his arms and maybe go for it again but I looked over at the clock and we were supposed to be leaving in ten minutes and we both still needed a shower. Chase and I scrambled out of bed and rushed to get ready which of course made me sick and take even longer to get out and we ended up being a half hour late.

    "Well about time you decided to show up." Riley, of course was the first to say as we took our seats

    "Sorry, technical difficulties." Was what I blamed it on because I did have a meltdown about the way my clothes fit and was getting sick, it wasn't just the sex that put us behind.

    "I'm sure." He rolled his eyes and I kicked him under the table.

    "Shut up."

    "Bitch." He mumbled and god damn hormones, I knew he didn't mean it but it made me want to cry that he would call me that. This was going to be a long pregnancy.

    "Don't call her that." Chase immediately said and Riley just looked at me like I suddenly became a rabid dog or something.

    "That time of the month huh?" He asked and I kicked him harder this time making him wince, no god damn it I wouldn't be having that time of the month for a while, it was more like being on my period twenty-four, eight, which made no sense logically but I was that emotional. I was always tired, always not feeling well, always pissed off or crying.

    "I will murder you." I threatened and Rochelle busted with laughter watching us which annoyed me too, Chase just ran his hand down my arm trying to calm me cautiously.

    "Well guys, happy father's day!" Rochelle changed the subject and that thankfully put everyone in a better mood and my stupid brother left me alone.

    "And can't wait until the year you get to join us Chase." Scott said to Chase

    "Ugh, I can." Riley cringed, one minute he's telling me he can't wait until I get my own family then he seems to remember how babies are made, he was such a brother.

    "Knock it off and be a mature and responsible adult. They're having sex, so are you, so are we; it's life Riley, get over it." I don't know if she's ever been embarrassed to speak her mind, like right now, she's not phased because she's right.

    "Fine." He dismissed his idiotic behavior for now and we ate dinner, Chase and I haven't said anything yet and Rochelle looked like she would pass out sitting there trying to get through dinner, which is part of the reason we haven't said anything.

    It amused me watching her converse with people and having to try really hard to keep a secret like this. Don't get me wrong, she was an excellent secret keeper but this was a big one and she wanted everyone to know so she could obsess over it and probably start touching my stomach and talking to them.

    I think she was almost as excited about my pregnancy as she was about her own.

    "Are you alright?" Scott asked as she squirmed around again, like keeping this secret was physically painful and I smirked as she nodded

    "Yeah, happy as a clam." She waved her hand and he looked at her suspiciously, she was looking nervous now and Chase nudged me. Maybe it was time, she was my best friend and she was keeping me secret, it really was kind of wrong to torture her like this.

    "Rochelle what's up with you?" Riley asked and she looked helplessly at me

    "No-nothing." She stuttered a little bit which was a bad move because they knew that something was up now and everyone was looking at her and shew as about to crack.

    "Leave her alone, there's an announcement that should probably be made." I said and now everyone was looking at me and Rochelle's eyes lit up with excitement, she was so weird.

    "Are you going to get on with it?" Riley asked me

    "Actually, Rochelle has something to say." I said

    "Me? Really?" she asked like she could die happy right now, that's how I knew she was my true best friend, her excitement for me, for what Chase and I get to have now.

    "Yeah." I was content sitting back and watching

    "Oh god your pregnant aren't you." Riley said and her eyes widened

    "What, no!" well this wasn't the turn of events I was expecting.

    "Shit, are you pregnant?" Scott asked her and he looked more than a little terrified, they were just settling in with one, he wasn't ready for baby two, neither was Rochelle.

    "No! I'm not pregnant." She said sternly

    "Sure you're not." Riley said and she glared at him

    "Shut up. I'm not pregnant but someone is." Riley's first reaction was to look to Monica and she shook her head, Rochelle rolled her eyes "Brylee's pregnant!" she nearly screamed and everyone but Scott and I jumped at her tone of voice and the kids stopped what they were doing and stared at her, in fact, the whole restaurant was nearly staring at her.

    "What." Monica said and she looked over at me and she was smiling too

    "I'm pregnant. Ten weeks now." I told them and they stared a little longer before finally coming around to the news.

    "That's amazing, congratulations." Scott said warmly

    "It was so hard keeping that secret." Rochelle looked like she was physically lighter now.

    "We got an ultrasound today." I have a couple copies printed and passed them out, the babies didn't really look like anything right now but blobs and they all studied the picture but only one person looked at it, looked confused and then looked back at me and I nodded at her and she laughed.

    "What?" Riley asked Monica and I nodded at her again.

    "Twins. She's having twins." Monica wiped under her eyes when she started to tear up and damn it I did too.

    "Yeah." And Chase was right, we wanted a family and two babies were double the blessing that one was.

    "I'm so happy for you." She got up and came to hug me.

    "How do you know they're twins?" Riley stared at the picture and she rolled her eyes this time at him.

    "Because I've had twins Riley, her ultrasound looks a lot like my first one, not my second."

    "Huh." He stared at it longer

    "And you show early with twins. Your stomach's starting to round a little." She put her hand on it and it was a nice moment for me, an emotional one. We were finally telling people and it was like It was finally real. In thirty or so weeks, Chase and I would get to meet not just our baby but our babies, we would forever be parents.

    I was going to be a mother and him a father right by my side. We would get to raise our kids with Miguel and Michael and I didn't care if these were two boys, two girls or one of each, I already loved them and I cried when my twin got up to hug me, to congratulate me on having mine. When he hugged Chase and there was no hostility.

    It was like the final stage of accepting the two of us together and he wasn't fighting it, we all embraced what this meant for us. We would all be parents now, all be married. We were all entering a new part of our lives with Riley being sober and them working on their marriage and I was excited and anxious for what this was going to hold.

    But no matter how scared I was, I knew we would make it. There was simply too much love and support in one room for any of us to fail now.
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