Chapter Forty-Four

    Chapter Forty-Four

    I was officially in my second trimester now, work was going smoothly and everything was transitioning well. It finally felt like we could catch a break. Jameson was a great addition to the company and I was happy that he had caught on quickly. Our twelve to fifteen hour days had dropped down to ten with all the extra employees.

    I spent more time with my husband, we were planning to have family dinner's once a week and Lina and Mia got to spend more time with daddy. Little Miguel was growing so fast and he was already eight months old.

    It feels like this whole group is going to be a baby factory for the next couple years. Monica and Riley are already talking about having another one in the next couple months and by then, Rochelle may be ready for another, then Monica probably will and then me, and it will be a never ending cycle until the Monsters are ready to graduate.

    Okay, maybe not that long, but between all of us it's going to feel like an eternity of pregnancies.

    "You're starting to show." Chase put his hands on my stomach and I nodded. I was fifteen weeks now and we got to find out what we're having in four weeks. I never realized I could love something so much until now.

    "Can we start the nursery?" I asked him and my eyes were welling with tears again thinking about it.

    "Anything you want honey, what do you want to do first?" he asked me

    "All we can get is furniture. We have to wait a month to get anything specific." much to my dismay, I just wanted to know now; I was getting antsy waiting.

    "Well then, there is nothing I would rather do today than feed my wife and pick out our children's furniture. And no, you don't need make-up because you're beautiful just like that." I frowned at him.

    "I'm fat and nothing fits anymore." I crossed my arms and he wasn't concerned with my hostility about to burst out. He walked into the closet and grabbed me a pair of leggings and my sweatshirt I wore when I was on my period because it was baggy and comfortable.

    "You look gorgeous in this too. And I'll take you shopping for new clothes." I sighed but nodded.

    You're not getting fat Brylee, you're pregnant.

    I just had to keep telling myself that.

    "I love you." He pulled my shirt over my head and my breasts were protesting the bra that no longer fit either. "Yeah, real sexy." I said with as much sarcasm as I could muster up.

    "And a new bra, though I wouldn't complain if you were naked and braless all the time. I could look at your beautiful body forever." He leaned down and kissed my stomach "I love every inch of you." I hated every inch of me right now.

    "I'm fat and there is fat showing up in places I didn't think it would and it's just going to get worse." I wanted to cry. This was the part that absolutely sucked, I couldn't settle on one emotion.

    "And I love that it's because we finally get to start a family." I was half naked in clothes that just didn't fit anymore and he put both his hands in my hair and kissed me.

    He was right, of course he was right; but he also wasn't the one who was having humans rearrange their body and growing inside of him.

    "I'm excited for that, just not for this." I put my hands on my stomach and there was a bulge there, I thought there was something wrong with me, but my doctor assured me that everything was fine with the twins.

    "I am. I know it's because I'm not the one who has to carry them, but I'm so thrilled seeing you pregnant Brylee. I love watching your stomach grow and you are so sexy pregnant." He whispered in my ear and I pushed him away and he laughed.

    "I'm not sexy. This is not sexy." I gestured to myself. I was standing here in a bra with my breasts spilling out and panties that were starting to feel too tight around my stomach.

    "Yes it is. I just want to take you to bed and start practicing for our next baby now." He gripped my hips and pulled me closer. He freed my breasts from their prison and his hands cupped them both, lifting them and very gently teasing them.

    "I thought we were going shopping." My nails dug into his sides and he shook his head.

    "If my wife isn't feeling beautiful or attractive, that is more important than baby furniture." He sat down on the bed, still in his basketball shorts and pulled me onto his lap.

    "I'm going to crush you." I complained and he pulled my body forward and licked my ni pples. "Gentle." I hissed and he smiled as he sucked.

    "You're not going to crush me." he rolled me to my back "Get comfortable." He told me and I settled into the middle of the bed and got my head comfortable on the pillows. He went to grab scarves this time and tied my wrists to the bed.

    "No rope?" I asked

    "This isn't a rope kind of moment honey. I don't like that you feel this way. I don't like that my confident wife is now insecure. Do you really think that I don't believe you are the sexiest and most beautiful woman?" He asked me and I said nothing, because I did think that.

    I was irrational. I knew he wouldn't cheat on me but at the same time I keep thinking that, what if I'm not good enough for him like this, what if he's repulsed by the changed body I'll have after I have the twins?

    I knew I was being stupid, paranoid and a whole other list of things, but I couldn't help it.

    "I asked you a question and I want an answer." He leaned closer to me. He was between my legs, but they were free to move as I pleased.

    "I'm sorry." I didn't know what else to tell him.

    "I don't want you to be sorry Brylee, I want you to know that I love you and I love our twins and I love your body. You are healthy, that's what's important to me. I don't want you to be uncomfortable, I want you to be happy and I want you to be able to enjoy being pregnant, because I love seeing you pregnant. You're mine inside and out and that's why you're pregnant and it's so **ing hot." He blew, his breath fanned across my exposed chest.

    "I know, I'm just a mess right now." My back arched instantly as his tongue touched them this time.

    "You're always a mess honey, that's why I love you."

    "Not always." I smiled; there was a rare moment when I was put together, just not in my private life.

    "I love your breasts, they're gorgeous and every time you tease me with a hint of them at work I want to pull you to my office and stick my cock between them and come all over them," he sucked to the side of them and left a mark, I'm sure. "I love watching them bounce when I ** you and how you play with them and touch yourself. I love them under my tongue and I loved putting those clamps on them too," He was a boob guy; that was obvious.

    "I love your hips, they're wide and they're **ing perfect, I love to grip onto them when I take you from behind." He's left little finger print bruises on them before. He sucked on the flesh right above my hip bone and his tongue made a pine from side to side, right at my pantie line.

    "What else?" I asked him, I'm not the kind of person who needs to be complimented or beg for them, but I admit I was insecure right now. What I loved about the man on top of me was that he didn't mind; he understood, he always understood.

    "I love your swollen stomach and seeing you grow. I enjoy when you're a mess and I don't care that you're emotional. Your belly is beautiful and I wish you saw it that way." He kissed my stomach where our twins were growing inside me. His mouth move until he was satisfied he kissed my body from breast to stomach.

    "Is that it?" I asked panting, I was so painfully horny right now.

    "These thighs, god I love your thighs. I know you hate them and say they're too fat but they're thick, just how I like them, and how I love them is wrapped around my waist when I make love to you or around my ears when I go down on you and taste you all over my tongue." His words were like foreplay before the foreplay as his mouth moved to my thighs. He gripped my panties and I pushed my hips up so he could pull them down "Now please me baby and wrap them around me as I pleasure you." he buried his face between my thighs that I may have found a new liking for.

    I liked to run and play sports; there was muscle there with too much fat on top of for my liking. To top it off I had a large ass so I always felt like my body wasn't proportionate. Large chest, wide hips, thicker things with a large ass with a stomach that had abs showing at one point.

    I was built like my mother.

    I wrapped my legs around him and he grunted in satisfaction as he went down on me, his tongue taking no mercy. He didn't tease me at all, he sucked and licked, his tongue **ed me before he went back to focusing his attention on me cl it and when I was close, he made me come.

    My thighs squeezed tighter and he moaned as he licked my slit and drank me in. My body was humming with satisfaction, but like always, what I wanted was his co ck. I never wanted to stop; I just wanted him to make me feel.

    His shorts came off and he gripped his erection.

    "I want it." I licked my lips

    "This is what your body does to me Brylee, I'm always so **ing hard when I think about you, and the other thing I **ing love." he said as he positioned himself.

    "Being inside me?" I asked him

    "And that **ing ass." His hands reached around and he gripped a fist full of my ass in each hand as he nearly impaled me on his co ck, but that was the extent of his roughness with me. "God I love your ass, I love you bent over and I love watching my co ck disappear inside of it." he grunted as he pushed in and pulled out while I just pulled at my restraints.

    "Don't stop." I don't know if I was talking about his words which were getting me turned on or his dick that was lighting me on **ing fire from the inside.

    "Mostly, I love watching your face. I love pleasing you Brylee, I love seeing your eyes when you come, watching you as you moan or scream. I love seeing your face when I enter you and when I come on or in you. I love seeing you pull at those scarves because you want more. I love everything about you and sex with you." he leaned closer to me and his tongue took possession of my mouth as his co ck took possession of my body.

    I moaned as he grabbed my ass and I loved when he had to control himself from getting rough with me. I relished in the desire he felt for me, I begged for the attention he was willing to give my body.

    He made me feel desirable and sexy, he made me feel like there was nowhere he would rather be than inside me; maybe that was the truth. I didn't want to be laid down and treated like a doll, I wanted to be tied up and for him to lose control on my body.

    I wished he wouldn't be so gently, but I understood that I was pregnant and he was overly cautious, though I asked and we didn't have to be; rough sex was okay as long as it was comfortable for me. I understood thought that after last time, he wasn't even willing to take that risk with me.

    It was almost suffocating, but it was out of love.

    "Harder." I pleaded with him

    "I told you this isn't a tie you up with rope and ** you thing Brylee, I love you and I want to make sure that you know that, that you understand that." He grabbed my chin and forced me to look up at him.

    "I know." I pulled at the scarves some more until I was going to make my wrists go numb. The passion he always brought when we made love was intoxicating and intense. He was a rough kind of man, it was what made us work; but these moments, they made my eyes want to fill with tears because I didn't know that there was a man who could love me as much as I could see that he did in his eyes.

    Chase would do anything to make sure that I knew that I was loved by him.

    I pulled and strained at the scarves on my wrists and he grabbed them and untied them, which was something new from him. I clung to him as he buried his face in my neck until I was ready to come; when my orgasm started he pulled back and he watched me.

    It was a moment that was so intimate between the two of us, a connected moment that could have resulted in a baby, had we not already been expecting one. That was the beauty in these moments to me; that we were at a stage in our life where we weren't concerned about protection anymore because it didn't matter.

    When we were done he held me and for the first time in months, I did feel sexy and attractive; I didn't feel repulsive or too large.

    "I don't want to get up." He held onto me and I kissed his chest. I curled up with him as long as I possibly could before nature was calling, for the millionth time today and I had to get up.

    I started the water and he came in to take a shower with me, the part that sucked was that I loved curling up with him; I was just already getting uncomfortable doing it.

    Only a couple more weeks and I'm half way there, a typical full term with twins was thirty-six weeks instead of forty; which was probably the only thing good about being pregnant with twins over a single child.

    Chase and I got dressed and headed out to go shopping. We didn't know what we were having, but I knew that I didn't want to have a typical and boring nursery.

    "Are you happy, finally buying things for the babies?" he asked me and I nodded as I looked at the various areas they had set up for sample nurseries; I ecstatic knowing that we were finally picking things out. I was showing and we were buying the first things for them.

    "I don't want them to match; I want even the furniture to be as different as they're going to be." I couldn't wait to know and to meet them.

    "And if they're identical?" Chase asked me while I looked at the different colors a crib came in and I looked over my shoulder at him, he had a big smile on his face right now.

    "They'll still be their own person." I thought it would be cute; dark grey and off white instead of the typical black or white. Light brown and dark brown would bother me too much together.

    "God help us if they're anything like their mother." He wrapped his arms around me and I leaned against him. He didn't care we were in public, his hand slid onto my growing stomach right under my shirt.

    "God help us if they're anything like their father and uncle." If I had a son like them, I had no idea what I would do with myself.

    "No, god help us if they're anything like their aunt." Oh, Rochelle. I had a feeling that if I had a girl, she would be exactly like Rochelle to give me some payback on the crap we put my mother through.

    "Don't say that, it's not funny to threaten that." I ended up laughing as I said that though.

    "Better hope for two boys then. I like this crib." He grabbed my hand and lightly pulled me to another set and I didn't really have my heart set on anything in particular so I was happy with the crib Chase picked out and the set that came with it. The crib had a changing table on the side with drawers under it which seemed practical.

    "I don't have a preference; I just want two healthy babies." I know that people always said oh I wish we had a little girl or boy, but I just want to get through this with my kids healthy, their gender is the least of my concern.

    "Well the doctor said they are both very healthy." We looked through the colors the manufacturer could pain the crib and I was set on off white for one and I let Chase pick the other.

    Off white would go good with any color from pink and purple to blues and greens.

    "What color do you like?" I asked him

    "I like the dark brown; I know you liked grey, but I like the brown." I was feeling very agreeable today. I had a feeling that would change when it came to a theme for the nursery though. I've been trying really hard to split it though. There were two of us, we could pick for each baby.

    I just forgot that I had to let him make decisions though, it was hard not to try to make everything my way.

    "Okay. And you're set on this one? You don't want to look at anything else?" I asked him and he just looked at my suspiciously for a minute.

    "No, I'm happy with these. We can go order them."

    "Alright." We headed up to the desk and put an order in for the furniture and it was a small thing compared to all we still needed, but I was happy with this small step we took today.

    Chase and I were headed home when Rochelle called and asked if she could come over for a little bit, I told her we were on our way home and she was more than welcome to come over then. We got there and she was already there, that was the first sign something was wrong.

    What was the second? She was crying.

    "What's wrong?" Chase asked her and she hugged him back while I unlocked the door

    "I'm so stupid Brylee, I made a mistake." She sat down and Chase got her water.

    "You don't mean your marriage, do you?" I asked her and she shook her head

    "No, the mistake was the honeymoon, or really on the honeymoon" She grabbed the glass of water and took a big drink

    "Oh god, you're pregnant aren't you?" Chase said and I wanted to smack him for saying that until she cried and nodded again and then I wanted to smack him for saying it the way that he said it.

    For the love of god, can we all stop getting pregnant?

    By the end of this, Monica's probably going to be pregnant and starting on baby eight in the family.

    "I'm really scared Brylee, I don't know what I'm going to do with two kids, we're just figuring out what we're doing with Michael." I felt for her because I was feeling the same way, I didn't get one baby to ease into things, we were jumping in with twins and she would soon have baby two, something that her and Scott weren't ready for yet.

    They didn't want another one until Michael was in school and now they would be having another one shortly after he turned one.

    "You're going to be alright Rochelle, you're an amazing mom and Scott is a wonderful father. You're not alone, you are never alone and we are all here to help." Chase squatted down in front of her and she nodded; he was pretty good with emotional women.

    "Now our kids can go to school together." I tried to give her any positivity. It wasn't that she wouldn't love her kids; she just never thought she would have them until she met Scott and she's not ready for her second pregnancy.

    "At least there's that." She laughed as she cried and then she stayed for dinner while Scott stayed home and spent some time with Michael. He didn't know what was going on, but I'm sure by now he could suspect that something was off.

    She was going to have to tell him and when she stayed the night, it was obvious she was avoiding doing just that, so Chase was the one to hold her hair back when she got sick knowing I couldn't while I made the both of us some tea.

    I had a couple months on her, but that was it.

    She was a mess when I brought her tea and sat in the bathroom with her while she took a shower and Chase slept in the guest room so Rochelle could curl up in bed with me that night.

    I felt for her, but I knew something she didn't; she was going to be okay. She had more than enough money to support two children now and she would learn to adapt like Monica and Riley did.

    Her and Scott were going to get through this.
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