Chapter Forty-Five

    Chapter Forty-Five

    Rochelle didn't sleep too peacefully and Scott was knocking on the door with Michael at seven in the morning, I expected him earlier to be honest.

    "Hey Brylee, Rochelle still here?" he asked though I'm sure he parked behind her car in the driveway.

    "Come on," I held my arms out and Michael came to me "She's in the kitchen."

    "Thank you." I held back a bit and watched Rochelle's eyes fill with tears when she saw him and he hugged her instantly.

    "I'll give you a minute." Chase excused himself from the kitchen and spied on them with me. He handed me my tea and I bounced Michael and gave him enough attention to keep him happy while we looked in on them.

    "I can't fix it if you don't tell me what's wrong." Scott knew her and he knew something was wrong when she sent him 'staying at Brys' last night and nothing else, no other response. It wasn't like her.

    "You can't fix this Scott, I'm so sorry." She put her head in her hands and she was going to make herself sick if she wasn't careful.

    "You're pregnant, aren't you?" he asked her, she didn't try hiding it.

    "Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't plan for this, I know we weren't thinking about any more for another few years." She looked over at him and he just nodded

    "I thought you were on the pill." I listened just in case someone needed to step in, this was his mistake too and I understand it's a surprise, but they both know how babies are made and are both old enough to know better.

    "I was! I don't know what happened, but I just know it happened." They really needed to use condoms in addition, otherwise they accept when the birth control fails and accept the baby that will be the result.

    "Why didn't you just tell me instead of disappearing, I found the box Rochelle and I'm not stupid." He grabbed her hand when she started fiddling them.

    "I just needed my best friend; I'm not ready for another baby. I love Michael but I'm not ready." She started crying again and he pulled her closer. He was kneeling in front of her and she was breaking my heart. Chase took Michael upstairs when he started getting fussy seeing mommy crying.

    "Do you want to keep the baby? We have three options here Rochelle, and I will stand by either of your decisions." My eyes widened at the option that they may not keep the baby.

    "I would never have an abortion Scott, is that what you want?" She pulled away from him and looked at him like he was some kind of enemy right now.

    "Personally, no; but I don't want to influence your choices either. It's your body Rochelle and after freaking out about this all night, I'm okay now. We were waiting in large for finances. We wanted a house before another baby, but now we're putting an offer on a house and money isn't a huge stress anymore. Look at Brylee and Chase; do you think they expected two kids? I want as many children with you as you are willing to give me Rochelle. I love you; you're my wife and the mother of my son, as well as the most beautiful woman in the world."

    I was glad to see that the money helped them so much, they could now afford a nice house to accommodate for the kids they would have, though I put them at the max amount of three. They'll probably have another one later.

    I didn't like that they had been stressing so much before, though it was a large relief to their bank account when I paid for the majority of their wedding.

    Rochelle always struggled because she used to be so damn irresponsible with her money, which is why she didn't get much until she settled down, she would have blown through so much money and hated herself for it later.

    "They alright?" Chase came back down and Michael was smiling as he reached out for me.

    "I think so." I settled him on my hip, which was slightly more difficult as I grew.

    "Good because I love them, but I promised you new clothes and I don't like the idea of you feeling uncomfortable." I refused to go clothes shopping yesterday, I was having a good day and wasn't in the mood to have that mood killed with clothes shopping.

    "We'll be here as long as they need us." Scott kissed Rochelle and she hugged him and kissed him back.

    I took Michael to play while they talked a little longer and came back out, I had his hands in mine and he looked at Scott and put his arms up for daddy to pick him up and then held his hands right to Rochelle and she took him into her arms and cuddled him.

    "I missed you my little bug." Michael's laugh was beautiful as he giggled when she blew on his neck. Her love for him was so beautiful and it was perfection, both of their love was. Scott was terrified about being a father, but he was an amazing dad and he's grown so comfortable in his new role.

    I don't think he minds she's pregnant. Scott was always a careful guy, not careful with sex apparently, but he was practical; he didn't want to a child they couldn't afford and now that it wasn't a problem, he was okay.

    "Thank you for taking care of my girl." He wrapped an arm around her and she leaned into him. I think that simple gesture spoke volumes in relationships, when you don't feel like doing simple things like that, I feel there's something else going on.

    "She's our girl, you'll always have to share." I told him, her smile warmed my heart and he nodded, like he was reluctantly accepting that fact.

    "I've already came second to her since we've been together, especially when planning the wedding. You'll have to accept that, it's always been like that. Brylee's left in the middle of games, movies, dinners and charity events when Rochelle calls and really needs her. Rochelle will do the same." Chase has always known that.

    "You already knew you married me too, you've known you would have to from the beginning." Rochelle walked over to him and he wrapped an arm around her.

    "The way that could be taken is traumatizing Rochelle, please don't ever say it like that again." but he kissed the top of her head anyway and she smiled.

    "Please, Brylee was my wife first." She shoved him away and took Scotts hand. I was pleased to see smile, I liked when she was happy. If she needed a night to get her head on straight, then my house was always open.

    But Scott loved her more than anything in this world besides the little boy in her arms. He would do anything for her; give up anything to make her happy. The best part about their relationship was they both would, but neither of them had to. They didn't have to because neither of them would be happy if the other wasn't.

    "We'll see you for dinner in a couple days." I gave them hugs goodbye and Michael gave me kisses before they left; they certainly had a lot to talk about.

    After they left Chase wrapped his arms around me and spoke into my ear from behind, his breath on my neck tickled and made me laugh

    "Well now, it's time that you go shopping, get your hair or nails done, a massage; anything that will make you feel happy and beautiful." He kissed my neck and I groaned as I tilted my head and let him.

    "Keep that up and we're not going anywhere except bed." I would be okay with that.

    "We're going shopping honey." He still didn't take his lips off my neck.

    "Get me naked and then there's no need to buy new clothes." I preferred to spend the time in bed with him rather than out shopping.

    "None of your work clothes fit either honey. We're going out and maybe if you're lucky, I'll come join you in the fitting room, now come on." He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the garage as he ignored my protests. He opened my door and we went shopping, unfortunately.

    I found myself outside a maternity store and groaned as I looked at it. Not a single pair of my jeans fit anymore, but I would rather stay home and permanently park my ass on a couch in sweatpants and eat chocolate than wear those stupid elastic banded baggy crap.

    "Do we have to?" I asked and he gave me a weird look

    "You're pregnant Brylee, with twins. You're going to need maternity clothes. They're not as bad as they used to be, come on honey." He pulled me into the store. I don't know why I was dreading this so much, probably because I knew I would have to come back soon for more.

    I didn't show for the longest time and it seemed like overnight it just came out of nowhere a couple weeks ago. Chase was thrilled, I was still catching up.

    I looked around the store and slowly started coming around to the idea of maternity clothes, they weren't so bad. They actually looked normal and as I picked up a pair of pants, they looked so comfortable and inviting.

    These clothes looked so much better than the clothes I've been trying to squeeze my pregnant ass and stomach into.

    I spent so much time standing in the dressing room trying on jeans and shirt, dresses and skirts for work.

    "You shouldn't try to hide it; you should just accept and love your belly like I do. I know it's easier said than done, but no one's going to look at you and think 'dear god, that girl is pregnant, why isn't she wearing baggy clothes to hide it.' Your belly is so cute." I smiled at our reflection in the mirror.

    I was wearing a shirt tucked into a pencil skirt and I can't remember the last time I felt this comfortable in work clothes. I used to love wearing them but these last few weeks It wasn't uncommon for Chase to find me in tears as I tried to get dressed in the morning.

    My work attire has been awful and it's a good thing I'm buried behind a desk now so none of my employees can see me, typically I ended up with buttons ready to burst and red marks from the skirt digging into my stomach and with having to sit so much, I usually left it unzipped.

    "So cute." He had one hand on my stomach and he grabbed my hip and pulled me back that step to him.

    "Cute?" I asked when I felt his erection digging into my backside

    "And so sexy, it reminds me of the first time I bent you over my desk." I hated that I got so turned on way too easily. He pulled me back into the dressing room and kissed me. His hand pushed the skirt up and I pulled back.

    "We can't when I'm wearing this Chase, what if someone else tries it on, that's just wrong." I did have some limits, not many, but some.

    "We're buying what you're wearing, I'll buy everything in this dressing room, I don't care. I'll buy everything in this god damn store if I have to." he didn't care about what we were about to be doing and in a moment I thought, how many other people have done this in this room? I quickly pushed that away.

    "Quick." I told him and he nodded I unbuttoned his pants and my heart was racing, it was like everyone would be able to hear that simple sound. I pushed them down and stepped out of my panties for him to bend me over the seat.

    "This okay?" he asked and I nodded

    "Anyway is perfect." He raised my skirt even more so it bunched at my hips.

    "I'll make sure to make up for the lack of foreplay later." When he entered me I rested heavily on my arms and he covered my mouth when I let out a slight moan "Sh." He pulled the skirt down a little and smacked my ass so the slap would be at least a little muffled.

    I pushed back as he **ed me from behind and I would go shopping everyday with him if this was how things ended. He gripped my hip with one hand and kept my mouth covered with the oter, which was so damn hot.

    Chase covering my mouth reminded me of when he put tape over it on our honeymoon, that would be a night I wouldn't mind doing over and over, and over again.

    It was quick and as soon as I came he sped up until he finished too. He let himself catch a breath before pulling out and fixing himself. I reached down for the red thong that matched my bra and he snatched them before I could and put them in his pocket.

    He smirked at me and pulled the skirt back down.

    "Hungry?" he asked me and I shook my head at him but I smiled anyway. He was such an ass sometimes.

    "I'm always hungry." I liked to eat before I was pregnant and now, if I could have a cheeseburger in my hand at all times, I would be happy.

    "I know. If there's anything you want to change into, let me know and I'll go buy it now. I know you're not comfortable in those jeans. I don't know why you're trying to wear them." I crossed my arms and I couldn't help it, my eyes started watering.

    "Because I'm tired of looking like I'm a slob and a mess." He didn't skip a beat, just wrapped his arms around me and kissed me; he really has gotten good at me crying.

    "Well I'm going to be conceited and say that I'm the only one that matters since you, Mrs. Rodriguez are my wife, and I never think you look like a slob and I love you because you're a mess." He reached into the pile of clothes and picked them up. "I need that too." He winked when I stripped for him and his eyes lingered a little long.

    He left and came back with a pair of jeans and a shirt for me to change into and he folded my clothes and added them to the bag that was up at the register waiting for us.

    "Thank you." He wrapped his arm around my shoulders as we walked from the store and I like this. Our relationship hasn't been easy the last year and a half. We've had a lot of sex, lost a child, I've been in the hospital and we've been in a war with my brother. We've pushed each other away and isolated ourselves and there were some days I felt like this whole thing could have been a mistake, but regardless of everything and all the problems; I wouldn't trade it to be with anyone else.

    "Are you more comfortable?" he asked me and I nodded

    "Yeah, I look pregnant though." The jeans were comfortable on my stomach and I could loosen them, they were tighter on my legs though and the shirt was snug over my expanding stomach.

    "How many times do I have to tell you, it's because you are. It's not a dream; no one is going to say 'just kidding'." He had a point.

    "I know, I know." He did a lot of repeating himself lately.

    "Are you hungry now, or would you like a new bra first?" he asked me and I didn't think Victoria's Secret was going to do it. I was already an odd size, but now I'm pretty sure they didn't carry my size.

    "I don't know where to get them." I was at a loss; I hated all the ones at the maternity place.

    "Um, call Rochelle or Monica, I'm sure both Riley and Scott wouldn't let them be uncomfortable or feel like you did in those bras. There has to be somewhere to go." I tried them on and cried a little. I loved my lingerie, bras and panties. I spent a lot of money on them and I had a large chest too, cotton floral print crap wasn't going to cut it for me.

    I know that sounded bad, but I was struggling already with feeling attractive, I didn't want to buy those and die a little every day. It was bad enough that I had to pee every ten minutes and my husband has seen me throw up about a hundred times already; real attractive.

    "It's fine." He rolled his eyes

    "I'm sure you need a bathroom honey, go and I'll meet you at the restaurant after I put this stuff in the car." I did and I hated that I did for some reason. I sighed and did just that but I waited for him instead of just going to the restaurant, I hated waiting at a table, I'd rather wait outside in the sun.

    It's been nice lately, it was getting hot outside and soon I wasn't going to be able to wear jeans and it would be just tank top and shorts weather. I had never been so happy I got pregnant in April, it would be amazingly cold when I was at full term and I won't have to worry about overheating in the deathly heat of summer; not much at least.

    I waited a bit and Chase wasn't coming so I grabbed my phone to call when I got a text asking where I was, well he was quick. I headed to the restaurant and the hostess told me where to go and as I got there the waitress was leaning towards Chase and he looked bored as the waitress came on a little strong.

    I had no idea what he said, but she left with a frown.

    "I can't take you anywhere." Chase stood to pull a chair out for me and I sat, my feet were happy with me. I had been standing and trying on clothes, going from one store to another for two and a half hours.

    "I will never understand why people think it's okay to hit on random strangers like that, it's tactless as well as distasteful." I smiled because it wasn't the first time it's happened. He was attractive and I won't forget the time Chase and Riley were approached by escorts on a business trip in a hotel bar. They were polite and the girls were subtle at first. Riley was clear about being married and the girls tried anyway. They started getting touchy and suggestive and the one hitting on Riley talked about how his wife didn't need to know.

    It went from subtle to forward real quick and the boys got incredibly uncomfortable once they realized the girls were working. I spent the rest of the night laughing hysterically at them. Riley told Monica and she couldn't contain herself either.

    "Hi my name is Linda and I'll be taking care of you today, can I get you anything to drink?" She asked with a smile. She was a pretty brunette with dark brown eyes and more importantly, not the woman who was just here.

    "Water for me." I wasn't supposed to have soda or coffee and I couldn't drink; water was it usually.

    "I'll take some iced tea. Thank you Linda." She noticed we had no menus and brought them to our table before going to get our drinks.

    "Better than being mentally undressed?" I asked him

    "Much better, but better she hit on me than some guy hit on you; that wouldn't have gone well." He didn't even look up from the menu

    "No one's going to, you're safe." I said and he looked up to roll his eyes before looking back over the menu

    "It doesn't make you less beautiful that you're expecting Brylee, plenty of guys were looking at you today. You don't notice but trust me, I do." I didn't believe him but I let it go. We got bruschetta for an appetizer and ordered our pasta dishes. Chase stayed clear of seafood because the smell made me sick; we couldn't even have tuna in the house.

    Linda was great and very kind. She asked about my pregnancy and checked up enough to make us feel like we were people but not too much where it was annoying. The sun was shining through the windows and it felt nice to be out doing something together, not working.

    After lunch Chase had called Riley and we went to another lingerie maternity store and they fitting me for a bra and when I put it on I almost cried, okay I did cry. It was the little things, having things that just fit made a huge difference.

    Chase also insisted pick out an outfit that made me feel good about myself and that took a while, but once I did, I didn't tell him which one and bought it so that it could be a present for him later. He's done everything to make me feel better and loved, this was the least I could do for him.

    I would have to come back here later without Chase, maybe wear a little something special under my work clothes for him to enjoy in the privacy of his own office. I missed the spontaneity that we had before and I wanted to get a little more of that back.

    After I changed Bras I felt so much better and we went to another maternity store where he wanted a private view of it on before we got home.

    "I wanted to rip this off of you instead of just taking it off." I tried on a button up shirt I could wear at work. Good thing he didn't act on that or we would have to explain why we were buying a shirt with every button missing.

    With my top bare his hand caressed my skin as his eyes took me in; I didn't let him see it at the store because I knew it would drive him crazy.

    "Pants, those need to come off too." He played with the waistband of them and I unbuttoned them and kicked those off too.

    "And yours." I waited for him to remove them and pushed on his shoulders until he sat down.

    "I'm going to have to tie you to the bed for hours when we get home, not touching you and tasting you first is driving me crazy," He said as I straddled his lap and teased him by sliding in just the tip. He grabbed my ass and pulled me down onto him as he kissed me and forcefully slid his tongue into my mouth. it was effective on silencing my moans as I rode him, slowly speeding up as fast as I could without making a lot of noise.

    He unclipped my bra and freed my breasts so he could tease and play with them, they were so sensitive I came almost instantly but we still didn't stop; we were going as many times as we possibly could before I was too tired to do anything but sleep.

    His lips left mine and he pulled my hair to the side, gripping tight to my scalp so he could kiss my neck. I let out a small cry and he I bit down onto my hand under my thumb to try to keep quiet.

    "Good girl." He encouraged in my ear when I managed to stay silent "Now come again for me honey. Right here on my cock in the **ing fitting room, come for me like a good little slut." I loved the harshness of his breath and the feel of the stubble on his jaw. He very lightly pinched my ni pples and I bit harder to my hand, my nails embedded into his back making him wince as he got me off a second time and he allowed himself his release as well.

    "You are lucky I don't flip when you call me that now." I panted slightly as he pulled my bare chest to his.

    "I've been waiting for that." He kissed my cheek and I tried to relax, my knees were burning. He stood with me still in his lap and I wrapped myself around him so I wouldn't fall.

    "You're going to drop me, put me down." I protested and I saw him roll his eyes, yet again.

    "You act like you gained fifty pounds, you're not heavy Brylee; I wouldn't drop you." I slowly let my legs down and he put me back on solid ground.

    "You know I hate it." I crossed my arms and he looked at my chest.

    "Well we all know I love pissing you off, you're like a firecracker; you always have been." I reached for my bra and clipped it in place before finding my clothes in the mass of clothes that were in here.

    "Is that why you married me? Good sex?" I asked him annoyed; I didn't even know why I was annoyed.

    "I'm not even going to answer that, I lose either way. Instead I'm going to ask you if you want to try anymore on." He said and I crossed my arms again over my clothed chest.

    "Seriously?" I asked and he kissed my forehead

    "Fine, I'll play your game. Yes I love having sex with you but no, that's not why I married you and you know that. Don't try to start a fight Brylee, we're having a good day and I would like to keep it that way, okay?" he asked me and I shrugged and felt deflated a little bit.

    "I'm sorry, you're right; I'm tired." I was getting tired and then after having sex, I didn't want to try another damn thing on; I wanted my bed and comfy clothes.

    "Home it is then. What did you want of this?" he asked and I picked out what was a yes, and grabbed a second shirt of the one I just wore and slipped into the pile without him noticing.

    Maybe he might just get that chance to rip it open. If I had two in the same color, no one would ever notice.

    The new lingerie would look wonderful under it; his thoughts from yesterday gave me some new ideas. Plus, I needed way to make things up to him after I've been such an emotional nightmare

    Nothing too much, but i just wanted to take some time to show them together and show the little things between them. They've been through enough to defend their relationship and i for one, think they deserve to be happy and that Chase should be excited about being a dad and Brylee's going to go back and forth... The joy of being pregnant mixed with the awful mood swings, cravings, feeling sick and tired and large. All things that most pregnant women feel.

    Hope you enjoy :)

    And that last little part of the chapter isn't too far away.
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