Chapter Forty-Six

    Chapter Forty-Six

    I didn't know how to thank Chase enough for everything he's done for me and everything he's put up from me since we've been together. I know he understands that my emotions are a hot mess right now, but I still felt guilty.

    I didn't like arguing with him or snapping at him so much. I hated that I felt so insecure and that I was projecting that onto him. And most of all, I hated crying so much and seeing how sad it made him when I just couldn't control myself.

    My tears had a mind of their own.

    So I decided to thank him in the way that I knew always worked, in a way that we were accustomed to by doing something that we were great at.

    The ** that he had wanted to rip off me in the dressing room was a purplish pink and it had a lacey back and buttoned up the front. Thank god I finally found a button up shirt that would accommodate for my expanding chest.

    I pulled my black skirt on and I usually found myself bawling every morning because nothing fit, but today Chase found me crying because finally, something did. I was wearing my new lingerie that fit wonderfully and I knew was sexy, I had on the new clothes that fit and were if anything, a little bit big on me.

    I had long ago given up on the heels and went with flats and when I looked in the mirror I felt better and more confident than I had in months. I took a little time on my hair and makeup and when I was done, I felt like a different person. I felt like myself again.

    I turned to the side and my baby bump was showing and I actually smiled at it. Life was already changing, but when they got here it would change a drastic amount and I was finally ready and in two more weeks this was all about to become more real when we found out what our little ones would be.

    I couldn't believe that I was sixteen weeks along as I looked in the mirror; life was going by so quick.

    "You're so mean." I was so focused on myself that I didn't see him coming.

    "What?" I turned to face him and he gave me a quick kiss

    "We needed to leave five minutes ago and you look so damn hot in that and I can't have you. It's cruel really." I just smirked and grabbed my purse and bag with some work I had brought home over the weekend and he followed after me.

    "We had sex last night Chase, you'll live." He still groaned as he followed me and I put some extra sway in my hips and he cursed lowly. He was in for a nice surprise today. I knew that Riley and Jameson had a lunch meeting with a client.

    This was a big step for me, I was trusting Riley to do this and bring Jameson for the first time. I was usually a control freak with clients, but I had to let go at some point.

    "I don't know if I will." He opened the door for me and drove to work. I was enjoying making him squirm a little bit and when we got there, he went to his office and I went to talk to Riley about the meeting.

    "Hey." He looked up from his computer and smile at me.

    "Well you look happy today and comfortable." He noticed and I nodded

    "Two more weeks and you get to find out if you're getting nieces, nephews or one of each." I was glad that we had moved forward and he was at a place where he was so happy for us.

    "Boys are easier." He told me

    "Maybe because you were seventeen when you had twin girls." I don't know if boys or girls were easier, but I think he was a little biased since he was so young and had two girls. I'm sure he would be telling me the same about girls if he had twin boys first.

    "Probably, those girls are going to be the reason I get grey hair before thirty." I couldn't help but smile at that, it was a good guess.

    "I just want two healthy babies. I came up to see if you were ready for that meeting." I had a lot of work to do and probably should get going on it.

    "Yeah, Jameson and I talked a lot about it Friday and we'll touch base again before heading over. I'm still surprised that you're not insisting on coming." Oh I would be coming when they left.

    "I trust you and I need to start letting go or I'm going to drive myself insane on maternity leave and for the rest of my life." I really was too involved in everything for having two partners. Riley learned some hard lessons the last year and I trusted that he wouldn't ** up like that again or I would kill him.

    "Alright, well I won't let you down; promise." And everything thought it was the boys who were in charge.

    "I know. I'm going to get to work now and I'll see you after lunch." I turned to get to work and before I knew it, it was lunch time and the office was all eating or going out to get food except me. I didn't really have a lunch time; every minute was lunch time for me now.

    "Hey, we're headed out to lunch. We'll be back in a couple hours." I got up to hug Riley and Chase was coming into my office as Riley and Jameson were headed out.

    "Do you want lunch honey?" I held up an empty container

    "I've been eating all day." I smiled guiltily.

    "Alright, well is there anything I can get you?" he asked me and I pretended to think about it before shaking my head

    "No, I'll come eat with you though if you want." I suggested casually and for once I had a explicit idea of what he could have for lunch.

    "I'm not going to object."

    "Okay, I'll be right there." I clicked save on the document I was working on and grabbed my purse, when I got to his office he was already sitting down. I made sure the door was locked and turned back to him, he noticed. He just watched me move towards him and said nothing. He leaned back in his chair and I stood between his legs and leaned back to sit on his desk.

    "Well hey there." at least he said something; I didn't know what to say. I was running on borrowed confidence right now and a time limit.

    "Hey." What a well thought out and wonderful response.

    "What are you doing?" he was amused by me right now, his face gave him away.

    "I told you I'd come while you had lunch." I made sure to unbutton an extra button or two before coming in here and his eyes kept dropping down to look at my chest.

    "Is that so?" he asked my breasts and I had him right where I wanted

    "Well, only if I am your lunch." My heart was racing for some reason and his eyes widened in surprise as he looked up to my face and slowly the shock faded and a sinful smirk replaced it as he stood up.

    "You know I like to think of you as more of a dessert, but lunch works too." I grabbed him by his jacket and pulled him forward, crashing my lips to him as his body followed suit. He instantly picked me up and set my ass on his desk so I wrapped my legs around him.

    "You can have me for whatever you want." I whispered in his ear and he groaned.

    "God I want to rip this shirt off you so bad." He mentioned as he unzipped my skirt and then he sucked on my neck and his teeth tugged on my flesh making me moan.

    "Do it." I panted and he went to protest "Just trust me." I said before he could say anything else. His hands gripped my shirt and he pulled hard, buttons broke and the shirt ripped as he tore it open.

    "Fuck." He cursed. I stood and let my skirt drop and I pushed his jacket off his shoulders.

    "You said you wanted to rip this shirt off and stick your co ck between my breasts, so do it baby. Manhandle me all you want." i went for his buckle and he let me unzip his pants too before forcing me to my knees.

    "Suck on my di ck." I pushed his boxers and pants down and he gripped his erection. I couldn't take all of him right now, If he hit the back of my throat I'd probably throw up, but I took all that I could and gave him just a little bit of special attention compared to what he gave me. "Stand up." He said and I did so without hesitation. I had skin tight purple lace lingerie that didn't even cover my ass and he rested a palm on my stomach.

    "Like?" I asked

    "I love you in purple." The color I wore the time I spent a whole day handcuffed under his desk.

    "I think you'll love this too." I reached into my bag and grabbed the handcuffs and his eyes may have lit up looking at them.

    "Arms up." I raised them and he unclipped the top that held my bre asts in and then pulled it over my head. Under wire is the greatest thing to have in lingerie.

    "Now what?" I asked and he pushed on my shoulders and I dropped to my knees in front of him again. I didn't ask what he wanted next because I wanted him in my mouth. He groaned as he grabbed onto my hair instead of pushing my head forward and I licked and sucked his co ck until he told me to stop.

    "Press those breasts together." I grabbed them and he slipped his co ck between them and I licked the head when it popped through the top before disappearing and reappearing again.

    "Is this what you wanted?" I looked up and his head was tossed back as he kept going

    "God yes." He groaned and I reached down and gently massaged his sacs and he grunted as his hips jerked forward "Brylee." His forehead started to bead lightly with sweat

    "Come all over them Chase, come all over me." I wanted to get dirty, I wanted him to do things that were far worse to me than just coming all over me.

    "Yes, yes, yes. Brylee." He chanted my name and then he gripped my shoulders and leaned a little heavily on me. Come shot from his co ck and I gripped it and stroked as he came and it hit my neck and chest before sliding down my stomach.

    "That is so hot." He eyed me and it was drying on my skin "Stand up Angel." He helped me to my feet and he picked me up and put me on his desk. He grabbed my thighs and parted them

    "Promise to bed me over your desk still?" I asked as he kneeled in front of me

    "Mhm, but first it's time for lunch." He winked at me and I rested my hands on his head as his tongue got to work and he ate me up. I remembered what he had said about my thighs and wrapped them around his ears and his fingers and short nails dug into them.

    I don't give a ** how many times he's gone down on me, it still feels so god damn good. There was something so hot about watching his face between my legs, knowing that his tongue and his mouth were doing such amazingly pleasureable and kind of dirty things to me.

    And nothing is sexier than a man who shows just how much he loves doing these things to you. No girl wants a guy who goes down and acts like it's the biggest burden of his life. I love how he never seems to want to stop, how he groans when I pull his hair and how he moans when my thighs press together.

    I love how when he does need to take a second to breathe he acts like that is the burden, that stopping is the worst part. It makes me feel desired and it does make me feel sexy.

    When you're pregnant, something and someone who makes you feel sexy is seriously the best thing that I can think of. My back arched on its own accord and I pulled his face even closer, I didn't even think he could breathe yet he never protested.

    "Chase." I cried his name, my voice squeaked slightly and He held my hands down on the desk when I tried to push him away and made it go on even longer and I came with a huge damn smile on my face.

    "I've missed this so much; there are some days I'm fighting with myself not to sneak into your office and ** you quick." It amazed me sometimes that he was always up for sex; it shouldn't because he's a man after all, but still.

    "Not tired of me yet?" I asked, I hadn't moved from my place lying back on the desk.

    "I had my first sexual thought about you ten years ago, so no. Sometimes though it's still so surreal to me, I know we're married but it happened pretty quickly." That it did, we started sleeping together, dated and were married in less than a year and a half.

    "Regret any of it?" I asked him and he kissed my stomach.

    "Only you getting hurt that night. I look at you and I still can't believe I'm about to be a dad, I'm really excited Bry. I know life is about to completely change and that we have to give up a lot of things, but I don't care." Seriously, can he be any more perfect?

    "How are you so understanding?" I wanted to cry because not for the first time, I felt like I didn't deserve him.

    "Is that what you really want to be talking about right now?" he asked me and I shook my head. I wanted some hot office sex. I was so tired of crying and I felt back to normal for once like this. "Good, turn arms in front of you." I slowly moved from the desk and put my hands out.

    The cool metal almost made me flinch from it and I heard the sound of them locking and then my arm moving so he could put the other one on. I pulled slightly to see the give I could get and how tight they were when I moved around. The answer to that was very tight, my favorite.

    "Now bend over and get comfortable love." He couldn't cuff my hands behind my back and bend me over anymore; my stomach was too big for that now. So I bent over and braced myself for him and he entered me slowly, too **ing slowly.

    "Fuck me hard Chase, please." I was so god damn tired of gentle. I could have rough sex if it didn't hurt. It was up to me. I wasn't asking for him to **ing tear me open; just to be a little rough with me, maybe more than a little.

    "I haven't had you in this office in months, I'm going to enjoy every second of being inside you." he did pick up his pace a bit, but not enough for my liking.

    "Fuck me, god damn it I'm not glass." I told him and he slapped my ass, so **ing hard and I wanted to cheer.

    "You will be **ed how I want to ** you Brylee, don't get smart with me. Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean I won't find ways to punish you." I gasped and moaned at the same time at his words alone.

    "I just want something that's not slow and not gentle. I want you to hit me again." I said and he grabbed my hair and I whimpered when he yanked on it.

    "I know, that's why I'm not doing it." I was bracing myself on my forearms and he pulled back and pushed so **ing hard inside me and stilled, his co ck all the way in.

    "Please." I begged

    "Be a good girl and I'll ** you hard later, maybe even ** your sweet little ass if you're lucky." I could be good for him now. I kept telling myself that.

    "Okay. Take me how you want me." I've been pretty demanding sexually with him these last couple months, I'm sure he's just bursting to claim me again. Only for him would I allow myself to be a possession like that.

    "I will." He picked up to a steady rhythm.

    "Can I move or would you like me to be still?" I asked him, I wasn't going to move unless he wanted me too, not with what was on the table for later.

    "No moving, you're going to stand there and take my di ck however I want you to."

    "Understood." I stood where I was and he pinched my cl it before grabbing my bre asts and teasing those.

    "That's it." he encouraged when I fought to stay still. It was so damn difficult not to just take what I wanted. I was struggling with being patient and being at his mercy, but I still loved it more than anything.

    "Yes, just a little harder, please." I just needed a little more, I was so close, I was right on the edge and he was the one who decided if I got my satisfaction or if I stood here and bared it for however long he wanted. His, I was his.

    "Then you better come for me." he grabbed my hip with one hand and pulled himself into me. he pulled me back a little and the position made him go deeper and it was almost painful. The position was a tad bit uncomfortable but I welcomed the slight pain from it.

    Well it wasn't quite painful, just deep. I just knew that it was getting me there faster, that it was making me want to come all over his co ck this time.

    "Can I come?" I asked him out of breath, I really wanted later to happen. No chances were being taken for him to torture me with the bliss I could have had.

    "Yes." I didn't need him to say it twice, I was right on the edge and I let myself go before he could change his mind. He smacked my ass hard again and then again as I came and I cried out, forgetting about everyone that could be outside that door for a minute.

    I didn't care right now.

    All I cared about was the fact that my husband had his co ck inside me and I was handcuffed as he made me come and the come again while I was bent over his desk. All I cared about was that he was coming hard inside me now and that it felt incredible.

    "You're so responsive." I thought it was easy for him to get me off before, now I felt like I could explode is he looked at me the right way.

    "You're not complaining are you?" I asked, he was breathing heavily and I was panting.

    "No." he helped me stand and then took the cuffs off of me."I just wish you could sit in here naked all day." He licked his lips

    "Yeah, well tonight if you take advantage of me, I'll sleep naked." I grabbed baby wipes out of my bag and he took it from me and cleaned me up.

    "Thought this through, did you?" he laughed and then I pulled out my shirt that was the same as the one he ripped.

    "I did." He just shook his head and when I was clean I put the lingerie back on and then my clothes and he did the same before we got caught.

    "You're something else." I just gave him a smile and went to unlock the door and get back to my office when he grabbed my hand and pulled me to face him. His shirt was still partially unbuttoned and he hadn't tucked it in yet so I slid my hands up his shirt and onto his abs.

    "Yes?" I asked him and he grabbed my face gently.

    "You're just going to run off on me? I don't think so." His lips were soft and he wrapped his arms around me firmly and one had slid down and grabbed my ass and pulled me even closer to him.

    "I was wondering if you would let me." he backed me against the wall and I even though I had just gotten dressed he started unbuttoning my shirt again for his mouth to have more room to roam.

    I was getting ready to take his shirt off again when the door was pushed open.

    "Dear god my eyes." I looked over to see Riley covering his and I pushed him away from me. Chase adjusted himself and when Riley opened his eyes again I was buttoning up my shirt and Chase was working on his buttons and tie.

    "Can't you knock?" I asked Riley and he looked so grossed out right now.

    "I wasn't aware I needed to, at work." He shot back at me and I just shrugged

    "We're on lunch break, our time." I wasn't really sorry right now. Embarrassed my brother has now walked in on us twice, but not sorry

    "Maybe you should lock the door." He cringed

    "Well this went better than the last time you walked in to see this." I said and he frowned remembering that "Too soon?" I asked and he nodded

    "Just a little bit Angel, especially since you're pregnant." Chase came up behind me and rested his hands on my stomach and kissed my neck briefly.

    "Right." Just a little bit awkward there.

    "Plus side, healthy babies so far. How was lunch?" I asked him and he shook his head a little like he was trying to shake his head right.

    "Lunch went great; Jameson's a very smooth talker, almost as good as Brylee."

    "No one's as good as me." I was a little cocky, yes. But I was good with people, great with clients.

    "Kind of true, but it does make me feel better for when you go on leave. I don't want you to have to stress about work."

    "Trust me, I'll do everything I can to make sure you just have time with your twins, I know it was so hard for us having to go to school and for Monica having to be away from the girls, she got really depressed and I wouldn't want to see you go through that." I remembered that. Monica had post-partum pretty bad for a couple months.

    "Thanks, I'm guessing you're not fighting my persistence to restructure now." Chase went to sit at his desk and I grabbed my purse and gave him a little wink which earned a smirk back, then we headed to my office to talk about the meeting. My couch was much more comfortable.

    I sat with Riley and we discussed what we needed to do, who we needed on the project and all the little details that the other boys won't really get involved in. We worked until I started stressing myself out too much and Riley told me to head home and he would finish up.

    That was a first.

    But I was tired and hungry and really wanted a shower so I went to Chase's office and he was ready to get going for the day.

    "What do you want for dinner Angel?" he asked when we were pulling into the garage.

    "Chinese and I want a shower." He was very affectionate with me as we went inside and he helped me out of these clothes and he ordered while I let myself relax in the shower. It felt wonderful to have a minute to myself to just relax.

    When I got tired of standing I got out and Chase was waiting with a warm towel.

    "If you get any more perfect, I might just explode." It was almost annoying how perfect he was, I was so flawed and I just want to see his every now and then. I knew that he wasn't this perfect person and he was really trying for the sake of my hormones not to make me upset.

    But It upset me that he wasn't upsetting me every now and then. I was so god damn illogical.

    "I'm not perfect, you're just under enough stress so I'm trying extra hard not to add to it." That was sweet, but it wasn't real

    "I don't want you to be someone you're not Chase, it will make you miserable." Pretending to be happy all the time, even if you're not is exhausting and I don't want him stressing himself out because he's overly worried about me.

    "I may be in a bubble and it may just be waiting to burst, but I haven't been miserable at all. I can tell it's irritating you, but every time I look at you I see all that we're going to have soon and I just can't be upset or angry. Do you irritate me sometimes? Yes you do, but it's not a big deal. I know I'm being paranoid after what happened last time and I just don't want anything to go wrong." Well it's a good thing he knew he was being excessive.

    "It's oddly nice to hear that I irritate you." I know that wasn't logical and it was strange, but no one is perfect and I know that I must annoy the hell out of him and I love him for not making me feel bad, but I also love him for being annoyed by me, if that made any sense.

    "If I point it out when you are being irritating, you would freak out. Do you know how hard it is for me to let you go to work knowing how stressful it is, to see you cleaning or doing dishes when I don't want you lifting a single thing? It's hard for me to let you eat food that I know you want but I also know is bad for you, like Chinese. But I know I can't control you or your decisions, I just want everything to be safe, I don't want you stressing about laundry, let alone anything else." I couldn't fault him for that.

    "I would and I know you're worried but I'm alright. I'll pull back if I need to." I went to the dresser and got a large shirt and some sleep shorts to get a little more comfortable.

    "Riley and I talked; he said he was the same way with Monica and that I was being normal. Well minus that I never freaked out about it.

    "Can you imagine how paranoid we'll be as parents?" I asked, I could imagine being like Riley was when Lina and Mia were born, standing half asleep in front of their cribs watching them sleep. Being terrified that if he doesn't see them take every single breath, that they wouldn't breathe at all.

    "Sleep deprived and hyper sensitive. I'm wrapping them in bubble wrap." I couldn't help but laugh; I could see Chase trying to do that.

    "Follow them around with sunscreen and never put them down?" I asked and he groaned

    "No talking about them walking yet, god they're going to grow up and they're not even born yet, but it's already killing me." I kissed his cheek and then there was a knock at the door.

    "They'll be your babies for a long time; it's going to be okay. They're not graduating tomorrow. " I said that, but when he went to get the food I couldn't help but feel the same way. They're not even here, hell I don't even know what they are yet, but to me they were already walking, talking going to school and graduating.

    "Oh god." I jumped and put my hand on my stomach.

    "What's wrong?" Chase was there what felt like seconds later. I was bent over and Chase was freaking out. "Why the hell are you smiling?" he asked when I stood back up. It didn't hurt, it was just a surprise.

    "Nothing's wrong, woah." I grabbed for his hand and pushing it against my stomach and I could feel one of the babies kick against the pressure. His hand retreated and he stared at his palm for a second and he handed it back to me.

    I smiled as I pushed his hand back against my stomach and there was a kick on the other side too.

    "I think the other one just kicked." I put my hand on my stomach as well and he smiled warmly at my stomach before bending and kissing right where his palm just was.

    "Is that the first time?" he asked me

    "I've felt them wiggling around a little bit, but this is the first time the baby's actually kicked." We had every intention of finally having some rough sex, of being tied to the bed and having him ** me in all different kinds of ways, but as soon as we felt them kicking it all changed.

    The food was even forgotten as he kissed me and before I knew it he was inside me and making love to me slowly and gently; the complete opposite of what was intended. We went at it for hours, when we weren't having sex, he was touching or kissing me or just trying to see if the twins would kick against his hand.

    He talked to them and then it was like foreplay and my body was craving him like his was mine. We went until he literally couldn't anymore and it was as amazing as it was beautiful.

    After that we stayed curled up naked in bed with takeout containers, Netflix and he touched my belly and talked to it like they could actually hear him.

    "Daddy loves you two." I remembered him saying and kissing my stomach as I fell asleep. I wasn't even disappointed with the way that this night had turned out.
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