Chapter Forty-Seven

    Chapter Forty-Seven

    Every day since we felt the twins kick Chase has been playing with my stomach to get them to kick back. Sometimes he was a little disappointed when they did nothing, but sometimes one or both of them would kick back.

    It was as cute as it was annoying.

    I know he loved feeling them kicking and it was unbelievably adorable when we were laying down and he would lay with his head near my stomach. When the babies kicked against his hand I would let him do it for as long as I could stand because it was so cute.

    He would just lay there and talk to them. Tell them how much he loved them and how much he loved me, how he couldn't wait to meet them so we can be a family.

    It brought tears to my eyes every time he did it.

    It was a pain in the ass though because then there would be two little forming beings moving around inside of me and my bladder couldn't take it for too long, it would only get worse as the continued to grow.

    "Tomorrow we get to find out what you two are." We had a long day at work and I was lying down with my eyes closed, a cold towel over my eyes to help naturally with a head ache I had. I got stressed from starting a new client and ended up stressing myself sick, which just made the pounding worse.

    "And that means we get to take tomorrow off too." I was looking forward to a three day weekend. I could definitely use the time to destress and to take in the good news.

    What better way to forget about work for a few days than to find out what your children are going to be? We were going to go shopping this weekend, pick paint for the nursery and we were meeting with a painter to decide on the design as well.

    "Yes it does. That means mommy can take a few days off and stop stressing, which makes you two happy and it makes daddy happy." I rolled my eyes and grabbed a book and read while he kept talking to the twins.

    "What do you hope they are?" I was curious. I wanted to know what he thought before we found out and he thought about it a second.

    "You know I don't care. I'd love two little boys to play around and drive you crazy, to teach them how to play sports. I'd love two little girls, my little princesses who will probably be like you, but in my mind they're into dolls and have big bows in their hair and cute little matching dresses. And I would love one of each to see them be a lot like you and Riley, those two would drive each other crazy and it would be the best of both. I'm happy any which way it works out." I could see those things.

    It was like their lives were flashing before my eyes, everything they could be and all the different people and I didn't even know what they were.

    "How about names? Ones that go together like Brylee and Riley or different?" I asked him. I just couldn't wait until tomorrow, I was excited.

    "A little boy with Riley for their middle name for sure." Miguel was named after Chase; I thought that Riley for a middle name was perfect.

    "Do you want a little boy named after you?" I never asked him that before, it was important to some men.

    "No. How about naming a little girl Maria? After you and after your mother?" I didn't know if I wanted that or not. My mother's death was still painful for me and I was afraid that it would make me upset every time I said her name.

    "I don't know, we don't even know if they're girls." I put my hand on my stomach and he kissed my belly. I had grown to love the nice bump that I had, Chase told me every day how much he loved it and I had started feeling that too.

    "Maria is a good name honey." He grabbed my hands

    "Riley having a little boy named Miguel with us having a little girl named Maria? It just feels like a lot" It felt like it would be a little weird.

    "If your parents were alive, you wouldn't be thinking that." He was probably right.

    "I'll think about it, if we're having girls. And we'll see tomorrow afternoon. I want to go to bed so I can wake up and then find out, but I can't sleep." It was like being a child on Christmas.

    "I think you should take next weekend and go to a spa or something, get a massage." Well that came out of nowhere.

    "Why?" I asked and his fingers made little patterns on my belly.

    "Because you're sore, get comfortable." I hated this part.

    "I need the bathroom first." I hated this part even more. He helped me up and I took care of what I needed to do before getting back in bed. I lay down and it took me what felt like forever to get into a place where I was actually comfortable.

    "Let me help you relax." He pulled my feet into his lap and had lotion on the bed. He squeezed it into his hands and rubbed them together to warm it up and make it easier to spread around before starting on my left foot.

    My feet hurt so bad, that this felt almost as sex.

    I groaned as he massaged my swollen and angry feet and he moved up into my legs too. God that felt so good.

    "That feels wonderful."

    "I'll be right back." I wanted to protest, but I refrained. He came back with a cold towel I had put in the freezer earlier and put it over my eyes "Now close your eyes and relax" I took deep breaths to relax and he continued to massage my feet and legs. The next thing I knew it was morning and Chase was waking me up with lightly caffeinated coffee.

    "Hey." The towel was sitting beside me and my back protested as I moved to sit up, my back had been killing me the last couple months.

    "Morning babies." He kissed me and then my stomach before handing me my coffee.

    "Are you ready to know if you're having a daughter and a son, two daughters or two sons?" I just wanted to know so I could stop naming the three different options. I wanted to refer to them for what they were instead of them or they.

    "I am. I'm also going to take my beautiful wife out for breakfast before, so time to get up and get ready." I handed my coffee over to him and he helped me up. My knees and legs were stiff so I waddled like a **ing penguin to the bathroom so I could start my day off. I wasn't looking forward to them pushing on my bladder even more than they were.

    Being pregnant sucked, but it was kind of amazing at the same time.

    I went and got my coffee and drank it as I messed with some makeup and my hair and then brushed my teeth once the coffee was all gone.

    I went to the closet and pulled on some leggings that were a little big, which made it so much more comfortable on my stomach. I had just gotten my bra on when Chase came into the closet.

    "So sexy." He ran his finger over the lace of my bra and I turned away from him.

    "Not today Chase, I'm exhausted." I just wasn't in the mood and he grabbed a shirt that I had bought recently and handed it to me.

    "You'll look beautiful in anything, but I'd love to see you in that." I pulled it over my head and looked in the mirror.

    "You like any shirt that emphasizes my stomach." He nodded as he pulled a shirt over his head. I usually saw him in a suit or comfortable clothes for around the house; it was rare that I got to see him in just jeans and a t-shirt.

    "I do. Now breakfast." He grabbed my hand and I grabbed my purse on the way out and he stuffed a phone and wallet into his pockets and grabbed a set of keys off the ring as we walked out the door.

    We headed out to the diner where he proposed and where we spent all those nights together when we were younger.

    "Brylee, wow." Debra was the first person we saw and she came over with a huge smile on her face and she put a hand on my stomach.

    "Yeah, twins." I told her and she looked over at Chase.

    "You know, I didn't expect this from you two. I've seen you guys since you were barely teenagers." Debra had been here a little over ten years; Greta's owned it for twenty seven years.

    "And I've know you since you were six. I could never have guessed twenty years ago that this was going to happen." She put her hand on my stomach this time.

    "Yeah, me neither. But we've been married five months and well, I've been pregnant for all of them, but it's still been a pretty great marriage so far."

    "You two are beyond cute." Debra told us and I leaned into his side.

    "We find out what we're having today." I wanted to know and tell absolutely everyone, I know I was going to start irritating people with my baby stuff but put up with it twice from Monica and once, now twice with Rochelle. It was my turn.

    "Well make sure you come back and let us know. Do you want the usual or are you having come cravings?" Debra asked me

    "Actually I'm having a craving for the usual, extra pancake and extra cheese." I loved cheese on my eggs.

    "Alright, I'll bring some drinks; just pick a place though I'm sure I know where you'll pick." The same booth we always sat at. We usually got pretty lucky that no one was there and we had out backups if it was taken.

    "Okay, we won't keep you Greta." I gave her a hug and she hugged Chase too and then we sat down. Debra brought over milk, water and orange juice and came back to fill Chase's coffee cup. I missed drinking as much coffee as I wanted, whenever I wanted.

    I loved the smell of coffee and the slightly bitter taste as it kept me functioning most the time. It was hard working with very limited caffeine. My body was working overtime with growing not just one, but two kids. I was exhausted from the minute I woke up to the second I fell asleep and I couldn't even have coffee to counteract that.

    "I'm sorry you can't have any." He knew as I stared longingly at his cup and followed its movement to his mouth with my eyes.

    "I know." Debra brought our food out and my eyes lit up and I looked at that plate of food probably just like I looked at Chase on our wedding day. Well maybe not just like I did, but probably pretty similar.

    "Thank you." I told her warmly and then I dug into the delicious food that was in front of me. I took bites of the eggs with melty cheese and it was almost heaven, heaven was the pancakes that were covered in sticky sweet syrup.

    "Happy?" he asked me amused and he couldn't help a light chuckle as I looked up at him with chipmunk cheeks stuffed with pancake and nodded.

    "Very." I said after I swallowed and took a large drink of milk.

    "You know, I find this oddly very adorable. I love you." I stuck my tongue out at him, childish I know and then I shoved another bite of food into my mouth. "Yeah, kind of cute." I frowned at him and chewed slowly. I didn't like that word.

    "Shut up." It was very unladylike to talk with my mouth full but I didn't particularly care right now.

    "That's charming, very charming." I nodded with a smile on my face as I finished this mouthful of food.

    "Thanks." He just shook his head and continued to eat. By the end of breakfast he'd had about four cups of coffee and I was glaring at him. Did he have to drink so much of it when I could not?

    "Are you ready?" he asked me and I nodded. I know I was terrified and unsure before but now, now I really embraced this. I was still nervous but excited.

    "Yeah." He grabbed my hand and helped me up from the booth. He paid while I went to the restroom and then we went to the doctor's office. We weren't there very long when we were called back and Dr. Kline came in to see us.

    He asked me questions and he wanted to take some blood just to make sure everything was normal and then we got to the part that we've been waiting for not just all day, but for weeks.

    I pulled my shirt up and pushed the band of my leggings down for him to put gel on my stomach and I grabbed for Chase's hand when he put the little tool and spread the gel around.

    He turned the sound on and we heart both the heartbeats merging together as he looked at the twins.

    "It's looking like two healthy babies and the heartbeats sound great too." That wasn't what I wanted to hear though; I wanted to hear what they were.

    "And what are they?" I asked him, I was about to freaking burst if he didn't tell me.

    "Alright, baby number one over here is" he paused and looked at the screen "A little boy." My heart was racing right now as he told us that it was a boy.

    "And the second?" Chase asked, his face lit up and I know it would have done the same if Dr. Kline had said girl, he just wanted to know; we just wanted to know.

    "Baby number two is going to be a little-" he paused and we just stared at him.

    "A what?" I asked impatiently and he chuckled

    "Baby two is a little girl." A little girl

    "A boy and a girl." I repeated and Dr. Kline nodded in confirmation.

    "Not surprising. You're a fraternal twin, statistically speaking mixed gender twins were the most likely." He kept the little instrument on them so we could see longer.

    "Riley had girls though." I commented

    "A female fraternal twin is more likely to have mixed gender twins. It doesn't apply to the male twin though." I looked at them again and smiled and then I cried.

    "So one of each just like Riley and I." I felt at peace with that and could only hope that they would have the kind of relationship that we had and have still. I wanted them to lean on each other just as we had. I wanted them to fight and argue but always be the first to stick up for each other.

    We got another cd of them and I cleaned off my stomach so we could go shopping. I was beyond excited to be picking things out and picking a theme, bedding and decoration. We would meet with a painter later and start designing the kid's room.

    "I think we should name her Maria, Brylee." He told me once we got in the car and I swallowed hard but I nodded. Riley would get to name his child after dad and I would get mom.

    "Maria Rodriguez" I thought about it as we drove to the store. It was a hard decision, but i think my mother would have loved it. "I like it" I concluded but I was at a loss as to what we could name our son, we had a middle name set but I had a feeling that the first name was going to be a difficult one. We went to go shopping, a little celebration to finally knowing the gender. As soon as we went into the store, I felt like a kid in a candy store with an unlimited budget. Seriously, I can't tell you the last time I was this excited. I felt like I was floating and that I was on this ultimate high, one that was so natural that I didn't want to ever come down.

    "I want a princess theme. I don't care if it's cheesy; she's going to be my little princess. Maybe we do a royal theme for the cribs. I know you liked the idea of a Disney theme, but maybe we have all different stuffed animals on shelves?" he asked me and I thought about it.

    "Let's maybe look online?" I suggested. They had a little sitting area with books and such spread around so we sat there and sat side by side while we googled ideas on our phone, trying to get an idea of what we wanted.

    "I think the castle is cute, maybe paint it between the two cribs?" He flipped through a couple and I nodded.

    "I think that's a cute idea. One side of the room can be painted for Maria, the other for our son." I hated that we only had one name.

    "Which baby is having the while and which is having brown?" He asked me.

    "White for Maria. Grey can be the main color and we can have her side accented with pink and his with blue." I thought that would be cute, have a general theme but have each side different per gender.

    "I really like that. I like this crib with the crowns above each bed and the netting coming down." Instead of the cribs being long way against the wall, we would have them come out so we can stand between the two of them.

    "Are you ready to buy some things for it?" he asked me and I nodded. I was ready to commit to this idea. So we went shopping for everything we could find there and decided to order thins online when we got home after our appointment with a painter, which went very well.

    The castle would be in-between them and all the other walls besides the one behind the cribs would be painted as we planned. We discussed the mural and decided on enchanted looking trees to go over the cribs with their names.

    All we had to do was pick a boy's name, though after discussing it we could pick that later and they could add it after based on the design.

    I know we were only five months in, but we arranged for them to start painting next week and they would paint a little at a time over the next month and then we could put the whole room together.

    So after she left, we ate dinner and lay in bed figuring out how we were going to do our reveal party to our friends and family.

    Yes i know some of you said it would be cheesy/predictable to have mixed gender twins, but statistically that is the most common for a female mixed gender twin would have.

    So what do you think of Maria  Rodriguez and then _____ Riley Rodriguez

    I also have a name for little boy, but it shall be revealed later <3

    And YES, i am going to smother you all with grossly cuteness because... well they deserve it. Have to admit, it's weird writing them so happy (kind of sad to say though)
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