Chapter Fifty-One

    Chapter Fifty-One

    "Schedule the first appointment you can and I'll go with you to the doctor so we can talk about what would be best for you and for our kids." Those were the first words I heard as soon as I walked In the house; he had been waiting for me to waddle in. I was nearing seven months pregnant now and when you're having twins you can go into labor at thirty-six weeks.

    Maybe I was crazy for freaking out two months early, but I just wanted to have all the decisions made. The miscarriage is in the back of my head all the time and I don't want to be underprepared and scrambling to make decisions as I go into labor.

    "Why the change of heart?" He stood and made his way to me, I didn't want to let him touch me but I needed it at the same time. There was a part of me that was still upset, a part of me who couldn't just let it go.

    "Because you're right. Our babies, our call. It's just, I didn't want to make the wrong choice and have you screaming at me for it later. It's an important decision and I can't just be involved in the ones that I feel like being involved in." He ran his fingers through my hair and it calmed me.

    We sat down and talked about it. There were so many cons for having a surgery instead, but with twins it could put them in distress if they're not in the right position to deliver. There is a lot of good that comes from having a vaginal childbirth; I was just scared. After what happened a couple years ago I didn't want to lose another baby.

    "I'll make an appointment." Hopefully I could get in sooner rather than later. "And I'm sorry; I know you care. You love me and I know you love them too." He's been nothing but wonderful with my pregnancy and I needed to stop. Stop seeing it this negative light; we're happy, this was exactly what we wanted and now we have it.

    "Listen, I know you want decisions to be made now; but we have time for this one. You're making yourself sick and the stress this is putting on you isn't good for you or the twins. Just let this one go for a few days and we can talk to a doctor as we make a decision." Easier said than done, but that did sound nice. The twins were active and every kick felt like it kicked the life out of me a little bit. Feeling them is wonderful; it's an indescribable experience that I love; it's just not as cute anymore.

    My stomach is already bigger than Monica or Rochelle's were when they gave birth with just one and my doctor is already talking about bed rest. If I get put on bed rest I know Chase will enforce it and that I will have no choice. The pressure they're putting on my body is uncomfortable and exhausting. Sometimes it's hard to be happy when you're being kicked in the ribs from the inside.

    "Okay; I'll try." And I would.

    "Come on." He grabbed my hand and brought me to our bed. He carefully maneuvered me to sit down. My shirt came off first and he unclipped my bra, I wasn't sure if it was relieving or painful to let them just go natural. My shoes, more commonly called feet prisons, were removed. If I wasn't wearing sandals or flats Chase had to tie my shoes for me. My beach ball of a stomach didn't allow for me to bend much. My jeans that were starting to get tight again, went next. I couldn't even shave anymore; I had to go get waxed since I wasn't willing to let myself go that way.

    Being with someone I was this comfortable with was relieving. There were days I felt like an unattractive and fat whale; but he didn't care. Chase loved me no matter my size, mood or insecurity level. He sat at the edge of the bed with a bottle of lotion and rubbed my feet.

    "Oh god." Seriously better than sex.

    "My Angels poor feet." He kissed the sole of my foot and continued to massage it. Chase took care of me; no one could ever accuse him of being inattentive. He made sure I had a place to lay down at work, that I wasn't working myself too hard and that I had anything I needed. He scheduled spa days for me to get massages and pampered. But this was better, at least to me.

    A professional massage felt incredible, but it was more sentimental when he did it. And being pregnant I was emotional and cried at anything.

    "What's wrong, Angel?" His sad eyes made me cry harder.

    "I love you." For **s sake, I was such a baby.

    "I love you too. What else can I do for you?" And I moaned; that was the spot right there. He didn't skip a beat, he continued to put pressure there and then he rubbed my ankles and up my legs. There was no time limit; he wasn't looking at the clock every ten minutes to see how long he's been doing this; he just wanted to make me feel better.

    Pregnancy and I had a love hate relationship. I was tired of being pregnant, tired of having swollen everything, tired of being this drained and tired of being tired. But I could always feel them. Awake or asleep I knew they were there. I would miss this feeling. For part of my pregnancy I had taken it for granted and I felt guilty over that.

    "My lower back." He could get my shoulders when I was sitting down, but my lower back was always throbbing.

    "Lay on your side," It wasn't the best angle, but he laid behind me and dug his fingers into the lower region of my back. An unexpected moan escaped when his fingers got lower; the pain in my ass hadn't even registered with everything else. "Back." I rolled over again and he used his three middle fingers to rub my chest; the area above my breasts.

    They've gooten so much larger than it was pulling at all the muscles from my chest to back. It was painful but it did feel good.

    "You're the best." He rubbed under and to the sides my breasts now and it felt strange; but in a good way. He was wonderful.

    "Are you feeling better?" Time escaped us, I have no idea how long he was going at it but I felt amazing.


    "Are you still stressed?" He questioned and I debated; truth or lie. Truth was always better; I knew that.

    "Yeah; a little." He kissed my lips and then each brest once. His mouth went lower and lower still.

    "Chase." Sex? Really; that was what he was going to push for? We hadn't had sex in awhile, I just wan't really in the mood; too tired.

    "Shush for a minute." His face settled between my thighs and he kissed my slit. "You're wet baby; are you sure you're not horny?" Okay, maybe I was. He gripped my ass and drank me in until I pulled his hair.

    "Don't stop." My voice was embarrassingly needy.

    "Are you horny, Angel?" He asked again and I groaned but nodded.

    "Let me take care of you then." He reached for the chest at the end of the bed and my boidy tingled in excitement; we haven't used that box in months; not since finding out I was pregnant. He grabbed ties and bound each wrist to the side of the bed. He wound rope around my thighs and then ankles; tying them not only apart, but up in the air too and in a position where I couldn't move my thighs inward. My pu ssy was exposed to him.

    "I can't wait until we can go back to how things were." Well not completely; but i couldn't wait until I could be in any position and he could get rough with me again. Maybe that was why we didn't have sex as much anymore; there wasn't enough variation.

    "Like what?" His fingers teased my entrance.

    "How you would bend me over your desk in the office and ** me. How you would roughly take my ass or force me into positions and pound my pu ssy." So horny.

    "Interesting. His fingers left me as he turned and dug around in the chest again. No matter how hard I tried i couldn't fingure out what he was digging for; I couldn't see what he grabbed. I waited, anticipating what he would do.

    "Oh god, yes, yes, please yes." There was pressure at my ass and slowly he inserted a toy inside me, gently **ing me with it to loosen me up and force me to take it. "Shit." He turned it on and i knew exactly what it was. It vibrated and pulsed; I tried to close my legs, but of course I couldn't.

    "Oh you like that, huh?" His smirk; I missed that look.

    "Please stick my anal dildo up my ass instead." This plug was wonderful and stimulating but I wanted more. He liked when I talked this way, when I wasn't trying to find other words to try and make it sound less explicit or dirty.

    "The only large thing you're taking up that ass is my dick and you'll be patient and a good girl if you want it." My eyes closed as I imagined that; yes please.

    "Yes Sir." This time he closed his eyes, relishing in that title; one I haven't used in a long ass time. His hand slid over my stomach, down the curve and felt how wet I was. He watched me as he slid two fingers inside me, he watched as he pressed against my gspot and I pulled at the restraints. What I wouldn't give to feel rope burning my flesh as I pulled.

    "That's it." He built it slow, enjoyed every moan, gasp and scream that was stuck in the back of my throat. He would pull that scream from me later; that much I knew. The plug vibrated as he played with my cl it and **ed me with his fingers. My thighs were a little cramped but it wasn't anything I didn't want.

    They were stuck up in the air and I couldn't pull them together or apart. My body was his and at his sexually sick mercy. He ran his cock over my slit and I whimpered for it; begged to be filled so fully and completely. If only there was something bigger to go with that glorious co ck.

    Something I would never tell him though; that I wanted to know what it was like to be filled by two di cks at the same time, to take them both and be controlled by two men. He gave me everything and I would never love another man, but sometimes I wondered.

    He gave me the tip and I begged for more, just another inch.

    "Beg." His strong voice contracted to my pathetically breathy and weak one.

    "Give me just a little more; please just a little more." Begging got me wet.

    "And if I don't want to give you just a little more?" He mimicked my voice at the end and I groaned.

    "Then I don't get more. It's your choice, you decided if I do or do not get **ed." Please do, please be do! Sex wasn't an interest to me as much lately because he needs to be a little more careful to avoid discomfort but I wanted discomfort right now. I wanted to wake up tomorrow sore and **ed raw; I wanted my ass to throb as I sat at my desk Monday.

    What I wanted was to not be pregnant anymore so he could bend me over and take me how he wanted. To throw me down on the bed and crush me slightly as he penatrated me and took me to **ing blissful heaven.

    "Such a good girl," When he crammed his cock in me I cringed a little bit; it wasn't bad though. "You alright?" He asked and I nodded.

    "Yes Sir, I'm fine; promise." We needed to adapt and that was fine; but I was okay and I didn't want him to be looking at me the way he was. We were finally doing something new and not just the three positions we've been doing, the three I was **ing tired of.

    "Are you sure?" He asked again and my temper flared a little bit.

    "Don't look at me that way. Do you want to turn me completely off?" I asked because that was where this was headed. If I had to bare anther boring and gentle round of sex I was done; there would be no more sex in that case.

    He pulled back and thrusted in again, pulling at the plug as a response.

    "Don't worry baby; your ass will be mine soon." That was what I wanted to **ing hear. His ass was going to be tied to the **ing bed if he didn't give me what I wanted. We could play, but the second he started treating me like a porcelain doll and not trusting my judgment, he was done. I would cuff his ass and use his co ck wherever and however I wanted.

    My stomach and thighs jiggled as he pounded my pu ssy and for once it didn't make me feel self conscious. There was something kind of beautiful about having sex with your husband, the man you love while you're pregnant with his child.

    "God yes!" This was my comfort level; he could ** me however was still pleasurable and this was it.

    "What did you call me?" He hooked his hands under my knees that were up in the air and grabbed my thighs, rocking into me and sending me up.

    "God; if that's what you want and what will make you let me come then fine. You're my own personal **ing god; now take me to heaven." Yes, right there.

    "That is so hot." He groaned as he did what I asked, what I wanted him to do and made me scream that he was a **ing sex god that I was graced with. Shit, if he wanted me to scream he was god damn Elmo I would right now. There was nothing I wouldn't do for him, nothing I wouldn't do to add to his pleasure. If he needed a boost and to be called a sex god; I'll be a good little wife and whisper, moan or scream it; whatever he wanted.

    He's given me a best friend, an incredible lover and soon two beautiful children. He's made me a wife, a mother and a better person. He's stood by me at my worst, held me through the miscarriage and pushed me to be a better sister and friend. He gave me a father's blessing on our wedding day and the best years of my life.

    He's everything and anything I need him to be and I'll do anything he wants me to do because I know he wouldn't force anything on me he didn't think I would like. He yanked the plug out and went to toss it in the sink to be cleaned later.

    He stood in front of me naked; my eyes drank him in as he palmed and rubbed his erection that was still wet from my orgasm.

    "How are you doing with gagging?" He asked and I shrugged, guess we would find out.

    "I'll shake my head if I can't handle it." He looked at me bound and still horny. He didn't touch me but he did move the full body mirror and position it so I could see what he would do to me. Chase didn't untie me, he didn't make an attempt to move me. He stroked himself as he looked at me and I kept my eyes locked on his.

    "My cums dripping out of your pu ssy." Why did that sound so damn hot?

    "You like making me messy." There isn't a part of my body he hasn't come on or I wouldn't let him. He got off on my submission to him and my willingness to please him. He got onto the bed and he came to me. His cock tasted like my as he bent down and inch by inch, made me take him.

    My morning sickness was gone, has been for a few weeks and so when he hit the back of throat I was surprised that I didn't instantly feel like gagging. He pulled back and dipped down again, just as I was tied up to take his assault on my body, I was helpless to even grip him to limit how far he went down my throat.

    He peered into my eyes when he choked me with it and I moaned; I loved that he watched me and I groaned as I sucked my come off him. He grunted and pushed a little farther and I took it. He knew that as long as he didn't come down my throat; we would be okay. That would for sure make me gag right now. He **ed my throat until he got close and I looked in the carefully positioned mirror and watched him stroke himself and then felt as he came all over my pu ssy; making me even messier and now he was really dripping off me.

    "Careful there, you promised." If he got me all hot and bothered and didn't ** me again; I would be furious.

    "Don't worry Angel, I have one more left in me." He didn't let my flame burn out either. He sucked on the flesh right at my upper thigh and continued to mark my body in places no one would ever see; well maybe a doctor but I wasn't giving birth anytime soon.

    He bit his lip, trying not to show that sick smile as I squirmed and begged for him to stop touching my breasts. He tweaked my ni pples and flicked his tongue over them. When he pinched them, even lightly I screamed. He was pushing me, waiting for me to tell him that it was enough. My eyes watered as he stimulated my breasts, challenging me to say stop. I wanted to scream enough but instead I whimpered for more. He rubbed, pinched and soothed them for twenty **ing minutes and I screamed when he made me come from painful nipple stimulation alone.

    "God I can't get enough of that. You're so god damn responsive; it's easy to get you off. Am I a bad person because I love tormenting you?" He should be, I should be angry my husband just admitted that he loved to torment me, his erection told me he got off on it; but I wasn't. This was a whole new level of pain and while I couldn't take it every day; I did love it.

    "Am I a **ed up person for saying no?" He shook his head and reached to grab lube. It mixed with my natural arousal that was sliding and dripping from my pu ssy to my add and probably to the sheets. He stuck his cock in me to get himself wet and used his fingers to slide the lube into my ass.

    "No, but I'm going to torment this ass next. You want it rough Angel? I don't stop unless you say the word. You'll feel my cock in your ass for days to come." Could he spank me too? Because that would just be icing on the god damn cake. He was relentless as he penetrated me again, pinching my clit as he hit balls deep.

    When I whimpered he **ed it rougher.

    "More." More begging, I was close to tears because if felt so good. He slowed down as he messed with the rope and I protested when he pulled out. My leg was still spread but my knee was straight now, he was straddling it as he forced his thick cock into my ass again, giving me no choice but to take it.

    My body withered and arched, the sounds that were coming from my lips were noises I couldn't remember the last time I made.

    "Please don't stop." He glanced at me and didn't falter as I literally cried. This was something I never wanted to end; I didn't know when he could give it to me like this again and I knew that as soon as he was done we would be done.

    He would untie me carefully, make sure i wasn't hurt and we would shower together. When he came again I knew that the rough and **ing fantastic sex would be over for a bit. He would be afraid to get rough with me again and it would be back to missionary, doggy or me on top. It would be sweet and he wouldn't pinch my nipples and smack my ass as I bounced on top of him.

    He wouldn't spank me as he took me from behind like he used to. He wouldn't be rough enough to bruise my body.

    So I begged and begged for him to just hold off longer. He pinched my cl it, my ni pples and fingered me as he took me. He bit me and I got some love taps to the side of my ass as he screwed me with no remorse. He got me off time and time again; holding off by a thread.

    Every time I begged for just a little longer, for one more and he was running out of stamina to give that to me.

    "Angel I can't." He grunted and my face was wet, hair sticking to my face from sweat and tears. Our honeymoon was the last time he put my body through this much stress and if he could keep going just a little longer; I may black out again. I was exhausted, gasping for air and cringing away from his rough touches only to beg him to do it again.

    "Please Sir." The words were hard to get out and he groaned.

    "Then you need to **ing come." There were various things on the bed that he pulled out and he took one of my vibraters and stretched me painfully far with that, shoving it forwards as he retreated. So this was what it would feel like to have two man; kind of. I closed my eyes as I imagined my toy as another man; of how jealous and possessive he would get if I were to be **ed by someone else. He would never allow it but I let my fantasy take over and was coming for him one last time. He sighed in relief as he came in my ass; not that he was producing much at this point.

    "No more. I can't Brylee." He literally collapsed beside me, he didn't untie me at first. He closed his eyes as we both gasped for air and my head spun, the darkness invading my vision. Was this position comfortable for me? No, but I couldn't move. It took him eight minutes to be able to move enough to untie my.

    "That was." Amazing, way too much, impossible yet incredible?

    "Angel, I love you but I can't do that again." He was in pain from being rubbed raw and having an erection so long. When we showered he couldn't even let me touch him and It was hard to keep from flinching away when he helped wash me since it was getting impossible to shower normally.

    Yes, I had an loofah on a stick thing but why would I ever pick that over showering with Chase if I had the choice? When we got out of the shower we didn't get dressed, just cuddled and I was so tired I crashed near instantly; something that never happened.
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