Chapter Fifty-Five

    Chapter Fifty-Five

    When it was time to leave for the weekend I almost wanted to cancel. Leaving them was harder than I thought it would be. Monica and Rochelle were the ones to push me to go; they told me I needed to have some damn fun and take care of my man, too.

    Chase and I hadn't had sex in four and a half months; which was pretty much a year to us. This was the longest we have ever gone without sex and I did miss it. We didn't shower together everyday anymore, we slept with our clothes on and the girls and my doctor all assured me that it was completely normal for your sex drive to drop after children. Their advice was just to not let it stay there.

    We were going to be gone Friday until Sunday night and I had to make sure to prepare for that and I also knew what it felt like when the pressure built up when I wasn't feeding enough. That part freaked me out because my body wasn't the same. All the energy I had left went to exercise so my stomach wasn't the problem; really my breasts were the only problem that I had and that after pushing children out sex wouldn't be as enjoyable for him.

    My fears stayed with me and took over as soon as we got to the hotel.

    "Relax." He rubbed my shoulders and I sighed; that felt so good. He was great about still rubbing my feet or massaging my back and shoulders. Just because I wasn't pregnant anymore didn't mean he stopped how caring he had been; it was who he was.

    "Trying." He's known for weeks that I was pretty scared for this weekend.

    "Try harder." He kissed my neck and I wished that it calmed me down but it just reminded me of what we would be doing later today. Rochelle and Monica fully admitted it could be awkward but when you have a great man; he's there and will support you.

    "What if I start, you know; without the twins they're swollen." Three hours away from them was a lot. They filled and were sore.

    "You're not the only one searching the web and looking into how different things can be. You're my wife and I understand. These aren't only mine anymore and you decide when they are. Seeing you with them, feeding them; it makes me happy because I know how badly you wanted to do it. And yes; I'm curious too." The curiosity; Scott was curious and Rochelle let him do it. Monica even admitted that when there was time away; Riley has.

    We were open people but seeing them sexually was hard.

    "I'm trying." He shook his head and hugged me.

    "You're resisting. Brylee; I've done so much ** to you, pushed you and hell; forced you to suck my dick under my desk at work with your **ing brother standing in front of me. You think that your breasts being different is going to stop me? You think that because you had two kids that I'm not going to enjoy sex? There is nothing that can stop me from enjoying your body." He was sincere and I did believe that.

    "Okay." He took a couple deep breaths with me.

    "We're okay. We're prepared for things to be weird; but I will love you no matter if you like spray me with them. Because I guess it's happened." My eyes widened; I had read that too and it was a huge fear.

    "Why." I groaned and he chuckled.

    "Can you think of a please I haven't came on your body? Why does it need to be so different? It's all natural." He palmed them from behind and they were sore but it wasn't uncomfortable.

    "You're right." He was open before and that hasn't changed. We're still the same people.

    "Plus; I brought a surprise I wanted to try out," He whispered in my ear and used my hips to pull me back against him. "You're hips are even sexier now." His breath was against my neck and I tilted my head to the opposite side for him.

    "Oh yeah? Well I brought you a surprise too." Some things that he's never seen before. Motherhood now included breastfeeding bras and pads to keep things dry. He's seen my breasts multiple times a day for three months now, but he was right; they were Maria and Marcus.

    Except tonight and this weekend they would be his and not enclosed in unsexy cotton traps. This weekend was for lace, skimpy and sexy. I couldn't believe that's it's been a year since we got married; time has flown by so quick. A year ago we were thinking of starting a family and now we have two perfect three month olds.

    A year ago I cried as I remembered my parents and I bonded more with my new parents. And now I have framed pictures of my parents hanging above our fireplace. Everything has changed in a year; even our love has.

    My heart wants to burst everyday because after we were married, how he treated me on that cruise, how he went from rough to gentle, dominate to my partner, from my husband to a father; it's been a year of ups and an occasional down. We've made a great life together already in a single year of marriage and I can't wait to see what's next.

    I wondered how we would be on our next anniversary and what new ways I could find to fall even deeper in love with him.

    "What's my surprise?" I asked him and he wiggled his brows.

    "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." And this is precisely why I wore a dress and my heels he loved so much. My fingers gripped the zipper of my dress and I was able to plan the exact reveal of my body for him. My breasts came into view and this time they were enclosed by see through lace. My ni pples were hard and as I went lower and revealed the lower region of my stomach he looked ready to pant.

    He and his eyes were like a hungry dog and i was the only thing that could satisfy that hunger and thirst.

    "Keep going baby." His eyes were entranced as the top of my underwear peeked through.

    "No touching." He groaned and bit his lip as I fully undid the zipper. My dress hung off my shoulders as I exposed myself to him. The top had lining and the lace continued down onto the top of my ribs. My panties could be untied on either side and he realized now that I wasn't just wearing leggings under my dress.

    Anything to that man that went over your legs was leggings; tights, nylons, anything.

    The Garter connected to a band around my waist and it wasn't to hide my stripes on my tummy; I earned those and he loved them; that was why he had to explore to uncover.

    "If you stood there and played with your breats, I'm pretty sure I could come right now." His eyes weren't sure where to look and that boosted my confidence; he was nearly drooling.

    "What do you want to do first?" My fingers trailed along my hip and up my stomcah. His eyes watched as I ran them over the top of my breats; like an animal chasing a light or bone. I'd be his toy to bite and nibble if he could keep himself together long enough to do it.

    "Suck those **ing brea sts. Is that a push up bra?" He asked and I shook my head. He clearly looked up and mouthed 'yes' before returning them to me. It was nearly impossible not to laugh at his reaction but it was flattering. Without touching me he's made my worry drop. He makes me feel sexy and desired; like he could spent a week in bed with me and still be coming back for more; which was an offer he would take.

    His words made me a little nervous. What if he did and was grossed out?

    After pumping I tried a taste and it's sweet and an odd taste. Not bad, but I guess the sweetness does attract a baby to eat; and now a husband. Was that weird? In my head I could practically hear Rochelle and Monica screaming 'No!'

    Well if he liked it then I had an upper hand. He liked to be in control but I got a taste for it when I was pregnant especially. Not that he needed forcing, but I could make him go down on me for a **ing hour before letting him have another taste of my bre asts.

    "You like?" I asked as I let my dress drop and I turned for him to see my ass. When I made a full circle he was biting the knuckle of his pointer finger like he wanted to bite something else.

    "I am a **ing lucky man." He groaned when I swatted his hand away.

    "Yes you are; I spend an hour picking the perfect outfit for you. See, there are perks of getting married." Lingerie was part of our dating life but I would make sure to make it a bigger part of our married life. If I was horny, something like this was going on. He would love and desire me the same if he was taking off a cotton feeding bra and cotton boyshort underwear. But I wanted to feel sexy and at time racey; I don't when I was feeding a baby or changing diapers or playing with them; obviously. When it was our time I wanted to feel like this.

    "Thank you." He better thank me, damn it.

    "Now where is mine?" Because his co ck would be a gift enough. He grabbed a blindfold and I wordlessly let him cover my eyes. He put his hands innocently on my hips and walked me back to sit on the bed.

    "Something new." Was all he told me. It took him maybe fifteen minutes and a lot of cursing to do something and I waited patiently. Had he not had this reaction to my stripping; I would probably be sitting here uncomfortably.

    "Chase." I complained. He's already turned the heat up but I had goosebumps still that were only half from a chill.

    "Okay." He came over, took my hand and helped me up. When he pulled off the blindfold he did it from behind and wrapped his arms around me. Now I know why he got such a large hotel room; a suite actually complete with living room.

    There was a contraption in front of us that I recognized as a sex swing.

    "I figured if you were afraid it would be weird; we could make it really weird," That was actually a sweeter explanation than I thought I would get "Plus, I want to know what it's like to ** you on this." We weren't on the making love term tonight; no tonight it would be me or him getting **ed and it was going to be glorious.

    There was a paper with positions to try and there were some I instantly gravitated to.

    "I'm excited," Something new, something we've never done before. "But I have a couple more little surprises." He watched me bend over so I made sure to give him something to watch.

    "More treats? Hopefully ones I can use on you." He got a smile from me.

    "Now close your eyes." He only needed to for a few seconds before he opened them and I held a video camera in one hand and a camera in the other.

    "What?" His fingers drummed in excitement and he now had me and two other places to look; he wasn't sure where to.

    "For you to use." Chase took them both and he took a photo of me first, he posed me on the bed, on the swing, on my knees.

    "Now sit that sweet, juicy ass down." He forcefully sat me down on it and spread my legs. He set the video camera up and I heard it beep to record. He kneeled in front of me and my legs trembled.

    "Didn't you say you wanted my bre ats?" He untied the sides and looked like a kid unwrapping a Christmas present.

    "You must have lost your mind if you think I'd go straight for them, no matter how **ing badly I want to." He eyed them again and I gripped onto the straps. He dropped his head and his tongue was the first thing of his in my pu ssy, he swirled it and stimulated those nerves.

    "No mercy." He shook his head. The swing was absolutely awkward at first until I relaxed a little bit. This was being filmed. I leaned back and screeched thinking I was going to fall. His chuckled could be heard and I looked right into the camera for him, for later.

    He ate me so god damn good and I forgot there was a camera on me. No matter how much I begged him to, he wouldn't slide those fingers in me.

    "I'm trying to decide to ** you from behind on this or taste those tits." Two good choices.

    "Well they're hurting a little already; if you want to help me with that then I don't need to stop this to pump." The pressure would be unbearable soon.

    "Bed." His command was felt. He didn't tell me how he wanted me so I sat as he moved the camera to film this too. This was my choice, my idea; I could do this.

    He didn't go straight for them. He kissed my neck, my chest and seduced me into it. When that came off I closed my eyes and waited for him to no longer find them attractive.

    "Let me see your eyes." His thumb ran over a nipple and my body was ready for what he was going to do. Me, not so ready.

    "I'm sorry." He put a finger over my lips.

    "No being sorry. You're sexy in lingerie, sexy naked and sexy in your mom bras and sweats. Your personality arouses me, your love is enchanting, your mind is orgasmic. You are sexy and your body is a part of that." He dipped his head and I wanted to close my eyes.

    "Okay." This was going to be a disaster and one that was caught on camera.

    "Don't you **ing dare look away from me, Brylee Rodriquez. Close your eyes again and the next thing I do to you in that swing won't involve my dick. But by all means; if you want a bruised ass keep it up." My jaw dropped; didn't he know how hard this was for me?

    Of course he did; god damn it, that was why he said it.

    His tongue ran over my other one next.

    "Yes, Sir." My tone as a bit sarcastic, but he took it.

    "Which one hurts, Angel?" He asked me and I thought about it; they both did but my right one was where Markus usually fed. No, no thinking about the kids! Monica and Rochelle banned me from thinking of anything other than him when we did this.

    "Left." He moved to my left side. Before he put his lips to it he dipped his hand between my legs and rubbed my cl it. His lips latched to the nipple and he swirled his tongue first. They leaked a little bit and he groaned. His nails dug into my back as he leaned over me and then he sucked. As I felt his nails and how he stimulated my cl it I got a completely different feeling than I ever did in three months.

    Like when we started trying anal sex, he stimulated another part of me body to make my mind see is as erotic rather than any other way I saw it before, and to relax me. He continued to play with my nipple erotically using his tongue. He didn't know how long I was comfortable with so he stopped.

    "Are you still okay?" His hand between my legs never stopped and I nodded. Instantly I noticed the difference between them and it felt good to have that release while we were away. This I could do and it was much more pleasurable than pumping all the time. He was careful with me so I gripped his hair and pulled down towards my right side. "So **ing sexy." He **ing ravished me. The way I saw my breasts changed but he attacked them like he would have before I was pregnant; Chase loved to bury his face between my breasts, I could smother him with them and he would die happy.

    His tongue clicked up and down first, his tongue trying to curl around my ni pple before sucking again.

    "Please." I tried to wiggle around, to pull him closer with me legs. He was close to getting me off again and I was ready for it. When he pulled away from my chest I was disappointed until he put his face between them and shook his head. They were soft and contrasted with his stubble. He ran his cheek over my ni pple and the off stimulation aroused me further.

    "Please what?" He asked and I put my hands over my face.

    "Fuck me when you do it." The feeling of him stretching me while he did it; I missed feeling him, I missed sex and rolling around in bed with time as no factor.

    "Next time." He promised and I shook my head.


    "Next time, Brylee." His voice got lower and I shoved him onto his back and attacked his god damn pants. He tried to stop me but I wasn't going to let him; I wanted his co ck, I gave him two fuc king kids he would give it to me when I fu cking wanted it.

    "And I said now, damn it." He was on his back and I pulled his shirt over his head too. My intention was to fu ck him like that. But instead of laying back down after his shirt came off he pinned me down to the bed.

    "Who are you?" He asked me; eyeing me like a robot took over my body.

    "You're horny wife who hasn't had sex in four god damn months. Now fuc k me now or you won't be getting another chance for another four." The threat wasn't something I'd go through with; he knew that but he gave in.

    "You sure about that?" God damn it, he teased me with the tip; fu cking me with it and making me needy for more. The more I struggled and fought him the harder he gripped my wrists.

    "God damn it Chase, if you ever want to see what other lingerie I brought for tonight you co ck will be in my fuc king pu ssy in about ten seconds." Nicely worded and polite was out the window.

    This time when his head dipped to capture my breasts He thrust in hard, fast and I whimpered.

    "No mercy." He mumbled as he pulled back and did it again. There was pain for sure; it's been a while and I don't know how tight I was anymore but I did the kegels and I've had three months to heal with very minimal tearing to begin with.

    So I coulnd't speak for how it felt for him now, but it hurt until the sharp feeling turned into ecstasy. My eyes darted to the camera for a moment and I wondered if the way his body moved inside me looked as erotic and seductive on that tape as it did to my eyes right now.

    The entire time he took me he sucked at one breast and then the other. The were sore and his lips played with the idea of pulling at them, when I moaned he tried carefully with his teeth.

    "Shit." He kissed instead when I flinched

    "Sorry." His tongue soothed it.

    "No, try it again." It was a little painful but that was kind of what I wanted. He tried again, this time he slowed his strokes and he was a little less frantic. He would nip lightly before sucking and it shot to my groin.

    "Tell me when to stop." He was playing with them, not just sucking so he kept tasting and he sped up again. When I hit my peak there was no holding back my scream before his name tumbled off my lips.

    His mouth didn't stop, his thrusts only slowed as I came down and he extended the pleasure.

    "Why did you stop?" I asked when he pulled out of me and he pulled me up off the bed and gestured to the bed. When I went to finally kick off my heels he stopped me again.

    "Keep them. Bend over." The fact that I could be bent over and have my stomach rest on the swing made me want to scream in joy. He palmed his co ck to keep himself hard.

    He adjusted the height of the straps until it was right. One of the middle straps rested on my stomach and one knee went up on another. This thing was a mess of straps and little handle things; I don't even know how to describe it. I had to hold on to stay where I was; where chase demanded I stay.

    He grabbed the lube and I could see him coating his co ck first. He left some on my cheek when he smacked my ass and I tried to pull away from the impact. This was something i wasn't used to anymore but he had me positioned so I didn't have choice but to take it. Lube was in no short supply as he lathered him and me in it. His head pushed and started to stretch me untilhe could add more to help with the friction.

    He's gotten good at this because in a few minutes he was able to slide easily into me. He pushed the swing up a little so I moved up and then fell back to him.

    "Holy **." This was weird; in a good way.

    Instead of his hips moving he grasped onto my ass and pushed me forward and let me come back to him. The swing was doing its job.

    "The fact that I can watch this again; you are perfection Angel." He started moving his hips too which made him go deeper faster. With this position and us both moving like we were he seemed to hit a new level of deepness.

    "And I will call you a sex god any **ing time you want as long as you never stop fu cking me like this." With each impact of his hand I got used to it. With every smack that even the camera could probably pick up, I got closer. He gave me his all, he gave me **ing everything.

    "Good. You're close Angel; now would be a good time to start." Maybe I enjoyed it. Calling him a god was arousing to me. Being forced to say and call him something so many people would find weird or offensive added to the thrill of it.

    "Will you ever get tired of hearing it." The smile that came faded to a probably weird sex face as I moaned.

    "Nope. We're going to be in our forty's with grown kids who get grossed out every time I grab or spank your ass. You can be **ing sixty and I'll still tap that ass and make you call me your **ing god." The thought of it being like this forever was a little optimistic but as long as you both never stopped making an effort; why not?

    "Take me to church then." Who gives a ** what anyone else thinks!

    "I'll be more than happy to worship you more later. But first, right now beg for me, Angel. You know I need to hear your pleading; it's been too long." Four and a half months.

    "Spank me, please." That was where I was starting and he tisked.

    "Why should I spank you again when you didn't even say thank you for the other ones?" He rubbed right over the most sore part of me ass and I groaned.

    "Please Spank me," My voice was sweeter this time and I got a sweet reward for it. "Thank you." Did he hear me because thanking him for it made me a little breathless.

    "You want more, you thank me for every single one. The effort, the stinging in my palm I feel. Don't be **ing selfish." My head was yanked back and tingling erupted along my scalp

    "Thank you." The words escaped effortlessly when his hand connected again.

    "Go ahead and say it; I know you want to." But I couldn't let him know just how willing I was. You had to have your little secrets to get one up on someone in the bedroom. Just because you were married didn't mean you had to tell them everything that made you tick.

    "You're my god, no one else can make me feel this no one else could take me," A yelp interrupted my sentence" Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!" Three in a row

    "Good girl." He put pressure on the abused skin and it throbbed so **ing good.

    "You're not a **ing sex god, you're the **ing sexyx, ouch! Thank you. God you're the most **ing incredible, **. Thank you. You're **ing co ck is so damn thick I, Thank you. Yes please right there." He kept **ing with me and I wasn't willing to ignore his command to finish a statement.

    "You were saying?" He asked and made me start again, again and then again. The pain was excruciating but I wanted it.

    "Fuck it, you're a god damn god to me. You take me to heaven and back every single damn time you give me your di ck. That's a damn gift enough." That time I rushed through it and whimpered my gratification when he spanked me once more.

    "Then you may come, my angel." He grabbed my breasts, he rubbed my cl it and he came in my ass when my or gasm started. As always I was left gasping and I smiled to myself because for **ing once, I wasn't on my back. It felt good to be able to do new positions, to get back to this. When we did this it was always the last thing we did.

    He yanked me like a rag doll to his side after the shower and blew air out of his mouth when my wet hair landed all over his face; his fault.

    "You're my best friend." He nuzzled my neck and held me tight to him and my emotions were getting back in check but I couldn't help it this time when I teared up.

    "You're my best friend too." Since we were five and he will be my best friend when we're ninety-five. When people say to marry your best friend; this is why. This is what they mean. Marry the person who's not going to judge you, who is comfortable exploring with you and who respects you as a person before they respect you as a lover.

    Marry the person who makes your heart grow and who wants to make you a mother and not just a few nights of practice. Marry that one person who was there at your house at two in the morning to comfort you when you got hurt or when something bad happened. Marry the man who looks at you with more love every single day of your life.

    Because when you marry that man you can do weird things; in and outside of the bedroom. You can be an idiot in front of them, film yourself having sex with zero worry. I ran my fingers through his hair and for a minute there were no words; they weren't needed.

    "You're so small again; I miss your belly. Your stretch marks aren't going to go away, right?" He actually looked up at me to ask and wanted an answer.

    "With twins, probably not. My skin was stretched beyond repair." Maybe; I didn't know.

    "Good. Everytime I see them I think of the day they were born. Of them on your chest and getting to cuddle Maria while you fed Markus. When I see the little lines I love you more." What in the world could I have done in this life or a past one to deserve him?

    "You'll be a daddy again someday. Just not today or this year, or next." He pouted so I kissed his lips.

    "Can't we start trying again now?" His question was accompanied with his fingers walking up my thigh.

    "No." That is something I wasn't caving on.

    "Fine, but can I still get my lips on your bre asts with the next baby?" He asked me and I didn't ask.

    "You didn't mind?" He shook his head

    "Was it weird to you?" He wondered my opinion and I shook mine.

    "No; the way you did it was so different to feeding. Plus it helps when they're full." Which they were now again, twins were very hungry.

    "Well I liked it; it was actually more arousing than I thought it would be." This is what I loved about him; he was so honest and sincere. Okay, I loved about a million things about him, I could never run out.

    "They're a little uncomfortable now." I didn't plan on saying anything, I was going to go pump in a bit but he leaned over me until I was on my back. He wasn't hesitant this time when he licked them once and then started sucking on them, his tongue never standing still.

    Well I guess I was too early to call the weekend because this time he made love to me.
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