Chapter Fifty-Six

    Chapter Fifty-Six

    When Chase asked me to dress in the short, sexy and near see through baby doll or dress; whatever you wanted to call it; I was all for it. Until he then told me we would be going out with me wearing it. He drove, I didn't know where we were going.

    When we got to a bar I looked at him like he was nuts.

    "What the hell? Chase; I'm dressed for a bedroom not a bar." This was bound to catch all the wrong attention that only my husband needed to see. I got something with underwire and my breasts looked **ing huge; like they should not belong on my body. My ass was only covered by about a half inch and he handed me a pair of red heels.

    "Trust me?" He got out and I buttoned my jacket up. Chase took my hand and gave our name when we got to the door. There were already a lot of car here but I wasn't expecting what I saw when we turned the corner. We were directed on where we could lock up our clothes. Chase pulled my jacket off and stripped down to a pair of little tuxedo boxers; I stared shamelessly.

    We went into the bar area and there were a guy drinking a beer with another man on his knees blowing him. A woman riding a man sitting on the couch and it people spread out touching, kissing, teasing or **ing. A black man and Asian man. An Older White woman with a younger Hispanic man.

    Race was nothing here, gender wasn't meaning ** and age certainly didn't stop anyone.

    "What the hell?" Chase looked over at me and I was in public half naked with a body I was still learning; granted I may be the most dressed one here.

    "You wanted to try new things, here we are. Look around; no one is worrying if their thighs are too big or what others think of their stomach or breasts. I want you to be comfortable." Chase grabbed my ass and pulled me to him. Out of habit I looked around like someone would find it inappropriate and saw a woman going down on another woman.

    People glanced my way and some eyes lingered on him but he had moved his mouth to my neck and I groaned. No one was looking at us like we were doing anything wrong. There were people who were watching couples get it on. Live porn; that was what this was. Two men taking a woman and two women pleasuring a man. There was every kind of combination.

    "How are your breasts feeling?" He asked and I was on the fence again. Last night felt good, it was weird but Chase enjoyed himself. But this was public.

    "We're not alone." I hesitated and he kissed my chest.

    "You feed in public and here, in this environment; it's no different than that. It's only what your mind perceives as right and wrong." A woman approached me with a smile.

    "You look new here. Do you need a drink to take the edge off?" She was wearing a bra and matching underwear with a small little name tag attached.

    "We are and yes." As long as I pumped before I got home a couple times; which wasn't a problem; I could drink.

    We ordered shots over beer to take said edge off and once I had a couple I was starting to loosen up. Chase enjoyed when I relaxed and I started getting grabby with him. If we sat in was in his lap. We were taking things in first but it didn't stop him from sliding his hand up my thigh.

    "Relax." He pulled me to him and I straddled his lap. His lips possessed mine and the music was loud but not too loud around us. The sounds of pleasure filled the room as a woman screamed for more and men grunted in satisfaction.

    When his lips explored my chest this time I didn't stop him. His fingers were gentle when he became the reason my straps slid down and now my breasts were exposed to him. He looked at me, waiting for what my decision would be. This was still so new so instead of saying something I pulled his head forward and he was cautious with his tongue. He licked my nipples first and I let myself enjoy it; ignoring what they had been used for and I brought us back to four months ago; they were his tonight.

    He sucked and his tongue pleasured. As he played with my other nipple it leaked a little and he ran his tongue up my rips and to that nipple; sucking there next. He took the pressure that was building again away and I grinded against his lap.

    His erection strained against his boxers; if you could call them that.

    "Take it out." He reached between us and exposed himself. When I looked around people were watching with no judgment. Curiosity? Maybe. Lust? Definiently.

    He sucked my breasts and I let him until he had drained enough to be comfortable again. He panted and I slid between his legs to suck his co ck. He loved it. He loved the power he felt when I was on my knees, that he could choke me and make me gasp for air; making me chose to service his di c over breathing.

    He leaned back and let me take care of him. He pushed my head down when he wanted to hit the back of my throat and I didn't get as wet as usual but I got pretty wet tonight thinking of being sexually dominated by him in public.

    People were watching and it was empowering. Maybe it was the tequila but hey, tequila worked well for us the first night. Tequila was the reason we fu cked, the reason for being introduced to a new sexual world. Without Tequila I wouldn't be a mother or a wife and I certainly never would have discovered how badly I wanted him to ** me in the ass, tie my up or ** me rough. I loved tequila.

    That just made me want to pleasure him even more. As soon as I saw where he took me I was ready to leave, slap him and get into a huge fight on how could do something so stupid. But when he asked me to trust him and told me why; I figured we would just hang around and watch and now; now I was glad we were here.

    This was strangely the most comfortable I've felt with my body. Photos weren't allowed in here to protect what the club stood for making it easier to swallow; pun intended. He came down my throat this time and it was the first time in close to a year since that's happened. As soon as I was done he pulled me back into his lap.

    "Hello." We pulled out mouths away from each other to see a small brunette woman standing there with a smile.

    "Hi." She sat beside us and reached out a hand.


    "I'm Brylee, Chase." He shook her hand too.

    "My Dom, Corey and I were wondering if you two were just taking in the scene or looking to swing tonight." Swing; that brought back pleasurable thoughts of last night. That wasn't the kind of swing she was talking about though.

    "We appreciate the offer; you're gorgeous, but this is our first time." She nodded and stood.

    "That's fine, we were just curious. Love that you're not ashamed of your breasts by the way; not many women have the courage to do that." Neither of us missed how she addressed him either. It wasn't husband or boyfriend, but Dom.

    She may have accepted that well and been completely fine with a no but it didn't stop them from watching us through the night and I watched her.

    "Are you thinking about it?" Chase asked me and I hadn't been with another woman before and I admit that I was attracted to her. Her brown hair held some dark colored highlights that the light brought out.

    "No," That was a lie and It was clear he didn't believe me. "Not thinking of going and accepting but thinking of what it would be like." When I was breastfeeding there would be no way I would risk catching something or randomly hooking up at a club. What's in my body goes into their and no matter how appealing it seemed; I was married.

    "Me too." There was a bit of jealousy, as irrational yet rational that was. I just admitted to being curious to swinging with another couple and there is a man too; I shouldn't be jealous for him feeling the same way. She was gorgeous though but he loved exploring this new body. There was nothing to realistically be jealous of; everyone looks and people wonder.

    What was porn? Watching your fantasies be played out. Same thing but now you've met them and know their names.

    "Maybe one day. After the kids are on solid food." He nodded in agreement.

    "Good call and very good point. Now what are my chances of bending you over the bar?" He asked and I smirked

    "Oh, I'd say the odds are definitely in your favor and it's a very realistic thought." I had started birth control and we agreed to try to use condoms when we could but we weren't this weekend. Last night sex with them wasn't as comfortable. They slide but if they got remotely dry then they rub and not in a good way.

    Other people had sat up on the bar and when we walked over I expected him to bend me over but he picked me up and sat me up on the bar.

    "What are you doing?" But I knew. These were crotchless panties and he took advantage of that.

    "You think I would allow you to suck my co ck and swallow and then ** you without taking care of my Angel?" So in front of **ing everyone he buried his face between my thighs. My hands rested behind me to hold me up and I grabbed the edge of the bar.

    When he went down on me I closed my eyes because I was pretty much on display up here. When I opened my eyes I could see people clearly watching, getting off on how he f ucked my with his tongue. Spencer was clearly watching. Corey, I think that was his name, slid his hands up her stomach and pinched her nipples as she looked from his head to my face.

    My biggest wish was that he could play with my bre asts right now or that I could lay back and do it myself. When the bartender poured me another shot of tequila I balanced long enough to take it. He was aggressive but I wanted his hair between my fingers, something I couldn't have. Spencer came closer and ordered shots for her and Corey and she smiled wickedly at me.

    "Enjoying yourself?" There has literally never been a time where I had a conversation with someone while I was having sex with someone; oral or normal.

    "I am." She sat there and what was it about her that turned me on so much? When she watched I was more responsive. She eyed my exposed breasts and then me again.

    "May be crossing a line but can I touch them?" Chase was hard to see in the dimmed light but I looked down at him and he looked at me like he did every time he was waiting for me to decide on if he was allowed to.

    "Okay," This was uncharted territory "Only with your hands." Specification. When I looked into it all before the weekend, It said that if your man has a cold and sucks on your breasts it could give it to your baby still. She was gentle as they filled her palms. She massaged them and brushed her fingers over my nipples.

    This was a dream; it had to be. This wasn't something we went to and letting another woman touch my breasts certainly wasn't something I did. He was behind her and her eyes never left mine as Corey ordered another shot. Spencer licked the inside of his hand, the skin between his thumb and pointer finger and he poured salt. Everything he did was right in front of me, which was the only reason for what I did next. He added a lime, the edge between her teeth and then the shot went right from the bartenders hands to Corey's, to me.

    He offered and I sucked the salt, he put the shot to my lips and I tilted my head back before leaning closer to her. Her lips grazed mine as I took it and bit down and she didn't move away. She gave me the choice to pull away but I went forward.

    The lime dropped down to my thigh and I let her tongue take possession of my mouth. She was a gentle looking woman, a submissive in title but no one told her that when her tongue lead mine.

    Her fingers lightly pinched my breasts causing me to moan into her mouth and she kissed me harder. She didn't stop, we didn't stop until I had to throw my head back and scream when I came. She gently kissed my neck, keeping her mouth from my breasts but her hands never stopped.

    When Chase was done he rose to his feet and her eyes still peered curiously into mine. She grabbed a napkin from the bar and wrote a number on it with her name.

    "If you ever want to play, call me or us. Either one, right Sir?" She asked him and he had given her a lot of leeway from what I understood of the kind of relationship they were in.

    "Right, Pet." She was wearing a collar and there was an intimidating presence about him.

    "Sir lets me be his girlfriend at these parties, as long as I'm collared. But at fetish clubs I'm in my place," The way she said that so casually was strange and kind of awesome. She knew who she was, what she was and she was comfortable. "You looked curious." She added and I was.

    "Thank you." Chase spoke and she smiled at him before eyeing his body, lingering on his bulging package.

    "Your wife's hot. You're lucky. Call me though, even if you just want a friend." She pecked my lips once more and she backed off. She still watched, she watched as he bent me over and took me from behind. She watched later when I rode him and I watched as she got up on the little platform and danced on the pole for fun.

    "You should call her. She's crazier than Rochelle." He meant that in a good way. Rochelle was open but Spencer was open in a whole new way.

    "I think I will, could never hurt to have a friend. What do you think of him though." He tensed a little bit and relaxed immediately after.

    "You're aware I've seen your porn history." For the first time in god knows how long, I blushed.

    "Oh." Maybe I should clear that.

    "I think you watch more porn than I do. But then again I see your breasts daily." I lightly gave him a nudge to the stomach with my fist. Not hard enough to hurt but he did laugh.

    "I'm sorry! It's not that-" He put up a hand to stop me and I silenced up. It wasn't like I didn't want ot be with him and it's wasn't like I didn't love him or love sex with him; it was just porn.

    "Bry, It's fine. Being curious doesn't mean you want to be with me any less and I'm not offended. I would wonder about a theesome but." That earned my sharp eye.

    "But?" I asked and he cringed a little.

    "Before Monica; which sounds bad I know; Riley and I kind of teamed up with Paige Patterson." Oh my god. They had to be fuc king fifteen!

    "Are you kidding me? Paige!" She was in the student council, did sports medicine, loved the theater and all around a good girl. She didn't date in High School because she planned to move out of country to live with her mom after High School.

    "In the locker room at an away game. And then there was the time with Paige and Cindy Junior year."

    "How could you marry me and not tell me this?" Really, he screwed a girl with my brother and then had a threesome with two girls later on in high school.

    "So if you want to try it; I'm not promising I'll be able to let him ** your sweet and incredible pu ssy; that's mine; but I can back off enough for anything else." I just shook my head at him. Was I mad? Kind of. This was usually something people talked about and I thought we had.

    "So if I walked over there right now and made out with one of them?" I asked and he narrowed his eyes at me.

    "You wouldn't." Oh I would.

    "If you're willing to let me sleep with them later and we're at a sex club." He didn't let up from this staring match.

    "You're free to kiss, and only kiss whoever you want but I don't think you will." He was surely mistaken then.

    "Okay." He won the staring match but I was going to win the battle. I put some sway into my hips as I went over there and talked to Spencer for a minute before kissing her and she eagerly kissed me back. When I turned towards him I whispered in his ear and we all looked to chase who just threw shrugged and stared right at me.

    Corey turned my face towards his and put his lips on mine. Spencer was behind me and she kissed my neck, her hands sliding up my stomach, ribs and over my freaking mountainous breasts. He didn't kiss as well as Chase in my opinion, but he was willing to fight with me; admittedly he won without much of a fight from me.

    When I pulled away from Corey, Chase came over and looked to Corey.

    "May I?" He was respectful and Corey shrugged, just like Chase. They were in the same boat with what am I going to do; the girls are calling the shots tonight. "Spencer?" He asked and she didn't need to look at me and as he kissed her I wondered who won. She was pretty feisty and handsy but kept her hands off his crotch at least. Corey pulled my back to his chest as we watched.

    I would be lying if there wasn't a twinge of jealousy; I don't think I would be a good wife if I didn't find the site weird; especially since we haven't done this before. But I was okay with it; another surprise. After that we agreed to keep in touch and talk more about this in say six months to a year as a one time thing; depending on how long I did feed the twins for.

    The I got what I hoped for at the hotel; Chase's jealousy over me kissing another man.

    He's never been so possessive as he **ed me sober into the morning.
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