Epilogue [Yes, it's really the end]

    Chase's Pov

    The journey we've been through had been the best experience of our lives. When I had to go back to work it almost killed me; I didn't know how Riley did it. Brylee came back to work after a few months but it was never like it had been before.

    Sure we had a wonderful nanny who loved kids. As they started growing closer to a year old you could tell they liked her too. Knowing there was a great person with them didn't change that we missed them. Brylee started sinking into postpartum when she had to go back to work.

    There were a lot of challenges we had to face being new parents but our friends and family assured us that we were doing just fine.

    On their first birthday we invited everyone over. The twins were waddling around and Brylee and I couldn't have been more proud. Those two were going to be just like Brylee and Riley. When one was upset, the other helped to soothe their twin. When Maria started walking first she always wanted to be around to help and encourage Markus to take those steps.

    That little girl was going to be fearless just like her mother and her grandmother. There was so much that little Maria was already showing that reminded me of her grandmother; it helped that Brylee took after her mother too.

    The other nightmare we were going to face was the three M's: Michael, Miguel and Markus. There was a little gap between them but all the boys stuck together where Maria gravitated towards Bethany who was just starting to learn to walk too, Beth loved to walk around with help but hadn't quite gotten it on her own.

    Those two were going to be more trouble than their mothers; I guarantee it.

    Everything has changed in a year since we had them and not only did they learn something new every day, but we learned it too. Sometimes it was something about ourselves. Other times it seemed like we were learning every single thing a child could fall on or run into.

    The first time Maria walked right into the coffee table I thought she was going to suddenly fall down and die or something. We were still learning how to be good parents without constantly hovering and babying them; which was hard since they were our babies still.

    No one will fully be able to understand the amount of times I've heard the words 'kids fall down'. Were you a bad parent for letting them cry? But you were a bad parent for not just picking them up. You didn't care if you let them cry when they fell down until they realize that 'oh, maybe I'm not hurt'. But you weren't teaching them to handle things on their own or that it was okay to fall if you let them cry.

    We could never win.

    My mother told me that she let me cry all I damn well wanted when she knew I was fine. She also said that if someone picked me up and cuddled me when I fell then I would cry louder and think I was seriously hurt. She said that when I was three I would run around, despite being told not to, and that I ran and smacked my head on the table and she just looked at me.

    She asked if it hurt and when I nodded with tears in my eyes she asked if I would do it again. I had shook my head and ran right back into that table ten minutes later because I was, once again, running in the house.

    Situation by situation and day by day we were adapting our parenting style and our kids were healthy and fine; no broken bones and the bumps from falling never lasted long. You would think that in a large crowd the kids would keep close. Maria and Markus were walking around carefully and slowly as well as asking people to pick them up. They were incredibly social.

    Before cake we put then both down for a nap and some other parents took the opportunity to do the same. In a year a lot has changed. Monica was pregnant now and she had made a hard decision; she wasn't going back to work. She wanted to have two more in a few years and they would be finished ptobably by the time Miguel was going to school.

    Brylee, Rochelle, Scott and I were all done for now; Monica and Riley would probably have six kids before either of us had another one; If Rochelle and Scott ever did.

    When we woke the kids up we made sure to pull Maria and Markus out of their clothes and leave them in diapers for the cake; it was a good call. They destroyed their cake and Maria threw cake at her brother,

    "She's going to be just like you." Brylee took pictured and I had my arms around her.

    "Probably." A year with kids and we learned a lot privately too. A lot of people said the sex died out because you were exhausted or you just weren't in the mood, Brylee and I weren't as active as we were before but we were far from inactive.

    More days than not her body produced more than the twins consumed, especially since we started introducing other foods. When her breasts got tender I made sure to take care of those needs too. There was never a time with her where I got turned off by her body or when she accidentally got milk everywhere.

    Though I have to say I was happy we had a nanny; having Christie made it so we could work and at least a few times a week we took advantage of that hour break; lunch wasn't all I ate at my desk. I also treated myself, and her.

    The only big difference was now we had a lock on our closet and the chest the adult toys were kept in. After the twins went to bed I still tied her to the bed and we started using a gag to keep her quiet. Sometimes the kids would wake up and I would go take care of them and get them to sleep and leave her horny and waiting.

    Fuck, some nights I was the one left handcuffed to the bed. Brylee certainly got them to sleep faster but she had an advantage. She could nurse them for a couple minutes and they were out again. Since our anniversary we've ept in contact with Corey and Spencer. They added someone into their relationship and they had also became friends.

    We were planning to spend a couple days with them for our anniversary this year. They were formally into the BD** lifestyle and Brylee was excited to learn some things from them and Corey had taught me some other ways to punish Brylee. Some pleasurable to her, some to teach her to be good. We had started getting more involved in the bedroom only and started experimenting with switching things up.

    I loved being in control of her and it was hard at first, but now I could fall back and let her be the dominant one for the night. In the past for years Brylee has taught me so much about myself. When we had sex that first night, I tried to stop. At the time I knew we were both drunk and that it would be a mistake but I couldn't have been more wrong.

    If I had just put her in a cab that day and took my own then I this life I had now wouldn't be a reality. If that night hadn't have happened I would still be longing for her. Who knows though, I could have attended her wedding but this time as a guest. That night set so much into motions and thinking back to then, we've come so far.

    Riley was holding Maria who was covered in cake and blowing on his niece's stomach to make her giggle. My best friend was now my brother officially and he was happy about it. He gave her away and gave up photos with the parents we all had shared growing up.

    Brylee gave me the best four years of my life and the best children I could have asked for. When we were in high school I would dream of being a man and asking her out, lust after what our prom night would have been like. Over time and especially after mom and dad died I thought that this is the time, I should step up and be that man for her. But then I would think about how inappropriate it was.

    For years I thought of all the possibilities and out of all of them, this was better than I dreamed it would be. First I had her body and go to love that, to worship every minute I got to be inside her. Every scream she made, the sound of my name and looking into those same eyes I've been glancing into since I was five. Every second I spent in bed with her, every time she went down on me, every touch we shared; that was heaven to me. Now I could make her beg and scream that I was the god that brought her there.

    So when people told me that our sex live would suffer, that it would probably only be a monthly thing; I didn't believe them. I still had ten years of lust and sexual fantasies to get out. Not to mention the new ones that we made together. I knew sex with her and making love to her would be incredible but incredible couldn't begin to describe my time with her.

    Never once did I think she would leave me handcuffed to the bed while she fed out children. There wasn't a fantasy that included taking her to a sex club and watching a woman pleasure her breasts, a man feed her a shot so she could have her lips on another womans'.

    When I thought of Brylee I was possessive. In high school it was hard for me to keep my cool when a boy would walk her to class and kiss her. Seeing her dating was pure hell; yet watching her that night with Corey and seeing the jealousy and arousal I her eyes when I kissed Spencer; I've fantasized about how that night will go in three short months.

    Every night I sleep beside her and wake up with her on top of me is the best day of my life. Our old routine of watching her get dressed and tease me with sexy lingerie and heading out to work together has adapted into my new favorite one.

    She still teased me with knowing what was under those work clothes, but now I made breakfast while she still nursed a little. She had been starting to pull back a little bit. Now the kids got solid food and were nursed for breakfast and she still nursed at night when they were going to bed. It helped them sleep and neither of the three were ready to stop quite yet.

    This meant that when she was getting uncomfortable during the day, well that was a huge plus of having locking doors and her wearing skimpy lingerie under skirts.

    "Mama." When both kids said mom first it was a little bit of a blow; I was hoping at least one of them would say dad first.

    Brylee grabbed Markus who was calling for her and I picked up my little princess. In the last year Markus has gravitated and clung more to her and Maria was a daddy's girl already. Maria was also showing the most indepence of the two at this stage of their life.

    "Dada." My heart still raced when I heard that word.

    "Maria." I poked her nose and smiled while she giggled. How could we be so lucky to have two perfect kids? They were sweet, slept well and didn't throw fits often. They were stubborn but always happy and very social. They got upset when we left still but they were good kids.

    Maria always laughed and was the one who brought her brother out of his shell. Markus was like his mom; not a morning person. Her light brown eyes peered into mine as I held her. Some days it was a rush of changing diapers and dressing them before switching kids and having Brylee do Maria's hair.

    Some days, like today I never wanted to put her down. After I got her changed for the day I didn't hand her back to Brylee to do her hair; I just held her. Working was hard, spending time away from them was painful and I knew I wasn't alone. Every day I went to work I felt like I was missing something important.

    Christie always showed up like clockwork. She took them to the park and played with them. She made sure they were eating good and that they took their naps. Christie helped with their development and loved them like another Aunt. She was perfect and when she got a little older and was ready for her own, she would be a wonderful mother. She would video chat with us sometimes and the twins would get all excited.

    We did have a couple nanny cams that she didn't know about and whenever we watched them there was nothing we didn't love to see. She walked around with them and sometimes crawled. She let them tackle her and climb on her, she fed them and made it fun for the kids. They were only a year and we hoped Christie would be with us for many more of them.

    We were lucky to have her and lucky that she applied. We were going over pros and cons for others until she came into our lives. We loved what she had to say and when she came for a second interview and to meet the kids; we hired her on the spot. Brylee always teased me about how we shouldn't be hiring a hot nanny but she knew my eyes were only for her. Brylee was also confident in herself and knew that if we had the hottest or ugliest nanny imaginable; it wouldn't matter.

    The kids knew who they were and made a distinct noise when they saw her but nothing that we could really make out yet.

    "Hi baby." Christie let herself in but the kids were being clingy today. It wasn't just me then, usuall one of them went to her but today, Maria buried her face in my neck and mumbled dada. We really should just leave them here and let them cry and get over it but we were going to be bad parents today.

    Christie came with us to work and we got to spend time with the kids but Christie also helped us get some work done, watching them for our meeting in the office that was now empty. Our parent's previous business partner was with us for a full year and gave Brylee time to slowly start coming to work. At first it was a day in the office and now it was four.

    The other change that becoming a parent brought was that we had great employees. When the kids came to work or Riley brought Miguel the staff loved to see them and take a few minutes to hold or play with them. After we all had kids we realized how many of our employees did and how many would love the chance to see theirs a few minutes during the day.

    Now we had a daycare that was free for anyone to use here. We hired staff to accommodate for the range of ages and so they could have personalized care. We changed some policies; something Brylee was passionate about. We had previously offered leave for fathers but not many took it. They didn't want to be seen negatively but I knew from experience now how important it was. It took us a few months to work it out but we were blessed enough that we will never want for money. Our company was making more money every year and we didn't need all of that.

    The daycare was the first priority for us and a lot of parents took advantage of it. After asking we knew the kid they took to their budget and how much free childcare would be able to help. We paid Christie generously and more than she needed but to us; our kids were the most important thing in the world and they were worth it.

    No one's child should be worth less than ours because we had money. We've always known the laws on leave here and we were looking to expand on what my parents offered. Fathers now had fifteen weeks of paid leave and mothers had twenty. Ideally we wished we could tell parents to take a full year off but we just weren't staffed for that. There was chance for it to be longer and if they wanted more time then they would make eighty percent until the first year was up. We also decided that with each child they would get a pay increase depending on job and years they've been with us.

    We loved our company and we appreciated our employees. We always wanted to make this a great place to work but now it was different. Now we wanted to make this a great place for families and give our employees children the best start that we could as a business who cared.

    One day we would grow our family and Brylee and I talked about having at least two more and then adopting one day when all our children were older. Those were the moments I couldn't wait for. Christie was taking a break and Brylee worked at her desk. She divided her time between work and the two little ones wondering around the office. She would pick one up and type a bit with them on her lap before they wiggled down and the other one came over.

    She split her time in ways that I never could.

    "Shouldn't you be working?" Riley asked me and I nodded

    "Yeah." But I couldn't help myself.

    "Every sit there and wonder how much life has changed and how fast it's passing you by?" He asked me and I nodded again. Brylee looked over at us and gave us a smile.

    "Every single time I look at one of them. I knew I would love being a father but i never knew i would love it this much."

    "Me too; I can't believe in five months we're going to have another little girl."

    "A girl? Do I say I'm sorry or congratulations." Three girls. Not only were they expensive but they were also more trouble. When Marie grows up Markus better punch any boy who looks at my baby wrong. She's going to give me a heart attack the first time she brings a boy home.

    "You know what, I'll get back to you on that one." He was so screwed and to be an asshole I hoped that they had five girls.

    The next morning Brylee had Christie come over early and she was gone when I got up. She left me a note saying she would meet me at work and that she loved me. The kids were fussy because mommy wasn't there but she did leave a bottle for each of them that morning.

    Christie offered to feed the kids and i still made the same amount of breakfast and left Christie with a plate to eat. When I got to the office she still wasn't there and she even showed up late.

    "Where have you been?" She was an hour late to work and she grinned.

    "Traffic." Riley came out and looked at her suspicially.

    "Why do you look so smug?" He asked and she pulled her hands from behind her back revealing the best muffins in the entire world.

    "Ready to tell me how amazing I am?" She asked us. The devils sentence will never die. No matter how old we get, if we're six or sixty; Brylee will always torture us with these words. They were nothing overly bad but since we were five they became the bane of our existence. A feeling like that never went away.

    Brylee's Pov to end it all.

    "Ready to tell me how amazing I am?" They glared and my smirk grew.

    "I'll tell you how perfect you are all night long, Angel." Riley gagged and I smacked him in the chest.

    "Come on." Riley was not impressed and I just raised a brow at him and waited.

    "No, not worth it." Riley turned to walk back to his office.

    "More for me." He turned back around as I said it and huffed in frustration. These words haunted their childhood and well into their adult years. When they snuck out it was usually accompanied with money or anything else I wanted.

    "Fine. Oh dearest and most beautiful princess Brylee. I love you so much and you are the greatest person who ever lived. Now give me my muffin." For fun I made him say it again for his coffee. Chase would say anything I wanted to turn me off or get me off. But when it came to those words he looked at me like the bane of his existence like he did when we were kids, not his wife.

    Because they both wanted to test me he had to say it twice too and when Riley went in for his meeting I made Chase work for his next treat and tell me just how **ing great I was all hour long. Only when I was satisfied in more ways than one did I drop to my knees and give him his own personal treat.

    In five years I was going to teach Maria that sentence word for word so she could torment her cousins and brothers. Plus, could you imagine Chase's reaction the first time he heard Maria force one of the boys to say it or even better, for Chase to? She was daddy's princess after all.

    There were millions of moments I could wait for and if the last four years could tell me anything it was that I was exactly where I needed to be and my parents would be proud of me and the person I've become because of the people I love that are still in my life. There were so many uncertainties that I would face but I knew that with Chase, Riley and Rochelle by my side there was nothing we couldn't do.

    Twenty years ago It was the four of us which grew to five, seven and nine. Today, we have grown to thirteen and a half and we would be closer in twenty more years as we grew to sixteen, twenty and more.

    Four year ago I started a new journey and I couldn't have asked for a better man to have started that with. One day when our kids ask I'll get to tell them a lifetime of stories of our life. They'll know that mommy and daddy truly married their best friend and my son will know how to respect women. Markus will look at a girl one day the way Chase looks at me and Maria will have a man in her life that can show her how she should be treated.

    So here's to four years and two kids with the promise for a lifetime.


    Yes, this is the real end!

    It's crazy to be writing these words and i will have an authors note next... i really hope you will read and i know that my real DD/DL fans will read it <3
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