Authors Note

Wow guys, we're really here.
One more show of hands... Who's been here since the very beginning of DOMINATING DESIRES? I'm not talking about those who joined in when the book was finished and read from the beginning of the sequel. Where are my guys and gals who were here when i had six fans [as they were called then] and stuck with me as i wrote my very first R rated story?

How many of you actually remember when Wattpad deleted my first thirteen chapters (right after the first million read mark [i was pissed] )

For those of you who didn't know... Dominating Desires was the very first book i ever posted on this profile. I almost pulled it because after a few days it had no reads and i honestly didn't think it would be very good... then something amazing happened... it grew and it didn't stop. Now i'm finishing Brylee and Chase's story with well over 20 Million reads and you guys have no idea how much that means to me.

Dominating Desires was my Second book i ever wrote, i started it when i was still working on the first.

It's been a long FOUR years since i begun Brylee and Chase's journey and it's been a good ride with them. There was a lot i was able to explore and a lot of things i had to look more into with an open mind to give them their unique lives. It's amazing to look back and see how far they have come from a drunk night to parents of twins.

So i just want to say thank you to every person who went through this with me. Thank you for every person who laughed, cried, got frustrated and who felt joy love and pain with them.

Thank you to everyone who was patient with how stubborn Brylee was.
Thank you to everyone who cried with Brylee when they lost the baby, to everyone who defended her and Riley.
Thank you to everyone who understood their bond and was happy that Brylee and Riley worked it out.
Thank you for everyone who was here while they fell in love and got a beautiful wedding.
Thank you for being with me, for commenting and telling me how much you enjoyed the story.

Thank you for the support, the tears and when you guys came to my defense as others tried to attack the story. The feelings i'm feeling right now are the kind that confuse you and change your perspective.. your life.

Brylee and Chase have been with me longer than i've been with my boyfriend of three years. Brylee and Chase were there for me through all the ups and downs in my life. Brylee and Chase were in my life almost as long as this story line was. They were with me long before  could drink, long before i ever decided i wanted to write more and more books.

Nearly four years of my life they've been with me in my mind and my heart and now it's over. Their lives were impacted by mine, some things i've felt in the past and some i went through that changed my views and became a part of them too.

They're forever going to be a part of me and i truly hope that they'll be a part of you too. They live on as long as no one forgets them and as long as people continue to read. I love all of you who shared with their journey. Soon they will become fond memories that i think back on. But they will always be a part of me and i truly hope that they will live in your hearts too.

I've put off posting a bit lately because i wasn't ready for this, i'm still not ready to say goodbye to them. Even as i write this i'm filled with sorrow knowing that this is the final chapter, well technically last chapter was.

For those of you who want to reread their story.. i will be starting my editing on it soon and it will be posted on theprose.com/cmb

Dominating Desires will be posted there for you, for all of you who loved them and supported them and me thorough the years. For free and a lot less spelling mistakes!
for those of you who want to ask: it can't be posted on wattpad because i want it to be more explicit on the sex scenes and i don't want the edited version to be limited like it is here. Prose has offered me a chance to post this edited version as i want to without censoring me.

They will be edited for you and the writing will be a little different yet the story will remain true to them... There will be no charge, just written better for you all to read and hopefully love once more.

I love you all!
Thank you for staying with me.
It pains me to say this.. but Brylee and Chase's story is over.

And now i'm going to go cry.... just kidding; i've been crying.

Love Always,
[Livelifeintherain] (Of my tears now)
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