1111 Refusal?

    Qi Long's round of ruthless attacks were ineffective and were easily blocked by Lin Yang.

    However, this exchange also allowed Qi Long to understand most of Lin Yang's domain concept.

    "Troublesome." Qi Long excitedly licked his bottom lip. Fighting with different types of domain realm masters was his favourite pastime.

    "Now it is my turn, take this." Lin Yang suddenly clenched his right hand. Qi Long then felt he was confined and couldn't move.

    "That is probably dimensional confinement." After analyzing the attack, Yang Mingzhi's eyes brightened. This technique was considered to be the most well-known dimensional element attack. Back in the day, dimension element domain realm masters used this technique to conquer the world with no equals.

    "However, this technique is useless against Qi Long." Li Lanfeng and Qi Long fought many times before. He knew very well about the uniqueness of Qi Long's domain concept.

    After he said that, they saw Qi Long escaping out of his opponent's confinement.

    This scene stunned Lin Yang. Lin Yang, of course, wasn't arrogant enough to think that there wasn't anyone who could escape from his dimensional confinement, but those people would use overwhelming amounts of domain energy to break apart the dimensional confinement and escape. However, Qi Long didn't do that and Lin Yang didn't feel that his dimensional confine was destroyed. It still existed, but it was as though his dimension was disgusted by his opponent and voluntarily spat him out.

    This was the first time he had seen something like this. How did his opponent do that?

    Could it be his opponent's domain concept possessed this specialty to make other domain concepts be disgusted by him? Lin Yang seemed to have realized something and his expression became even more hardened.

    If his dimension element was a known special domain that had the strongest offenses, then Qi Long's unknown domain concept would be considered an extremely special domain concept.

    "Actually, I never understood Qi Long's domain concept." Yang Mingzhi sighed. That was why up until now, Qi Long's domain still didn't have a category assigned to it.

    "However, his concept is really hated by all other domain concepts. Can we call it the concept of disgust?" Luo Lang said earnestly.

    "Doesn't sound like a good name," Li Yingjie pouted and said. If someone dared to give such a bad name to his domain concept, he would definitely get angry.

    "Regiment commander, you and Leader Qi had fought many times, have you not discovered anything about his domain concept?" Liu Furong didn't believe that Ling Lan knew nothing about it.

    Everyone looked towards Ling Lan. They wanted to get the answer from their all-knowing Boss.

    Ling Lan gave a half-smile as she looked at everyone. Then, she slowly said, "The concept of Qi Long's domain, of course, isn't like what is shown on the surface as disgust. If you guys were to think in that direction, then you would be walking down the wrong path and never find out the truth."

    Everyone looked at their Boss with burning desire in their eyes, hoping that Boss could be more specific.

    "I still haven't studied it thoroughly, but it mostly related to the concept of language." Ling Lan tossed out an answer that everyone never imagined.

    "The concept of language?" Everyone was dumbfounded.

    "Simply put, if Qi Long didn't want something to happen, it wouldn't happen. It can be simply known as the concept of refusal." Ling Lan's answer enlightened everybody. It was no wonder they couldn't do anything to Qi Long. That was because Qi Long always refused the outcome of losing.

    "Then, why wouldn't Qi Long refuse Boss?" Luo Lang asked with many questions in his mind.

    "You idiot. Boss is just too strong for his concept to work. Just using his strength from his domain would destroy Qi Long. Even if he could refuse anything, he would still have an upper limit." Li Yingjie had a look full of disdain. Between all leaders in Lingtian, he only looked down on this Luo Lang. Of course, that was before Luo Lang's other personalities took over.

    Ling Lan glanced at the two of them with a slight smirk on her face. "Yingjie's right, but... one session of month training for you. Luo Lang, add another month to your punishment as well."

    "Holy sh*t!" Li Yingjie suddenly realized he got dragged down with Luo Lang.

    Seeing Luo Lang smile at him with a huge grin on his face, he finally realized that honest-looking people were more evil than anyone else in the world.

    While everyone was watching Qi Long and Lin Yang's battle in excitement, Little Four, who was in Ling Lan's mindscape, had an expression of confusion on his face.

    "Boss, didn't you say the concept of refusal derived from the concept of language that I told you wasn't necessarily correct? Why did you tell them that?" Wasn't this purposely misleading?

    "A trump card can only be a trump card when those around you don't know what it is," Ling Lan replied nonchalantly.

    "..." Little Four seemed to understand, but also seemed to not understand. Did not telling those people meant that his Boss didn't actually trust them?

    Feeling Little Four's concerns, Ling Lan reached out with her hand and patted his little head. She then continued, "This isn't something about trusting or not trusting, I'm just afraid that it would all be for nothing if I told them. If that was the case, I might as well let them be wrong at the very beginning."

    "Then, what is Qi Long's actual domain concept? Boss, please tell me." Little Four looked at Ling Lan with puppy eyes, hoping Ling Lan could give him the answer. As an intelligent entity that knew everything in the world, if he couldn't find out the truth, he wouldn't be able to eat or sleep for quite a while.

    "You want to know?" Ling Lan smirked. Ever since she broke through to the imperial realm, her ego had been set free. The heavy pressure she originally had on her shoulders decreased with her capabilities increasing.

    Little Four nodded his head furiously. Ling Lan flicked her finger at his forehead and said, "Don't want to tell you."

    "Boss!" When Little Four discovered that he got played by Boss, his little face instantly puffed up. His reddened face looked like he had been deeply wronged which made Ling Lan feel a slight itch, so she quickly reached out her right hand and softly rubbed his face.

    "Boss, you're bullying me!" Little Four's little face was sad.

    "I like you, so that's why I need to bully you. Dumby Little Four." Ling Lan flicked her finger at his forehead again. This Little Four didn't know that even if others wanted her to bully them, they wouldn't be qualified for it.

    Seeing Little Four with tears in his eyes while looking so pitiful and sad, Ling Lan could only give up on her love of bullying him. She comforted him and said, "Alright, I'll stop teasing you. As compensation, I'll give you a hint."

    The warm tears in Little Four's eyes were immediately sucked back in. He was full of energy as he looked at his Boss, waiting for her to explain to him. He didn't even look like he was sad at all. After following Ling Lan for so long, Little Four was no longer the simple and naive Little Four. Pretending to be simple-minded or naive was easy for him. The student had finally surpassed the master.

    "If there's a result, then there must be a reason," Ling Lan said one sentence. Little Four didn't understand it at all. However, Ling Lan didn't continue to say anything else so Little Four knew that the hint was only just that.

    'What does it actually mean?' Little Four was in deep thought.

    Outside the mindscape, Lin Yang didn't retreat when he saw his dimensional confinement was completely ineffective. He put his two hands together. Right as he did that, the space around Qi Long began to crack open. One crack, two cracks, three cracks... countless cracks.

    "Dimensional Tear."

    The area of effect techniques of dimension elements were determined by the research institute as a sure-kill and unblockable technique. Everyone from Lingtian knew that with Boss around them, Qi Long wouldn't get hurt, but they still worried for Qi Long's safety.
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