1114 Dark Phoenix!

    "If Lingtian cannot fend off the enemy, then you can command the base to escape on your accord," Ling Lan replied indifferently.

    If they weren't able to fend off Knight Ace Mecha Clan, even if they wanted to escape, Knight wouldn't give them that chance to escape. Therefore, the luxury of thinking about whether to give up or not was completely pointless.

    Seeing Ling Lan had made a decision to battle Knight Ace Mecha Clan, Yu Huan felt conflicted. Ling Lan's fearlessness and courage made him admire her, but Yu Huan still believed that Lingtian wasn't Knight Ace Mecha Clan's equal. Her decision was basically throwing the lives of her men away. Thus, Yu Huan was very frustrated at Ling Lan's seemingly blind decision.

    However, no matter what, Ling Lan was Lingtian's highest ranked commanding officer and she ultimately had the power to decide how to deploy her clan. Yu Huan's only hope was the two other major generals was rational enough to stop Ling Lan's idiotic decision.

    The reason why Yu Huan cared about Lingtian this much was because of the results from Slaughter and Piercing Arrow challenging Lingtian. Yu Huan was the only one high ranked officer who didn't visit them, and yet he knew the true result of the challenge. Lingtian's younger members were very talented and would definitely become the Federation's monstrous individuals in the future. Yu Huan placed them in very high regard. That was why he didn't want them to die in vain.

    After ending the call with Yu Huan, Ling Lan went into deep thought for a moment. Then, she opened the communications channel to the leaders who were on standby in the mecha hold and said, "This time, our opponent is Knight Ace Mecha Clan."

    "Knight Ace Mecha Clan?"

    "Knight Ace Mecha Clan!"

    The confused and stunned voices of the leaders filled the communication channel. Of course, those who were stunned were the veteran mecha operators, while those who were confused were the younger bunch, such as Qi Long and the others.

    "Knight Ace Mecha Clan is a top ranking ace mecha clan from Caesar with a rank of 18th. However, according to our own nation's ranking system, they are of similar strength to first-rank five-star clans, and they are in the tier of legendary." Yang Mingzhi heard the confused youngsters and explained to them.

    "Sh*t, they're that strong?" Qi Long began to excitedly rub his hands together.

    "This will be a difficult and bloody battle!" Ling Lan said coldly. "Thus, I've decided that all the ace operators in the clan will be going into the battle!"

    "Yes, sir!" All the leaders shouted in unison.

    "Zhong-qing, you will be in charge of the base," Ling Lan contacted Lin Zhong-qing.

    "Department Head Li, your medical department will be completely activated."

    "Department Head Luo, have your rescue teams on standby."

    Ling Lan sent out a list of orders and all hands in Lingtian began to move about.

    "Regiment Commander, you're going into the battle?" After Ling Lan gave the last order, Li Lanfeng instantly asked.

    "I'm scared everyone would be reckless if I don't stay there to watch over everyone." Ling Lan's answer quelled Li Lanfeng's curiosity.

    Ling Lan said it very nonchalantly, but all the leaders knew that this was because Ling Lan was afraid they would be in danger. The main reason she decided to go into the battlefield was to protect them.

    At Lingtian's dedicated launching port's JMC room:

    "Has everyone reached their positions?" Han Xuya frowned as she asked about the situation of each team.

    "Team One here!"

    "Team Two here!"

    "Team Three..." Other than the JMCs on duty, all of the other JMCs from Lingtian had all moved out.

    They received their regiment commander's order that all ace mecha operators in the clan were joining the battle. A rough estimate put the numbers at more than 2000 people.

    Somehow, Lingtian was no longer a crippled clan that only had a few hundred people to show for them. Its number had increased to the standard number of mecha operators in a mecha clan.

    What was even more insane was that other than 1000 plus mecha operators who were official operators, the other half were mecha operators who were still waiting for assessment. They were currently in the logistics department as reserve mecha operators.

    Although Lingtian's JMCs had done many training sessions for emergency battle situations, it was still their first time facing a real battle. Many JMCs were panicking and had no idea what they needed to do.

    Seeing the situation, Lady Mei quickly asked, "Department head, how many launching ports are we activating?"

    "We are activating all of them. Launch out our mecha operators as quickly as possible," said Han Xuya.

    "Understood. We will be responsible for launching ports 1 to 5," replied Lady Mei calmly.

    "Alright, Team Two will be responsible for ports 6 to 10, Team Three for ports 11 to 15, Team Four..." Han Xuya immediately understood what she needed to arrange.

    Just like that, with Lady Mei's reminder, Han Xuya managed to reorganize the JMC room. Every team had been given their tasks and every JMC knew which mechas they needed to contact and what they needed to do.

    After finishing all of this, Han Xuya breathed a slight sigh of relief. Even the fearless Han Xuya was a bit panicked in preparing for such a large scale battle for the first time. Luckily, she had a great subordinate beside her. Thinking up to this point, Han Xuya looked towards Lady Mei. Coincidently, Lady Mei also looked towards her. Their gaze met one another and they smiled at each other without saying a word.

    Soon, all of the mecha operators were launched out of the base in an orderly fashion and arrived in outer space, forming formations one after the other.

    The entire area above the Base Nebula was filled with countless mechas. They were all mechas from mecha clans who came out of the Base Nebula's launching ports. There were at least 20 thousand mechas.

    This number was only enough to act as the vanguard. If the entire Base Nebula were to move out, then the numbers would be in the millions.

    This was how battles in outer space were fought. Any random battles would have numbers like these. If it wasn't for the fact that the Federation had vast amounts of planets under their rule with population in the billions, just losses from the wars they fought each year was enough for a small nation to crumble apart

    "Our regiment commander has said that our target is the Knight Ace Mecha Clan. This is the insignia of the Knight Ace Mecha Clan. Don't get it wrong." All the leaders were passing Ling Lan's orders to their team members. At the same time, they showed the insignia of Knight Ace Mecha Clan that Ling Lan had sent them, to their team members. This was in case they fought the wrong opponents.

    "Understood, leader!" All the members were tightly gripping their control sticks as the leaders didn't hide the fact of how strong Knight Ace Mecha Clan was. These people knew the enemy they were about to go against was ranked 18th in Caesar. Other than a few veteran mecha operators, some new members were although somewhat frightened, they were still more excited than frightened.

    "Leader, that mecha clan behind us with the black phoenix emblem, which mecha clan are they? I don't think I've seen them before." On the front lines of the battlefield, a mecha clan, who was waiting for the battle to commence, unintentionally saw a new clan gathering together. They had never seen their emblem and thus asked with curiosity.

    "Not sure..." Their leader glanced at it and frowned slightly.

    "I know. I've seen that emblem before," a team member suddenly shouted out in surprise.

    "Who is it? Tell us," asked his comrades.

    "It's Lingtian Mecha Clan. On the first day when their mechas entered the mecha hold, I passed by and saw this dark phoenix emblem."

    "They're so shameless. They actually copied General Ling Xiao's fire phoenix emblem! How did they pass the military application with that emblem?" The leader already didn't have a good impression of Lingtian. Now after seeing that they had copied the emblem of General Ling Xiao, the idol he admired, he was now even more discontent about Lingtian.

    "Oh, Lingtian's regiment commander has a surname of Ling. Does he have any connections with General Ling Xiao?" One person began to make wild guesses.
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