1128 Analysis!

    Around 500 mecha operators started to spread out and search for survivors.

    Strangely, the closer they got towards Base Nebula, the fewer the survivors they found. The number of survivors found by two whole mecha clans was fewer than the number of survivors found by the three mecha teams.

    Roland frowned when he saw this odd situation. He felt that something was amiss. He started to feel agitated.

    Suddenly, he thought of something. He quickly switched to the public channel of the two mecha clans and asked, "Did you find any survivors from the Federation just now?"

    The three leaders of the mecha teams replied, "No. We only found our men."

    Roland's expression quickly changed. He shouted instantly, "Retreat! We got fooled."

    The mecha operators from the two mecha clans were stunned when they heard this. Suddenly, the space around them started distorting and numerous mechas appeared out of nowhere.

    "The Federation!" The mecha operators were only able to shout this sentence before they got stabbed by swords.

    Numerous mecha operators were killed instantly. The sudden ambush flustered the mecha operators from Caesar. They didn't know what to do.

    All the team leaders were shouting for their team members to reunite.

    Before this, they were split up to cover more areas, so they were currently no match for an organised team. Every part of the space was filled with a leader of a team and his deputy. They were all either imperial mecha operators or pseudo imperial operators. Even the weaker ones were peak level ace mecha masters.

    Their team members were all peak-level ace mecha masters too. Under the leadership of their leaders, they attacked the unprepared Caesar mecha operators ferociously like wild beasts.

    "They... are so vicious." Yu Huan's expression constantly changed from the moment he saw Lingtian fighting with Knight Ace. He was shocked and stunned. When he saw Lingtian continuing to fight with two more mecha clans after annihilating one mecha clan, he didn't know what to say anymore.

    "I always thought that he was just a talent the military wanted to groom. I was worried that he was too young that he might make mistakes. That was why I didn't let him be the commander-in-chief immediately. When he requested to fight with Knight Ace Mecha Clan, I thought that he was being reckless and hot-blooded. Now, it seems like I was the one who underestimated them."

    Yu Huan gave a bitter smile. He looked at the mecha that was standing upright among all the shining stars in space. The mecha waved its sword lightly and the other mechas would start killing their enemies ruthlessly as though they were given a command.

    They were ruthless. They only had one aim: The cockpit. They had no intention of leaving any survivors.

    Such an act shouldn't have happened. The battlefield was brutal and there was no mercy but most nations still had a Humanitarian Agreement. Once the result of the battle was decided, the other party shouldn't kill their opponents anymore. They must first ask their opponents to surrender. If their opponents didn't want to surrender, they could then kill them.

    Of course, if it was a life-or-death situation, such a matter wouldn't exist. For instance, Twilight would never hold back whenever it fought with the Federation. However, this grudge subsided a little after General Ling Xiao came back alive.

    They weren't talents groomed by the Federation. They were devils released by the military. Yu Huan searched for the order he received again. He blankly stared at the order.

    In charge of the safety of the planetary sector? He started analyzing this order carefully.

    Did this mean that the military had already given them the rights of command but to fool Caesar, they didn't state it clearly?

    Yu Huan didn't think that this was an assessment for Lingtian but based on their current strength, no mecha clan in Base Nebula could fight on par with it, not even Proud Wind Mecha Clan.

    If Lingtian wanted to gain the right of command, they just needed to ask the regiment commanders of the other mecha clans for a mecha battle. However, they didn't. They chose to stay in their camping ground and pass the four months calmly.

    Were they not interested in the title of top mecha clan? Or was their regiment commander not interested in the position of a commander-in-chief? He had only seen Ling Lan once. He was in a daze the whole time and he almost ignored him. But, the sudden change in his aura towards the end and the cold and dangerous gaze allowed him to know that this wasn't someone indifferent to fame and wealth. He was someone who would get what he wanted.

    That meant that there must be a reason why this ambitious person gave up the position of commander-in-chief.

    "Is he trying to hide his capabilities? He probably doesn't trust the security of the base." Yu Huan seemed to understand something. He recalled how they were always at the losing end in their battle against Caesar. He and Ke Yufeng thought of many schemes but they always failed at the crucial moment.

    "Did someone from Caesar manage to infiltrate the base?" Yu Huan frowned. He was frustrated. As the commanding officer of the base for more than ten years, he had already treated Base Nebula as his home. All the soldiers in the base were his family. Yet, someone among them was a spy. It was hard for him to accept this.

    Most importantly, he didn't realize this problem at all. He needed someone who just came to the base to remind him of the possibility of a spy using his actions.

    "The military probably have realized this problem so they sent Lingtian to control the situation." Yu Huan could only comfort himself this way. There were many advisers in the military. It was possible that they were able to notice the existence of a spy.

    "That's maybe why Lingtian remained low profile until they had a chance to teach Caesar a lesson." Yu Huan felt that he had finally understood the order. This was the only explanation why Lingtian was so powerful.

    Lingtian Mecha Clan might be a component in the entire scheme too. They might be a legendary mecha clan in disguise... no, legendary mecha clans were highly scrutinized by everyone so they wouldn't be able to disguise themselves so perfectly.
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