1198 Prediction!

    "Boss! I've got news!" Qi Long excitedly burst into Ling Lan's office.

    Ling Lan calmly raised her head. "What is it?"

    "The 13th division has officially started fighting with the Twilight Empire at the planetary sector of Planet Wild!" Qi Long was jumping in excitement.

    The 13th division was his father's division. Although he quarreled with his father over his decision to stay with Ling Lan, his father still admitted defeat in the end and relented to his choice. Qi Long respected his father a lot. Of course, he could only be the second in his heart behind the one and only.

    It couldn't be helped. The first position had been taken by Boss.

    "Okay!" Ling Lan nodded. She looked through the documents in her hand and asked, "What about the other divisions?"

    Qi Long was stunned for a moment. He rushed here immediately after hearing the news about his father so he didn't have the time to ask about the other divisions.

    "The 4th division is untraceable. The 7th division is in the Zheyu planetary sector. We can predict they will choose Planet Muliu as the battlefield so that they can flank the defense army of Twilight from the side." A gentle voice sounded in the room. Ling Lan raised her head again. She saw Li Lanfeng and the other people walking into her room.

    Ling Lan nodded at them. "Everyone is here."

    "Regiment commander!" Everyone saluted.

    "Let's go to the meeting room to guess the plan of our army." Ling Lan stood up and led everyone to the meeting room.

    Everyone took a seat in the meeting room. All the brigade leaders that were available had come, even some of the heads of the logistics departments took out some time for this meeting. Ling Lan would call for a meeting to discuss the war situation between the two nations occasionally.

    A battle had started between the two nations. This meant that there was no path of retreat.

    "Open your minds and voice out your thoughts. There's no need to worry whether it makes sense or not. Just speak your mind," Ling Lan said.

    Everyone exchanged glances with each other. There was silence. Li Lanfeng saw this and smiled. He stood up and said, "Let me start first." He walked out and turned on the optical supercomputer in the meeting room. One side of the wall turned into a huge screen. The map of the galaxy was displayed on the screen. It was filled with planetary sectors and planets.

    Li Lanfeng moved his hands across the screen and focused the image on the planetary sector of the Twilight Empire.

    "Based on the information we have on hand, the 13th division is in charge of the frontal assault. The 7th division is in charge of flanking. The 23rd division will bring up the rear and reinforce any division in need. The 4th division is untraceable. It could be hiding beside the two attacking divisions or it might have another mission which we don't know." Li Lanfeng predicted the mission of every division based on the information they had gotten so far.

    "I feel that the 4th division might be in charge of ambush and disturbance to the enemy. They will attack all the sides of the Twilight Empire to prevent Twilight from congregating their military strength on the two battlefields." This was Li Lanfeng's prediction.

    Many brigade leaders nodded in agreement.

    Han Jijyun frowned slightly. He thought for a moment before opening his mouth. "I just have a question. Based on Big Leader Li's prediction, we're using offensive tactics. However, do we have the time to move slowly through the planets one by one?"

    "This tactic is safe and we have deployed more god-class mecha masters than the number of god-class mecha masters in the Twilight Empire. By right, we should be the one winning the war if we slowly push through all the planets. However, we know that time is not on our side. Once Caesar makes their decision and participates in this war, we won't have an advantage anymore." Yang Mingzhi was worried about this point. If he had a choice, he didn't want to start an intergalactic war. The consequences from starting such a war were huge.

    "The war just started. We don't know the follow-up plans of our army. Maybe the general has other arrangements," Liu Furong added.

    "Maybe everything might just be a probe. Everyone thinks that the 7th division wanted to attack Planet Muliu since it's at the Zheyu planetary sector but that might not be the case," Luo Lang said with a cold face. Everyone knew that Luo Lang had sent his calm personality out.

    "There's too little information. Moreover, it is delayed too," Xie Yi said. Base Nebula was in the opposite direction of Twilight. Hence, they were the last people to receive any updates of the war. If Ling Lan didn't use her hacking ability to get some news, they might be receiving them even later.

    "That can't be helped. We're not at the frontline of the battle. The news we received has been filtered by the people on the frontline," Li Lanfeng sighed. The higher authorities at the military headquarters might be able to know the exact plan of assault but people like them could only guess based on the bits of information they received. Their guess might be totally different from the real plan.

    "Actually, I'm not asking for a perfect replica of the overall plan. I just hope that you can familiarise yourself with the current updates of the war," Ling Lan opened her mouth when she noticed that everyone seemed dejected at their failure to guess the overall plan.

    Everyone looked at Ling Lan in surprise. Normally, new divisions, including independent armies, wouldn't be allowed on the battlefield for the first three years of its creation.

    "No one knows what will happen in the future. Thus, we must always be prepared for war. The more preparations we make, the fewer the number of unnecessary deaths. I hope that everyone can remember this," Ling Lan said in a serious tone.

    "Yes, commander!" Everyone stood up.

    Ling Lan asked them to sit down and they continued the conversation.

    At that moment, the quiet Yan Three hesitated and finally decided to speak. "Commander, I'm a uneducated person. I don't understand a thing about strategies, so I can only use my past experiences to analyse this war."

    "Just say it. Sometimes, your experience is more useful than wild guesses," Ling Lan encouraged him.

    "Most of the time, if our goal was to end the war as quickly as possible, we'll attack the central command center and destroy it directly." Yan Three told everyone his decision when facing such battles.
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