1203 Lord Yuangu!

    "General! The Federation has activated a god-class mecha!" One of the soldiers monitoring the war suddenly shouted.

    So far, both Twilight and Huaxia hadn't activated their god-class mechas. The use of this ultimate weapon signaled the start of a life-or-death war where one side would definitely be killed.

    Before they knew the depths of their opponents, no one would dare to put everything on the line. The people of Twilight thought that this act of probing would last for a few more days. Yet, their enemy released their god-class mecha so quickly and early in the war.

    "Damn it." General Shangye charged forward and stared at the powerful god-class mecha hovering on the battlefield. His face turned pale with fear. "They sent King Muqi!"

    King Muqi made a name for himself a hundred years ago. Their generation never saw how powerful he was but they heard about his terrifying legends from their elders. His existence was akin to an aloof god-like figure. That year, when Lord Yuangu from Twilight fought with King Muqi, the former was defeated by the latter in one move. In the secret database of Twilight, King Muqi was labeled as a four-star danger god-class mecha master.

    It wasn't the highest star-rank they could give but there was only one person who was worthy to be in the five-star danger zone, and it was Ling Xiao. This was enough to prove how powerful King Muqi was.

    "General, what do we do?" The appearance of a god-class mecha master made everyone anxious. The atmosphere in the command center was tense.

    It seemed like the Federation had decided to destroy them in the fastest possible time.

    "Invite Lord Yuangu out." General Shangye clenched his fist and knocked on the table.

    Although his superiors asked him to drag the war for as long as he could, his opponent didn't give him the chance to. If he didn't release a god-class mecha master now, their division would be completely decimated by King Muqi in just seconds.

    A god-class mecha master could only be stopped by another god-class mecha master. General Shangye hoped that Lord Yuangu was able to at least hinder King Muqi.

    King Muqi came to the frontline and raised his beam gun in preparation for the massacre that was about to occur. Just as he was about to shoot, he felt a sudden commotion among the Twilight army.

    He turned his head and saw a huge mecha flying rapidly towards him at mach speed. It performed some superfluous turns before landing in front of him.

    The mecha was huge but old-fashioned. It was a really poor sight but it was god-class mecha from Twilight.

    'Why does this mecha look so familiar? When have I seen it before?' King Muqi looked at the familiar mecha with curiosity. However, after searching his brain for an answer, nothing came up to mind.

    It seemed like he was really getting old. His memory was failing him. King Muqi laughed at himself before asking in a calm tone, "Who is this?"

    King Muqi was more than 160 years old. His ash-white hair and his calm yet deep eyes were proof of his old age.

    "King Muqi, long time no see." A deep voice came from the mecha opposite him.

    "So it's you, Yuangu Qi." King Muqi raised his eyebrows in surprise. He didn't expect Yuangu Qi to come. The familiar voice finally jogged King Muqi's memory. It had been more than 60 years since their last meeting.

    "Hmph. I lost to you that year because I was too young and rash. I didn't have enough experience back then. I was never willing to accept that defeat. I have always wanted to fight with you to prove to you, but you stay within the Federation's borders and hide like a coward for so many years. Tsk tsk tsk, I thought that you've already died of old age. What a surprise to see you here. Is there no one in the Federation to replace you so they push you out to die?" Yuangu Qi said in a mocking tone.

    King Muqi wasn't at all provoked by his words. He just replied indifferently, "You'll know if they push me out to die after our fight. However, this time, I won't show mercy like before. Are you ready to die?"

    In the previous fight they had, they were just sparring so he didn't kill him. This time, their countries were at war with each other. They were now enemies. King Muqi's eyes had a different gleam now. There was strong killing intent in them.

    Yuangu Qi was furious. After he lost to King Muqi that year, he was ruthlessly judged by the public for being too weak. Even the other two god-class mecha masters looked down on him which in turn made the last among the three god-class mecha masters in his nation. He might not be as powerful as Lord Jindao but he was definitely better than Lord Shuicheng. Unfortunately, he met one of the top three god-class mecha masters from the Federation at that time. On the other hand, Shuicheng was lucky enough to meet a god-class mecha master that just entered the rank, the weakest among all the god-class mecha masters from the Federation, Sky Full Of Stars. He fought a shameful fight while Shuicheng was on the winning side during the whole duration of his spar.

    Yuangu Qi took his beam sword from behind his back and slashed it angrily at King Muqi. He wanted to prove that he wasn't the same young fellow that got defeated 60 years ago.

    King Muqi raised his sword to block the incoming sword calmly. The two huge swords collided, causing sparks to fly everywhere. It almost blinded the soldiers that were watching their fight.

    The soldiers from both sides stopped fighting in unplanned unison and moved to the side to watch the battle between the two god-class mecha masters.

    The result of this battle represented the fate of their nation. This was why god-class mechas were labeled as a nation's ultimate weapon. If their ultimate weapon lost, the country had no means of resisting anymore.

    "Lord Yuangu, all the best!" The soldiers from the Twilight Empire clutched their swords in their hands and cheered for their god-class mecha master. They clearly remembered Lord Yuangu being defeated by King Muqi in the past, but they believed that this time the results would be different. He would definitely be able to avenge himself.

    The soldiers from the Federation didn't plan to lose in terms of cheers. "King Muqi, King Muqi!" They cheered for King Muqi too. King Muqi was undefeated in history, and he would continue to be.

    "Regiment commander, Twilight has sent Lord Yuangu." Jin Anlong compared the appearance of the mecha with his database and made this conclusion.

    "It should be him. They didn't send Lord Jindao. Is it because Lord Jindao isn't here or do they think that Lord Yuangu is strong enough to handle King Muqi?" Qi Yaoyang touched his chin and pondered.

    By now, Lord Yuangu and King Muqi had exchanged many blows. Jin Anlong shouted excitedly, "Regiment commander, King Muqi is beginning to suppress his opponent."

    He was worried that King Muqi might have gotten weaker due to his age but it seemed like he had become even more vicious. Every single move he made was on point. Every single attack was aimed at Lord Yuangu's weaknesses.

    "King Muqi was known for being aggressive." Qi Yaoyang wasn't surprised as he was quite knowledgeable about the Muqi family's innate talent. They had a strong and accurate sixth sense. They could sense incoming dangers as well as their enemy's weakness. Many in the family had tried to gain control of this ability but only imperial mecha masters were able to grasp it. Qi Yaoyang felt that only King Muqi was able to grasp full control of his family's innate talent.
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