1216 Ling Xiao, Youre Vile!

    "It's the same technique again!" The soldiers from the Federation who were watching the battle were on the edge of their seats. At that moment, everyone knew that the general was using his duplication innate talent to its fullest and had successfully copied his opponent's battle technique. However, a copy was only just a copy. Could its final power be as strong as the original?

    Bang! The two large whirling swords clashed once again.

    The two swords stopped spinning after smashing into each other. The two mechas seemed to have been stopped in time, as they were just pushing against each other with none of them budging a single inch.

    'Their strength is on par?'

    Right as everyone thought that was the case, a mecha was suddenly sent flying out from the clash.

    "Ah, it's the general!" It was Ling Xiao's [Belief].

    "The general?" Soldiers from the Federation were shocked as they shouted in surprise. Could it be that their general had lost?

    "Ah, the huge swords!" Suddenly, someone exclaimed in shock.

    As those words were spoken, the two swords that were stuck to each other suddenly cracked into pieces, shattering in all directions. Ling Xiao's [Belief] perfectly evaded all of the pieces of the swords because he had flown out of the way beforehand and somersaulted in space.

    Allomone on the other hand, did not move from his spot. Faced with the broken sword pieces, he didn't dodge. His mecha just shined brightly to block the sword pieces.

    After blocking the pieces, the mecha's original shining light turned dim. However, god-class mechas had a core that could quickly replenish the energy. One second was all that was needed for the god-class mecha's shield to replenish to its full power. In other words, Allomone was in the most danger during that one second time frame. However, in this case, even though the god-class mecha's shield was still not completely yet depleted, it could still block a top-level battle technique.

    Allomone was also not an idiot who would just stand there and take a beating. He quickly piloted his mecha to back up and was preparing to safely pass through the one second down time. He was going to let his shield recharge and then continue his barrage of attacks. A god-class operator would never let himself be in a dangerous situation.

    Allomone's idea was good, but it would have to depend on whether Ling Xiao gave him the chance to do so.

    In that instant, two white lights cut across the space around them and ruthlessly struck Allomone's mecha.

    Allomone couldn't evade at all and could only use his shield to forcefully block them.

    The light on the mecha finally disappeared. The attack completely depleted the energy of the god-class mecha's god shield. The mecha instantly became as dark as space itself. At that moment, everyone saw that the two white lights were actually Ling Xiao's two beam sabers.

    However, Ling Xiao's retaliation didn't stop there, as his two hands held two beam handguns. The power of the beam handguns were not comparable to beam rifles, but the advantage was that it didn't need to gather much energy to fire at a rapid pace.

    As expected, after the beam saber hit, a barrage of beam projectiles came towards Allomone. It perfectly covered the field, encapsulating Allomone completely so that he would be hit no matter where or how he chose to evade.

    However, the power of the beam handguns was not enough to harm a god-class mecha. It could only deplete the energy of the god shield that was still recovering, forcing the shield to stay at its lowest energy state. The shield could block the beam projectiles of the beam handguns, but high impact weapons would definitely cause damage to the god-class mecha.

    The situation undoubtedly showed that Allomone was at a disadvantage and Ling Xiao seemingly had control over the field. A few younger soldiers from the Federation couldn't help but shout happily. The experienced veterans on the other hand had concerned expressions on their faces. That was because they knew that once Ling Xiao stopped controlling the field and gave his opponent one second of time, then Ling Xiao's advantage would be gone and everything would return to the stalemate beforehand.

    No, it might even be worse than that. It should be known that Ling Xiao had already lost all of the strong weapons for close combat purposes. His large swords burst into pieces and his beam sabers were tossed away into the depths of space. He only had two long range rifles left. The beam handguns he was using to attack could be considered as close range weapons, but it wasn't as strong as the other weapons as the handguns were mostly used to interfere with high-frequency blades.

    The opponent on the other hand, had only lost his large sword, while still having a strong beam saber on his back. Once they fight in close quarters, the general will definitely be at a disadvantage. In terms of long range, just the general's handguns were not enough to severely damage his opponent. He also couldn't switch to the long range sniper rifle because it would give his opponent time to replenish the god shield. In the end, the results were not in favor of their general.

    During that moment, at a location where no one could see, the 12 wings hidden behind [Belief] that furled back into the mecha, slowly gathered energy. The tips of the wings began to give off a dim light.

    Another few minutes had passed, and Ling Xiao was still perfectly in control of the field. He was still accurately depleting Allomone's god shield's energy, never giving him that one second time frame. This was clearly a battle of endurance. Out of the two of them, Ling Xiao's spiritual power was being depleted at a much quicker rate than Allomone. The reason for such rapid depletion was the calculations he needed to churn out about the impact of his projectiles, along with his opponent's movement. He must calculate it perfectly and not make any errors, which had caused quite a strain on his mind.

    Even those newbie soldiers, who didn't have enough battle experience, knew their general's overall situation wasn't as good as they had previously thought. It was actually not good at all. All of the soldiers in the 23rd Division were concerned and were worried for their general. They didn't know when their general would make the eventual mistake or error. When that happened, that would be Allomone's chance to turn the tides around.

    After some time, Ling Xiao's perfect and accurate beam projectiles suddenly went off course. Many of them landed around Allomone, while only a small amount went towards Allomone. For a god-class operator, the small amount that was left could be completely evaded.

    Finally, after such high intensity calculations and field control, Ling Xiao's spiritual power had reached its limit. Ling Xiao finally made a huge mistake.

    Seeing the situation, the soldiers from the 23rd Division all screamed out in shock.

    Allomone's eyes shined brightly as an opportunity had appeared in front of him.

    However, in the blink of an eye, his face instantly turned pale. He then screamed out uncontrollably, "NOOO!"

    He didn't know when, but the wings of the Divine Punishment system were unfurled. All of the tips of the wings were pointed towards him. As he screamed in agony and regret, the 12 wings shot 12 bright lights simultaneously.

    Even if the god shield was at full power, it was impossible for a god-class mecha to not pay any price in order to block all 12 wings. Not to mention, Allomone's god shield was now completely depleted by Ling Xiao's constant barrage of beam projectiles. If he couldn't dodge the attack from the 12 wings, then the final outcome would be death.

    At that moment, Allomone understood Ling Xiao was just buying his time to recharge his Divine Punishment system. He didn't want to just defeat him, but rather, keep him there forever and let him become a corpse in space.

    "Ling Xiao, you're vile!" shouted Allomone. His spiritual power suddenly increased exponentially. On the brink of death, his finger speed suddenly broke through his previous limit. With his newfound peak spiritual power, he wanted to pilot his mecha and get out of the situation alive.
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