1242 Escape!

    "No matter. The trap will come." Ling Lan thought through it more thoroughly than Li Lanfeng. "It is only a matter of time. Moreover, it is better if they could maintain a constant state of high alert."

    Li Lanfeng nodded and stopped speaking. The two of them looked intently at the map the mainframe computer showed on the screen and waited for the ambush they had predicted.

    After 15 minutes, all of the soldiers on standby were somewhat numb from waiting. Ling Lan suddenly felt something and decisively ordered, "Evade 45 degrees to the right."

    In the base's control room, the major who was originally responsible for controls was gone. In his seat was now a weak-looking officer who had an insignia of a senior colonel on his shoulder. He was responsible for the controls at that moment.

    After hearing Ling Lan's orders, he calmly moved his arms and moved the large base from its original direction instantly to a 45 degree turn, forcing Base Nebula to go off its original course.

    This seemingly easy maneuver was actually not that easy. Even though it was hard to see from his calm expression, there were still veins popping up from his neck when he turned the handle.

    Right as Base Nebula moved away from its original course, a white light appeared in the void and brushed past the moving base.

    If Ling Lan's orders were slower by a second and the person who controlled the handle wasn't there, then the white light would definitely hit Base Nebula.

    The flash of white light came so violently and suddenly. Even though it didn't cause any fatal damage to the base, it still injured the soldiers on the base. There were many injured soldiers on mecha hold, some unlucky soldiers had also died from the impact.

    After the white light went past the base, a giant mecha appeared from the void and appeared before Ling Lan.

    A simple insignia of a four-leaf clover was on the chest of the mecha along with one on both its arms. These insignias told her where the mecha hailed from.

    Ling Lan's original calm stare instantly narrowed. She didn't even think and shouted, "Luo Lang, run as fast as possible."

    Ling Lan didn't expect that the Twilight Empire would send a god-class operator to ambush them. If it wasn't her Profound Insight giving her warnings at crucial moments, everyone from Base Nebula might have perished there.

    The Four Leaf Clover, if she was not wrong, was the symbol for Twilight Empire's first ranked god-class operator, Lord Jindao. She didn't think the Twilight Empire would actually put her in such high regard, and not only did they send a god-class operator to deal with her, but they also sent the strongest one. They definitely wanted her and Base Nebula to completely disappear from the face of the galaxy.

    Originally, she was expecting the opposition to use devious methods to draw her out of her base. Now it seemed, the opposition didn't even consider this issue and only needed to send out a god-class operator to get rid of her and the base at the same time.

    Ling Lan realized this oversight was due to their lack of experience. Li Lanfeng and hers predictions for the larger picture were still too simple. They both believed that the opposition would use evil plots against them and try to get them to leave the base or perhaps despicable means to force her to come out.

    Reality now taught Ling Lan that other than evil plots, there were also more direct methods. As long as a god-class mecha was sent, the amount of firepower Base Nebula could dish out was negligible.

    This flying bunker called the Base Nebula was given the moniker 'tortoise shell'. Additionally, with its weaponry like porcupine spikes all over its surface and its agility that was much higher than starships, even if it was surrounded, it would still be able to use all of its arsenal to create a path of freedom for itself.

    However, no matter how strong something was, it still had its mortal enemy. Base Nebula wasn't afraid of anything. However, after encountering the ultimate weapon of a nation, god-class mechas, it could only run for its life.

    In the case of god-class mechas, no matter if it was the category of offense, defense or speed, it would be the best of the best in all three categories that existed in this universe. Even if Base Nebula was composed of the Federation's most advanced technology, it would still be considered weaker when compared to god-class mechas.

    Ling Lan had piloted a god-class mecha before, so she knew the terror it could bring. This was why Ling Lan's expression changed greatly when she saw the god-class mecha and gave the order to Luo Lang to escape at top speed.

    This time, in order to ensure the safety of everyone on the base, Ling Lan arranged for Luo Lang to be responsible for Base Nebula's helm.

    The feeling of danger that lingered made Ling Lan carefully consider who should be the person manning the controls of Base Nebula.

    In Lingtian Independent Army, all of the brigade leaders and their deputies all were great at piloting. In terms of piloting experience, they were undoubtedly less experienced than the veterans soldiers. However, after thinking for a while, she still gave this important assignment to Luo Lang.

    It wasn't because the others couldn't do it, but rather because Ling Lan trusted Luo Lang the most out of everyone. Even Li Lanfeng was not as trustworthy in Ling Lan's mind as Luo Lang.

    Of course, that wasn't the only reason why she chose Luo Lang. It was also because of Luo Lang's innate talent. A naive Luo Lang working with the calm personality would definitely not make any grand mistakes or panic from being in such a big crisis.

    Once the situation develops into what her premonition told her, reaching a point of no return, only Luo Lang, who had the calm personality, could make the most suitable decisions and get them out of there alive.

    This was Ling Lan's final trump card. It was only in preparation for the worst case scenario. She didn't think that she would have to use it from the very beginning.

    Luo Lang heard Ling Lan's orders. Despite knowing they were in a great crisis, there wasn't any wavering look in his eyes.

    His hands began to dance around, which gradually turned into afterimages .Under his control, all of the base's engines revved up. The base then left an afterimage in the dark void of space and vanished from the star system they were in.

    Lord Jindao raised his eyebrows in surprise as the sure-hit attack suddenly missed. Before he could recover his giant sword, the huge bunker that was in front of him vanished before him.

    "Trying to escape? Heh." Lord Jindao snorted coldly. In the next second, his mecha's engine erupted and he also disappeared from this star system.

    Ling Lan's eyes were completely focused on the large virtual screen in front of her. Little Four and Meng Lan were each putting up the angles of video feeds they had collected.

    Base Nebula's engines were all at their maximum output, pushing the base to its highest possible speed. However, even though they did that, they still couldn't get rid of Lord Jindao, who was tailing right behind them. As time went by, the distance between the two entities began to shorten. The naked eye probably couldn't see it, but Little Four and Meng Lan existed in a different world. They showed accurate data to let Ling Lan and the others know of the incoming crisis.

    A layer of sweat appeared on Li Lanfeng's forehead. The vast gulf between their collective strength and a god-class mecha forced a strategist like him not to have any ideas on what to do.

    Ling Lan puckered her lips. Evil plots and traps were only effective when their strengths were equal levels. No amount of traps or plots were useful when the enemy could just use brute force to smash them to pieces.
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