317 Destruction!

    Chapter 317: Destruction!

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    "Adjust mecha settings for outer space." Ling Lan rapidly changed the settings on her mecha, not forgetting to remind her companions at the same time.

    "Yes, Boss!" At this time, everyone knew the situation was urgent so they did not chatter unnecessarily, calmly following Ling Lan's instructions. Very soon, the team had all set their mecha to outer space mecha mode. Receiving the OK from all her team members, Ling Lan abruptly pulled out Regretless.

    Behind her, [No Mecha Unrepaired] saw this familiar weapon in Ling Lan's hands and a complicated surge of emotion rose within his heart. This was the weapon which had almost ended his military academy life, but it was also this weapon which had brought him to this bunch of great friends. Even as he was proud of himself, he was also grateful for the trust [Lingtian First-String] had in him.

    Ling Lan's original plan was very good - let Little Four invade the mainframe of this transport ship and open it automatically. But unexpectedly, after the appearance of the magnetic storm, whether out of panic or another motive, some unknown bastard had actually put the hold doors in lockdown. In other words, it was no longer possible to use the starship's automatic system to open these doors - only violence would do.

    "They want to destroy the hold doors and kill us all." One of those mecha who had broken their secured seats, only to regret it and blame Ling Lan's team for their rashness, saw this action of Ling Lan's and put old grudges and new alarm together. He quickly opened the public comms and yelled out to all the mecha operators present.

    This cry caused all the eyes of the mecha present to turn to Ling Lan's party. Seeing that they were indeed planning to destroy the hold doors, the mecha were instantly livid. Right now, the transport ship was travelling swiftly. Breaking the hold doors would undoubtedly disrupt the movement of the transport ship and may even create wild air flow in the hold and threaten the operators' safety.

    No one would be willing to see their safety threatened by another. This action of Ling Lan's undoubtedly raised the ire of the crowd - all of the mecha that could move turned with furious faces and began gathering around Ling Lan, looking like they were about to rip this intermediate mecha to shreds.

    "Anyone who dares disturb me, kill without mercy." Ling Lan did not even turn her head, but Little Four had already transmitted everything that was happening in the hold faithfully into her mind. The corners of Ling Lan's lips turned up into a subtle cruel smile as she coldly issued this bloody order.

    For the sake of her team's survival, she did not care about doing some brutal and inhumane things to these people who wanted to stop her. At this time, the blood-soaked killing intent she had gained through the endless killing simulations within the learning space burst forth.

    Everyone on her team sensed Ling Lan's endless killing intent, and the eight of them instinctively lifted the weapons in their hands and directed them at the mecha headed for them. With that, the tension grew between the two sides - it seemed like a great battle was about to commence.

    "Who'd have thought that just a handful of advanced mecha would dare to fight against everyone in this hold? How audacious." A cold harrumph rang out from a corner, and then a special-class mecha could be seen walking out.

    Qi Long could not help but scoff and then stand out. He was the second strongest on the team - with Boss focused on destroying the hold doors, this opponent could only fall to him. He did not feel afraid but was instead feeling rather exhilarated. He had in fact long wanted to try fighting a round with a special-class operator, just to see how much distance there was between him and them.

    Qi Long was not so swelled with confidence that he thought he could defeat a special-class mecha. He only believed that his boss would definitely succeed in breaking down the hold door before he was defeated and save him.

    It was precisely this sort of trust that allowed Qi Long to stand forward unflinchingly; of course, most of it was because this punk's desire for combat was blazing high again.

    With a loud boom, the two mecha's short high-frequency blades clashed once, and then the two mecha brushed by each other. Surrounded by mecha, in consideration for their own safety, Qi Long and that special-class mecha showed great restraint and used short swords in close-range combat.

    [No Mecha Unrepaired] brought out two guns but did not use them against the mecha operators in the hold. He turned around and said to Ling Lan who was just about to act, "Leader, let me go first."

    Ling Lan glanced at the strangely shaped guns in [No Mecha Unrepaired]'s hands and knew that they must be things created by [No Mecha Unrepaired] himself. A thought sparked and she withdrew several steps, giving way to [No Mecha Unrepaired].

    For convenience of travelling, the team had not brought any weapons which could affect their mobility this time, such as heavy cold weapons or heavy cannons. This was also why Ling Lan had no choice but to handle the breaking of the doors personally. But now since [No Mecha Unrepaired] had weapons capable of destroying the hold doors, Ling Lan was happy to take a backseat.

    Two loud rumbles rang out - from [No Mecha Unrepaired]'s twin guns, laser cannon shots the size of bowls burst forth to crash heavily into the joints of the hold doors. The entire transport ship actually began to shudder due to the heavy collision.

    Quite a few mecha operators who had lost their secured seats were thrown to the ground by this abrupt great shudder. At the same time, this shudder had also affected the battle between Qi Long and the special-class operator. The two of them began to waver on their feet, somewhat unsteady, but as they both had extremely strong sense of balance and control, they managed to find their footing after just a moment. Still, due to this interlude, the two of them did not continue to fight. They faced one another in an impasse, neither willing to make a move recklessly.

    [No Mecha Unrepaired] disdainfully cast aside the two guns in his hands. Although this thing packed a decent amount of power, they were one-time use items. These were defects he had created back when he had been bored. As the conditions in the town then had not been sufficient, not possessing enough sturdy materials to create this sort of laser cannon guns, he had created the guns from substitute materials. Thus, this type of incomplete one-use weapon had been created. [No Mecha Unrepaired] had not thought much of them, which was why he had thrown them into the recesses of his bag. If not for reorganising his bag before they had gone travelling, he would have completely forgotten he had ever created such rubbish ...

    Although the power of the laser cannon guns were formidable, the hold doors and its interlocking chain were made from ninety-nine layers of the sturdiest high-density steel. The laser cannon guns had only blasted off several layers from its surface - this bit of damage was nothing to the ninety-nine high-density steel layered doors and chain.

    The mecha operators in the hold had barely let out a sigh of relief when two more of the same guns had appeared in [No Mecha Unrepaired]'s hands once more in the very next second and were made to blast at the doors once again. It should be said that [No Mecha Unrepaired]'s shooting skills were pretty good; the spot he hit was not one millimetre off from where his first shot had landed, once again melting off several layers of the door.

    By the time [No Mecha Unrepaired] brought out his fourth pair of guns, the faces of all the mecha operators in the hold changed. Hells, was this intermediate mecha warrior the Doraemon of legend 1  ? Did that bag contain a never-ending armoury of weapons?

    Frankly, things were not as outrageous as they believed. [No Mecha Unrepaired] had only made ten of these guns in one go back when he was bored. At most, he could only shoot five dual shots and then he would be out of ammo.

    However, the mecha operators there did not know this. They thought that if they just continued to watch as [No Mecha Unrepaired] continued his destruction, great calamity would befall them. They did not want to die due to the insane actions of these morons here. And so, all the mecha that could move leapt towards the hold doors almost simultaneously, trying to stop [No Mecha Unrepaired]'s violent vandalism.

    Having been long prepared, Li Lanfeng and the other five free members naturally would not let these mecha pass by their defensive line. Thus, a chaotic melee broke out within the hold. Fortunately, out of fear of the consequences of breaking the transport ship, everyone was using cold weapons. Of course, these mecha did not have many lethal or highly destructive firearms on them to begin with.

    In the midst of this chaotic battle, Qi Long and the special-class operator continued to face off, their fight threatening to break out at any second ...

    The entire transport ship instantly became shaky due to the violent actions of the mecha within its hold. Meanwhile, the nebulous magnetic storm around X193 was becoming increasingly unstable. Little Four, who had been monitoring its condition all this while, began to grow a little anxious because the condition of the magnetic storm was turning out to be much worse than he had reckoned ...

    When [No Mecha Unrepaired] was firing his fifth round, he gave notice for Ling Lan to take over.

    Ling Lan knew then that [No Mecha Unrepaired] must be out of laser cannon guns, but she was still extremely pleased that he had managed to destroy half the thickness of the doors and chain in such a short amount of time. This had undoubtedly saved her a lot of time, and what they lacked most right now was time.

    After [No Mecha Unrepaired] had fired his last round, Ling Lan stabbed Regretless at the joint of the doors in the very next second. Regretless' blade was extremely sharp; it actually managed to pierce through a little. Just this little bit was enough to light up Ling Lan's eyes. It looked like the sharpness of Regretless was indeed special.

    Ling Lan pulled it back out again forcefully and stabbed it forwards powerfully once again. Finally, she felt as if she had pierced through, and she began pushing forwards with all her might. An ear-splitting crack rang out, and all the mecha operators who had been fighting stopped fighting in unplanned unison, looking towards Ling Lan with shocked incomprehension.

    Perhaps they had never expected Ling Lan to break the hold doors so rapidly. After this shocked pause, they quickly regained their senses, but just as they were about to leap forwards once more to stop the other, a clarion voice rang out in the transport hold ...

    "If you all want to die, then just continue to stop us," said Li Lanfeng abruptly in a frigid tone.

    These words made everyone pause once again, stunned. They looked at one another, unsure what to make of these words by the opponent.

    "You think we're just fooling around? Who wants to die here? It's precisely because we don't want to die that we're doing this," Li Lanfeng continued to say.

    Han Jijyun frowned at these words, but his brow smoothed out again very quickly. He turned a deeply contemplative gaze on Li Lanfeng, as if thinking of something. Meanwhile, the others said nothing since Boss Lan was not doing anything to stop Li Lanfeng. Ling Lan did not care whether the truth got out or not - as long as her destruction was not hindered, [Self-Defined Destiny] could say whatever he wanted.

    The first to speak up in return was that special-class operator facing off against Qi Long. Tone cold, he asked, "What's the meaning of this?"

    "According to what we know, a magnetic storm has formed not too far from us, and our fleet is within the eruption zone of the magnetic storm." Li Lanfeng decisively announced this news.

    "What?" "Impossible ..." "You're bluffing." Li Lanfeng's words caused the mecha operators present to break out into disbelieving protests.

    The special-class operator was undoubtedly a level-headed person, otherwise he would never have been able to advance to become a special-class operator. It should be known that it was an extremely difficult matter to advance from advanced operator to special-class operator.

    After a thoughtful silence, he asked, "How did you all find out?"
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