562 Medical Treatment!

    Elder Sister Xu saw that Li Shiyu didn't say anything and believed that was him agreeing with her. She excitedly said, "Come, I'll go find the president with you." After that, she dragged Li Shiyu to go find the president to carry out her plan.

    Perhaps Li Shiyu's performance in the past year was too good. Right when Elder Sister Xu spoke to the president about Li Shiyu needing wounded personnel to test out his recovery agent's effects, the president waved his hand and allowed Elder Sister Xu to create a list and give it to him...

    Elder Sister Xu quickly wrote up a list of names. When she handed it to the president, he didn't even take a look and merely handed it to his most trustworthy department head, who was standing beside him.

    Seeing this, Elder Sister Xu's heart skipped a beat. She had originally hoped to be able to add Meng Ziyun into the list of names while the president was busy and didn't have time to look at the list in detail. Now that the president handed the list to the department head, she felt that her plan might be foiled.

    Those who were research subjects for new medicinal agents were all lower ranking officers or soldiers. Any officers ranked major or above were not given a chance, which was why Elder Sister Xu's list would not abide by regulations if it was thoroughly examined.

    Right when Elder Sister Xu was feeling worried, the department head saw Meng Ziyun's name and smiled. He looked towards Elder Sister Xu and Li Shiyu with a satisfied expression, thinking that they were helping him get back at Meng Ziyun. He decisively gave the list to the president and said, "Li Shiyu's new medicinal agent has amazing recovery effects. I think Meng Ziyun will be very happy to receive the treatment."

    He was even more capable than Elder Sister Xu in making sure the plan didn't fail and instantly spoke out the main point. Of course, he dared to do this because he knew how the president thought.

    The president looked at Meng Ziyun's name and his eyes showed understanding. He nodded and said, "Indeed. Little Xu, Little Li, you guys have made a keen observation on treating patients that need emergency treatment. Not bad, not bad. Just prepare this list."

    Meng Ziyun, didn't you say you wanted to recover faster? I'll give you a chance to do that as long as you can survive through Li Shiyu's methods of experimentation...

    The president remembered the wounded personnel who were cured by Li Shiyu. Every one of them had cried for their mothers during the treatment. They had been sobbing with snot dripping from their noses. Even the toughest soldier who might not have cried while being treated would still talk about the terror of Li Shiyu after they had recovered. It seemed that Li Shiyu's methods were very terrifying... Even many soldiers from the army knew that within the division's hospital, they should definitely not offend the terrifying Dr. Frankenstein, Li Shiyu. Otherwise, they would become stuck between life and death.

    The president's mood improved greatly and the expression he wore as he looked at Li Shiyu and Elder Sister Xu turned warmer and more comforting. He saw that his subordinates were truly clever, understanding how to sympathize with his troubles and immediately thinking of a solution. With this, he had to take care of them more in the future.

    Alright, the president was also very annoyed at this troublemaker, Meng Ziyun. It was just that if he made a move using his authority, it would be picking on the lower ranks and would be bad if it got out. Thus, he could only endure it. Now that he saw Li Shiyu making a move, he would naturally give the green light and make it convenient for him.

    Just like that, with all the powerful personnel in the division hospital banding together, Meng Ziyun easily landed into Li Shiyu's clutches.

    Seeing this, Li Shiyu couldn't help but sigh. Everything was in Elder Sister Xu's favor. This meant that Lieutenant Colonel Meng brought all this upon himself. It was his own fault that he offended everyone within the division's hospital.

    Meng Ziyun felt that the military nurses that came to his room today seemed to have a hint of sympathy in their eyes. Could it be that his wounds had worsened? Meng Ziyun was in a very bad mood. He wanted to find someone to ask, but discovered that the nurses that were beside him tending to him had run off somewhere.

    "These b*tches, only knowing how to gossip. Not one bit professional. I'll definitely teach them a lesson." Meng Ziyun pressed hard on the intercom on the side of the treatment pod to get the nurse tending to him to come to him quickly.

    After a few seconds, the door to his room opened and a young, handsome man wearing a white robe walked in with a warm smile on his face. Behind him was actually the nurse that tended to Meng Ziyun exclusively, the one he had insulted to the point of making her cry and disappear.

    He saw the nurse peek her head out from behind the young man and glare at him viciously, following which, like a hamster, she retracted her head back behind the young man. This almost made Meng Ziyun's chest explode out of anger... "The nurses at the division's hospital only have this kind of professionalism. I'm her superior! Superior! She actually doesn't know to respect me. How could the 23rd Division keep such a clueless soldier? I'll definitely make her leave the division." Meng Ziyun felt as though he were going crazy.

    Right when Meng Ziyun wanted to teach the nurse a lesson, he heard the young man speak in an indifferent tone. "Meng Ziyun, Lieutenant Colonel Meng. Hello, I am your physician, Dr. Li Shiyu. You will be in my care from now on."

    "Hmph, the 23rd Division really is a sh*thole. They actually let a small kid be a physician. Get out, get your president here. I want to change my physician." Meng Ziyun's anger rose. He paid no mind to the fact that they sent a clueless nurse to take care of him, but even the physician was a teenager without any facial hair. This was definitely looking down on him.

    "Change? Sure, if you don't want to recover quicker." Li Shiyu didn't get angry. He calmly turned off the medical records card's screen and was ready to leave with the nurse.

    "Wait, what did you just say?" Meng Ziyun looked at Li Shiyu excitedly. He hadn't heard wrong, had he? This little physician said that he could help him recover ahead of time.

    "I said, if you don't want to recover ahead of time, then go find the president to swap me out." Li Shiyu showed a faint smile. That smile made Meng Ziyun feel he was being attacked, but as luck would have it, other than Li Shiyu, there weren't any other physicians who dared to say something like this-not even the president of the 23rd Division's hospital.

    "You're joking, aren't you?" Meng Ziyun immediately calmed down. He was naturally not an idiot as someone who managed to become a major.

    "Why would I lie to you? If it doesn't work and you report me, I wouldn't be able to stay in the 23rd Division anymore. I'm not that stupid," Li Shiyu replied calmly, showing that he was confident in himself.

    Someone was actually questioning Dr. Li. Hearing this, the nurse, originally annoyed at Meng Ziyun, immediately poked her head out and with an expression of disdain, said, "Dr. Li is the best physician in the entire 23rd Division. The medicinal agents he invented are many times more effective than normal agents. He also received a medal from the Flying Dragon Special Forces. However, Dr. Li idolizes General Ling Xiao very much, which is why he rejected the Flying Dragon Special Forces' invitation and instead applied to the 23rd Division. He also received General Ling Xiao's special order of not requiring evaluations..."

    After the nurse said all this, her face became full of pride. It was as though all of this glory was received by her.

    Although Li Shiyu was always carrying out missions or researching new medicines in the research lab, his legend had been gossiped about and become known by every one of the nurses in the division's hospital. Almost all of the nurses knew every detail. Additionally, Li Shiyu was handsome and friendly. He was very popular among the nurses. It could be said that he was the second person who they idolized most after General Ling Xiao.

    As for the point about Li Shiyu idolizing General Ling, it was indeed said by Li Shiyu himself. After all, he had wanted to perfectly explain why he refused the Flying Dragon Special Forces' special offer and applied to the 23rd Division. He probably couldn't say that he went to the 23rd Division because of General Ling Xiao's son, could he...? Ugh, this would also require others knowing that General Ling Xiao had a son.

    In the end, having no better excuse, Li Shiyu could only use General Ling Xiao. After all, General Ling Xiao was the father of Li Shiyu's captain. Having Ling Xiao bear the burden was the natural course of action.

    "Flying Dragon Special Forces medal? Flying Dragon Special Forces special offer? General Ling Xiao ordered that an evaluation wasn't needed?" After hearing all this, Meng Ziyun's eyes shrunk inwards. He knew clearly what the Flying Dragon Special Forces medal meant, what the Flying Dragon Special Forces meant and what General Ling Xiao's order meant. They all meant that the young man had already shown talent in the military medicine major. He might have even reached the top-level, as he wouldn't have been able to receive the acknowledgment of so many people otherwise.

    "Okay, okay." Meng Ziyun's mood was very excited. Perhaps, he really could battle with his comrades again.

    "Do you still want to change your doctor?" Li Shiyu raised a brow and looked down at Meng Ziyun.

    "No, I don't want to change anymore. Dr. Li, please treat me. I hope to completely recover in a week's time." Meng Ziyun didn't dare to argue with Li Shiyu, someone who had such a domineering tone. He even lowered his voice a bit. After all, all of his hope lay in Li Shiyu's hands.

    "Okay, since you have acknowledged me, then I will immediately make arrangements for your treatment." Li Shiyu was also quick to act. He took out the medical records card once again. Li Shiyu turned on the virtual screen and began to confirm Meng Ziyun's condition.

    "Physical constitution, level S? Then you could try the level S medicinal agent," Li Shiyu said after thinking for a second.

    The nurse instantly trembled a bit after hearing the words level S medicinal agent. She had witnessed the terror of the treatments that used this medicinal agent. She actually pitied this annoying Lieutenant Colonel Meng and hoped that he would be alive in the end.

    "Zhu Qing-qing, prepare the medicinal agent for a vein injection." Before the nurse could come back to her senses, she heard Li Shiyu begin to issue her orders.

    "Okay, Dr.Li." The nurse, Zhu Qing-qing, was a bit excited as she immediately opened the medicinal agent case she had brought with her. She took out a vial of medicinal agent labeled with an "S", picked up a syringe and began preparing it.

    After the medicinal agent was put into the syringe, Zhu Qing-qing walked beside Meng Ziyun. She smiled tenderly and warned, "Lieutenant Colonel Meng, please endure it for a second. I'm going to inject it now."

    Meng Ziyun didn't see that there was wickedness under Zhu Qing-qing's angelic smile. He stretched out his right arm without any knowledge of it.

    Zhu Qing-qing poked the needle of the syringe through a vein once, but then immediately pulled it out. She apologetically said, "Sorry, Lieutenant Colonel Meng. I didn't get the right spot." The little devil inside of Zhu Qing-qing began to bare its fangs and claws. This is what you get for insulting people. Now that you're in my hands, don't blame me for taking revenge.

    Right when Meng Ziyun wanted to glare at the nurse, he saw Li Shiyu's expression with one brow raised. His face clearly said that if Meng Ziyun had any complaints, he wasn't going to get treatment, and so he didn't dare to get angry. If Li Shiyu really stopped treating him and he missed the time of his team's departure, he would feel terrible regret if his close friends ended up wounded or dead due to not having his protection... It was just a few pokes of needles, wasn't it? All of his muscles had been torn once and it hadn't been painful enough to kill him. How could he be afraid of such minor sensations of pain?

    After stabbing the needle in 5 or 6 times, Zhu Qing-qing could no longer continue. After all, she had only been yelled at and the man hadn't really hurt her. She had already vented her grievance. After she calmed down, she felt that she had gone overboard and thus, she softly said, "Lieutenant Colonel Meng, thank you for your patience. I will finish injecting quickly."

    After saying that, she accurately stabbed into the correct vein and injected the medicinal agent. In order to show her sincerity, she split the injections into parts in order to lower the pressure induced on the vein. After all, level S medicinal agents had strong effects. The veins and blood vessels wouldn't be able to get used it right away.

    Zhu Qing-qing's sudden thoughtfulness made Meng Ziyun look at her in disbelief for a second. After all, Zhu Qing-qing was only just a new recruit who had graduated from the Nursing Major Academy. She still didn't know how to hide her emotions and her actions of revenge had been very obvious. Being a veteran, Meng Ziyun could naturally easily see through what she was doing. It was just that he didn't think that after 5 or 6 times, the little girl would hold back and feel regret. Meng Ziyun had thought he was going to be poked 20 to 30 times before this nurse would be satisfied. As expected of a new recruit, her pureness was a bit cute.

    After thinking about all this, Meng Ziyun felt that he had gone overboard as well when he previously insulted this girl due to his terrible mood. In an apologetic tone, he softly said, "I'm sorry. I lost control of my emotions during lunch time."

    Hearing this, Zhu Qing-qing immediately wore a big smile on her face, which signified that she had forgiven him.

    After injecting the agent, Meng Ziyun suddenly felt extremely itchy and painful all over. This feeling wasn't just normal pain; it was itchy to his bones and also painful to the bone. It almost made him want to die.

    "Endure it, otherwise the agent will not be completely effective and your wounds will not be able to heal within 5 days," Li Shiyu warned Meng Ziyun, looking at him with an unchanged expression.

    Seeing this, Zhu Qing-qing turned around and looked elsewhere. She was afraid that she would not be able to control herself and tell Lieutenant Colonel Meng that the agent also worked even if he fainted and wouldn't lose effectiveness-this was just Dr. Li's way of torturing people.

    Li Shiyu's words scared Meng Ziyun. He naturally wouldn't allow himself to faint and so he bit his lip to endure it. He barely managed to get past the first wave of the pain, but right when he felt a bit better, another wave of pain went through his body... If he hadn't felt that his body's condition was really becoming better, he would have suspected that Li Shiyu was screwing with him.

    Although Meng Ziyun was happy that his body was indeed getting better, the pain of the treatment was still continuously challenging his endurance. Despite being one of the toughest people in the division, he still couldn't help but cry and sob. It wasn't because he wanted to cry, but because he couldn't control this subconscious reaction of his body... then he saw Zhu Qing-qing's stunned expression and became angry. He had actually lost his dignity in front of this little girl. "Ah, let me die!"

    Alright, he didn't die in the end. However, after the treatment, he was like an ostrich digging into the ground, curled up in the treatment pod and didn't dare to raise his head. He was afraid to see the contempt in the nurse's eyes. He was a lieutenant colonel. He actually let a private see him in such a state. "Ah, let me die!"

    Just like that, for all five days, every time Meng Ziyun was treated, he couldn't keep his cool. He had lost all of his dignity. Every time, he felt that he was being tormented to his death and yet returned from the underworld at the crucial moment.

    After the treatment on the fifth day had ended, Meng Ziyun clearly felt that his body had recovered by around 70 to 80%. There were only some small parts that had small issues, but it didn't affect him from piloting a mecha into battle. That time, he really wanted to leave the hospital and didn't want to continue losing his dignity.

    In reality, he didn't have any dignity anymore with the 23rd Division's hospital. The entire hospital knew that a lieutenant colonel with the surname Meng was scared of needles to the point of crying and sobbing like a child. As luck would have it, he couldn't deny it because he did indeed cry and sob due to the medicine's effects during the injections.

    However, he still needed Li Shiyu's final confirmation to see whether he could leave the hospital or not.
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