600 Humiliation!

    Qi Long looked at the two Lieutenant Colonels and gave them an apologetic smile. He said, "Thank you for your invitation. However, I have a team already."

    "You have a battle team?" The two Lieutenant Colonels frowned. One of them asked, "Which team are you in?"

    Qi Long said proudly, "The Lingtian Battle Team!"

    "Lingtian Battle Team?" The two Lieutenant Colonels exchanged glances. They had never heard of this battle team before.

    The other officers that were interested in this batch of recruits started searching for information about this battle team. However, no such team was found.

    While everyone was searching for the Lingtian Battle Team, a Major walked up from behind them. "Who is Luo Lang?"

    Luo Lang immediately saluted. "I am."

    The Major looked at Luo Lang's face and body. His expression froze. In his heart, he was screaming, "Is this a girl? Why did the system say that he is a man? There must be a mistake in the rank too. Look at his scrawny body. How can he be an ace operator?"

    The Major struck Luo Lang's name off his candidate list. He smiled and said, "Your results are good. Keep it up." He shouted again, "Who is Xie Yi?"

    Xie Yi knew that the Major dismissed Luo Lang because of his face and physique. He wanted to reply him respectfully at first but he changed his mind. He placed his hands in his pocket and replied casually, "I am. What is the matter, Major?"

    The Major frowned. This young man looked like a brat and it might be hard to control him. He put on an angry face and said, "Although your results are good, you cannot be too proud. You must adopt a good attitude once you enter the military."

    Xie Yi acknowledged him with a lighthearted nod causing the Major's face to turn green with anger. The other captains sneered secretly. They felt much better. The first person might not always get an advantage. Sometimes, he would just be a stepping stone for others.

    The Major was angry but he didn't lose his temper. He knew that this batch of recruits might be hard to handle. Powerful people were arrogant. He was like this when he was when he was a recruit too.

    He swallowed his anger and looked at the last name. He scanned the crowd before asking, "Who is Li Yingjie?"

    "What is the matter, Major?" Li Yingjie raised his chin and looked at him arrogantly. He seemed worse than Xie Yi. Li Yingjie's expression and stance made people have the urge to smack him in the face.

    The Major realized that among the five ace operators, Qi Long was the only one with a good attitude. Ling Lan injured the team leader of a substitute team in the special forces, Lian Shaojing, the moment he entered the camp. Most battle teams would not dare to have someone like that inside their team. They would be afraid that they couldn't control him. As for the other three, they were a headache too.

    Luo Lang looked too feminine. The Major suspected that there was something wrong with the system. He felt that Luo Lang must have used some secret technique to become an ace operator. He might not be as strong as a peak level special-class operator. This was not the kind of person he wanted.

    Xie Yi was frivolous. He might disregard the rules in the battle team.

    Li Yingjie was an arrogant person. This kind of person would not be willing to lower his head in front of anyone. The Major felt that if he gave him the invitation, he would be rejected immediately. He would at most be a temporary team member. After a few years, he would definitely leave and form his own battle team. The Major didn't want a temporary team member.

    The Major still needed an ace operator to level up his battle team. He pondered for a moment before looking at Xie Yi and said, "Xie Yi, I am the captain of the Flying Tiger Battle Team, Guo Yongan. I hope that you can come to my battle team."

    Xie Yi looked at the Major in surprise. He didn't expect the other party to choose him after his performance just now. He looked at the pretty Luo Lang and the irritating-looking Li Yingjie. He realized that among the three of them, he was probably the best choice...

    Xie Yi didn't know if he should be proud of himself. He sighed helplessly and said, "I am sorry, Major. I have a team already."

    He had a team too? Who acted so quickly? The Major felt that he understood how the two Lieutenant Colonel must have felt just now. He gritted his teeth and asked, "Which team?"

    Xie Yi shrugged and pointed at Qi Long. "Qi Long said it. The Lingtian Battle Team."

    It was the Lingtian Battle Team again. What the hell is the Lingtian Battle Team? Why can't they find it? Everyone was confused. People even started discussing among themselves. At this moment, a figure appeared in front of Qi Long. This shocked everyone and the noisy atrium turned quiet again.

    The person that appeared was a 40 years old man. His eyes were bright and his figure was bulky. The people in the atrium could feel his domineering aura leaking out even though he didn't do anything. Everyone was not only shocked by his aura, they were stunned by his rank too. He was a Senior Colonel. He was not a mecha operator but a commanding officer who held military power.

    "Qi Long, Luo Lang, Xie Yi, Li Yingjie?" The person looked at the four people. He frowned as well when he saw Luo Lang but he didn't change his decision.

    "Yes, Senior officer." The four people tensed up and immediately saluted.

    "I am the commander of the East Seven Division, Shen Rufei. You four have a special dispensation to enter my Mecha Clan." Shen Rufei said seriously, "The order will be accepted soon."

    He had already sent his request to the headquarters of the 23rd Division. He felt that the headquarters would give him a reply soon. The battle teams that didn't have any ace mecha masters could apply for an allocation order but the headquarters must approve of it first.

    Shen Rufei placed high importance on these recruits. His Mecha Clan suffered seriously after the war last year. He needed to replenish the manpower in his team. However, very few people in his clan advanced to an ace mecha master. He had no choice but to look for new blood among the military divisions. Ace mecha masters were a scarce resource. No division would willingly give up their ace mecha masters.

    Shen Rufei was in a dire position. Hence, when he heard that there were five ace operators among the recruits, he rushed here immediately. He wanted to snatch these five ace operators before anyone could.

    Qi Long, Luo Lang, and Xie Yi looked at each other with worry. Li Yingjie felt that entering a Mecha Clan was not too bad. But when he saw the unwillingness on his three friends' face, he gave up on the thought.

    In the end, Qi Long replied, "Senior officer, we are sorry. We have a team already. We don't want to go to the Mecha Clan." Ace mecha masters who had a battle team could choose to reject an offer to enter the Mecha Clan.

    "Lingtian?" Shen Rufei's expression turned dark. "Do you know that making a false report could land you in the military court? You all have a bright future ahead of yourself, don't ruin it."

    If Shen Rufei talked to them nicely, they might have explained it to him politely. However, his threatening tone caused them to flare up.

    Qi Long held Luo Lang back and said firmly, "Senior officer Shen, I can repeat myself. We have a battle team already. We don't want to go the the Mecha Clan."

    "Is it still Lingtian?" Shen Rufei was so angry that he smiled.

    "Yes. Our battle team is called Lingtian!" Qi Long replied proudly.

    "Unfortunately, there is no such team in the mainframe." Shen Rufei sneered. "If I report you all, your military career will end here."

    "That doesn't mean that such a team will not appear in the future," Qi Long replied calmly.

    "But you all won't have the chance anymore. There are still four hours before registration ends. By that time, if you all don't have a team, I have the power to allocate you all into my Mecha Clan." Shen Rufei felt embarrassed. He was humiliated by four recruits! As a Senior Colonel, he was unable to accept this.

    Thus, he must get these four people into his Mecha Clan. Then, he would send them to the most dangerous mission... Shen Rufei didn't feel that there was anything wrong with his plan. If these four people were powerful enough and managed to survive after their mission, he would recommend them after a few years and let them enjoy the position and glory that they deserved. He was not so unscrupulous.

    Some captains wanted to come out and speak up for the recruits. However, they got pulled back by those people who knew about Shen Rufei's background. Those four recruits were powerful but they were not irreplaceable. It was not worth to offend Shen Rufei because of them.

    The captains that got pulled back gave up on their intention after listening to the other captains. They were told that Shen Rufei was a grand-nephew of a god-class operator. He was also the nephew of the Second Marshal. Even General Ling Xiao would give the Second Marshal some face as long as Shen Rufei didn't go too overboard.

    The time passed quickly. Two hours later, the four recruits still didn't hear any news from Ling Lan. The rest of the recruits had finished their registration. Only Qi Long and his gang was left. Everyone focused on them and waited for them to act.

    "What? Are you all afraid to register now?" Shen Rufei scoffed when he saw the situation. "Are you all afraid to expose your lies? Lingtian Battle Team? Haha, you all are just a bunch of cowards!"

    "There are no cowards in Lingtian!" A firm voice rang through the quiet registration hall.

    Two people appeared. One of them was bulky with a square-shaped face. There was a hint of malicious intent on his face. The other one was skinny and his face was half-covered by a mask. His aura was gentle. His eyes were bright like the mesmerizing stars in the sky.

    "Ah, it's them." Many people gasped.

    Shen Rufei looked at them intently. "Zhao Jun, Li Lanfeng. Why are you all interfering in my affair? Did Nameless ask you two to come?"

    Zhao Jun and Li Lanfeng were two of the most outstanding recruits three years ago. Within these three years, they had gathered many military achievements and got recognized by the headquarters many times. Shen Rufei didn't want to offend them. After all, they had Nameless behind their back.

    Nameless was not a person. It was the name of a battle team. It was the only five-star non-special forces battle team. For some reason, this team was able to take in the three most outstanding recruits that year.

    Of course, this was not enough for Shen Rufei to fear them. Shen Rufei knew from his grandfather, which was a god-class operator, that the Nameless Battle Team was a subset of a legendary battle team. The leader of the legendary battle team was also a god-class operator.

    His grandfather even guessed that the god-class operator might be Ling Xiao! Ling Xiao was the Regiment Commander of the 23rd Division. He was the one who held the most power in the 23rd Division.

    "We didn't come here because of the Nameless Battle Team." Zhao Jun glared maliciously at Shen Rufei. Although Shen Rufei had a higher rank than him, he was not in the same division as him so Zhao Jun was not afraid of him.

    "Senior Colonel Shen, you humiliated one of our team members. Shouldn't you give us an explanation?" Li Lanfeng smiled and said kindly. However, his words were not kind at all.

    Everyone gasped in surprise. Their team member? Did Nameless Battle Team took a fancy on Qi Long and the other recruits? They remembered where Li Lanfeng came from. Seemed like the senior brother planned everything for his junior brothers.

    Shen Rufei was furious. He felt humiliated by the Nameless Battle Team. However, he didn't dare to offend anyone from the Nameless Battle Team. He directed his anger towards Qi Long and the recruits. If they told him that they had entered Nameless, he wouldn't have threaten them and be humiliated now.

    He must teach these bunch of brats a lesson! Shen Rufei thought to himself.

    "Are you unwilling to give me an explanation?" Li Lanfeng raised his eyebrows and looked at Shen Rufei sarcastically. Li Lanfeng knew Shen Rufei's background... but so what? He would not show mercy to anyone who humiliated his team member.

    Shen Rufei had an idea. He replied immediately, "I am talking about Lingtian Battle Team, not the Nameless Battle Team." He didn't want to provoke Nameless. Provoking them meant provoking God-class operator Ling Xiao.

    "Lingtian? Senior Colonel Shen, you seem used to humiliating people. Do you think that the Lingtian Battle Clan can be easily bullied?" Li Lanfeng gave a cold smile.

    Zhao Jun kicked the chair beside him. One of its leg broke. He broke two other legs of the chair and passed them to Li Lanfeng. He took the other one and knocked it against his palm continuously. "Senior Colonel Shen, since you humiliated us in front of so many people, Lingtian Battle Team will send you an invitation to a armed melee challenge. We will settle our dispute with a armed melee challenge."

    In order to increase the strength and battle fervour of the soldiers, the military allowed battle teams to challenge each other. Of course, armed melee challenges without any reason were not allowed. However, if a member of a battle team was humiliated by other battle teams, the team where the humiliated member came from could send a armed melee challenge to the other team. The other team was not allowed to reject the challenge.
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