603 Armed Melee Challenge!

    The captains standing at the side saw many recruits entering the Lingtian Battle Team. Most of the outstanding recruit entered the Lingtian Battle Team. They felt complicated.

    Since Lingtian was a new battle team, they were able to take in as many people as their star level allowed. The staff member was shocked by the number of ace operators that entered the team so he didn't realize that the maximum capacity of the Lingtian Battle Team was 50. If he noticed this, he would have realized the real star level of this battle team.

    Ling Lan checked through her team members again and ascertained that she didn't leave anyone out. The members of the Lingtian Battle Team would be able to stay together now.

    Ling Lan finished everything and turned to look at the captains standing at the side. She raised her eyebrows and asked, "Did you all come here to reminisce about your past?"

    Her cold voice woke everyone up from their thoughts. The captains finally remembered that they were here to find new bloods for their battle teams. Why were they distracted by Ling Lan?

    The captains rushed to the recruits that they took a fancy on. Although Qi Long and his friends were taken, there was other people on their list.

    The atrium became noisy instantly. Some of the recruits thought that they would be randomly allocated by the mainframe so when they received an invitation from a captain, they felt elated and grateful. They immediately accepted the invitation.

    Shen Rufei knew that he lost. None of the people that he wanted would join his Mecha Clan. He was humiliated and embarrassed. There was no point in staying here anymore so he prepared to leave when no one noticed him.

    Ling Lan saw Shen Rufei's movement and a cold gaze shot from her eyes. Li Lanfeng noticed this and understood what she wanted. He rushed out and blocked Shen Rufei. "Senior Colonel Shen, don't leave so quickly."

    "Major Li, what do you want?" Shen Rufei asked angrily.

    Li Lanfeng waved the broken chair leg in his hand and smiled. "Have you forgotten what we said just now?"

    Shen Rufei's face changed. He remembered the armed melee challenge that Zhao Jun said. He rejected the challenge because Zhao Jun was not a member of Lingtian at that time. Now, Li Lanfeng must be finding him for the same thing.

    Li Lanfeng's action caught the attention of some Lingtian members. They realized that Shen Rufei wanted to leave so they all gathered around him.

    Although Shen Rufei held a position that he didn't have the capabilities of holding, he was still able to sit on it for all these years. This showed that he was a smart person. He looked at the situation and knew that he couldn't avoid the armed melee challenge. He shouted decisively, "Li Lanfeng, I accept your challenge."

    Shen Rufei came alone. He had the option of choosing a 1 VS 1 battle. As compared to Zhao Jun and Qi Long who were at the late-stage of Qi-Jin, Shen Rufei felt that Li Lanfeng was much easier to deal with.

    Shen Rufei knew that Li Lanfeng had a weak body. He was an ace operator when he entered the military but he was only able to sustain his prime state for only 10 minutes. This made him almost useless in a battle.

    Hence, he was not chosen by many battle teams and became the first ace mecha master to be randomly allocated by the mainframe. Luckily, he was sent to the Mecha Clan in Zhao Jun's battle team. Although they were on different battle teams but they were content to be able to live together.

    After that, Zhao Jun started to get stronger and Li Lanfeng got famous as a strategist. They caught the attention of the Nameless Battle Team and became temporary members of Nameless.

    Since Li Lanfeng was not known for his mecha operation skills, it further proved that his body was weak. Hence, his physical skills should not be good too. To Shen Rufei, Li Lanfeng was the best choice for him to have a one on one battle with. This was Shen Rufei's plan.

    The members of Lingtian were angry when they heard what Shen Rufei said. They felt that he was unscrupulous. Everyone knew that Li Lanfeng's body was weak. It had caused him quite a lot of inconvenience.

    Luo Lang rushed out. "There is no need for a senior like you to take part in a armed melee challenge. I can take part in the battle for you. Do you dare to fight me?" Luo Lang knew that because of his looks, the other party might allow him to take the place of Li Lanfeng. He looked as weak as Li Lanfeng.

    Shen Rufei sneered. "Major Li was the one who invited me for the battle just now. Why are you being a coward now? It is shameless of you to ask other people to take your place." Shen Rufei glanced at Luo Lang. He knew that Luo Lang was between the middle and late-stage of Qi-Jin. He would be crazy to accept his request.

    Zhao Jun wanted to say something but Li Lanfeng stopped him. He smiled and said, "Since Senior Colonel Shen wants to fight with me so badly, I will not reject you."

    "Lanfeng!" Zhao Jun frowned. He disapproved of Li Lanfeng's decision. Li Lanfeng was only at the peak of Refinement. He was not Shen Rufei's match.

    Li Lanfeng consoled Zhao Jun. He looked at Ling Lan. Ling Lan nodded at him. Her eyes were calm but Li Lanfeng felt a sense of trust coming from it.

    Ling Lan believed him. Li Lanfeng clenched his fist. The nervousness in him disappeared. He felt warmth in his heart. The trust Ling Lan had towards him energized him. This was the best kind of friendship anyone could have.

    Li Lanfeng looked at Shen Rufei and took a firm step out. An invisible pressure came from him and Shen Rufei took a step back instinctively.

    When he realized what he did, he felt embarrassed. He shouted, "You have the courage. However, I will not go easy on you."

    Qi Long and the rest of the people were frustrated. There was no way Li Lanfeng would win. They wanted to stop him but they realized that they couldn't move.

    "Let him fight." Ling Lan's cold voice appeared beside everyone. Besides Li Lanfeng and Shen Rufei, everyone heard her voice.

    They all looked towards her. Ling Lan nodded. Her cold voice sounded beside their ears again. "Clear 30 meters away from the center of the battle."


    The members of Lingtian saw that Ling Lan agreed to let Li Lanfeng fight so they put down their worries and moved away from Li Lanfeng. They brought everyone out and gave Li Lanfeng and Shen Rufei room to battle.
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