679 I Wan

    She couldn't let those now unfrozen mecha operators return to their teams just yet. If not, the fighting spirit in the mecha operators would be extinguished again. She just managed to inspire their desire to become stronger.

    "Yes, regiment commander!" Luo Shaoyun and Yuan Youyun saluted and received her order.

    Very soon, Li Shiyu and Lin Zhong-qing came with a bunch of people. Without the seven people who became team leaders, there were only nine people, including Ling Lan, left in the Lingtian Battle Team. Ling Lan watched as her team members dragged the unconscious mecha operators on the ground away. Even Luo Chao, who was weaker than the others, had to drag two people at once. Ling Lan felt that there were not enough people in her battle team.

    Maybe I should take in more people if I see anyone with enough potential. Ling Lan thought to herself.

    The mecha operators thought that they could relax after leaving the sight of their vicious regiment commander but they were wrong.

    Ling Lan would walk between the ten teams and supervise them. If she saw any mecha operators not training diligently, she would hit them immediately without any warning. Then, she would order someone to drag the person away. Her heartless actions instilled fear in all the mecha operators' hearts. No one dared to be lazy anymore.

    The 250 Mecha Clan consisted of all the useless mecha operators from various divisions. Hence, most of them were unable to complete the training. Before they were halfway through the training, all of them were exhausted. Only the ten team leaders remained standing.

    They thought that they were able to end their torture for the day but they were too naive. Since Ling Lan gave them this training, she had the confidence that they could all complete it.

    Very soon, Li Shiyu came over with the other members of Lingtian and injected the mecha operators with an agent that allowed them to regain their stamina rapidly. After they experienced the effects of the agent, the mecha operators started groaning and rolling around on the ground. They scratched the ground and begged Ling Lan to let them off. They felt as though they were in a living hell.

    Unfortunately, their pleas were unable to soften their regiment commander's heart. Ling Lan's face turned darker.

    "I've filmed this scene. It will be displayed on all the screens in our mecha clan base. You all will be able to see your ugly faces for a month."

    The mecha operators were unmoved by Ling Lan's words. They were already useless people. They were not afraid of looking at themselves. Also, everyone in this mecha clan was the same.

    Ling Lan knew what they were thinking so she continued, "If you all can't complete the training in one month, this video, as well as the other videos that will be taken in the future, will be shown to the entire 23rd division. If you all still can't complete it within three months, the videos will be spread to the entire military."

    "Of course, I will do a thorough job and write all your details in the video. I will tell everyone your identity as well as the merits you have achieved in the past. It will definitely be interesting to see your past achievements and your current state."

    Ling Lan smiled. "I'm not sure if your past comrades would feel ashamed of you when they see the videos."

    "No!" The mecha operators shouted in despair.

    When they left their battle teams and comrades, they left as a hero. They knew that in their battle teams, they were still considered respectable seniors. It would be a hard blow to their juniors or comrades if they realized that their heroes and seniors were in such a haggard state.

    This must not happen! The mecha operators exclaimed in their hearts. Ling Lan forced out their ego and sense of shame. Everyone had a bottom line that could not be touched. Once someone hit their bottom line, they would retaliate furiously.

    All the mecha operators got up from the floor. They only had one thought in their mind. They must complete their training and not let the video be shown in public. They could not accept such humiliation.

    Ling Lan was relieved to see such a reaction from the mecha operators. Luckily, they still had something they wanted to protect. They still had some pride left.

    Ling Lan was afraid that these mecha operators had really given up on life. If that was the case, she would not be able to help them at all. They would really be useless to her.

    Of course, if they were really useless, Ling Lan would kick them out of her the mecha clan. She needed to be responsible for her other team members.

    In the cafeteria of 250 Mecha Clan, all the mecha operators sat at the dining tables. A widespread food was laid out in front of them. This was definitely enough to replenish the energy they have lost during the training.

    The once lazy chefs quickly brought out the food and placed them in front of the mecha operators. Ever since Ling Lan took over as the regiment commander, the logistics department of 250 Mecha Clan started becoming efficient.

    From this moment onwards, the 250 Mecha Clan turned from the most relaxed mecha clan to the scariest mecha clan to be in. Some logisticians entered this mecha clan using their connections so that they didn't have to work too much. However, they regretted their decision instantly. Not only do they have to complete their logistics work, but they also need to undergo harsh training too. This was not something a logistician should do. They wanted to rebel but after looking at the videos played before each meal, they gave up on the idea.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    After the food was laid out, the logisticians retreated to the side. A screen came down from the ceiling and started playing the video taken when the mecha operators begged to be released from their training. The logisticians felt a chill running down their spine.

    The mecha operators were used to seeing the video. Some of them had started improving and their faces were not shown on the screen. Those that were still shown felt ashamed of themselves. They were all useless people at the start of the training. So why were some of them able to improve. Why couldn't they do the same too?

    They had enough of the gazes by the logisticians!

    They didn't expect the logisticians to watch their videos with them.

    They felt humiliated. Their weak side was displayed to the logisticians.

    It should be known that the logisticians' job was to service the mecha operators. Hence, they had a natural respect for mecha operators. Yet, in the 250 Mecha Clan, the logisticians no longer looked at them with respect and envy. It was replaced by a look of disdain. The mecha operators couldn't accept this change in attitude.

    As the logisticians lost their respect for the mecha operators, they gained more fear towards Ling Lan. They would not be able to forget Ling Lan's viciousness anytime soon.

    They felt that since even ace operators were unable to win against their regiment commander, they would have no chance of retaliating against him. If they didn't listen to him, he could just kill them as easily as killing an ant.

    Ling Lan was surprised that the logisticians were impacted by the video too. It meant that she didn't have to waste any more effort in worrying about them.

    The logisticians' training was harsh but they were not as tough as the mecha operators' training. If they pushed themselves a little, the logisticians could complete the training. Hence, they didn't have much of a reason to rebel against Ling Lan.

    Those logisticians that came to the 250 Mecha Clan to have an easy life wanted to leave the mecha clan secretly. Since they couldn't offend their regiment commander, they could just hide from him.

    However, their wishes weren't fulfilled. Ling Xiao had his eyes on the 250 Mecha Clan. Who dares to touch the mecha clan now? The logisticians lost their connections and could only train obediently.

    Who said that the 250 Mecha Clan is the most relaxed and comfortable mecha clan to be in? I will kill the person who told me that. This was what the logisticians were thinking.

    250 Mecha Clan became a mecha clan that was easy to get in but difficult to get out. Thus, Ling Lan's actions were not found out by anyone else in the 23rd division. Mind you, her actions could land her in the military court anytime.

    Ling Lan was able to have such a smooth journey because of her father. As expected, no matter what era it was, having a good father was an important thing.

    At the staff officer headquarters, He Xuyang and Tong Zhiying agreed with Ling Lan's methods. They had been watching over the 250 Mecha Clan and saw the improvements in the mecha operators. This showed that Ling Lan's harsh and high-pressure methods were effective.

    Tong Zhiying wanted to create a record of the 250 Mecha Clan so that he could research on why Ling Lan's method was so effective. Unfortunately, this proposal was rejected by General Ling Xiao. He even gave a strict order that there would be no records of Ling Lan's doings in the 250 Mecha Clan.

    Tong Zhiying didn't understand why the General gave such an order. Since Ling Lan was able to cure the mecha operators that were once deemed useless, his methods might be useful in helping the other mecha operators that were met with mental obstacles. If they were able to find out the reason why the method was working and make it known to the other mecha clans, the entire Federation would benefit. Why didn't the general allow it?

    On the other hand, He Xuyang understood Ling Xiao's worry. Ling Lan was General Ling Xiao's son. He has a high chance of taking over the general's position. Hence, he couldn't afford to have any dark histories. The things that Ling Lan did to the 250 Mecha Clan were good but it could also be used against him.

    At that moment, Ling Xiao was hiding in his office and looking at the documents about the 250 Mecha Clan. He had tears on his face. His cute and cuddly princess was getting further and further away from him...

    No. His baby daughter is a sweet and obedient little girl. How could she be misunderstood by others? He must hide all the evidence to protect his daughter! Ling Xiao was firm. He opened his optical supercomputer and used his rights as a general to delete all the information about Ling Lan's doings in the 250 Mecha Clan. He gave an order to forbid any other generals from obtaining information about the 250 Mecha Clan.

    If he had the ability to, he wanted to prevent everyone from getting any information about the 250 Mecha Clan. However, his position was not high enough to do that. Maybe he should climb higher in rank... Ling Xiao raised his head. An idea was forming in his heart.

    The four-star Planet Liaowang was not a suitable planet for humans to live in. However, there were ample resources on Planet Liaowang and laborers were needed to open the mines. The salary for these jobs was much higher than normal so many commoners were attracted to the offer. They planned to work for 20 to 30 years and earned their pot of gold. Then, they would return to their three-star planet and enjoy city life.

    In order to let humans live in Planet Liaowang safely, the Federation built two giant cities on Planet Liaowang. Each city was able to hold close to 100 million people. The workers on the planet would bring their families along so there would be Scout Academies as well as specialized schools. Those people who couldn't get into the Scout Academies could attend these specialized schools and learn specialized skills to support their families.

    Chen Yang's family was a normal family. They lived on the Planet Liaowang. Chen Yang was a normal mine worker and his wife, Luo Min, was a normal woman who worked at a supermarket as a stock managing assistant. She received the most basic first level salary. There were many families like Chen Yang. However, because of his oldest son, Chen Yang and his wife were slightly different from the other families. Many people were jealous of them.

    Chen Yang's son was called Chen Yifan. When he gave this name to his son, he probably thought that his son would have a normal life. However, the moment his son was born, he knew that his son was special. His son's physical constitution reached an S rank. When this news reached the military headquarters, they immediately sent people over and wanted to nurture his son.

    Chen Yang and Luo Min gave birth to their son ten years after their marriage. Hence, although they knew that their son would have a bright future if they let the military nurture him, they were still unable to let him go. From the name, you could tell that this couple had no huge ambitions in life. They just wanted their family to be safe and sound. Hence, Chen Yifan was not taken away.

    The military felt regretful but they didn't force Chen Yang. There were many children who had S rank potential so it was fine if one of them didn't join them. However, in order to not waste Chen Yifan's potential, the military decided to give Chen Yifan all the benefits he should have. All the medicines that were given to an S rank baby were given to him too.

    As Chen Yifan grew older, he started to display his potential. In the Scout Academy, he was always the top few in terms of the physical skills test and theory exams. His parents were proud of him. Sometimes, they wondered if their son could have been stronger if they had sent him to the military.

    This thought came out again when they gave birth to their second son, Chen Yi'an, two years later. His potential was only C rank. If they knew that they would have a second child so quickly, they would not have wasted their oldest son's talent.

    When Chen Yifan was 16 years old, he entered the Third Men's Military Academy. Everyone was jealous of Chen Yang and his wife but no one understood the regret they had.

    Chen Yifan had been in the military academy for six years. In those six years, he never went back home. He would only have a video call with them once every new year. Chen Yang and his wife missed their son but since they had Chen Yi'an accompanying them, life was not that hard.

    If Chen Yifan was their pride, Chen Yi'an was their worry. Chen Yi'an's potential was not high so it meant that he would not be able to reach a high level in terms of physical skills. Not only that, he was not smart either. After graduating from the Scout Academy, he was only able to study at the mecha engineering school for three years. He barely managed to pass his exams. Chen Yang and his wife thought that Chen Yifan had taken away all their best genes and that's why Chen Yi'an was so normal.

    However, no matter how normal he was, he was still their son. When Chen Yi'an reached the age where he could enter the military, Chen Yang and his wife had a dilemma.

    They hoped that Chen Yi'an would be able to pass the recruit test and enter the military. As long as he didn't need to go onto the battlefield and survived until his retirement, the country would give him a good job and his life would be stable. However, the recent news made them worry that their son would have to go to war. If that was the case, they hoped that their son would not pass the test. As they could still afford to take care of him.

    "Bang!" The door flew open. Chen Yi'an smiled as he walked in. He was not worried about entering the military at all.

    Chen Yang scolded him, "Don't you know how to open the door properly. Sooner or later, you will break the door."

    Chen Yi'an ignored Chen Yang. He pushed the person behind him and shouted, "Tadaa, look at who I brought."

    A familiar figure appeared beside Chen Yi'an. Chen Yang and his wife rubbed their eyes in disbelief. A moment later, they widened their eyes. "Yi... Yifan?"

    Chen Yifan nodded calmly. "Yes. Father, mother, I'm back."

    Chen Yang and his wife were elated. They hurriedly pulled Chen Yifan onto the sofa. After they recovered from their happiness, they remembered, "You graduated from the military academy, right? Which division were you assigned to?" They were sure that Chen Yifan would get into a military division. They knew that with his ability, he would be able to survive in the military well.

    Sometimes, the child that was more capable would be neglected by their parents while the one that was not as smart received more care.

    Chen Yifan remained silent for a moment. "I didn't take the military academy exam."

    "Why?" Chen Yang was shocked.

    "No reason," Chen Yifan replied impatiently. The six years in the military academy made him understand that the world of soldiers was not as pure as what he had imagined. There were different factions and powers in the military. If he wanted to rise above everyone else, he needed to follow what everyone else was doing. Chen Yifan was unable to accept this.

    "But, that is your path. It was a shortcut for us to become a civilian too." Chen Yang shouted in anger. Why did his son choose to give up such a good opportunity? This was something everyone on Planet Liangwang wanted. However, they now don't even have the opportunity to become civilians.

    Chen Yifan replied Chen Yang with an indifferent face.

    Chen Yi'an was not smart but he could still sense the anger in his father. He pulled Chen Yifan up instantly and shouted, "Father, I'm going to the armory and see if my name is on the list."

    Then, he ran out of the house with Chen Yifan. Chen Yang vented his anger on Luo Min when she tried to speak up for her son. He told her that Chen Yifan became like this because Luo Min pampered him too much.

    Luo Min was not someone easily bullied. She screamed back at Chen Yang and forced Chen Yang to calm down. Now, they have to worry about both of their sons.

    Chen Yifan thought that Chen Yi'an lied to their father in order to bring him out but instead, he was speaking the truth. He went to the armory and got the news that he was accepted. Chen Yi'an hugged Chen Yifan and jumped around happily.

    "Don't go," Chen Yifan told him with a stern face.

    "No, I want to go." Chen Yi'an was a stubborn person.

    "You might die on the battlefield," Chen Yifan continued in a serious tone.

    "Since I want to become a soldier, I have prepared myself for it," Chen Yi'an replied firmly.

    "Are you going to leave our parents alone?" Chen Yifan said furiously.

    Chen Yi'an looked at him with a puzzled expression. "You will be home, right? You won't be going into the army so you can accompany our parents."

    Chen Yifan didn't know what to say. He didn't expect this to be a reason for Chen Yi'an to enter the military.

    The two brothers ended their conversation unhappily. Chen Yang and his wife felt their world turning upside down. Their talented older son didn't want to enter the military while their slightly underperforming younger son wanted to enter the army.

    The date of registration for the military had arrived. Chen Yi'an packed his luggage and prepared to leave the house. Whether or not his parents agreed, he would enter the military.

    He opened the door and saw his brother standing there. Chen Yifan looked at his younger brother and asked, "Do you really want to go?"

    "Yes. General Ling Xiao said that we must protect our country. I want to protect our country." Chen Yi'an was naive and not that smart but he was stubborn. Once he made a decision, no one could stop him.

    Chen Yifan saw Chen Yi'an's determination and turned around. When he noticed that Chen Yi'an was not following him, he asked, "Why are you still standing there?"

    Chen Yi'an scratched his head. "Brother, what do you mean?"

    "What do I mean? I'm entering the military with you." Chen Yifan felt helpless. If his brother entered the military by himself, he would most likely be used. He needed to look after him.

    "Ah!" Chen Yi'an was stunned. Didn't his brother say that he didn't want to enter the military? Chen Yi'an left the house with this query in his head.

    After the two of them left, Chen Yang and his wife opened their room door. Luo Min had tears in her eyes while Chen Yang appeared to be in shock.

    "Are you happy now? Both your sons have entered the military." Luo Min punched Chen Yang angrily. If Chen Yang was willing to sit down and talk nicely, would her sons leave without bidding farewell to them?

    Chen Yifan smiled bitterly. He hugged Luo Min and said, "They have their own path. We can't stop them. With Yifan's help, Yi'an will be fine." Chen Yang felt complicated too. If his two sons swapped their ambitions, he would not need to worry so much.

    Hence, the Chen brothers' names were entered into the recruits list. Chen Yifan chose to become a logistician so that he could take care of his little brother. He chose to enter the 23rd division too.

    They were both not certain if they were able to enter the 23rd division. If the number of applicants to the 23rd division was more than the number of available slots they had, the mainframe would choose the better candidates first. As people from Planet Liaowang, the Chen brothers would not be on the priority list.

    The two of them waited for an hour before receiving a message on their communicator. The message stated which starship they were allocated to.

    Chen Yifan prayed before looking at his communicator. When he saw that he entered the 23rd division, he jumped up in excitement.

    "Brother, I'm going to the 23rd division." General Ling Xiao was the reason why Chen Yi'an wanted to join the military. Hence, he wished that he would be able to enter the 23rd division and become a member of General Ling Xiao's division.

    Chen Yifan smiled gently. "Congratulations." Then, he turned at walked to the right.

    Chen Yi'an got a shock. He pulled Chen Yifan back and asked, "Brother, where are you going?"

    Chen Yifan knocked Chen Yi'an's forehead helplessly. "The starship."

    "Starship? Why does it sound so familiar?" Chen Yi'an scratched his head.

    "Didn't you see the information written below? You need to board the starship to go to the 23rd division."

    "Oh, right." Chen Yi'an finally understood. He widened his eyes. "Big Brother, how do you know that I need to get on the starship?" Were the people from the academy so amazing? Could they predict the future?

    Chen Yifan sighed. If he wasn't here to look after his brother, he might be unable to even past the recruit training camp. He waved his communicator in front of his little brother. When he saw the confused look on his brother's face, he said, "Because I'm going to the 23rd division too."

    Chen Yi'an was elated when he heard this piece of news. To him, his older brother was a person who could do anything. He felt happy that he could be in the same division as his brother. The nervousness that he felt disappeared.

    Chen Yifan felt pressured when he saw his little brother's happy face. Was he really able to survive 10 years in the military with his brother?

    At the headquarters of the 23rd division.

    He Xuyang was arranging the documents in his hand. He placed all the documents that needed the general's signature on one side.

    Beep, beep. An announcement appeared on his optical supercomputer. It reminded him that a call was coming in.

    He Xuyang answered the call. His assistant's voice sounded. "Chief of staff, the Regiment Commander of the 250 Mecha Clan, Ling Lan, is looking for you."

    The documents in He Xuyang's hand dropped on the floor.

    "Chief of staff? Are you okay..." His assistant asked worriedly.

    He Xuyang calmed himself down and replied, "I'm fine. Let him in."

    F**k, why did this person come again? He Xuyang felt desperate. Nothing good would happen when Ling Lan looked for him.

    He Xuyang recalled how often Young Master Lan looked for him whenever he needed more resources and weapons. Nowadays, the faces of the people from the Logistics Department would turn green whenever they see him. These things had nothing to do with their department but he still had to do it. He still owed the Head of Logistics a huge favor.

    He Xuyang felt unhappy. Why don't Young Master Lan look for the General? Finding the General was the most effective way. The General just needed to give an order and everything would be settled. The old bastard from the Logistics Department would not dare to defy the General.

    Ling Lan liked to find He Xuyang because it was easier for her.

    Whenever she looked for her father, he would always ask her about the mecha clan. Ling Lan didn't like to talk. She knew that with her status, He Xuyang wouldn't dare to ask her anything. He would also satisfy all her needs. Ling Lan believed that her father would give her what she wanted so she just needed He Xuyang as the middleman to talk to her father.

    Ling Lan walked in. He Xuyang smiled and asked, "Ling Lan, what do you need?"

    He knew that General Ling Xiao wanted to hide Young Master Lan's identity so he called Ling Lan by his name. Someone might enter his office suddenly so He Xuyang had to be careful. The possibility was not high but it was better to be cautious.

    "Chief of staff, I have to trouble you again," Ling Lan said indifferently. She sounded as though she was here to greet him.

    He Xuyang rubbed his face and said helplessly, "What do you need this time?"

    "Soldiers!" Ling Lan replied blatantly.

    He Xuyang raised his right hand and pointed at Ling Lan. His hand was trembling. "Shouldn't you look for your commander or the subcommander?" Do you think that I'm Doraemon? Do you think that I can fulfill all your wishes?

    "Troublesome!" Ling Lan thought for a while and replied.

    He Xuyang looked as though he received a huge blow. Young Master Lan looked for him not because he was amiable and easy to interact with. He looked for him because he was convenient.

    He must have owed Ling Xiao and Ling Lan a huge debt in his past life. This was why he needed to serve them now.

    He Xuyang thought about the general who threw everything at him... Sob, these two people are both bad people!

    "Don't tell me that you can't do it!" Ling Lan pressed against the office table with her hands and looked down on He Xuyang. An oppressive aura formed around her.

    As expected of Ling Xiao's son. He Xuyang exclaimed in his heart. However, despite how much he liked Ling Lan, he didn't want to relent so easily. He was the Chief of staff for General Ling Xiao. How could he be scared by a regiment commander so easily?

    "Ling Lan, why don't you look for your direct superior, the Commander of the Middle Second Corps. Many soldiers are assigned to the Middle Second Corps." He Xuyang shrugged. "I'm just the Chief of staff. I can't do anything about the distribution of soldiers."

    "Master, he is lying!" Little Blossom shouted angrily in Ling Lan's mindscape. Although he was unable to download data secretly and use them like Little Four, he could still view the documents on He Xuyang's optical supercomputer. Ling Lan had warned him against destroying the information on any optical supercomputer from the 23rd division. Hence, Little Blossom could only suppress his desire.

    Ling Lan knew that He Xuyang was lying even without Little Blossom's reminder. The staff officer department is the only department that was linked to all the other departments. Although the main job of the staff officer department was to create a battle plan, this mission would only be given during a war. During normal times, the staff officer department was in charge of the operations of the entire division.

    Ling Lan was not surprised by He Xuyang's rejection. He always did this when she looked for him. She patted the documents beside him and said, "Chief of staff, should I find a document that can help you regain your lost memory?"

    She didn't know whether there was a document related to the distribution of soldiers but she didn't care. She just needed to frighten him. If he didn't get scared, she would think of another way.

    Ling Lan was lucky. There was indeed a document related to the distribution of soldiers in the pile of documents. He Xuyang felt frustrated as he looked at the confident Ling Lan. He suspected that there was a traitor in his team who revealed the content of the documents to Ling Lan.

    Of course, he knew that that was impossible. Everyone in the staff officer department had a good character. They underwent many tests before entering this department so no one would leak any information out.

    He Xuyang gave up. He asked, "How many people do you need?"

    Ling Lan raised her hand. He Xuyang heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, he didn't ask for many people. "50 people? No problem." He just needed to send a request in the mainframe to fulfill her request, He didn't need to negotiate with other departments or report to General Ling Xiao.

    He Xuyang didn't want General Ling Xiao to know that he helped Ling Lan with many things. The general was a fair person. He wouldn't want his son to make use of his connection.

    He Xuyang was thinking too much. Ling Xiao would never stop him from helping Ling Lan. If it wasn't for the fact that he couldn't be too conspicuous, he would have given Ling Lan everything he could.

    Ling Lan shook her head to express that the number was wrong.

    He Xuyang's face changed. "Don't tell me that you need 500 people."

    Ling Lan put down her hand and replied nonchalantly, "Thank you for your help."

    He Xuyang wanted to vomit blood. "Really? That's impossible." No mecha clan took in so many soldiers at one go. Only those mecha clans who suffered huge damages during a battle had such a privilege. If not, 50 people were the maximum.

    Ling Lan answered, "A normal mecha clan should have around 4000 to 5000 people. There will be 1500 mecha operators in the mecha clan. However, our mecha clan only has 250 people. Even with the addition of logisticians, we only have 350 people in total. Chief of staff, don't you think that the division is paying too little attention to our mecha clan?"

    He Xuyang was speechless. He stuttered, "The 250 Mecha Clan is a special mecha clan. That's why there are so little people."

    "I only need 500 people. 100 ace operators and 400 excellent logisticians," Ling Lan told He Xuyang her request.

    "100 ace operators? Impossible. Do you think that ace operators can be found everywhere?" He Xuyang shook his head. Asking for 500 people was already a huge request. 100 ace operators? Did he think that the 23rd division belonged to him?

    Fine, the 23rd division is lead by his father. In other words, it really belonged to him.

    Ling Lan frowned. She thought about it and changed her requirements. "50 ace operators and 450 logisticians."

    He Xuyang shook his head again. Ace operators were the main strength of a division. Moving one ace operator required a whole list of the protocol. 50 of them? Ling Lan might as well kill him. Even if he looked for General Ling Xiao, he would not be able to get them within a short period of time.

    Ling Lan looked at him coldly. "Let's not waste time. Why don't you tell me what you can give me."

    He Xuyang was afraid that Ling Lan would ask for even more things so he hurriedly replied, "I can't give you any ace mecha masters. The most I can give you is 50 advanced mecha warriors and 200 recruits."
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