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    "Then, that's too bad." The man's expression showed a hint of sympathy. It was as though he was unwilling to end the career of this genius, Leng Hanfeng.

    "Bam!" Right as the man finished speaking, he had already arrived in front of Leng Hanfeng. He used a strong punch and went straight for Leng Hanfeng's abdomen.

    Leng Hanfeng knew the instant he refused, his opponent would attack him. Thus, he had already prepared himself. Even before seeing that extremely fast punch from his opponent, he had blocked his abdomen with both of his hands. He managed to stop the brutal punch.

    The force of the punch made Leng Hanfeng slide a few meters backwards, creating two large skid marks on the ground with his feet as the anchors to the ground.

    "Focus, reaction speed and timing aren't bad. You really do have immense potential." The man spoke words of approval, yet his fists still mercilessly attacked Leng Hanfeng.

    Leng Hanfeng calmly fought against the man, retreating as he fought. His opponent showed the capabilities of an individual at Qi-Jin stage of optimal peak Great Perfection, greater than Leng Hanfeng by one stage. This was why he was being pressured by his opponent. However, even though he was at a disadvantage, Leng Hanfeng was determined to not lose. He endured the pressure and didn't show any fatal openings.

    "You are not 16 years old. Which faction sent you here? Is it one of the family's factions in this sector? Or perhaps the Federation's military?" Even genius cadets at this age wouldn't behave as calm as this person when faced with such great pressure. Leng Hanfeng was definitely a very experienced fighter.

    Facing spies from different factions, they had already gotten used to it. The sudden rise in ranks of Planet Azure's Central Scout Academy affected the interests of many elite families in the sector. Their enemies definitely didn't want them to continue to benefit off them like parasites. As for the Federation, they had meddled with everything continuously for the past years. It was just that it was difficult to break through the Federation's probing methods.

    Faced with the opponent's questioning, Leng Hanfeng didn't make a sound. He glared at his opponent coldly and raised his guard up to defend against any sudden attacks by him. Leng Hanfeng also knew that it would be difficult for him to run away. His opponent clearly still had more up his sleeves in case he did something unexpected or perhaps his opponent wanted to get more information out of him. These could be the reason why his opponent hadn't killed him yet.

    Seeing Leng Hanfeng not giving up any information, the man gave up on trying to coerce information out of him. He smiled helplessly and started to attack again. This time however were not the same as they were before, when he still held back. Now, each hit was targeted towards a possible opening, making each hit dangerous and a possible killing blow.

    Just like that, Leng Hanfeng, who was still able to somewhat defend against the attacks, no longer could stand on equal ground.

    "Bam!" After just seven or eight rounds of exchanges, Leng Hanfeng was hit and was sent flying. In the air, he spat out a mouthful of blood. The man got one hit in, and wasn't about to stop. He moved in closer and sent his fist straight towards Leng Hanfeng's head. Just from visible shockwaves behind this punch, it was possible that Leng Hanfeng's head would be smashed to pieces if he does not dodge the punch.

    Right when Leng Hanfeng was about to die at the hands of his opponent, a silver flash suddenly flew past his eyes, and the target was the man.

    If the man was to continue his attack at Leng Hanfeng, he would definitely be hit by the silver light... With a hidden weapon that had just suddenly appeared and was coming towards him at breakneck speed, the man decisively chose to give up on killing Leng Hanfeng. He opened his fist instantly and caught the silver light in his hands. It was a silver needle.

    Leng Hanfeng barely managed to slip away from death. After he landed on the ground, he stumbled back four or five steps. His forehead was brimming with cold sweat. It seemed that he was quite afraid of the fact that he almost died at the hands of the opponent.

    "Who's there?" The man's sharp glare looked towards the direction of the silver needle as he shouted angrily. He realized that there was actually someone else other than them.

    Unfortunately, the only answer he got was the sound of leaves and branches whistling in the wind. The man narrowed his eyes and went silent for a moment. Then, he suddenly screamed and shot towards a direction like a cannonball. He clenched his fist and ruthlessly struck on large tree within that direction, "Come out!"

    "Bam!" The large tree exploded. The force that was created instantly bisected the large tree in half. Within the cloud of wood chips and dust, a silhouette jumped out. The direction he jumped towards was where Leng Hanfeng was standing.

    "Quick, run!" A strong hand pulled on Leng Hanfeng. Leng Hanfeng react quickly as he endured the extreme pain in his chest and followed the other person.

    "You're not getting away that easily." The man laughed coldly and instantly caught up to them. In a few seconds, he had already gotten behind Leng Hanfeng and the other person, and then he sent an attack towards them.

    Right as the fist was about hit Leng Hanfeng, the other person turned around instantly, crossed his arms and defended the strong fist attack of the man.

    "Bam!" The two forces resisted each other. The large force that was created caused Leng Hanfeng to lose control of his body and was instantly blown away.

    "Run!" The person who came to help him was a stranger who wore a scout uniform. It seems that he was probably a member of the scouts. It was just that something about that scout uniform made Leng Hanfeng feel odd.

    After the stranger said that, he began to fight with the man. The stranger's capabilities was capable of fending the man for a few rounds even with his physical skills just being at peak stage Qi-Jin. However, he wouldn't be able to fend him for too long as the man's physical skills was a stage higher than him. Leng Hanfeng bit his lip, and choose to not run away. Instead, he clenched his fists tightly and went to fight alongside the stranger.

    The teachings he had received from his childhood and his own dignity wouldn't let him run away and abandon his companions.

    The stranger who was starting to lose his ground, started to be able to take a breather and endured the attacks of the man, with the help of Leng Hanfeng.

    "Bam, bam, bam!" The two of them cooperated and blocked many hits from the man. When the two of them were sent flying backwards by the man, the man also stopped attacking with an annoyed expression on his face. The man discovered that with the two of them fighting together, it was now difficult for him to beat them. It was possible that a slight mistake from him would give them a chance to escape.

    Since he took this assassination mission, he would lose his reputation if he was to let his prey get away. This was something he could not allow to happen. The man seemed to be rash and conceited, but in reality, he was very cautious. It should be known that most Qi-Jin experts who have lived up until now needed to be able to think with their brains.

    On the other side, the person who saved Leng Hanfeng's life asked softly, "I told you to run, why didn't you?"

    Leng Hanfeng replied coldly, "I haven't reached the point in my life of being shameless enough to abandon my savior and run for my own life."

    The stranger smiled slightly, "Although I think your choice was stupid, I still admire it." As expected, he didn't save the wrong person.

    Leng Hanfeng snorted coldly and didn't answer. His focus was on the man in front of him. The sudden cooperation of the two of them made the opponent unable to take them out temporarily. However, this didn't mean that the two of them could actually fight against the man on equal grounds. Two peak stage Qi-Jin users was not necessarily good enough opponents for a person at the level of Qi-Jin of optimal peak Great Perfection. The battle that would ensue was going to be their actual test of skill.

    "Be careful." The stranger seemed to also have this realization and softly warned Leng Hanfeng.

    This made Leng Hanfeng become less worried. If the two of them both had this realization then they had somewhat of a chance.

    "Bang!" Right as Leng Hanfeng was thinking of ways of how he and his savior could be able to get away safely, their opponent attack them fiercely.

    "Bang, bang, bang..." Intense sounds of punches and kicks striking against one another instantly echoed through the silent forest.

    At that moment, Su Pei and Xiao Yiqiu also had people who were hot on their trail. They were panicking as they ran. The direction the two of them ran towards the same trajectory. Not long after, they two of them actually met up.

    "You!" The two of them screamed and at the time shouted, "Move!"

    After rooming and training together for half a month, the two of them behaved with unexpected tact. They held each other's arms and kicked upwards onto the ground at the same time. They were sent flying upwards by each other's kicks in unplanned unison and flew up into mid-air. It was also this jump that made both of them dodge their opponent's ruthless attack.

    "Bam! Bam!" The fists of their opponents struck the ground they were standing on and instantly sent dust and leaves flying into the air.

    The two of them were sent tumbling to the side by the Qi-Jin of these two fists. After they landed, they were still mentally and physically gathering themselves. The graduation test their master had prepared for them was actually this dangerous. They couldn't help but think whether their most respected master, who trained them for four years, was lying to them all this time.

    "Seeing the way you two move, it seems that the two of you are students who came for your test." After knowing the situation of these two people, the killing intent from the beginning became a smile. The people who attacked them were two 40 to 50 year-old middle-aged men. One was slim and the other was chubby. It was an amusing sight when they stood beside each other. However to Su Pei and Xiao Yiqiu, it wasn't funny at all. They were still at the beginning stages of Qi-Jin, while their opponents gave them a feeling of limitless power. It was as though with one move, their opponents could easily squash them to the ground.

    "Unfortunately, you guys haven't reach our standards yet." The skinny man showed a slight hint of dissatisfaction in his expression. Five years of extensive training and nurturing only to yield such results? If that was the case, how could they get into the Flying Dragon Special Forces, who only took in monstrous individuals?

    Only when they gain control of the Flying Dragon Special Forces, would they be able to take control of the future of the Huaxia Federation. Their organization's goal wasn't only to just have some control within the military.

    "You shouldn't demand too much from them. If these people were acknowledged by the higher-ups to let them participate in this test, then that means they have the potential to become stronger." The chubby one smiled like a Buddha. He looked like he had good intentions, but Su Pei and Xiao Yiqiu could see the hidden and vile intentions behind the man's smile.

    From the ruthless attacks at the beginning, the two of them already knew that their respected master, their so-called legendary faction, wasn't so nice.
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