757 Believe?

    "Shouldn't you take off your mask as well?" Gu Zhengrong saw that he was discovered and immediately exposed Leng Hanfeng's fake facade as well.

    Leng Hanfeng took what he said without being flustered. He didn't say anything and immediately took off his disguise, showing a cold and calm face.

    "Your face looks much better now," laughed Gu Zhengrong. He rather liked to speak to a familiar face.

    Leng Hanfeng had a confused expression on his face and asked, "Who really are you?"

    "Me? I just took a mission to find out things about this academy." Smiled Gu Zhengrong. "You're the same right?"

    Leng Hanfeng didn't answer and only stared at Gu Zhengrong. Gu Zhengrong didn't care and put out his hand, "Let me introduce myself, I'm..."

    Right at that moment, Gu Zhengrong's expression instantly changed. He pulled Leng Hanfeng away and quickly backed up a short distance...

    However, he was already too late. A man appeared before Gu Zhengrong and ruthlessly hit him with his fist. Gu Zhengrong cried out in pain and spat out a mouthful of blood into the air.

    Gu Zhengrong fell roughly on the ground, his back hurt so much that he couldn't stand up on his own. Luckily, he had Leng Hanfeng beside him to hold him up.

    "Are you alright?!" Leng Hanfeng asked worriedly.

    "I'm not dead yet!" Gu Zhengrong wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at the space in front of them. The middle-aged man who he thought he had lured away was actually hiding around in the vicinity and hadn't left.

    "You really think I'm only at the optimal peak Great Perfection stage of Qi-Jin? Someone who just temporarily reached the domain stage for a few seconds wanted to fool me?" Sneered the middle-aged man.

    "Brother Leng, looks like we really have to put our lives on the line this time." Gu Zhengrong smiled bitterly towards Leng Hanfeng.

    "I had this realization long ago," Leng Hanfeng said without fear.

    "Alright, I will put life in your hands," Gu Zhengrong smiled as he replied and executed a stance. This time, it was a real stance where he would put his life on the line.

    Although Leng Hanfeng didn't answer, he used his actions to tell Gu Zhengrong that he will fight with him to the bitter end.

    "You two are really naive." The middle-aged man smiled in a belittling manner. Then, his force of presence exploded outwards and it began to rush towards Leng Hanfeng and Gu Zhengrong. The strong force of presence pressured Leng Hanfeng and Gu Zhengrong to the point where their faces turned pale. They bit their lips and used all of the Qi-Jin in their bodies to resist the pressure coming from the middle-aged man's force of presence.

    Suddenly, they felt their bodies seemed to have been transported to a swamp, every action they made was met with a lot of resistance. They looked below them and discovered a transparent line had wrapped around them.

    "A domain expert!" Gu Zhengrong was very experienced so he knew what was happening to them. It was no wonder that middle-aged man looked down on them. Anyone below the domain stage were considered ants to domain expert. Even a half-step domain expert was just considered a larger ant when compared to the overpowering existence of a domain expert.

    Leng Hanfeng had a hint of despair in his eyes. A domain expert... they had no hope of escaping.

    "Leng Hanfeng, will you trust me?" Gu Zhengrong suddenly asked Leng Hanfeng.

    "I'm part of the Huaxia Federation and would never betray the Huaxia Federation." Leng Hanfeng said without any hesitation.

    Gu Zhengrong had a complicated look on his face, then became determined in an instant. "Alright, I have a life-saving technique that could make me temporarily enter the domain stage for 10 seconds. Once the time is up, I would pass out. As I activate it, you need to hold onto me for your dear life. I will try and run as fast as possible..."

    "Of course, if we can't run away in time, you must leave me here and run away yourself... the mission is more important," Gu Zhengrong continued.

    "But..."Leng Hanfeng seemed to not agree with Gu Zhengrong's decision.

    "Remember, we are soldiers! Nothing goes above our mission," Gu Zhengrong shouted softly.

    Leng Hanfeng stared into Gu Zhengrong's eyes and then nodded. "Understood."

    After hearing Leng Hanfeng's answer, Gu Zhengrong's expression changed. He shouted loudly and his entire aura began to grow exponentially.

    "Domain!" Gu Zhengrong screamed. Leng Hanfeng quickly held onto Gu Zhengrong's body as he quickly ran towards the edge of the forest.

    The ground suddenly rose around middle-aged man, sealing him inside a something like a coffin. Seeing this, the middle-aged man shouted angrily, and countless of water streams appeared behind him and pierced through the sand coffin. However, inside the deep forest, other than the abundance of the wood element, the earth element was also in abundance, and the water element was comparatively weaker and lesser than both of them. Thus, the middle-aged man couldn't break through the sand coffin instantly and could only watch as Leng Hanfeng escaped with Gu Zhengrong.

    Finally, not knowing whether it was because of the water streams or because 10 seconds was up, the sand coffin created by Gu Zhengrong's temporary domain instantly crumbled. It became bits and pieces and fell to the ground.

    The middle-aged man escaped from the sand coffin. Right as he wanted to give chase, the communicator on his wrist suddenly began to vibrate. He looked over at it and had a change in expression. "Not good, someone actually invaded the headquarters." He ruthlessly looked over at the direction Leng Hanfeng and Gu Zhengrong had escaped towards and spat. "It's your lucky day!" Then, he quickly headed back to the headquarters. Although capturing these hidden spies were important, the headquarters was more important.

    After running for some time, Leng Hanfeng discovered that the middle-aged man wasn't chasing them. He then looked at Gu Zhengrong, who had already fainted. Leng Hanfeng had a complicated look on his face, then he sighed. "Elder Brother Gu, I'm sorry. Just as you said, the responsibility of a soldier is to put the mission first." Leng Hanfeng looked towards the headquarters in the central area of the forest and continued, "I won't leave until I find out what's inside their headquarters."

    Leng Hanfeng carefully set Gu Zhengrong down on top of a thick branch on one of the large trees. He was afraid that Gu Zhengrong would fall down, so he used a belt to tie him to that branch. Then, he disguised himself. As long as no one looked at him closely, he probably wouldn't be found out.

    After finishing everything, Leng Hanfeng left the scene and moved towards the center of the forest.

    Not long after Leng Hanfeng had left, Gu Zhengrong, who had been unconscious, began to move his fingers...

    Ling Lan, who was hidden around the main gate of the enemies' headquarters, finally acquired the information about the intersecting sight lines of all the members in the patrol team, along with the blink frequency of the two guards by the gate.

    It couldn't be helped, this was the way this headquarters chose to guard their gate. They didn't use high-tech surveillance equipment that had no blind spots to guard their gates. Instead, they used people to guard it. If she wanted to silently enter the headquarters and not be seen by the 10 or more pairs of eyes intently staring at the gate, it would be almost impossible, especially the two guards at the door which seemed to have been ordered to look at the direction opposite of the door.

    Luckily, it was only almost impossible and not completely impossible. Of course, if it wasn't Ling Lan it would be completely impossible for anyone else.

    After calculating and planning for a short while, Ling Lan finally calculated the timing between the blinking speed of the two guards. Of course, this timing had already eliminated the sight lines of the patrol team. Ling Lan finally confirmed when she needed to make a move.

    Finally, after waiting for that small window of time, Ling Lan flew out as light as a feather and silently moved towards the direction of the gate. Suddenly, the gate opened slightly revealing a small opening which Ling Lan instantly slid through.

    As expected, the Li family's inner mansion was the one with the problems, who told them to not have any high-tech equipment! After the traumatizing experience, Little Four began to judge places that had made him lose his dignity in front of his Boss.

    It turns out, it was all Little Four's work that made the gate open.

    The place Ling Lan was hiding at was not too far from the gate. This distance was enough for Little Four to use Ling Lan's spiritual power to reach to the scanner on the gate. This high-tech and difficult to crack equipment was similar to a naked Little Blossom that he could bully however he wanted...

    Little Four felt that comparison was weird, but he always saw others describe it in that way. Some people really liked to say that, but bullying is bullying, but why do they not wear any clothes? Does that them easier to bully? In reality, Little Four believed that a naked Little Blossom would go on a rampage and wouldn't be so easily bullied... but he didn't have anyone else to bully other than Little Blossom.

    He really couldn't understand how the people in his Boss's world thought. Little Four sighed sadly. He had just recently discovered that he was really smart in some ways. It was no wonder that he was a one of a kind intelligent entity.

    The equipment and machines in the headquarters were undoubtedly technologically advanced. However, when faced with this overpowering force called Little Four, they were all useless. If it wasn't for the fact that his Boss Ling Lan told him not to alarm those in the base, Little Four would have already taken over the base and let his Boss go anywhere she wanted.

    However, Little Four couldn't help but respect the person who designed the headquarters. If it wasn't Ling Lan who had entered the base, it would be impossible for hackers to use other methods to get through the headquarters' defenses.

    That was because this headquarters was not connected to any satellite. All of its wiring did not connect to anything outside. The water and electricity it used was created within the base. The mainframe of the headquarters also only integrated into this headquarters and had never connected with anything outside of virtual worlds. It could be said that this base was an enigma. They couldn't acquire any information from the outside world, unless they sent people outside of the headquarters and go to the academy at the edge of the forest...

    In other words, even if someone was to successfully enter the base, before they leave, they wouldn't be able to transfer anything they had come to know. Those people who had disappeared after taking on the mission of infiltrating the headquarters perhaps hadn't actually died. They may still be trapped inside of the base, unable to get out.

    However, when Ling Lan entered into the base, all of this was no longer a problem... If Little Four wanted to, he could let the mainframe connect to any satellite and to any network, making this headquarters be known to everyone
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