759 Appear On Stage All Prim And Proper!

    "It's Leng Hanfeng!" Little Four was dejected as his Boss was too smart and calculative. It was hard to tease his Boss.

    "It's him!" Ling Lan looked up excitedly. "Is Gu Zhengrong not with him?" After she saved Xiao Yiqiu, she continued her way to the base. As she was walking through the forest, she saw Leng Hanfeng and Gu Zhengrong fighting against a domain realm master.

    This was something Ling Lan wanted to see. With Leng Hanfeng and Gu Zhengrong helping her attracting some of the attention of the guards outside, she would have an easier time getting in their headquarters.

    "Nope, he is alone." Little Four found out that Gu Zhengrong was nowhere near Leng Hanfeng.

    "Interesting!" They didn't move together. Looks like things are getting fun. Ling Lan smiled slightly. "Little Four, you did well today so I'm going to reward you with a great show. Let's just wait a while and, the leads of the show will appear on stage all prim and proper!"

    Ling Lan silently climbed up a tree with dense leaves and branches. With the dense leaves and branches, it allowed little sunlight to hit the ground, shrouding the forest grounds with darkness. Ling Lan leaned close to a thin branch. The dense leaves and branches covered most of her figure. When the wind blew, she swayed along with the branches. From below, nothing amiss could be spotted.

    Leng Hanfeng really wanted to complete his mission but he was not a rash person who would recklessly charge into his objective without thinking. When he saw the heavily guarded gate, he slowly retreated as he didn't notice any obvious way in, so he wanted to report the situation to the military first.

    When he retreated for around a hundred or so meters, his expression suddenly changed. He instantly jumped into a bush.

    A figure appeared at the spot Leng Hanfeng was at a moment ago. Leng Hanfeng was already very careful but he still got noticed by the guards.

    However, he reacted well to the situation. The guard didn't seem to realize that he was hiding in the bush. The guard looked confused, seemingly to be doubting himself.

    "What's wrong?" Another guard wearing the same uniform appeared beside him. Looks like they were a team.

    "Nothing. I discovered some movements here so I came here to take a look," the other guard replied.

    "Did you find anything?" His partner asked in concern.

    "No. I probably am too sensitive," the person who came first replied.

    "Maybe not... after we reached the domain stage, our five senses got more sensitive. Since you felt something, it means that there must be something suspicious here." The person who came late was more cautious than his partner. "To be careful, let's activate our domain to scan the surroundings."

    The person who came first felt that it made sense. He was also worried that there was someone here so he nodded to his teammate's suggestion. They immediately activated their domain.

    "So this is where you are..." The moment they activated their domain, all kinds of disguise were useless. The person who came first sneered and reached out his right hand. He attacked the bush where Leng Hanfeng was hiding.

    The bush exploded, and a figure jumped out. It was Leng Hanfeng.

    Leng Hanfeng flew back a few hundred meters like a shadow and quickly ran towards the edge of the forest. With him being discovered by two domain realm masters, he only had one choice: run.

    "Chase him!" The two domain realm masters saw Leng Hanfeng and exchanged glances with each other. Then, they chased after him.

    At that moment, a young man who was leaning on a tree tiredly appeared. When this young man heard the commotion in front of him, he looked up in shock. When he saw Leng Hanfeng speeding towards him, he let out a sigh of relief and smiled.

    "Erm..." He opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Leng Hanfeng shouted, "Run!"

    "Huh?" The young man was astounded. When he saw the two shadows chasing Leng Hanfeng, he understood what was happening. He hid behind a tree and shooing at Leng Hanfeng with both hands. He was asking Leng Hanfeng to ignore him.

    Something flashed passed Leng Hanfeng's eyes. He didn't slow down but changed his direction instead, running towards the young man. He grabbed his hand and pulled him along.

    "I realized that whenever I meet you, nothing good will happen." The young man who was pulled along bore with the excruciating pain in his chest and ran with Leng Hanfeng.

    "I also realize that I will meet you whenever I get unlucky," Leng Hanfeng replied nonchalantly. He was pulling a person along but his speed didn't decrease in the slightest.

    "You offended two domain realm masters... even if you want to die, this is not the way to do it." The young man was pulled by Leng Hanfeng so he had some time to look back. When he saw the two people chasing them clearly, his face turned black.

    "Gu Zhengrong, shut up!" Leng Hanfeng warned him. They were running for their lives now. He didn't want Gu Zhengrong to make any noise, interrupting his thought process.

    Gu Zhengrong opened his mouth. In the end, he knew that this was not a good time to complain so he decided to shut up. He decided that once they are safe, he would cut all ties with Leng Hanfeng. He didn't want to get implicated by him ever again.

    However, the difference between Qi-Jin and domain was just too vast. Not long after, the two domain masters blocked Leng Hanfeng from the front and back.

    "I'm really going to die because of you now." Gu Zhengrong gave a bitter smile.

    "Since you woke up, you should have left. Why did you come deeper into the forest?" Leng Hanfeng was unhappy about Gu Zhengrong's decision too.

    "I'm afraid that some idiot would overestimate himself and get himself into trouble." Gu Zhengrong replied angrily. The two of them were seriously injured. Why didn't he go back and rest? Why did he go to look for the headquarters himself? Is the base so easy to enter? If it is, there wouldn't be so many people who had failed in the past.

    "Are you saying that I have to thank you?" Leng Hanfeng scoffed.

    When Leng Hanfeng and Gu Zhengrong started complaining to each other in a life or death situation, the two domain realm masters were stunned.

    At that exact moment, Gu Zhengrong and Leng Hanfeng suddenly moved. They rushed towards the domain realm master who was blocking their way of retreat. If they wanted to live, they needed to subdue this person first.

    Boom! Boom! The two domain masters resisted their attacks easily. Leng Hanfeng and Gu Zhengrong knew that they were so dead as the guard didn't even seem surprised by their attacks. They were too well-prepared.

    "What a simple scheme. If we didn't discover it, we should quit the organization." The domain realm masters who fought with Leng Hanfeng and Gu Zhengrong gave a sarcastic smile to them.

    "Brother, seems like we really have to die together," Gu Zhengrong said with a serious face. This was the first time he felt actually hopeless.

    Leng Hanfeng didn't say anything. He pursed his lips tightly and stared stubbornly at the domain realm master in front of him. Gu Zhengrong smiled when he saw Leng Hanfeng's never give up attitude. "How about this. Let's fight one each and see who can last longer."

    Gu Zhengrong turned and pressed his back against Leng Hanfeng's back. He said in a low voice, "Leng Hanfeng, remember, don't die too fast."

    "Don't worry, I will not die before you." Leng Hanfeng could be quite irritating when he wanted to be. Gu Zhengrong felt frustrated. "Hope that you will do what you say. Don't disappoint me."

    After he finished speaking, he looked at the other domain realm master. The domain realm masters didn't feel that these two little fish were a threat at all so they didn't initiate the fight first. As the stronger party, they felt it was beneath them to attack first.

    Leng Hanfeng and Gu Zhengrong knew that this fight would decide whether they live or die. Their hearts were heavy. They secretly gathered their strengths. They hoped to adjust their body condition to its best state so that they had a chance to survive, no matter how small the chance.

    "Hey, why is the atmosphere here so tense?" A playful voice sounded in the forest.

    Leng Hanfeng and Gu Zhengrong were dumbfounded as they looked at the direction where the voice came from. A young man wearing a scout uniform was leaning against a tree and waving at them lazily.

    "Meng Shaoran!" The two of them shouted instantly.

    "Tsk, why are you two so passionate? I'm not used to it." Meng Shaoran gave them a look of disgust. "Brother Shaoyun is still the best. He is pure, sincere, honest, and not as fake as you two."

    Little Four, who was looking at the show, laughed when he heard this. "Haha, Boss, you are pure, sincere, and honest. This is so funny." If their Boss was honest, there would be no liars in the world.

    "Little Four, I seem to be too kind with you lately." Ling Lan clenched her fist and cracked her knuckles. She looked at Little Four threateningly. This person needed to be beaten occasionally.

    Meng Shaoran's words angered Leng Hanfeng. He sneered. "You are dishonest too." They were not the only ones hiding their identities.

    "Yes, yes, we are all the same. Why are you so proud of yourself?" Gu Zhengrong added on. He revealed how hypocritical he was.

    Leng Hanfeng glared at Gu Zhengrong coldly. Who said that there were the same?

    Gu Zhengrong felt that there was something wrong with what he said so he slapped his mouth and smiled awkwardly at Leng Hanfeng.

    "So, are you all done with claiming your family connections?" One of the domain realm masters saw the three of them talking among themselves and immediately scoffed at them.

    "I'm not his relative." The three men spoke simultaneously as they gave a look of contempt to the other two people.

    This chemistry caused the faces of the domain realm masters to turn black. Are the three young men trying to tease them?

    They exchanged glances with one another and understood each other thoughts. They attacked together. Their target was Leng Hanfeng and Gu Zhengrong. No matter how powerful a person was, they knew that they should pick the weakest off first. Meng Shaoran appeared without them noticing. This meant that he was much more powerful than the other two. The two domain realm masters decided to subdue the two weaker ones before combining their efforts to fight Meng Shaoran.
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