823 Treated With Care!

    At the frontline command center of the Hailiya army, the commander-in-chief of this battle, Jia Ernan, was looking at a 3D virtual image of a map that had all the frontline army and the various bases clearly depicted on it. There was no distinguishable line between the two armies as they were situated closely and interlocked in battle constantly.

    "Commander-in-chief, the higher authorities have given us an order to end the battle on Planet Wangjiao within half a year. This long battle had severely implicated the economy of the Hailiya Alliance, causing it to remain stagnant for more than 10 years. The political party is pressuring us  to not drag this war any longer." His adviser, Jia Miao, who was beside him, was looking at the map intently too. If they were unable to end this war in half a year, they would have to face all kinds of accusations and undergo all kinds of investigations. They might even be pushed out to take the blame for their superiors for their faults.

    "Those useless people only know how to talk. If the Huaxia Federation is so easy to deal with, why did we lose half of Planet Wangjiao to them even when we were at an advantage?" Jia Ernan said furiously.

    "Ever since the segregation of the three powers, the political party and the prosecution had been watching us closely. Thus, our power is being tightly controlled. Ahh... I really admire the military of the Huaxia Federation. They have the final say in everything." Jia Miao looked at the red Huaxia Federation flag in envy. This system allowed the Huaxia Federation to have a strong military.

    "However, this also means that the marshal is unable to withstand the pressure from the two factions anymore." Jia Miao's gaze turned cold. "We have no path of retreat anymore."

    Jia Ernan rubbed his face fiercely and said with frustration, "I know. That is why I submitted a request. If we are unable to succeed this time, my position as a commander-in-chief will probably be taken away."

    Jia Ernan looked at the direction of his country with a complicated expression. He said in a low voice, "The result should be here soon."

    Jia Miao looked at his commander-in-chief curiously as he didn't know what request he made.

    Jia Ernan saw his expression and smiled. This time, he put all his merits, position, and his future at risk. Even if he trusted Jia Miao and believed that he wouldn't betray Hailiya, he would not tell him anything.

    "Commander-in-chief, the resources from the country is here. There is a mecha clan that came to send the resources. The regiment commander specially requested to hand you an important document personally." At this moment, Jia Ernan's adjutant came in to report this news.

    Jia Ernan finally gave a big smile. "It's finally here!" Before he could ask his adjutant to invite the regiment commander in, an energetic senior colonel walked in.

    "Commander-in-chief, this is the information we collected regarding the frontline of the Huaxia Federation. We took half a year to collect everything." The senior colonel passed the document in his hand to Jia Ernan.

    Jia Ernan said unhappily, "Input everything into the mainframe and let them appear on the virtual map." Without the actual 3D virtual image, he wouldn't be able to remember what was written in the document too.

    The senior colonel immediately input the data in the mainframe. Symbols and words started appearing on top of all the different bases of the Huaxia Federation.

    At the same time, Jia Ernan asked his adjutant to bring the regiment commander to his office directly.

    Jia Ernan walked over when he saw the new information on the map. He pointed to a base which had a lightning bolt symbol on top of it. The words 'Xun Lei' was written on top of the base too. He asked, "What does this symbol mean?"

    "This symbol is the symbol of the mecha clan stationed in that base. Most of the time, a mecha clan that has this kind of symbol is a titled ace mecha clan. Xun Lei is the name of this mecha clan." The senior colonel explained, "We can use this to see what are the standards of the various mecha clans situated at the bases in the frontline."

    Jia Ernan took a quick glance. "They are all titled ace mecha clans. The Huaxia Federation will not give us any chances."

    The senior colonel laughed. "That is not the case." He pointed to a certain base. The number of the base was 013.

    At Base 013, Du Mingyi used his authority as the commanding officer of the base and submitted a complaint against 250 Ace Mecha Clan. He requested the military to send an inspector to come down and inspect 250 Ace Mecha Clan.

    One of the majors in charge of collecting all these request forms suddenly saw this complaint against an ace mecha clan in Planet Wangjiao, and got extremely excited.

    As an ambitious inspector, he wouldn't allow any pieces of trash to harm his country's soldiers. Even if the person had a special background, he would be impartial in his investigation. He wouldn't let anyone escape the punishment of the law. This major was excited because such complaints from the frontline normally meant that there was a big case. It might even implicate some high-status officers in the military. This was a chance for him to perform.

    The major clicked on the request to see its details. The person who sent this request was the commanding officer of Base 013. The person he wanted to complain about was the Regiment Commander of 250 Ace Mecha Clan, Ling Lan.

    "23rd division? Isn't that General Ling Xiao's division? Really? How can such a thing happen in the General Ling Xiao's division? Is it a mistake?" It had to be said that General Ling Xiao's noble and perfect image was deeply imprinted in people's hearts. The first thing this major thought of was that this was a mistake.

    "250 Ace Mecha Clan... why does it sound so familiar? Ling Lan..." The major looked at this name and suddenly thought of something. A while ago, a group from the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee went to investigate a mecha clan under General Ling Xiao's division. It was reported that the regiment commander of that mecha clan was brutal and vicious. He trampled on human lives as if they were grass and even killed some of the soldiers in his team. That regiment commander was called Ling Lan.

    However, this group of investigation squad went excitedly and came back dejectedly. Further investigation proved that this was a false accusation. After looking through the list of members of 250 Ace Mecha Clan, no one was missing or died, making the accusation of Ling Lan killing people false. When the leader of that investigation squad came back, he was furiously reprimanded by their section chief. Their section chief scolded him for his stupidity. 'How could you touch Ling Xiao's man when you had no evidence. Were you looking for death? Even if you were, this shouldn't be how you do it.' The people from other squads were unhappy with this investigation squad too. They felt that they had blemished General Ling Xiao's image with these disrespectful actions. Fortunately, General Ling Xiao was a benevolent person. He didn't blame the investigation squad. If not, their section chief would have to offer his humble apology to this God-class mecha master.

    They were not afraid of regiment commanders (on the surface) because all the divisions are under the surveillance of the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee. Therefore, they had the right to investigate a regiment commander. However, the ten famous generals, the three marshals, and the 12 god-class operators had special privileges. Moreover, Ling Xiao was a general as well as a god-class operator. He was a special character among all the special characters. The Disciplinary and Investigation Committee would not want to offend such a troublesome person unless they really had no other choice.

    The major felt that this request was too difficult to handle. He thought for a moment and sent this request to his section chief. The major knew that if something was related to General Ling Xiao, any officers, no matter how small his position was, had to take care of it carefully.
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