840 Do Something Big With Me!

    Song Yiqing was furious when he heard what Ling Lan said. He immediately disregarded what she said at the end and replied indignantly, "I want to see how you will defeat a nobody like me."

    He waved his right hand, and around 20 people from 224 Mecha Clan flew out, surrounding Ling Lan in a tight circle.

    Ling Lan sighed. She wasn't in the mood to fight. That was why she hinted to Song Yiqing that her background was as powerful as his. Unfortunately, this Song Yiqing was too slow to catch what she was trying to hint at. It now looked as though she had to fight with them.

    "Wow. Boss, are you going to KO 1000 people all by yourself?" Little Four was excited about the upcoming royal rumble.

    "Shouldn't it be 1000 people KO me?" Ling Lan replied unhappily. She threw the short whip in her hand and disappeared from her position.

    Bang! Bang! Bang! The short whip hit everyone who surrounded, whipping them up into air forcefully before falling to the ground beside Song Yiqing. Song Yiqing was shocked at this surprisingly beautiful scene. He took a few steps back quickly. In a blink of an eye, the 20 people piled up into a graceful pyramid in front of him.

    At that moment, Ling Lan suddenly appeared in front of Song Yiqing and pressed his shoulder down, immediately immobilizing him.

    Ling Lan whispered to Song Yiqing, "Song Yiqing, you always like to struggle until the last minute. When facing Qi Long, you were like this. Now facing me, you are still like this. If it wasn't for the fact that your grandfather and my father are both in the military, I will not let you off so easily. Song Yiqing, don't try to test my patience."

    'I've already made things really obvious. Song Yiqing, please have a clear mind.'

    Ling Lan didn't want to KO 1000 people. It was not really difficult for her but if she really subdued Song Yiqing's 224 Mecha Clan alone, the second marshal, Song Yongzheng, would definitely take revenge on her. Although that sly old fox couldn't do anything to her father, he could easily create some small problem for him. Ling Xiao already had enough things on his hand. Ling Lan didn't want to place more burden on his shoulders.

    Hence, Ling Lan constantly reminded Song Yiqing about her identity. Proactively admitting defeat and having no choice but to admit defeat was two different concepts. Ling Lan didn't want to become enemies with Song Yiqing and the Song family.

    The lower-ranked people in the military might not know who Ling Lan was but the higher authorities, including the three great marshals and the ten generals, definitely knew who she was, even the generals of the various divisions might know who she was.

    "Your father?" Song Yiqing finally caught on. He got stunned for a moment. Then, he narrowed his eyes and asked, "Who is your father?" Of course, what made him calm down was Ling Lan's hand which was immobilizing him.

    Ling Lan smiled mysteriously at Song Yiqing and didn't reply to him.

    Ling? Song Yiqing suddenly thought of Ling Xiao. He then remembered that Ling Lan's 250 Mecha Clan came from the 23rd division. His expression changed. He said in a voice only he could hear, "Ling Xiao?"

    "My father asked me to send his regards to Marshal Song. He hopes we can work together." Ling Lan smiled. 'Ah... good, he is not too stupid.'

    "Work together?" Song Yiqing recalled what Ling Lan said at the start. He scoffed, "Didn't you say that I was exiled here? Looks like you are in the same state as me."

    Ling Lan gave him a strange look. Song Yiqing felt uncomfortable under her gaze. He wanted to put up with it but the gaze was too glaring. He couldn't help but ask, "What are you trying to say?"

    "How many sons does your grandfather have? How many sons does your father have?" Ling Lan gave Song Yiqing a look of contempt. "How many sons does my father have?" Little Four knew everything about Song Yiqing.

    Song Yiqing's face turned black, as Ling Lan's words stabbed right into his heart. To other people, he was Song Yongzheng's grandson. He had an impressive status. However, Song Yongzheng had eight sons. Moreover, his father was one of the weaker sons so Song Yongzheng didn't place much emphasis on him, and Song Yiqing was his father's third son. He had two older brothers who were very capable and had high positions in the military. His two younger brothers were extremely talented too. Thus, his father rarely paid him much attention.

    It could be said that in the entire Song family, he was the most 'invisible' person. If he wasn't Song Yongzheng's grandson and didn't have the surname 'song', the Song family might not even have let him become a regiment commander of a normal mecha clan. They just didn't want him to embarrass the Song family. They sent him to Planet Haijiao for two reasons. One was because they didn't want to see him and the other reason was to allow Song Yiqing to gain some merits himself. Just like what Ling Lan said, he was exiled by his own family.

    "Since you are not exiled, why did you come here?" Song Yiqing scoffed even though he was internally hurt by the truth of his current situation. He would not let anyone see his weak side.

    He had his own ambitions too. However, once you reached a certain position and wanted to climb even higher, you need to have enough capabilities as well as merits. His abilities were not strong enough and he didn't have enough merits too. Now, he was thrown here to participate in some small skirmishes to gain the most basic amounts of merits. He could almost see his future. He would become a regiment commander of a normal mecha clan. This was his furthest his potential could take him unless he managed to improve his mecha piloting skills. However, he couldn't do it no matter how hard he practiced. His talent restricted his mecha piloting level from getting any higher. The highest level he could achieve was the primary stage of ace. If he was extremely lucky, he might be able to reach elite ace.

    Hence, he only had one chance. He needed to gain some impressive military achievements like helping the Federation take over Planet Haijiao. When the Federation gained control of Planet Haijiao, they would distribute the honor to the various mecha clans. He would be able to use this honor to increase his status. But, this was just a wild dream. If Planet Haijiao could be taken over so easily, the war wouldn't have lasted so long.

    Because of this, the Song family felt that he had no hope so they had given up on him heartlessly. They were no longer willing to waste time and manpower on him.

    "You are really lucky!" Song Yiqing said angrily. Deep down inside, he was jealous of Ling Lan. He was Ling Xiao's only son. All his father's love and resources were given to him unconditionally. Whether he was capable or not, Ling Xiao would not abandon him. He didn't need to lick his wounds on Planet Haijiao like him. This unhappiness about his situation caused Song Yiqing to turn abusive. His personality got twisted as he had given up on himself.

    Ling Lan patted his shoulder lightly to comfort him and the anger in Song Yiqing's eyes dissipated a little.

    Ling Lan lowered her voice and asked, "Are you willing to do something big with me?" 'Hmm, why do I sound like a villain persuading someone to do evil things with me?' Ling Lan was speechless at her own revelation.

    Song Yiqing narrowed his eyes again. "What do you mean?"

    "Why do you put your hope on other people? It is best to achieve your own results," Ling Lan said calmly.

    Although she was Ling Xiao's child, all her achievements were gained through her own efforts. Ling Xiao just made sure that her merits were not taken away by other people. Well, this was important too.
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