1061 Logistician?!

    Ling Yi was just a cadet so he didn't know the battle for power between the higher authorities. He also didn't know that the Young Master Lan he respected almost couldn't return to 250 Ace Mecha Clan.

    The military vessel entered the spaceport. Ling Yi and his team members followed the crowd and alighted the military vessel.

    The spaceport on Planet Southcrest was a military spaceport. This meant that it wasn't as lively and messy as other public spaceports.

    In the spaceport, many military vessels were parked in an orderly manner. There were guards on duty in all the important locations.

    Along the way, they met some soldiers who hurried along with their missions in hand. They admired the tidy and handsome blue-white uniform on these soldiers.

    Of course, most of the people they saw were cadets who just entered the 23rd division. It was obvious that they were cadets.

    The cadets were wearing the green uniform which only recruits would wear. Whether it was the design or the material, it couldn't be compared to the military uniform for the official soldiers of the 23rd division.

    If they wanted to wear those uniforms, they needed to survive their recruit training.

    Ling Yi and his group followed the instructions of the soldiers on duty and came to the resting hall.

    There were already many people in the hall, but they quickly found a roll of seats and sat down.

    Most of the people in the hall were recruits. There were some veteran soldiers in blue-white uniforms too. Most of them were first lieutenants and captains. They would look up at the recruits occasionally and then write something down on their virtual screens.

    "Leader, are these the invigilators for the first round of assessment? Our teacher has always mentioned them," Rong Ziruo leaned close to Ling Yi and asked in a soft voice.

    "You should be right." Ling Yi nodded.

    They had prepared beforehand. Their teacher wanted them to have a better stage to show off their talents so he reminded them before they left, to be mindful of their actions the moment they entered the military vessel of the 23rd division. The assessments of the various mecha clans might have started without them realizing.

    Of course, this kind of assessment was held secretly due to the fact that the military headquarters wouldn't allow such assessments to be held publicly so this was just held based on the agreement between mecha clans. The military headquarters banned these kinds of assessment because they didn't want the strength of the mecha clans to vary too much.

    However, Ling Yi and his team members weren't sure about the assessment criteria. They only knew that once they finished their recruit training, the mecha clans would start inviting them in.

    They would only know which mecha clan had their eyes on them during that time. There might even be a fight for them. Of course, they were the outstanding ones among the crowd. There were considered geniuses in their academy.

    Tao Xiaotao always felt that his leader was a genius so he looked at Ling Yi with admiration. He lowered his voice and said, "Leader, there'll be a lot of mecha clans that will invite you."

    Tao Xiaotao thought about himself. He was good at nothing. He had only managed to barely pass the selection criteria so no one would pick him. His eyes dimmed. "I wonder where I'll go to. Leader, do we have to be separated?"

    Everyone got demoralized by Tao Xiaotao's words. This was something all the battle clans had to go through when they entered the military.

    Unless a miracle happened, such as forming a battle team the moment they came out of the recruit training camp, they would have to be separated.

    "Don't worry. We'll be together," Ling Yi said seriously.

    "Yes. Based on our leader's capabilities, you should be able to stand firmly in your mecha clan soon. After that, you can find someone to bring you over." Hua Qingxin noticed everyone's low morale so he quickly cheered everyone up.

    Everyone's mood got better when they heard this. Only Yi Tiange continued to give a serious expression. He wasn't moved.

    Everyone turned solemn again.

    "Tiange, did I say something wrong?" Hua Qingxin asked awkwardly.

    Yi Tiange shook his head. "No."

    Hua Qingxin wanted to heave a sigh of relief but Yi Tiange continued, "However, our leader has to go to a normal mecha clan for that to happen."

    He looked at Ling Yi. His eyes were glistening. He understood his leader. "But, our leader will never go to a normal mecha clan."

    From the moment he chose to apply for the 23rd division, Yi Tiange knew that Ling Yi had chosen the hardest path.

    Everyone remembered what Ling Yi said a few years ago.

    Tao Xiaotao swallowed his saliva and smacked his lips a few times before saying, "Leader, do you really want to go to 250 Ace Mecha Clan? But, you don't meet the requirements."

    250 Ace Mecha Clan was a place where legends gathered. It wasn't a place recruits like them could enter. Based on the news they received, 250 Ace Mecha Clan only accepted experienced and powerful elite ace mecha masters. Besides Ling Yi and Yi Tiange who were middle stage ace mecha masters, the other four people were just special-class operators.

    They didn't even hit the lowest requirements. How were they able to enter 250 Ace Mecha Clan?

    "I know. That's why I will apply to become a logistician!" Ling Yi had made his decision long ago. However, he felt sorry for the comrades who followed him for so many years.

    "Logistician?!" Tao Xiaotao exclaimed. He wanted to vomit blood. Ling Yi had a bright future ahead of himself. Yet, for the sake of Ling Lan, he gave up all the honor, merits, power and status he could get. This was something Tao Xiaotao would never wrap his head around.

    Tao Xiaotao's exclamation disturbed the other cadets around them. They looked over at him curiously, but some glared at him. Tao Xiaotao quickly stood up and apologized. Then, he sat down and took a few deep breaths to calm down.

    He wasn't the only one that was shocked. The other four people in the group were astounded too. They just didn't act it out.

    Yi Tiange stared at Ling Yi's eyes intently. Ling Yi didn't look away from his stare. He was firm with his decision.

    After a few seconds, Yi Tiange said in a low voice, "Have you really decided?"

    "Yes," Ling Yi only replied with a word but Yi Tiange understood him.

    "I understand." Yi Tiange took a deep breath. "In that case, we might not have to split up anymore."

    Everyone's eyes lit up. Only Tao Xiaotao remained confused.

    "Let's all go into 250 Ace Mecha Clan as logisticians." Yi Tiange felt that no matter how powerful a mecha clan was, they wouldn't reject two ace mecha masters and four special-class operators as their logisticians.

    If Yi Tiange knew that there were close to a hundred special-class operators as logisticians in 250 Ace Mecha Clan, he might not be so confident anymore.
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