2 The Demigod’s Revenge

    Percy woke up to Grover munching on something that sounded like an apple. He groaned and looked around. Grover just sat there staring at him.

    "Check your phone." Grover stated sadly.

    Percy looked at his phone. The cheap flip phone was full of messages, from the police , Gabe, and his mother. But wait his mother was dead. He checked the time and they were right after he left to go to her house. It was a voicemail. He pressed the play button.

    "Percy, There are so many things I need to tell you. But for now all I can tell you is that your father was not a fisherman as I told you, but a god. The god of the sea. This is all I can tell you right now."

    Percy winced as the voice cut off with the sound of a scream.

    Grover looked at him and began to speak.

    " So I'm not actually human. I'm a satyr, A half human - half goat. And I'm here to bring you to a place called Half-Blood Hill, a place for people like you, people with the blood of a god."


    [The Beginning]

    [Make it to Half-Blood Hill alive]

    [Rewards-Claiming, Survival Lvl 1, 100,000 Drachma, 10 levels]

    "Well what are we waiting for?" Percy said, "But first I have something to do alone, Okay."

    "Okay", Grover said, "But meet me here by 3 pm."

    "Got it, see you later" Percy said as he left.

    Percy headed along the street towards the house where his mother used to be. He thought about how he could find the monster that killed her. As he passed by another ally he witnessed the monster. It was preying upon another passerby. Percy yelled at it.

    "Hey, fat baldie fight me."

    Of course, Percy wasn't an idiot, so he came in prepared. He used some drachma to buy a sword from the system shop.

    [Katharsis- Weapon that fuses into the body of the user, if user possesses Void bloodline becomes permanent part of the body.

    Passive- grants enhanced resistance gain while in body, nullifies attacks that are weaker than the user, grants Void Presence skill

    Active- edge of blade converts anything it touches, except the sheath, into pure energy that is used to heal user]

    [Void Presence- allows user to to become immaterial, cannot be seen, or interacted with

    Time limited with level of skill. Each level is 1 hour with max at lvl 10]

    He was confident in his sword. He got it through a discount that the system said was available only for his first time in the shop or the thing would be worth 1 billion drachma. He quickly attacked the thing with his sword that flowed out from his hand. It was shaped like a Japanese katana, but so far he'd been able to change its shape to a variety of things. He could change it to any weapon, but if he made it blunt it lost it's void edge.

    The monster dropped the person it was holding up by the throat. It turned and snarled at him.

    "Oh, it's a puny little demigod. You will taste far better than all the little mortals I've had so far."

    "Good luck, with getting a bite of me." Percy replied as he hacked the sword in a downward arc at the monster.

    The monster dodged and kicked Percy in the gut, but Percy was ready and had an unusual strategy. He absorbed the sword and coughed out blood. Then he heard a ding.

    [Blunt Resistance Lvl 1 acquired, maximum lvl 100]

    "Time to end you" Percy said with a satisfied smirk. Then he glared at the monster and it shivered. Percy reformed his sword and pressed the attack once again. The monster was overwhelmed quickly by sword attacks that he couldn't block. On only the second attack the monster succumbed to an overhand slash through its head.

    Percy, exhausted by this fight, leaned against the wall of the ally way as he looked through his notifications.

    [Laestrygonian Lvl 5 killed!  + 1 lvl]

    [2nd Condition cleared!]

    [Rewards granted: Compendium of Skills, 1,000,000 Drachma, 50 levels]

    [Skills gained!]

    [Intimidation Lvl 1]

    [Swordsmanship Lvl1]

    [Title gained!]

    [Monster Slayer: Grants 10% boost to stats when in the prescience of monsters]

    Percy took a look at the Compendium of Skills.

    [Compendium of Skills: Grants the Applied Knowledge perk]

    [Applied Knowledge: Any information gained can translate into corresponding skill levels]

    Wait, so any book I read I will gain the skill for. So I can read a bunch of how to books and get a ton of skills. I quickly absorbed the book and heard the [Ding!] sound that let me know I gained the perk. I tried to absorb the bronze colored dust of the Laestrygonian and Ding!

    [Corpse absorbed!]










    [Trait: Giantification]

    I felt the stats go to me. Then my body began to change, it felt similar to when the bloodline integrated, but less violent. My bones cracked, joints popped and I felt strips of muscle add themselves to his frame. I felt the change stop and I looked at myself. I wasn't able to see himself, but I could tell that I was taller and broader. I wondered what the individual stats did to me and what they changed my body to be. I tested in the ally and found that when I punched there was a whistle in the air, I could touch my toes, and had a layer about a 1/2 foot around me that I could sense.

    I left the ally way and continued to head towards his old house where Gabe should be. I walked for about five minutes before arriving at the apartment. I went up the fire escape because he probably wouldn't let me in. I got to the window of his apartment and opened it then closed it, all while sneaking so he wouldn't hear me.


    [Skill learned: Stealth Lvl 1]

    I sneaked up on Gabe as he was getting food out of the fridge. I changed Katharsis to a dagger. I gave him no time to scream, put my hand over his mouth and stabbed him through the heart.


    [1st Condition cleared!]


    [Swordsmanship Skill upgrade, 100,000 Drachma, 20 levels]

    [Title Earned: Assassin]

    [Assassin: Grant 1000% damage on targets if they are unaware of you]

    I decided to absorb his body in order to not be chased by the cops. Not that I feared them anymore if I was going to Camp Half-Blood, but it would be annoying to be chased around everywhere.

    [Corpse absorbed!]










    [Skill absorbed: Gambling Lvl 19]

    [Gambling: increases chances of a win by one percent every level, Max Lvl 100]

    Okay, he is really below average if this is what I get from him. I laughed at how pitiful he was. I headed back to the dorm where I was supposed to meet Grover and thought about how my future would be. If something like the Gods existed, then did that mean the underworld existed too. If so, was there a way to get my mother back.


    [The Demigod System]

    [Percy Jackson] [Level 71][Age: 12] [Bloodline: ???, Void of the Seven Seas,???]

    [Race: ???????]

    [Titles: Assassin, ???, Monster Slayer, ????????]

    [Affinity: Water, ???]

    [Drachma: 1,100,000]


    [STR: 141]

    [DEX: 102]

    [END: 126]

    [CON: 121]

    [WILL: 92]

    [INT: 88]

    [PER: 89]

    [CHR: 84]

    [LCK: 111]

    [Skills: Hydra Form, Void Presence Lvl 1, Intimidation Lvl 1, Master Swordsmanship Lvl 1, Gambling Lvl 19, Stealth Lvl 1, Blunt Resistance Lvl 1]

    [Perks: Overwhelming Genius, Applied Knowledge]



    [Inventory: Katharsis]


    [Quests: The Beginning]
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