1 Get Ready

    Kurogane Kyouya, normal high school boy that passed many trial through universe and become Supreme King that holding many kind of power too the point he become lazy to count it anymore. The number of his power more or less 483.835.246.582.847.937.235 , well some of them also have same kind of effect that making it not too important.

    Right now, Our Supreme King lazying around on sofa watching many kind situation happening around many universe while eating popcorn caramel.

    Throwing his popcorn away and shouting "I'm bored !!!!! what should i do to erase this boredom !!! What do think i can do Mayuri-chan ??!!" (Kyouya)

    Beautiful young girl with long blond hair and deep pink eyes. She wearing short black dress with slit in her chest and stomach. She also use black gloves and gold gauntlets on her legs. On her back, she has a pair of angelic wings alongside four large transparent wings. Additionally, she has a smaller pair of wing attached to her ears as extension.

    tilting her haid she said " Isn't it same like always you do when you're bored ? go to lower universe playing around without goals and do what you though interesting ? " (Mayuri)

    " Well, i also thought about that since i don't really know what to do anyway ~"(Kyouya)

    "Let's see what kind setting and main ability that i'll using this time, even though it's not important since I still can use skill that not chosen." (Kyouya)

    I create a panel in front of me and choose main skill :

    <God Right Hand>

    <Imagine Breaker (left) >

    <God Body>

    <God  All - Seeing Eyes >

    <Mystic Eyes of Death Perception>

    <God Physique>

    <God Strenght>

    <Instant Movement>



    <Heaven's Feel >

    <Allmighty Magic>

    <All Magic>

    <Treasury of God>

    <Sha Naqba Irumu>

    <Golden Rule>

    Nodding his head " I guess these are enough for now, time to prepare my equipment." (Kyouya)

    "Let's see, Time to make some Customize some weapon !!! " Running to his personal workshop while shouting " I leave cleaning  to you mayuri-chan !! i'll make some toys see ya !!" (Kyouya)

    "Yes Master, good luck with your new toys "(Mayuri)

    Arriving at his own workshop he started to make some Transformable Weapon compromised of Magic, Gun, Blade and Shield. The weapon made of many kind of excalibur from many world he visited previously also including excalibur that allow to use and summon the power of card he have(AN:Million Arthur). While, the shield are created with scabbard of excalibur, The Everdistant Utopia <Avalon>.

    Streching his arm " hyaaaaaa, Finally my weapon for this journey finished !!! let's also put my customized motorbike sleipnir(AN:Hagure Yuusha no Estetica) that equipped with duel system, yeah Duel monster card on the bike XD." (Kyouya)

    After that i'm back to my usual room when mayuri already finished cleaning up the room.

    "Mayuri change up your appearance, since we'll going to our adventure !!" (Kyouya)

    "okay master"(Mayuri)

    Mayuri Hide her wing and change her clothes to her usual white sailor uniform and wears decorative gold earrings with small pink and blur sphere attached to accesory, with latter sphere can change color depending on what condition her Angel : Kerubiel ["Thunder Sanctuary"].

    "Okay Let's start this journey !! Mayuri on my back"(Kyouya)

    I'm starting up my bike Sleipnir that have a lot of horsepower and breakthrough sound barrier and pass space and time with my customization.

    "Okay !!! Start Your Engine !!!! Full Throttle !!!!!"(Bike)

    Riding with high speed and Vanishing to another dimension.
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